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on your way to a world that others might have missed.

- BLUES IMAGE, "Ride, Captain, Ride!"

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I stumbled across your site by accident during a search for some other information. I must say that you have produced some of the funniest, thought provoking, and verbal ass kicking that I have had the pleasure to read. I have visited the site over the last few days and have had to keep a supply of tissues handy to wipe the tears away from laughing. I own a Honda CBR1100XX and live in Central Florida. I have experienced the behavior that you describe by the typical Harley rider on a number of occasions. I believe the reason for this is my proximity to the regional capital of posers, Daytona Beach, Florida. This area has to endure the migration of lemmings ( as you have so aptly named them) twice a year. I refer to the commercial orgies that are Bike Week and Biketoberfest. I wanted to drop a few lines to show my support and thank you for the American Angst site. Please keep up the good work and the updates coming!  Sincerely, RDeGore


I LOVED your site. My sides hurt and the tears won't stop. You did one hell of a job on this site and congrats on the finest tribute to Harleys I have ever seen. Proud owner of a VF1100S -PH


Nice site. I agree with quite a bit of your logic. I do however fall somewhere in the middle. I like Harley's but not for the En Vogue reasons. I'm only 31but I would fall into the traditionalists that you describe. Hell people might even call me a Poser for buying a slightly used yellow Ducati 900ss. But I love the bike for everything it is and isn't.  I believe as you do though that the bike from HD are overpriced, overrated and just not a viable alternative to import bikes. But with that said I have been a big twin lover for years. More specifically Ducati's. I recently have been able to make a 10 year dream come true and purchased my first Duke. It is a
1999 900ss with only 6200 miles. Yep, 4l4 lbs, 2 cylinders, 4 valves, air cooled, and only about 90 HP.  It is loud (but it is a different loud than the annoying Harley's), since it came with "ducati performance CF Pipes"

Can a GSXR 600 or ZX 750 kick it's ass? Sure, but I still love the design and look of the bike, and it has plenty of power for me. It may also have antiquated technology, but I don't care I still love the bike.  Besides it has the same core technology that their WSB
998's have and they have won more WSB championships than any other manufacturer.

Anyway, good site! I appreciate someone stepping up and telling it like it is. -Leo


Best damn biker website! As a Harley rider (what a minute, I'm not one of the dick head RUBs, I'm a PUB-a poor urban biker), I've just got to say that your website totally rocks. I ride a Harley cuz that's what floats my boat but I cannot believe the H-D mentality. Those idiots have got to have their official H-D do-rags on too tight. Cuts off circulation to the brain. Oh, wait, if they are riding a Road Queen decked out in their official H-D crap they don't have a brain to cut off circulation to. But anyway, speaking from a Harley owners point of view, you and your contributors and supporters couldn't be anymore right. H-D's are overpriced, ancient technology with a shit load of parts from other countries. There is nothing funnier than seeing a fat balding middle aged guy decked out in his official H-D crap trying to look, act and talk cool. If ya want to dress up like a biker, wait for Halloween. I don't wear official H-D crap so I stand out in a crowd of bikers. I have a T-shirt design that I made on the computer using a qu ote from Calvin of the comic strips. Calvin said, "My identity is so wrapped up in what I buy, that I paid THE COMPANY to advertise their product." I've used that quote and images of Calvin peeing on a burning H-D symbol. I know that when I put that design on a generic H-D shirt I will piss off H-D riders but hey, the truth hurts. When it comes to riding, I could care less about image unlike the H-D idiots. Ya know these people wear H-D crap when they're not even riding.

I ride a beat up 24 year old Harley that was a full dresser (gack). I stripped it down to the simple basics of a motorcycle. Frame, tires, motor. 7 wire electrics and kick only. Done three top ends and one bottom end on it and I know where every single nut and bolt is. Most of the H-D riders today can't even cancel their turn signals after turning them on. Some idiot even said "Nice Road King" to me one day.

I listen to these people rattle on about the Hi-Tech H-D hop ups their local dealer did for them and how they'll find some rice burner and smoke em with their 30,000 dollar glitter barge. When I ask why they spent all that money on performance and still have a belt final drive they have no clue at all. When I say that they lose allot of horsepower because of the belt they act like I am a heretic and mutter something about, well, it's factory. Whatever. I know what it takes to make a killer bike and H-D doesn't have it.
Well, enough of this anti H-D rant from a Harley rider. I don't know if you have heard this one before but it's one of my favorites.
If H-D had as many engineers as they have lawyers, they'd have a better bike. -Claysbury


Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed the rant because it articulated what I have thought for - probably - ever. Why anyone would throw that much money on a mirage of a motorcycle? I don't understand.

HD motto:  If it breaks, make it bigger.  If it sticks out, chrome it.

That seems to be the extent of their engineering prowess. I, myself, own a 99 Kaw Concours that I bought salvage and repaired. Great fun! Spent a total of around $2500.

My neighbor has a HD QXZZYX or something under a cover IN THE GARAGE so it wont get dusty. He called me over and carefully unwrapped it so I would be duly impressed. As he waited, I was wondering just how I could diplomatically tell him that $27K or so for what I was looking at did not make me want his sons dating my daughters. Gene pool worries, you know.

Anyhow, thanks for the site and hope you have fun with them trogladytes! -GP


Let me tell you, I ride a harley and just got connected to your site through the Indian forum. You have some FUNNY SHIT on there that made me HOWL. Keep it up.

I had always wanted a harley. I love my bike and it suits me for my riding.

Can it outrun most of the other bikes out there? - No. But I'm not out to do that.

Is the technology outdated? - Yes. But, I still like the bike.

Is the cost of the thing ridiculous? - HELL, YES!! Local shop has a used 2002 bike for $22K which is $6K over what it cost NEW!!! Shit!!! And when I look at some of the crap they charge extra for because it says h-d on it, I really get pissed. Stock oil filter is almost $10 while Fram PH-6022 is only about $5. And, like I really need a fucking $5,000 grill to cook burgers on.

I'm pissed at h-d(I REFUSE to capitalize their name) because they claim "We cannot control prices at dealerships(referred by most of us as $tealer$hip$) because they are independent shops". BULLSHIT!! If you have a custom bike that is built with h-d parts and has been titled as a h-d and try to sell it as h-d and they find out, then they COME DOWN on you. It has happened to quite a few E-bay people already.

h-d MoCo has recently tried to take a website from a guy who has one called www.harleydavidsonforum.com. It's been up for over a year and all of the sudden they get a bug in their ass that he's going to make it a commercial site(selling ad space and offering a 'For Sale' section) and 'ruin' their good name because people will think it's an official h-d site. Hell, that ain't possible!! On the 'official' h-d site, there is no way to contact them via email about problems, comments, etc. You can't even get information about recalls, maintenance issues, etc. Their 'good name' is already ruined.

I no longer take my bike into a $tealer$hip for repairs or maintenance. I change my own fluids(and use all synthetics which h-d says is a no-no) and anything I can't fix, I will take to an independent non h-d shop to work on.

