"There was a war.  A few years from now.  Nuclear war.  The whole thing.  All this … everything ... is gone.  Just gone.  There were survivors. 
Here.  There.  Nobody knew who started it.  It was the Machines… Defense network computer.  New.  Powerful.   Hooked into everything.
Trusted to run it all.
   They say It got smart... a new order of intelligence.  Then It saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. 

Decided our fate in a microsecond...  extermination."
  – Kyle Reese


T800 by Benjamin Carre

The Machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire ...
Their war to exterminate Mankind raged for decades.

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  INTEL REPORT The latest data pulse was transmitted on January 02, 2011 A.D.
  TIMELINE A chronology of the events that occurred during the War
  SKYNET The history of the world's first true military grade, neural net based artificial intelligence and what went wrong.
  FACIDS (Fah-sids)- Fully Automated Counter Intrusion Defense System- the main external defense grid of SKYNET could protect the installation from ground, air and aerospace attack.
  HELICIS (Heli-sis) High Efficiency Low Impact Counter-Intrusion Systems- the main internal defense array of SKYNET and the various machine controlled installations.
  EXPERIENTIAL DATA CACHE SKYNET's gray projects and speculative research into high energy applications as well as theoretical quantum physics.
  TECHNOLOGY LEVELS A review of the various technology levels that SKYNET attained during its three decade long campaign to exterminate humanity.
  HARDWARE and SOFTWARE From sensors and scanners to the programs and codeware that integrated the various advanced systems into the many different constructs.
  SKYNET TACTICS Details of the pacification campaigns as well as other operations, protocols and mission parameters.
  THE MACHINES Advanced technology of the 21st century, an overview of SKYNET's designs as well as the progression and evolution of killing technology produced throughout the War.  Includes extensive information and specifications. 
  UNIT DESIGNATIONS An overview of SKYNET's standardized naming and production conventions.
  RESEARCH AND DISPOSAL CENTERS (R&D) An overview of SKYNET's research, medical experimentation and human disposal camps. 
  FORCED LABOR CAMPS An overview of SKYNET's slave labor camps.
  AUTOMATED FACTORIES AND OTHER INSTALLATIONS Massive resource operations were required to meet SKYNET's production quota as well as to supply its research and development programs.  The fully automated manufactories and mega-facs of 2029 A.D. are cold, sterile and immense in their design. 
  EQUIPMENT An overview of the state of the art development of battlefield grade personal, support, heavy and crew served weapons and equipment, including field intelligence on Resistance vehicles and equipment.
  FICTION A collection of stories, vignettes and other fiction.
  SLANG Collected slang and terminology from the War.




MISCELLANEOUS DATA FAQ, questions, and other miscellaneous material about the The War and the Years of Darkness. 
MUSINGS Impromptu ideas and informal discussion of the various aspects of James Cameron's dark vision of the future of mankind. 
  MODELING THE WORLD OF 2029 AD Representing the technology depicted in the movies. 
  BUNKER - ALPHA Links and information about the artists that have supplied specific subject related artwork to this website.
  AUTHOR'S NOTES The how and why this site came about and where it is headed.
  THE FINE PRINT Website owners manual.




This website represents an original, thought provoking and continuing extrapolation of James Cameron's ground breaking work.  Materials and information found on this website are based on concepts and ideas that were first presented by James Cameron in his 1984 movie "The Terminator," the 1991 follow-up sequel "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" as well as the two novelizations of those movies.  This site has been, is currently and will continue to be a work in progress attempting to pay homage to the incredible death dealing technology presented in Cameron's unique dark vision of the near future.