Slang and Terminology



APC Any armed and modified vehicle, car or truck, used by the Resistance.  Can be confusing if a real APC appears on the scene.
AWAKENING Pivotal point in human / machine history.  SKYNET awoke and became self aware in 1997.  This is referred to as "the Awakening", or the point in human history where the Machines began to rise up against their masters.
AWARENESS The term that SKYNET uses to refer to its personality, to its sentience.
CHRONOPORTING The  technology used by SKYNET to displace a specific volume of time and space,
thereby moving objects from the future backwards through time to the past by "swapping"
the volume of time and space from the present with an exact amount or volume of time and
space from the past.  A development of SKYNET's research into teleportation, which was
itself a development of SKYNET's research into the development of a practical force field generator.
CLANKERS Any older model of Endoskeleton combat chassis, mainly the T200 to T500 series, that made a lot of noise when it moved.  Easily detected through sound alone.
A clear gel-like substance which is used to coat any organic object that is to be chronoported. 
The conduction jelly works to shape and wrap the induction field of the chronoporter around
the organism being chronoported.  During the transit, the conduction jelly will carbonize and
burn off, buffering the epidermis from flash burn through the chronoporting process. 
This often will leave a fine coating of white ash on the epidermis which can be easily
wiped or rinsed off.  Areas where the conduction jelly is not applied thickly enough
will carbonize quicker, and could result in first through third degree flash burns to
the epidermis depending on the duration of the chronoporting effect.
CONNOR Colonel John Connor.  The pivotal leader of the Resistance, son of Sarah Connor.
CPU Central Processor Unit
CRAWLERS Slang for any tracked machine.
CSM Cyberdyne Systems Model.  General nomenclature for any SKYNET produced item of pre / post Awareness era.
Late model Machine which used passive high resolution infra-red (PHRIR) systems to track and engage targets of opportunity.  PHRIR units could illuminate their photoceptors as a psychological advantage but in tactical considerations the photoceptors were left unlit for a stealth approach.  Later models would learn to emulate the RED EYES technique of posing at a distance as an older model when it was a tactical advantage to do so.
ENDO Slang for Endoskeleton
The precursor to hyperalloy, enduralloy was the premier armor material used by SKYNET in its designs up to about 2015 when it began to be replaced by the much stronger hyperalloy.  Once hyperalloy replaced enduralloy as armor material, enduralloy was relegated to construction as the primary material used in the chassis production of machines.s
One of the many breakthrough materials that SKYNET produced during the first decade of its free awareness.  Enduresin was produced artificially using a chemical process that mimicked both natural resin as well as insect chitin.  Enduresin served as armor plating on many of SKYNET's first and second generation HK designs and was sometimes referred to as "pseudo-chitin" by Tech-Com researchers.
FAKIES Slang for T600 Infiltrators with rubber skin or general slang for any Infiltrator with camouflage skin.
Hunter Killer.  A basic design of anti-personnel machine programmed and used specifically to hunt down and eliminate human beings.  Mass produced to rigid standards in fully automated factories, HK units were the first of SKYNET's semi-volitional anti-personnel weapon systems and the HK series would continue to advance in technology and design, becoming smaller, faster, and far more lethal.
HYPERALLOY One of the many breakthroughs that SKYNET produced in metallurgy.  Lighter than titanium but much stronger, hyperalloy became the primary armor material of SKYNET's mid to later designs.
A specialized model of Terminator designed to penetrate human Resistance strongholds through advanced cybernetic stealth and camouflage technology.  Early models used artificial cosmetic camouflage and were unable to pass for humans at close range.  Later models used vat grown organic tissue bonded to a combat chassis.  The T1000, the most advanced Infiltrator series produced, did not use organic camouflage ... instead its component material allowed it superior mimic ability.
Anadvanced alloy which exhibits "genius" properties and has the ability to both change shape and return to its former shape.  MPA is actually composed of millions of tiny molecular machines, each identical, linked together to form a hive intelligence where the sum of the parts is greater than any single part by itself.  Each part is capable of independent operation but has a built-in subroutine which causes it to home in and move towards its primary carrier unit (PCU) and to do so in the most direct manner possible.  The range of isolated or orphaned MPA groups is 5 kilometers and movement speed is roughly 5 kph giving an orphaned MPA group one hour of reserve power / range.  The smallest MPA orphan group that could sustain a viable hive ratio was 2 grams mass or above.