And HOG(Harley Owners Group) is a bunch of crap. They were charging $55 per head down here in Hampton, GA for the 100th Anniversary Open Road Tour. Now since I am HOG member, $55 was for all 3 days. But wife is not a HOG member and she would not be allowed to certain exhibits which were ONLY open to HOG members. Plus $55 for EACH DAY she attended. Yeah, like I'm going to leave her standing out in hot fucking July weather in the sun. I live about 15 miles from where this event was held and have lived here since 1969. I know how damn hot it gets in July. And no damn way I was paying $55 for h-d to ADVERTISE to me. I've since read that  ticket prices have been dropped to $35. I passed on the event and kept my money.

I've been a member of local HOG chapter for about 18 months and attended only about 6 meetings. Why? Because not once has anyone come over to me and said "Howdy, I notice you're new here and I'd like to welcome you" or even "Kiss my ass". Hell, I'd rather ride alone anyways.

Keep up the good work ragging on h-d riders. I'm not offended about it at all. Maybe one day h-d will FINALLY pull its head out of its ass and decide to change. They think they have because of the V-Rod(German engineering) but that's bullshit. -NEasler




Great job Your site is great! I told all my riding buddies about your site and everyone of them finds truth in what you say. May I request more frequent updates?! -Troy


J.C. Whitney knows that Harleys aren't motorcycles! Check out their home page, they have hardley's in a separate category from motorcycles. I'm still crying (Laughing) from the truth and humor of your writing skills, I love this site! -alex hatcher


I emailed you a few months ago. Said I had recently bought a H-D XL1200S, but that I more or less agreed with the points you made. Well, I turned away from the dark side. I traded my little Sportster for a Kawasaki ZRX 1200R.

Man, talk about night and day. I love the Rex. Radial tires! Over 100 hp! Helmet locks! Tools came with the bike for Christ sake! Over 5 gal gas tank! STORAGE SPACE UNDER THE SEAT!!! Bungee chord anchors! I could go on and on. But, you get the point.

Maybe owning the Harley has allowed me to appreciate the Rex more than I would have if I hadn't owned the Harley first. (These are my first and second bikes). Your humorous rant made me look at things from a different perspective. It may have even been the burr under the saddle that made me keep thinking about changing to a quality ride. Hopefully, Harley or one of the other American bike makers will some day get the picture. Until they do, just call me Rice Boy.  Regards, KTuthill


I've always lumped most cops in a category with Harley riding, Nascar worshipping, TV addicted, no life having, illiterate chimps.  Thanks for proving me wrong, I hope you're not the exception that proves the rule. I found your site today and have laughed non-stop for hours. I was however surprised to not see any use of my favorite HD moniker "Hardly Ableson". Thanks for the laugh. - Gary


What do they think they have? I have to laugh every time me and my bud go for a ride. He rides a HD, I ride a Victory. I bought my first bike in 1967. A HD, since then I have had Honda, BSA, Ducati, Triumph, Royal Ensfield, Kawasaki, Indian, Velocetti, Montesa. I liked something about every ride I ever owned,but where do these guys, (most of whom have never ridden before) get off telling me that Harley is faster and better? I am guessing that they talk themselves into believing that , to justify the fact that they paid 5 to 7 thousand over MRSP. And my Bud, along with a few other first timers can't ride to the corner bar without dressing. You would think they were heading out on a cross country ride. Then, when they get there ,they think t hey have to rev em up at least 4 or 5 times, then let them idle at least another minute ,to make sure that everyone noticed that the obnouxios warriors had arrived. And then when they start to walk inside, you would think they had ridden in onhorse back , or had fallen in a corn field , if you know what I mean. Thanks for letting me vent, ;LIVE LONG,RIDE SAFE -Annma


Great site! Thanks for having it! I'm sick of the loud pipes saves lives attitude, especially at 12:30am when they wind it up 200 feet to each stop sign. Thank you, just thank you. humbly, -ahatcher


"American Angst" is one hell of great site! Loved it.  -JSwitz

'97 Harley Fat Boy (FLSsomethingsomething)
'92 Honda ST1100 (that'd be my fast one)

P.S. Except for the Fat Boy's keychain, everything I own that has HD on it is bolted to the bike or is on my bookshelf. Don't even have a HD T-shirt. The keychain is kinda cool, though. If I wanna go fast and far, it's the ST. If I wanna go slow, look at the cows and ride something that pulls like a farm tractor (charming in its own way), it's the HD.

Call me bipolar.

And yes, I wrench 'em both. Neither needs much wrenching.


Hey!  I ran into a link to your site through a Honda Shadow Sabre forum. I must say that it was quite the amusing experience. I am not rabidly anti-harley, but I do feel that they are a waste of money (especially considering my Shadow Sabre looks better, runs better, has more power, sounds better, it cheaper to accessorize, is lighter, contains more American made parts, etc. than a comparable Harley Softail) and highly overrated.

It always makes me feel good to pull away from a stop light, leaving the 30000 dollar softail in the dust, after the inbred jackass who just gave me the finger and insulted my jap-crap rice-burner just revved his engine and embarassed the hell out of himself while tryin to drag to the next light.  -Chris


Someone posted this link in a thread on the sabregroup forum - really glad I came here!!!! Enjoyed your comments regarding those people from Wisconson.  Reminds me of a comment the Wizard of Oz made to the Tinman - he called him "a clinking, clanking, collection of collagenous junk." Pretty well sums them up I think!!  I look forward to returning!!  -BK


Your HD website is one of the funniest I've ever seen.   If you really are a police officer you could really save your jurisdiction lots of money by just verbally insulting and berating any criminals that are arrested. I'm sure they, like many of these HD riders/owners, will slink away in shame never to rear the ugly heads again. It could define a whole definition of the terms "police brutatility" and "official misconduct". I stared at my monitor in open mouthed shock at the acidic replies that some of these guys received (and deserved).

BTW, I'm saving up money to buy my first bike, and I'd like to get a used Honda CBR. One of my friends has a harley with six tons of chrome and thousands of dollars of official gear and such has been trying to convince me to buy one. He won't succeed.

Have fun. Stay safe.


Damn, dood, I love your website!  I'm an electrical engineer working for the Air Force and a member of the Army National Guard. I ride a 1983 CB1000 Custom--last of the big fours. I rode a self discribed 'Harley Bitch' on the back of it and she remarked:
"Damn this bike is smooooth and really powerful!" I laughed and laughed.   -'Scythian'.


I like this site. It brings out what smarter people already know in the most blunt way possible. I can only imagine what your hate mail looks like. I have spoken to HD posers and more real HDbikers but no real HD bikers and they either ride to get women, or just cause they are stupid.

In Canada (where I am) a sportster costs $11,000 minimum. I test rode one and that put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Forward controls is an oxymoron. I hung on for dear life with my fingers. The seat made my leg fall asleep. For $11,000 the stock seat should be at best comfortable.

I test rode a whole bunch others (don't ask which, can't remember the letters they used) ranging from $18,000 to $30,000and they all pretty much suck. The Buell I rode blew smoke on the way back and I didn't mistreat it much.

For $11,000 here you can buy an R6, CBR600... or if you like the cruiser but want power and performance you can get a magna, each for about $11,000. And once you buy them you won't have a desire to spend $10,000 in upgrades. Unless you feel guilty about not spending at least $20000 on your hobby. But then you can't fix it as much since it's reliable and have no choice but to ride it on the beautiful days. Oh the horror.

