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Farrow falls mortally wounded as Virdon and Burke scramble out of the hatch of their stricken spacecraft.

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It's a trap!  Armed gorillas move from behind the spacecraft to capture the human astronauts!

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Their expressions relay exactly what they were thinking....)

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The depth of their situation dawns upon Burke and Virdon.

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Farrow is dead, shot by a gorilla.  His precious storybook and the key to the truth behind the astronauts' fate has fallen out of his sack, there by his head.

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Virdon looks down at Farrow as the apes tie him and Burke to horses for a ride to their trial in Ape City.  He whispers to Galen to look at the book that is in Farrow's bag.  Galen becomes curious...

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The curious Galen, taking Virdon's whispered advice, checks out Farrows storybook.

Burke lets rip a fart that blows poor Galen out of the spacecraft hatch!

Galen takes the bag and the storybook.  The storybook will later turn his feelings towards the human astronauts, causing him to go against his own people.  Eventually, he will help the astronauts escape from Ape City and outwit the gorilla soldiers.

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The astronauts are taken to Ape City and placed on trial.

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Another Orangutan tribunal that delivers swift anti-human oriented justice.

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Virdon and Burke are judged and thrown into prison.  The astronauts will be studied at the apes leisure with whatever method they see fit to use.

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Galen visits Virdon and Burke in prison.  Galen has seen the 'storybook' and he has many questions about a past history that is considered ape heresy and is forbidden knowledge.

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After a gorilla trap fails to kill the astronauts, Galen is accidentally framed for the murder of a gorilla soldier.  Virdon and Burke return to prison to break Galen out.  Virdon, Burke and Galen escape from prison.

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The three escape into the forest, headed back for the spacecraft and the answers it may still hold. Their time is short- for once it is discovered that they have escaped, the spacecraft is the FIRST place the apes and gorillas will  look for the humans.



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