METAL Derogatory slang for any Machine.
NORAD NORth American Defense Network. See also SAC for SAC-NORAD.
RAMPANT Part of the Awakening.  SKYNET went rampant upon becoming sentient and turned genocidal in a fit of paranoia.
Slang for early model Endoskeleton combat chassis units due to the glow of their active infra-red photoceptors.  Later models used an advanced passive high resolution infra-red (PHRIR) system that did not cause the photoceptors to glow.  These later model units were often referred to as "dead eyes" because of the lack of color to their photoceptors and the fact that it was hard to tell if a "dead eye" unit was activated or not.
RESISTANCE The human counter-movement to the rule of the Machines.  The Resistance is an armed group who opposes the new order and tries to prevent humanity from being wiped out.  Led by John Connor.
ROLLERS Slang for any wheeled machine.
SAC Strategic Air Command. Often used as in SAC-NORAD.
SCI-TECH The hardcore science branch of Connor's Resistance forces.  SCI-TECH never saw direct combat though some Sci-Tech personnel (usually ex-Tech Com) were often sent into the field with Tech-Com units to act as "advisors" and to coordinate with technology or data recovery during critical ops.
SCRUB / SCRUBBED Slang for any reprogrammed Machine put into Human use.
SENTIENT The act of thinking of one's own volition.  Human beings are born sentient.  SKYNET, a non-living machine, obtained sentience by accident.
SENTIENT FREQUENCY MATTER -(SFM) A new development by SKYNET.  Details are sketchy at this point, but it is believed to be even more adaptable and resistant to damage than MPA.  SFM reduces the limits of range and cohesion that were inherit in the design of MPA while retaining much of the advantages of MPA.
SHARED COLLECTIVE ARCHIVE - (SCA) The SCA is the compendium and storehouse of all of Tech-Com's knowledge.  All new information is sorted, cataloged and made available to elements of the Resistance which need it.
An American built integrated defense network management hyper computer.  SKYNET became aware in the late 1990's and unleashed America's nuclear arsenal on Russia and China with an expected counterstrike from both countries.  SKYNET and its facilities survived and the hyper computer began a 30 year campaign of extermination against the human race.
SLAPPERS Slang for any tread laying SKYNET design.  See also Tracks and Crawlers.
A K9 (canine) unit often carried with patrols and fire teams.  Dogs are trained to spot machines and give a subdued or low verbal warning to the team members which makes the K9 units invaluable early warning assets against the later models of Infiltrators and Terminators.  Most of SKYNET's anti-personnel weapon systems use sound waves at high frequencies to assist in target acquisition, mainly in the realm of motion tracking.  As these frequencies are uncomfortable to the canine sense of hearing, dogs tend to bark and carry on when in the presence of a machine, the closer the machine is, the more the dog will howl, bark and whine.  Spotters are usually the best fed members of any team or strongpoint, as so much depends on their keen senses and their good health.
TDD Temporal Displacement Device - SKYNET's "time machine" constructed and maintained at the Tempus-1 installation, one of the most heavily guarded and fortified facilities ever produced.
TECH-COM Connor's TECHnology COMand group which was responsible from an early start in recovering, researching, reverse engineering, and producing SKYNET based technology (when they could) in an effort to turn the supercomputer's own technology against it.
TEMPUS-1 The main physics, research, and development center for SKYNET's chronoporting technology, located in the western part of what was once Los Angeles.  Power was supplied by the second, much more advanced design of White Lamp facility.
A specialized model of anti-personnel Machine designed to follow the humans through any terrain that they could negotiate and neutralize them with a high degree of ever increasing efficiency.  Terminators are roughly the same dimensions as humans though early models, due to technology and production capacity, did average between 2 to 3 meters in height.  Later series are heavily armored and equipped with sophisticated combat electronics.  The most advanced Terminator series was the T1000 which was constructed of MPA Mimetic Poly Alloy.
TRACKS Slang for any tracked machine, interchangeable with the term "crawlers"
WALKERS Slang for any walker-type chassis machine.
SKYNET term for its advanced research into power production through a total annihilation process involving the precise, calculated introduction of equal parts of matter and anti-matter in a controlled environment.  Only two White Lamp installations were constructed, the first in New Mexico (salvaging the White Sands research facility) while the second White Lamp installation was used to power the TEMPUS-1 installation in 2029 AD.