Don't get me started on the $7000 HD BBQ . I actually saw a moron ask about it. He was a moron. A happy Jap and his happy wife showed up (camera and all, no joke) in a ferrari, magnum PI model. He called his buddy to check out the v-(nim)rod he was about to buy. His middle age moron buddy shows up in a ferrari testarosa that scraped the bottom of the driveway when he was coming in. I guess HD owners have raised pickups not ferraris.

So he hops out with his golddiggin cougar (canadian for 45 single lady trying to look 35 with plastic) bleach blond and they talk to a sales guy about the grill. I overheard him say "i don't understand how it works without charcoal" to which the sales guy responds "It's PROPANE!"


Take care and keep it blunt.  -Joe


Black Echo, Your site is a breath of fresh air. I thought I was the only person left on the planet that didn't drool over a gaudy, over chromed, overweight, overpriced reject from the fifties. After riding to work this morn on my '80 Kaw 1000 LTD, (not cutting edge but far ahead of a HD) and being snubbed by two HD riders who looked as though they had been riding for every bit of a week. I did a search for Harley + Sheep and guess what came up. Needless to say I have a new favorite site. Keep up the great work! Someday the American public will look back and see how stupid they were... or not.  -Jim


I've read some of your website and I must say it's convinced me to not get a Harley. You'd be interested to know that coincidently I was actually considering getting a Sportster but even before seeing your website, I changed my mind (for the better). You're right. These bikes are junk and there is something wrong with the company that makes them. I particularly am tired of not being given the proper courtesy of a greeting from a fellow biker when we cross paths when that other biker is riding a Harley. I have a friend with whom I rode on a long distance ride and he has an old HOG. The other HOG riders passing us by would make sure that their wave of their arms was directed at him and not at me because I wasn't riding one of their brand. This truly makes me sick. Was I chopped liver? Anyway, I used to own an F2 and owned it without a hitch. Never had to check the oil or never once failed to start. I took it twice to Mexico and it was even worth crouching over the whole way with the low handlebars. I now own a BMW K75c and it's a great bike, although part of me actually misses the performance of a Japanese sport or something akin to the Suzuki Bandit or the new Honda Nighthawk or Kawasaki muscle bikes.

I enjoy your site and I want you to know that I belong to a club that caters to all makes of bikes and people from all walks of life. Our mission is to promote motorcycling and racing, and to continue the general tradition of motorcycling. I'm also aspiring for a law enforcement career (coincidently). Well, that was my two cents. Take care. Cheers.   -George


Mr. Echo SIR,...I'm speechless...(too much laughing!) I have attempted to repeat a few of your sentiments to the sheep I know, but the words just don't flow as eloquently as I might imagine they would coming from the Master........Do I have to go back to school???....

p.s. Your site is at the TOP of my "favorites list"...keep up the good stuff!! -Dean


I want to thank you for taking the time to create this web site.I thought I would die laughing if it weren't so sadly true. I bought a new Harley Sportster Custom 1200 last year and spent $7000 on chrome and other goodies. It was still a piece of garbage, and I sold it at a terrible loss after three months. So much for the resale value of a Harley. I now ride a new Valkyrie Interstate and a new Shadow Sabre. I couldn't be happier. I'll relate a funy story to you. Last fall I was in for my physical, and my doctor-who rides a BMW- asked my why I had sold my Harley. I told him I didn't fit in with the Harley image. He asked me what I meant by that. I replied that I bathe every day, I can read, and I've never been to jail. I thought he would die laughing. Keep up the good work. -CKelley


First time to the site, so I'm a little green, but having fun. I am also a LEO, working in South Jersey who last year sold my 1997 Softail Custom and bought a 2002 Kawasaki ZX12R, shocking many people who had me tagged as a "Harley guy". I however was not a victim of the HD marketing machine, and refused to buy another wobbly underpowered machine that required $5K in accessories to meet the "criteria". I rejected the rhetoric of all my Harley buddies and am a much happier rider. Granted it was a little bit of a leap, buying a non-American made bike for $10K but your logic is flawless... if they don't build one that's even remotely competitive, why settle. The same logic dictated the reason I ride a Honda 400ex off-road, and owned a Yamaha jet ski back in '95. I do my best to buy American, and my cars are all of domestic origin (2000 Chevrolet Camaro SS, 2000 Jeep Wrangler). Some of my friends have been selling their HDs and switching to the American sportbike (Buell), but honestly the things are ugly Rubbermaid sportsters that blow oil and overheat. I am glad the company is at least trying to move the American motorcycle in the right direction but they better have a steep learning curve to match pace with the Japanese and Italians. I could go into the ways my new rocket is superior but I know I'd be preaching to the choir. Power, responsiveness, reliability, convenience, value, safety and that shit eating grin that gets stuck on my face for at least an hour after I get off of her. -rdrkt171


Black Echo -

I'll start with the usual accolades: I found your website two days ago while doing Google searches for info on my next imported motorcycle. I've read most of it now, and I can't think of the last time I've laughed so damned hard. As a fellow cop, I was immediately struck by the letters that the HD riders have sent you: Gramatically, they bear a striking similarity to the prose spoken by the horns we throw in jail nearly every night.

I just wanted to fill you in on what happened when our own police department started a motorcycle patrol unit this summer:

Harley offered us a deal at $1-per-year to lease a motorcycle from them. Money talks, so Harley was selected.

After a few months, our officers went to the dealership to pick up our two brand new patrol motorcycles.

An officer stradled the first huge, chrome machine, flipped the ignition, and thumbed the starter. He didn't even get a click. Dead. Nothing. Mechanics on site couldn't figure out the problem. Total miles on this Harley: 0 before it failed.

The second officer, though, fired up the rattling machine, triumphantly lurched it out of the dealer's parking lot, and headed for the police station for the grand entrance. The new Harley made it to the highway before it just quit. Killed. As the officer coasted to the side of the highway, the electrics continued to work, but the engine would not start or run. Turns out the fuel pump blew. Total miles on this Harley: 1.7 before it failed.

Sadly, we've still got those two bikes. It's a good thing that we get new ones every year though. I only hope they last that long.

Please keep my name/email anonymous...I'm sure you understand. Keep up the crusade! -E (undercover LEO)


I was looking at web sites trying to figure out how to re-vamp the HD V-rod passenger foot peg set up so my wife does not feel like she is giving birth when she rides with me. The bike has less then a hundred miles, and I am asking myself if I did something dumb here.......

I'll give you a little more info on my feelings on HD, as for years, I was around them, left them (I am over 50, so I'll claim old timers disease) and went back and got another. In between, my wife and i rode a Honda 500 4 cyl accross the USA, and did tons of dirt double up on a Suzuki 250 enduro, both great running bikes with the minimum of problems.

The first jack hammer I rode was a 54 panhead stripped to a chop, then a 50 panhead custom show bike (this was in the late 60's early 70's), and last was a 39 knuckle head. The knuckle was the best of them all, and even the latest lead sled I got a couple years back, my 89 evo Sportster. Let me tell you, nothing has changed. That damned Sportster has the vibrations like a dykes dildo, and it seems every couple thousand miles, it is another 300 to 500 bucks to keep it going. I was mystified in my early riding years about the speed one could get from a Sportster, and being in my early 50's I thought, one last project.

