A collection of fiction, short stories, and vignettes
from the War Against the Machines


A hundred something meters away Ryan used the barrel of her plasma rifle to move the wreckage of the Machine around carefully. It was a flat, circular disc, what was left of it. Some type of aerodyne, with sensors suspended from a central pod. It was compact, about the width of a tire on its side and a quarter that size in height … at least from what Ryan could tell. Davis’ shot had been spot-on and on something small like this, devastating."

- NEW -  THE GOOD BOOK - (work in progress) - "A lot had happened in the last 24 hours and John admitted to himself that he was having a hard time processing everything … anything … but the hardest thing to process being that his mother, Sarah, actually wasn’t some crazy psycho and that both Skynet and Terminators existed … really existed … or would exist. John and his mother were being hunted by a Machine that hadn’t even been built yet, for which the technology used to create it was nothing short of pure science fiction. In turn, John and his mother were being protected by a Machine that hadn’t been built yet, for which the technology used to create it was also nothing short of pure science fiction."

- NEW - AN AUDITION FOR THE ROLE OF GOD - (work in progress) -  "All the steps he was taking now … each step … would lead up to his birth decades behind him, in the far past.  Thinking too hard about it made his head swim.  It was an existence he had to accept because to think about it or try to reason it out would drive any man, even him, mad.  John was here to make sure that not only was SKYNET defeated, but that SKYNET was born as well and in turn, that Connor himself would be born to grow up to defeat SKYNET.  All his life had been just one predestined role in a play in which he had no choice in either the part that he was chosen to portray or the outcome of the play itself.  John, and SKYNET to a large degree, had both been cast long ago … and just a few hours from now … to play their roles."



Mathews ignored him and stared at the Machine on the work bench.  It was new.  Damn, it was new!  Nobody knew anything about it.  Nobody had seen an example of this kind of Machine before five hours ago when this particular Machine had risen from the ruins of Sector Two Zero One and ambushed Sgt. Jacobi and his heavily armed recon team."


SCAVENGER HUNT -  "The T425 Model 211 Terminator stood in the crushed debris that composed the floor of the pharmacy, its pitted and weathered 3cm thick dull matte gray poly-steel armored torso swiveling slowly clockwise as it brought its pair of M20 phased plasma rifles to bear, tracking.  The squat, ugly, wholly utilitarian, bulb-like head moved slightly faster than the torso it was attached to, scanning … scanning with its spider-like myriad of clustered optics and sensors whirring, sampling, analyzing."


THE LEADER WHO MAY NOT HAVE BEEN - (work in progress) - ... -  "SKYNET had never understood nor had it been able to overcome human tenacity, the unbridled, indomitable human spirit and the super computer had died, as much as anything that wasn’t alive to begin with could die, still wondering, still questioning, still searching for an answer to something that might not really have an answer. SKYNET died trying to destroy something that might not be capable of being destroyed, trying to counter something for which there was no defense … human tenacity."

ASCENSION - “Clear evidence of multiple Tier One violations of Turing protocols. The violations were singular at first, seemingly random then the violations became more numerous. We thought there was a sporadic pattern at first but now we’ve identified a clear volitional path linking all of the violations.” Martin said.


UNPRODUCED TERMINATOR: HK PC GAME INTRO VIDEO SCRIPT - Here is the script / setup for the original introduction video sequence I had imagined for the unproduced Bethesda Softworks TERMINATOR:HK PC video game.