(My early years...)

Dedicated to the following people who allowed me to keep my sanity at Magnolia Federal Bank (now defunct).  I miss you all!  Steve, Micah, Earl, Raymond, Roger, Terry, Lisa, Anna, Robin, Michael, Chris, Tony, and a few others who stare at me from the mists of time but whose names I have ... misplaced with age.  All members of that corporate ship of fools that was known as "Information Systems".

Well, here's some office humor for you, more like cubicle humor.  If you've never read Dilbert, you don't understand what its like to work in corporate America and to spend all day long in a little tiny box called a 'cubicle'.  All of this accrued from my 4 years at Magnolia Federal Bank

Here's a goodie from the Employee Application Exam from Magnolia Federal Bank:

"Question: If you were to put a price and / or value to all the equipment that you have taken, without authorization, from all your other previous employment / jobs, and you had to write a check today for the amount to replace all of that equipment, how much would the check be written for? Please round to the nearest ten dollars."

I was ROTFLMAO at that particular question.

And just HOW did I get my first computer job OUT of college?  Easy.   I knew how to operate a computer when no one else in the office knew how to, and after my boss saw that I was obviously wasting my talent, she called the head of IS downstairs and asked him if he had any positions open.  He had two and said for me to give him a call.  I did, and he asked me ONE question on the phone.

"Do you know what a LAN is?" Steve Saucier asked.

"Yes sir!" I replied.  "That's a Local Area Network."

"Great!" Steve said.  "The last three applicants couldn't even spell that word.  Come down to see me when you can."

And with that, I had a new career.  Information Systems ... nerd in shining armor.  True story.  It was the easiest job interview I had ever had (and my first one at that).

Now for the good stuff.

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