Yea, it is the last one, it ain't done, and I think it won' t be either. I worked for MoCo back when, and god, how many pains in the asses the machines and people were. I forgot, and now I am paying. I have the parts to set up the Sportster for an 11 second quarter miler street bike, but why should I? It is like owning a AA/FD class race car. Make a run, work for 10 runs to keep it going. What I can't figure out is, how did the 39 knuckle run so well, with hardly any work on it, and these new HD's, well, it is no where close. Everybody I talk to says, oh the new ones are even better......hell, I'll bet. The 39 was set up with the factory Daytona system, it was their racing version, and I rode it on the street, no, I beat on it on the street, and it held up.

I went as far to check on prices for a Hayu, none was in stock with a wait till october, but my curiosity got the better of me, and sunk some money into a new v-rod. I never had a new HD amazingly, I was not and am not yet excitied about the same design as in 39 being in a 03 bike, but somehow the v-rod got me thinking. If I ever would get a new HD, maybe the V-rod will be the choice.

Well, having my wife ride on it immediately told me, more money for the right seat. The dealer told me that, but damn, I just had to have one. So about 550.00 more & since I am in Hawaii, the dealers can rape their customers more, the complete 2 up seat hardware is on its way. After that, I am not sure what this bike, a knock off of a Porche motor, with an obnoxious frame (kinda like giving all other bikers that stick your tongue out face) and too much aluminum. Why? Cause I could.

After all the years, and watching what HD has done and been, I just could not bring myself to spend 18 to 20K on somehting that I bought as a basket case for 150.00 back in th early 70's. With 03 models, nothing has changed, it is the same. Like buying 2% skim milk, the things are the same. Except the MoCo has figured out that people who are dumb enough to tatoo themselves with their logo, are stupid enough to dump their wallets out of all their cash. I want to tell myself that is not me, but hell, I have a v-rod and an 89 sporty in the garage. The Sporty is down, because the electrics went out. Like a termite eaten house, the problems get worse.

If the v-rod experience is any resemblence of the past rides from HD, this will be my last HD. A friend who bought a Honda Valk told me "If you want to ride, and not work on your bike, don't buy a Harley"  -RMoran

PS, the reason I wrote this was the tool kit with the hammer, square and other 39 knuckle head tool essentials is mine, I have been looking for my tool kit for years, where in the hell did you find it?

(the tool kit he is referring to is the one pictured far below.  :p  -BE  )


Hello, i love your site! I own a brand new Sportster for about 4 months now (i guess i bought it in a moment of 'temporary loss of consciousness'... the 'Once in your life you should own a H-D' crap..). I am very glad i didn't already fork out money for a pair of official Squealing (eh.. 'Screamin') Eagle mufflers.

I think i will buy a Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog (it has a V-Twinkie as well, but it's technically far better), and i will feel GOOD about it! (The only minor problem is: how can i remove that glued and sewn-on H-D patch from my jacket without spoiling it..).

Thank you, and keep up the good work!  -Frans, The Netherlands


Thank you. no really, that's all... and a big smooch... you're good, doll.  You're good.  -Stefanie 86 Virago 750


Being English and basically growing up with British and Japanese bikes, as well as a few German imports, I never really got to see a Harley, except in the movies. Unfortunately, the British manufacture of motorcycles has all but ceased, with only Triumph rising from the ashes of a once great industry where even America imported those wonderful machines. I thought that most American motorcyclists (even Harley riders) would be of the same genre of people I was so used to meeting on European travels on two wheels, until I actually arrived in the US in '94 and found out that it simply was not true. I am 38 now, and after being here in the US for nearly 8 years, it seems the gap between true motorcyclists and Harley Davidson riders is growing ever wider. The general friendship, camaraderie, helpfulness and acceptance of the majority of riders in the US is second only to that of the same ilk in the UK and most of Europe. Unfortunately, it is marred by the HD community and their overall attitude to people who ride "other" makes of two wheeled hardware. They are rude, insulting, idiosyncratic, objectionable and incredibly ignorant for the most part. I have to admit that the care and attention to detail they display for their chosen ride is admirable, but since most of their bikes never see rain, and are only ridden at weekends it fails to surprise now that I know what "lifestyle" really means. I have been on two wheels since I was 14 and have recently downgraded my CBR929 to an XR650L which is in the process of being converted to a Supermotard (if you have to ask why, buy a Harley) and even though I was enamoured of the HD as a child after seeing many films and the history of the bike, I don't think I would ever own one, and not because of the hardware itself, but because I would not want to be associated with such a narrow minded closed segment of the motorcycling community. We are all motorcyclists, irrespective of the hardware we choose to ride, and unless we stick together, Congress is going to see to it that we all end up riding bicycles if we are not careful. Take a look at pending legislation on the AMA website for details. Imported bikes outnumber Harley Davidson by about 10 to 1, which should come as no surprise. I'm glad to be a member of the AMA, a riding club here in CA, and the proud owner of a couple of imported bikes. I've had my rant. Maybe you wil post it, maybe not, but keep up the good work. For the most part, the site is funny, objective and honest, and supportive of a group of riders that excercise their right to choose what mode of transport they desire, lifestyle excluded, age ignored. I wonder if HD will ever produce a reliable and appealing machine? Even Buell seems to be making progress with the new bikes for '03. I wish them well.  -RJB


I enjoyed reading the site you have there all about harleys and the dispensible bullshit that surrounds them. Albeit the core of the issue is that they are too expensive, thus giving them Beemer status, and thus being bought by the same assholes who drive BMW's and Jags. I agree with what your conception of these machines are: Junk. I myself will never own one. On the other hand I have to say that harley does something nobody else does: Make Motorcycles as an artform. Anyone buying one for it's dependability is only fooling themselves. Most know they are undependable, but that's besides the point. They are true to a heritage of classic, old, and old fashioned motorbike. I can say that it is true that japanese makers are on the verge of making almost spacecraft like bikes, weighing much less, being very fast, and of new materials. technology and speed they have, but for sheer aesthetics, forget it. All the jap bikes look alike at this point, with hideous plasticy bodys,bulbous headlamps, and almost generified styling. I cant tell the diffrence in any of them. I collect and work on classic Japanese bikes. There is a lot to be said for the older ones when japan was trying to do it's best. these bikes last for decades and keep going forever. I have seen many of the plastic bikes split to pieces or wrecked by some teenage kid . To put it simply, these new bikes are ass ugly. I agree that lot of people ride harleys for sheer prestige. These same people also wear t-shirts and useless skull hemlets. Since these people are only weekend riders, a good wreck and they're dead. That is what bothers me the most. Stupid people who shouldnt be on a bike in the first place with no protection. I guess a comparison could be made between British and American bikes. The British caved in and desighned their bikes to look just like the Japanese bikes. The "British " bike is no more. If anything can be said about harley, it's that they havent submitted to change, and as a company in a land that throws away everything, That deserves a deal of respect. Thanks for the web site. Seth

If I bought a new bike tomorrow, Harley would be my second choice. ANYTHING else would be my first choice. -Bob


Can't believe I didn't see my favorite of all time:

Q:How do you get a Harley to go fast?
A: Throw it off a cliff.

