wpeB3.jpg (23677 bytes)

Virdon and Burke go back to their spacecraft, Farrow shows them the way.

wpeB4.jpg (24648 bytes)

The spacecraft is now guarded by a lone gorilla soldier with an automatic rifle.

wpeB5.jpg (25037 bytes)

Farrow goes to distract the gorilla, despite protests from the astronauts...

wpeB6.jpg (47465 bytes)

The gorilla chases after Farrow.  Note the American flag clearly displayed on the front canard...

wpeB8.jpg (56272 bytes)

wpeB9.jpg (48120 bytes)

wpeBA.jpg (33544 bytes)

Now the spacecraft is unguarded...

wpeBB.jpg (32067 bytes)

Burke and Virdon make a break for their spacecraft.

wpeBC.jpg (40782 bytes)

wpeBD.jpg (42112 bytes)

Only to find that the Prefect and his Gorillas are not the most mechanically minded creatures on the planet...

wpeBE.jpg (41769 bytes)

wpeBF.jpg (40055 bytes)

The apes have smashed all of the instrumentation aboard the spacecraft... !

wpeC0.jpg (35503 bytes)

wpeC1.jpg (32600 bytes)

wpeC2.jpg (49236 bytes)

wpeC3.jpg (49525 bytes)

Everything has quit working ... except the (objective) Earth Time Clock in the starboard side of the cockpit... though it no longer shows (subjective) Ship Time.   Note the two reel-to-reel tapes to the right of the chronometer station.

wpeC4.jpg (46098 bytes)

wpeC5.jpg (39790 bytes)

Virdon cautiously enters the spacecraft.  That looks like fiber optic cable hanging near him... Even the seats have been ripped out of their mounts!

wpeC6.jpg (38077 bytes)

Burke enters the spacecraft.

wpeC7.jpg (26684 bytes)

Virdon and Burke look around, dismayed at the wanton destruction.

wpeC8.jpg (22038 bytes)

Burke sees the chronometer station is at least still partially functional and makes his way through the debris.

wpeC9.jpg (27178 bytes)

As Burke reads the Earth Time Chronometer, Virdon looks on.  Both astronauts begin to show expressions of disbelief at their situation and at the date / time that they have returned to.

wpeCA.jpg (28486 bytes)

It just can't be...

wpeCB.jpg (27398 bytes)

Virdon bends down, moves some debris aside, and finds...

wpeCC.jpg (35730 bytes)

wpeCD.jpg (26666 bytes)

Virdon spots something that the apes have somehow missed as Burke muses over their situation.

wpeCE.jpg (34511 bytes)

A family picture.  Virdon's family; he, his wife and his son...

wpeCF.jpg (41018 bytes)

The first picture we have of an ANSA astronaut and his family... a link back to the past.

In the episode "The Legacy", we find that Virdon's son was named "Chris".
In the episode "The Surgeon", we find out that his wife was named "Sally".

wpeD0.jpg (45492 bytes)

Suddenly there is a rifle shot from outside the spacecraft, and nearby too... Farrow!



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