A second later, the stench hits Virdon's nose...

After a harrowing escape from captivity in Ape City, Burke and Virdon return to their stricken spacecraft with their new found traveling companion and friend, Galen.   Virdon tries to open a panel on the chronometer station in order to access the flight recorder disc.  Perhaps, if they can find a disc reader somewhere, they might can find the answers that they are seeking.  What went wrong?  Why?  And more importantly, how do they get back to their own time?

"Good God!  Did you just fart?!" Virdon asks Burke.  Burke whistles innocently.  "Do you MIND!  I'm trying to work here!  Go outside if you have to do that!"

Burke is skeptical of the data on the flight recorder...

wpeE4.jpg (34533 bytes)

Virdon works with the lock on the access panel, trying to force it open.  It is either warped from the damage caused by the apes or requires a special tool which Virdon doesn't have on hand...

wpeE5.jpg (35083 bytes)

Galen, by his very nature, can't stand confining places, so he chooses to wait for Virdon outside.

wpeE6.jpg (38161 bytes)

"Come on!"

wpeEE.jpg (44295 bytes)

"Open up!"

wpeF0.jpg (35243 bytes)


wpeF1.jpg (36739 bytes)

"Hey!  if you aren't going to help, why don't you go wait outside and keep watch for the gorillas..."

wpeF2.jpg (37759 bytes)

Here is a good shot of some of the damage to the leading edge of the main wing spar, the control thruster ports, and of course, the emergency access / hatch release.

wpeF3.jpg (33669 bytes)

virdon223.jpg (38160 bytes)

More closeup of the damage to the leading edge of the main wing spar.  Is the nose of this spacecraft 'darker' along the 'bridge' than the others?  It looks that way.   Notice how thick the door is!

virdon224.jpg (43555 bytes)

Almost there!

virdon225.jpg (23561 bytes)

The access panel door lock 'clicks'!

virdon226.jpg (22032 bytes)

Virdon throws the panel open revealing the true technology behind ANSA flight data recording and a hint at some of the advanced core technology of this space program, at least at a date later than that displayed on Taylor's ship.

virdon227.jpg (25016 bytes)

The flight data recorder disk in its cradle!  Could the four bronze colored posts be the read / write heads?

virdon228.jpg (23042 bytes)

Notice when Virdon removes it, the tell-tale goes from red to green.  You would think it was the other way around.

virdon229.jpg (23598 bytes)

virdon220.jpg (38357 bytes)

This tiny disc will hold all the answers to the astronauts' many questions.  If they can find a reader to decipher it.

virdon231.jpg (44291 bytes)

Success!  However, the apes are returning, with explosives to destroy the ship.  The astronauts have all that they can salvage now...

virdon232.jpg (33501 bytes)

Let's get out of here!  Notice that this spacecraft does NOT have any survival packs, no life raft, etc.

virdon233.jpg (35226 bytes)

virdon234.jpg (36745 bytes)

Abandoning ship for the last time ...

virdon235.jpg (37772 bytes)

... and like Colonel George Taylor (who would not arrive until some 900 years later), neither of the surviving ANSA astronauts bother to even look back at their derelict spacecraft.  It has served its purpose.

virdon236.jpg (33673 bytes)

The gorillas return and use primitive explosives to destroy the spacecraft and any evidence of 'astronauts'.  With the destruction of their spacecraft, Virdon and Burke are lost, stranded in the far future.

Goodbye, "Icarus".  Gone, but not forgotten all of these long years now.



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