By the way, I went thorugh my Sportster phase (technically, I suppose, still finishing it), still think your site is funny as hell, and I'll laugh even harder as soon as I can find someone dumb enough to buy my Buell Pizza so I can afford the R1 I should have bought years ago.  -Craig


Black Echo,

Really enjoying your site and wanted to chime in with a funny little piece of info that I picked up while attending the Suzuka 8 Hours race in Japan at the beginning of August. As you may know Harley is trying to exert its brand into the Asian market, particularly Japan...but it's not working. Oh, how it's not working.It's a pretty spectacular failure from what I could understand while speaking to their reps. They've poured massive bucks into this effort to almost no avail. At the races, for the two main days (Sat. and Sun.), there were over 100K in attendance each day and Harley had their booth in the main courtyard...but no one was going there! Maybe you had to have been there to fully understand the premium placement they had there, it was incredible--I could have attracted a larger crowd with dog crap on a stick! The Japanese "Big-Four" booths were up in an obscure corner of the track, but they were just deluged with visitors checking out the latest bikes.The problem isn't something that Harley can likely ever solve. For one, Harleys are waaaaaaay too expensive for the Japanese public who are suffering through the country's biggest postwar recession. As for the "Harley lifestyle," it's effect is largely negated by the impracticality of the product itself. Obviously Japan is not a huge country and its cities are tight, so people need and want smaller sized bikes--a simple fact of life that anyone who's been there can see. Pretty much rules out any Harley...The whole situation there makes me really wonder whether or not Harley even did any market research at all before jumping in. Dumbass hill scoggins... -MLopez


A friend told me about your site and I have only just stopped laughing long enough to send you an e-mail.

I was riding my Yamaha FZR1000 through town when a man stuck his head out of his car's window and yelled at me, "Buy America! Get a Harley!"

In disbelief I whipped my faceshield up and screamed back, "You're driving a Volkswagen you fucking idiot!"

Thanks for the great Web site and keep up the good work.  -KPenzig


I love your website and I 100% support your voice and your opinions. Keep up the good work.  -Mrollins


This year at 35 years young I bought my first bike, V-star 1100 classic, I love it! I based my decision on reviews, word of mouth, and common sense, not my ignorance. I didn't see the joke I see all the time. What does HD stand for? Hundred Dollars, as in $100 a part for that sucker!

Keep up the good work!!! Kenny


ROTFLMAO! Oh you are the guru of Harley Humor and will do my best to follow and pass along to my fellow man the wisdom of your writings! This is one of the best sites I have seen in a while. The only thing I hate more than Harley's is Harley attitudes. You have to admit though Harley Davidson must have one hell of a marketing team. How else could you sell a piece of 1920's technology for more that it is worth. The week before Sturgis I was going down the highway on my 1984 Goldwing with 265,000 miles on the original motor now and noticed many trailers going down the road with Harley's in them. Traffic stopped and as I came up next to one of them I asked where all the Harley's in trailers were going and he told me they were on there way to Sturgis. My bike has been there 3 times from Calif under its own power towing its own trailer. I also saw a GL1500 Goldwing later that day towing a motorcycle trailer with get this A HARLEY ON THE TRAILER!! Headed for Sturgis. I would have paid $5000 dollars for a throw away camera right then. I was laughing so hard I had to pull over and clear my throat. Great site! take care and may the Schwartz be with you!   -Mark


Hi from New Orleans, Echo!  We exchanged welcoming emails to your Angst forum a while back.

HD of New Orleans runs a radio ad every day, several times, advertising their HD "motorclothes". Usually, I change the channel the moment I hear their BS ad. Today I listened for once.

They never mention the bikes, only the "motorclothes".  In conclusion,they say something like "when you wear the HD motorclothes, you can adopt the "HD ATTITUDE"" !  WTF????? Why would anyone with half a brain want to buy an attitude??????? I got to thinking about it....If you take the HD motorclothes off at night, do you revert to your previous ignorant attitude, or does the lame ass "HD ATTITUDE" linger in your addled brain for a few hours?

Man, our country is really going down the tubes if we have to start buying an attitude!!!!!

Just wanted to vent in an email to you.

I saw the etch a sketch picture on The Spirit World forum(devoted to the Honda Spirit750), and thought you might get a smile from it!

hdlaptop.jpg (14815 bytes)

A big fan of yours,  -JHoffert

(Ah, yes.  Another one of my original graphics that will become infamous on the Internet as it is plastered over site after site and claimed by many to be the their own work.  You can tell I did it by the "Troglovision" line on the bottom and the graphic originally appeared in this feedback.  I really, really need to start watermarking my graphics, but ...  John, one weekend in the next couple of months, the Dark One is going to ride down to New Orleans (you're only about 90 miles away) and we will link up for some unlimited mirth in the Big Easy.  -BE)


Great web site. I wish I had found it earlier.

I couldn't have said it any better except that I have totally given up on HD and Buell. I'm passed the point of hope that a US company will ever step up and build a real bike - only more HD type clones with the same sorry twin motors. At this point I see myself buying Jap bikes for the rest of my life. Even if I wanted a "cruiser" type bike - it would be Japanese built. IMO - they build a better cruiser than HD. They build a better HD than HD themselves!

I hate the HD riders more than the bikes themselves but in the end, HD should be held accountable for the monsters they've created.  - Tshelton, 2000 Hayabusa


Thought you might like to see this shirt.  -MGreenham

IfTheyHadMoreEngineersShirt.jpg (22030 bytes)


ROTFLMAO!  Oh, how true!


You are unfucking believable!  I laughed so hard I wet myself.  Honest.  And I've never done that before, not even when I went and saw Eddie Murphy live in concert.   If you keep this up, I'm going to have to get a box of depends when I surf your site, and I'm only 28 years old, ride a CBR900RR.  Keep up the great work!   -MSmith


Thank you for having the balls to stand up to those retards and give them a taste of the medicine that they have been giving to us for so long!  Excellent site!   -JCharles


I ride a '98 Sportster but I have to say that after 2 years with the Harley crowd, you have more originality in the first page of your site than in all of Sturgis put together.   Can I have your love child?  The last thing I want is to breed with one of those 'redneck stumpfuck hill scoggins'.  LOL!  I used that term on a guy who tried to pick me up the other night at a bar.  You should have seen his expression!   His friends laughed at him when he had to walk back to his table.  He thought that since I rode a Harley that I would be attracted to some redneck like him.  These people are all retards.  Maybe it's time to get a Honda.  -Stella.


Your sordid site... It's hilarious and so fuckin' true, and I've owned 2 HD's!! A Shovel and a Sportster. They were 2 of the worst machines and were nothing but bottomless money pits. If I ever went over 60 miles without dying of rigormortis and numb hands, it was a miracle. I wouldn't own another one if you gave it to me. Harley must be secretly run by Mao Tse Tung. I bookmarked your site. If you put this letter on your site, please sign it 'anonymous'.  Thanks.  - "Anonymous"  : )       


I would just like to mention how much i enjoyed browsing through your site. I havent laughed so much in ages. You have an enviable command of the English language. Thanks for being so entertaining!   -John


I had a whole lot of fun on your site. Very entertaining. I personally have a rather odd mix of bikes, a '98 Moto Guzzi EV11, a '73 CZ250, an XS650 Yamaha chopper, and a '70 FLH bobber project (pic attatched of the tank, I think it'll get a smile out of you). -LBruns

Shovel2.jpg (40004 bytes)

ROTFLMAO!  "Briggs and Stratton"!


I liked your site.  Very good read. I know, you must get tons of mail generated by that site, so if you're reading this, I know you've dedicated serious time to  reading e-mail today and I thank you! But, being the chatty mofo I am, I simply couldn't go with out sending you a fewcomments. First, let me tell you where I'm coming from, my bike stable consists of a 97 CBR 900RR, a 93 and 97 CBR 600, a 90 VTR 250, and a sweet 1983 RZ 350 Canadian import. It's wicked. I also make my living selling Honda, Yamaha, and *dramatic pause* Harley Davidson. Yup, the Motor Company pays my bills, or helps to, anyhow.  Before moving to sales, I was a mechanic of the above mentioned brands for few years. So I have a unique perspective. The reason I write is to tell you that you're right, mostly. A lot of what you say about HD ownership is totally true. And it really is an inferior product for the money. They do serve their purpose, and they do offer a different riding experience from a Japanese cruiser. I guess I'm saying is that there is valid reasons for owning one. If one had the money, HD ownership can make sense. As long as you don't buy the retarded bullshit that you're buying "The Best Motorcycle on the Planet". That just isn't so, and I'll look a prospective buyer in the face and tell them that. I like your insight and I totally dig your writing style (...)  -Justin


howdy, I just wanted to say that I love your website. me and my riding buddies have been screaming about Harley's for years, and it seems that someone FINALLY agrees with us. BTW, I ride a 94 Honda Magna (the original power cruiser) and while it does weigh in at 500 lbs. wet, it does have more stock HP than any V-twin cruiser (minus the recent power cruiser explosion) and will smoke-check a Harley on my worst day. I've been through the basic and advanced MSF courses and I have made my bike do sh*t that had my sportbike riding buddies giving me standing "O"'s. anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I respect you for having the balls to tell it like it is. -PLooker


Your site is all too true about the average harley rider. The acts of stupidity these guys perform is beyond me. For instance - I was just learning to ride, and I am out poking around the lovely (not) suburbs of chicago. Stopped at a light, this fellow in a deafening loud HD pulls up next to me. I assume he wants to chat or something, so I flip up the visor on my helmet and say hello to him. He does not even look over. I figure he cant hear me over his straight pipe shotgun exhaust so I yell louder "HEY!" at which time he proceeds to rev his bike in typical HD fashion and continues to ignore me. I gave up attempting to communicate, and as the light turns green I begin to roll, and he launches hard, cuts left, and literally runs me into oncoming traffic. Luckily for me we still had the turning arrow in my direction, so I did not end up as grill dressing on some SUV. It really made me think about the whole mentality of your typical HD rider when they will attempt to get you killed because you ride a sportbike (the kicker is that I own an SV650S which has a V-twin in it of all things!!!).

Anyway thats my rant. It would have been nice to catch his licence but that would be pointless, as the average
chicago police officer is your typical harley rider and would probably applaud the moron for what he did. I wont even go into the way the police here act towards non-harley riders. Situation - you get a ticket for having "too loud of a pipe", and while you are showing the friendly neighborhood officer the little engraving on the stock pipe on your bike that says "Suzuki" a sonic boom belching HD rolls on by setting off every car alarm in a two block radius. I asked "Is that bike too loud as well?" to which his shit eating grin response is "What bike".

I realize that not all police are a$$holes. I spent time with some coppers out in
Utah, and they actually believe in enforcing the law in service of the public, not to generate revenue or inflate their egos. It just seems that 99.995% of the police here are like that.  Thanks for the web site. I was laughing my ass off at the "Stage 3 Race prep" vs. Valkyrie. You can polish a turd till it shines, but it is still a turd. It brings a smile to my face every time I read one of the canned lines, like "If Harley made an airplane, would you really want to ride in it?".  -DHrnciar


Yo Echo,

Reading your site is a real lift whenever I look outside at my brand new GS500 and realize that, because of bureaucratic error, I won't be legally able to ride it for a few more weeks. Patience will pay off...Every time an airhead "trend-humping fashion lemming" comes roaring down my street at ungodly hours I always think of what your web page says... and I go back to sleep, at peace now that I know why people ride those obnoxious machines. Keep up  the good work, man.  -GGleason


You're web page is great .What you write about is right on the money.  HD and IDIOTS are one in the same.Of course I have had nothing but Jap bikes because they handle,performe and don't break down.Keep up the good work!! -JBayert


Will you run for president?  If so, you have my vote!  CDion


I was impressed and amazed at your essay describing the reality of the Harely-Davidson-mania that has swept the country. As my friends and I stumble into middle-age we are, one-by-one, gripped by this savage and insidious disease. I've watched in amazement as they plunk down 16, 17, 18, grand and more for these ridiculous thrashing machines. As you describe, the doo-rags, key chains and leathers soon follow...

You'd have thought that I shot my mother when they all learned that I drug a '78 Honda CB750 from the junkyard for 600 bucks and spent the winter restoring  it. And now, the last-of-the-first-of-the-superbikes runs rings around them all. They can't stand it.   When they look at me in puzzlement, I try to explain the historical significance of the Big Jap Fours of the 60's and 70's. I know I'm wasting my time. Maybe I'm the one who's thick. I just don't get the notion of spending 20-large for a throbbing wheelchair that can barely get out of its own way...

Occasionally, as I'm sure you have, I'll run into the true American motorcycle enthusiast. They guy who found the old '47 Indian in his aunt's garage and lovingly and painstakingly restored it. This guy has a lot more in common with me than he does with "them".  Can't picture this guy with tassled saddle bags and a POW-MIA doo-rag double-parked in front of the Dairy Queen....

Anyway, it's a long way to go to tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.  All the best...  -Joe


It's hard to believe how misinformed, illogical and just plain dumb some of the cretins that post your site are. How do folks of such limited abilities come up with the scratch to buy the H-Ds in the first place? Anyway, I got to wondering, so I checked, and...yep, there are import bike dealers in Milwaukee, and seem to be doing fine. No villagers with pitchforks outside. Kind of a ray of sunshine, isn't it? So, they are aware of technology, just choose to ignore it. I've been bike shopping of late, and even though I agree with your take on sportbikes, those suckers just plain scare me. I'm nowhere near a good enough rider. Like dating a porn star, probably. I'll stick with the cruisers for now, the plain chick down the street. (But not the first cousin next door) Peace. -BillW


You're web page is great .What you write about is right on the money.HD and IDIOTS are one in the same.Of course I have had nothing but Jap bikes because they handle,performe and don't break down.Keep up the good work!!  -JBayert


And I thought that I am the only one that disliked Harleys. I live in Singapore and getting a 'big displacement' bike is dammed extravagant here cos generally for transport under 200cc is more than enough for the small island. The funny stuff is that even non Americans also got conned into buying a Harley is very funny not to forgetting expensive. -tan lai hee


We all know regular Ken doesn't have a penis, but Harley Ken does. It's just very small, that's why he has the Harley. -RCurry


Going through the ocoee river gorge on my 2002 vtx1800r, I was following the v-rod, he could not shake me. As we came out of the canyon he gave me that "look" I drooped down to 2nd and lit it. He didn't stand a chance. Just because they built a yamaha doesn't mean they can beat my HONDA...Idiots.

Rapid Randy, Ocoee, TN



I'm the proud owner of a Harley stomping V4, 87' Honda Super Magna. If your not familiar with a Super it's a muscle bike with a unique  look. Anyway the new V-Rod looks a little like my Super and the other day I  had this cretin say to me "hey, nice knock off of my V-Rod". To which I  replied my Super is an 87, is only 750cc's and would give your revered V-Rod a run for its money. He declined, put his tail between his legs and ambled off mumbling the worn out rice burner metric cruiser line.

Warmest Regards,


P.S. I love your site, it's hilarious. Keep fighting the good fight.


I'm the proud owner of a Harley stomping V4, 87' Honda Super Magna. If your not familiar with a Super it's a muscle bike with a unique look. Anyway the new V-Rod looks a little like my Super and the other day I had this cretin say to me "hey, nice knock off of my V-Rod". To which I replied my Super is an 87, is only 750cc's and would give your revered V-Rod a run for its money. He declined, put his tail between his legs and ambled off mumbling the worn out rice burner metric cruiser line. I love your site, it's hilarious. Keep fighting the good fight.  -Scott


I found your site via www.hondavfrclub.org and just wanted to say a big thank you for a great laugh. Being on the other side of the pond, I've obviously been spared the "Why don't you ride an American bike" bullshit, but occasionally do get the "Why don't you ride a real bike" thing from the Harley wannabe rednecks.

European Harley owners (I was going to say riders, but they don't really ride much, just stand around admiring the latest thing they've had chromed-the tyres or whatever) are even more deserving of your bile than their American cousins. While American owners can claim to have been brainwashed by the patriotism card, what excuse have the Euros got for importing this sorry excuse for a motorcycle? It's bad enough being a flag-slathered shit-tard, but to be a flag-slathered shit-tard slathered in someone elses flag takes a special brand of retardedness.

I do think that in your original attack on Harleys, you underestimated Milwaukee's fighting spirit though. When Harley first started getting their asses kicked in competition by imported bikes (it was the late 40's/early 50's by Norton in particular) they didn't just give up on racing. That was plan B. Plan A was to cheat by putting pressure on the AMA to ban Norton's overhead cam engines because their side valve(!) engines couldn't compete. This was despite the fact that they were half as big again in terms of capacity (750cc vs 500cc). Just goes to show that they have always been on the cutting edge of technology!

Oh, one tiny little gripe. Can you not assume that the "homo-racist piece of euro trash" Tero the Zero is from Wales. The alleged love of sheep is well known (I mean, I'd rather ride a sheep than a Harley!), but homo-phobes, racists or vikings we aren't. My guess is he's english : (tongue firmly in cheek) - repressed homosexual racist bigots the lot of them.

Keep up the good work! - RPenrose, VFR750FM, Cardiff, Wales.


Came across your link from my fellow Kawasaki ZR-7 riders at our owners website....www.zr-7.com... Keep tellin' it like it is brother! Those fat-ass, inbred, butt-slamin', retard, Hardly-Dumbass-son riders just don't get it! Chrome don't getcha home! I've had six "motorcycles" over the years, and they all were "rice!" I own an import bike and will continue to ride imports, until America can build a performance machine at a reasonable price. I'm not holding my breath!

Ride Safe My Brother!  -Pete (Fellow "Rice Rider" and LEO)


Oh my, that is some truly beautiful content. A moment of silence in honor of your clarity of vision and purpose.

I'm shocked, amazed and almost driven to tears by the purity and inherent truth of your on-line presence as represented by ....(Drum roll)....American Angst. Harley Davidson's are to Motorcycles what a Deep Fried Turd is to Gourmet food, and their owners, artificially, hyper-inflated ego-driven, wanna be tough guys who obviously suffer from some sort of rabid and aggressive inferiority complex that can only be expressed or defended through overwhelming group stupidity. I believe strongly in the humble nature of the TRUE brotherhood of the bike, and have rarely had a bad moment with other bikers, with the exception of the anti-social and deluded elitism of the average HD owner, snobs of bad taste and poor financial judgement, constantly reminded of the stupidity of choice every time they are passed by a well made performance machine from  another continent. That would probably turn me into a petulant, antagonistic ass-hair too, fortunately I was smart enough to buy a Kawasaki, a Quality motorcycle, that doesn't need Barbie Doll sales to keep the company going.

Once again, cheers, and thanks for the laughs. That is some good material. A humble admirer, JLawson, 2000 Kawasaki ZR-7


Hello Dark One,

I read about your site on ZR-7.com. All I can say is 'Huzzah'! You hit the nail right on the head. I can't stand it when I get next to an
HD and have to listen to that obnoxious noise when a HD rider sits at a stoplight and proceeds to rev the engine for no apparent reason (to keep it running perhaps? BTW - they call it 'gagging' a rider, whatever that means), and then have the audacity to try and pass my '01 ZX-9R. To top it all off they then catch up and hurl 'f'ing sewing machine' insults at me - after I dusted them off!

In any case, keep up the good work, you are fighting the good fight. As G. Gordon (Liddy) says, 'thank you for your service'.

Regards, Bill R


I own a 929RR... and would just like to say... you have completly spoken every word i have ever wanted to say in my life to all those hipocritcal HD riders. THANK YOU for making the world a better place.




well what can I say? I've been ranting for years (22 of them actually) about the shortcomings of Harley Davidsons, everyone I've known who knows fuck-all about bikes thinks they're fantastic, everyone else doesn't.  I've ridden a few of them and have been absolutely astounded by how appalling they actually are when compared to the Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaaki/Moto Guzzi/Ducati/BMWs I've chosen. To compound matters, a friend in the grip of a mid-life crisis ignored all my advice and has just bought a Sportster - I'll be directing him to your site without further delay!

All the best from Scotland,

Harley=Spend to Pretend


Thank you for taking the time to verbalize the constant source of my ulcers.  I live in Milwaukee and would never own a Harley Davidson, though in parts I hear they make good boat anchors.

Reading your rants and responses has probably saved me from an impending heart attack or aneurysm. I have become so frustrated trying to talk sense into these wife beating morons, that at times it feels like my head will explode. At times it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall, though a brick wall has enough sense not to talk back. I had a neighbor a few years ago that rode the newest Harley in the summer, and a topless Jeep in the winter (remember, this is Wisconsin). That fairly shows the intelligence of the breed.

Again thanks, John


Man oh man you are a kick in the head! Love the site, hours and hours of entertainment for both myself and my wife. I've spent a couple thousand miles on several of Milwaukee's finest. (Wasn't that the slogan for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Maybe there's a connection.) I would own one if someone paid me... enough to make a payment on a bike I would actually want to ride. Thought I'd pass along a couple of tidbits I've picked up that you might enjoy.

The attachment is a photo I found of a 'fine' HD product. If you look close at the bike under the throw you'll see that it not a HD product. In fact it's not even made in the US of A. It is in fact a Yamaha Virago, an 1100 I think.

oooops.jpg (46391 bytes)

Ooops!  Bwahahahaha!

The following is quoted from an email on the Airheads mailing list, from a fine gentleman by the name of Tom Cutter. A former BMW dealer, racer and mechanic. The discussion up to this point was about the fuel injection surge problem on some of the new F.I. BMW's.

"Surge? Couldn't ever be a problem for Harley. Their owners are a whole different kettle of fish than what we have over on our side of the fence. I worked for a Harley dealer, kind of pressed into service when his mechanic died and I was unemployed, and I was astounded at the total non-existence of complaints related to reliability, drivability, inconvenience, and safety.  As an example, one customer came in for a battery for his VERY low-mile Sportster. I put in the battery, started the bike and threw my quickie charging system tester on. No charge. I told him about it, and explained that his recurrent battery failures might be traced to the charging system failure. He says "Go ahead and fix it." Astute diagnosis reveals that the voltage regulator is MISSING! When I asked him where it went, and showed him where it mounted forward of the motor, he said (quoting here) "Oh, that? I took that off. It was ugly." When I asked WHEN he removed it, he said "When I got the bike new." So for three years and 1600 miles, he'd been riding on a total-loss electrical system, and DID NOT SEE IT AS A PROBLEM.

He was not an unusual Harley rider. Another guy bought at least five different carburetor kits over the course of a year. His problem was toasted points in an ancient iron-jug Sporty. When I told him that I could fix it, he just refused to accept the diagnosis. He was convinced that the soon-to-be-released S&S Super Something or other carb kit was the ONLY solution to his trouble. When he got it, and had me install it, I just fixed the ignition too. Now he was ABSOLUTELY convinced that his "buy-a-carb" method was spot-on."

I currently ride an '83 BMW R80ST, it's not a modern Super Sport but it gets around well enough to surprise the local squids from time to time. Thanks again for the great site and keep up the good work in trying to wake up the sheep.  -Tom


Go, Brother, Go!!!!!!!!! -MStephens, fellow Police Officer


Black Echo,

The Lakota Sioux nation have waited for generations for the birth of a mythical White Buffalo symbol of hope, rebirth and unity for the Great Plains tribe. The Legend goes that when this Buffalo is born it will bring about purity of mind, body and spirit, and unify all nations. In 1994 such a creature was indeed born in a farm in central Wisconsin, and there was great hope for peace and understanding among all peoples across the world

Well fast forward to 2002, WW3 is about to break out in the Middle East, we have an Ayatollah as Attorney General, the Deliverance banjo player is installed in the White House and Adam Sandler has ANOTHER movie out, so what the f**k do the Lakota Sious know?

However, as far as the community of motorcyclists is concerned, you sir, are our White Buffalo, standing for Truth and Unity against the corrupt false god that is Hardly Devastation. We have wait for years for someone to rise up and strike back at the in-bred, one-tooth, sister-shagging hordes that have taunted us, belittled our imported yet superior steeds and even turned the common pleb in the street against us. We ask that you take no prisoners, show no mercy and reveal these swaggering, Village People clones for the deluded, waste-of-spooge dimwits that they are.

I live close to Alki Beach, a favourite gathering place for moto-afficionadoes from all over Seattle especially in the summer. If you're like me and you like checking out cool bikes, hot cars and perusing pussy, this is the place to be. Only problem is every Thursday, hordes of oil-stained, lobo-scarred stumpfucks on their paint-mixer powered Barca loungers rumble up and down the beach front with that curiously comical stonefaced, turned-up-nose fuck-off pose that only the blissfully moronic can pull off. These goat molesters gather at a dive bar called (wait for it) the Alki Tavern, park their motorized wheelchairs outside in a neat row, chow down on 75c Tacos and then lurch outside, buzzed and flatulent, to pose and scowl at anyone that will pay them attention, deluding themselves they're bad ass mofo's in some latter day recreation of Hollister.

Whenever I'm out on my bike (Honda Shadow 750) riding along the beach, I give the wave to any approaching rider be it a squid or a chick on a scooter. I get a wave in return from most riders, but when it comes to the turd pilots on their freedom machines, I'm lucky if 1 in 5 will deign to ackowledge my existence. Twats. Their arrogance and smugness deserve a brutal and vengeful reckoning. Consider me your loyal servant in this quest that you have embarked upon.

Till next time!  -Blackhorse


No one needs to tell me about WW II Harleys... but have you ever wondered about the guys who take an already prehistoric motorcycle, completely remove the rear suspension so that they have a hard frame suspension, and then think this "ground pounder" is the sweetest thing ever invented? Pound their ass to death. Pound their brain to death... if its not already acid fried. And the amazing thing is that if you think Harley is an overpriced piece of crap, add $15,000 more for someone to fuck it up real good, and the suckers will be beating a path to your door. -WHerbert


Hi Black Echo,

I could only REALLY appreciate your site after I had a chance to ride 2 ~$40,000 dollar Harleys...

I tried to keep this short, but failed - you can skip to 'The Ride...' if you want to eliminate the background info

I am a fellow techie, and everyone on this current project I am working on rides (there are 5 of us). I was browsing your site one day, and when I started reading the Harley Feedback section I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face and I had to stop reading. At that point everyone wanted to know what the hell was so funny (this is a typically evil project, and there isn't ANYTHING funny about it). Before long - all of the developers were rolling.

I have ridden for a while, and owned a few motorcycles: 2 GSXR's - 1 wadded, and 1 crushed under a diesel truck, so my wife STRONGLY encouraged me to get a cruiser for my 3rd bike - even though they are less safe (basic physics as you have pointed out many times on your site - even if the brakes are equal in power the bike weighs 90% more). I ended up with a Honda VTX, but I had NEVER ridden a Harley - I simply didn't want to spend more money for a bike which I assumed was a slightly refined version of my VTX (yeah - I bought into the Harley marketing BS as well).

I had to interview a couple salespeople that we were consider picking up, so I had a company (we are a small 10 person company) BBQ at my house. I figured it would give us a chance to figure if one or both of them fit well with the rest of the team. They noticed my VTX in the garage, and low and behold one of them is an avid motorcycle rider. The conversation goes to cost, and he says that he has over 80,000 in both of his bikes (a softtail and road glide). He wanted to hook up for a ride, and said that I could try out both of his bikes, but warned me to be careful as they both had stage 3 race kits on them and were quite fast - he also said that the kits weren't street legal. This guy wanted to hook up for a ride and I was truly ready to be awed by the experience...

"The Ride..."

The bikes were very nicely appointed, with a ton of chrome, custom seats, etc. If you like the look (I know you don't) of cruisers these were very pretty.


He fired up the softail (the fastest of the 2)... wait, no he didn't; it wouldn't start! He fools around with the choke, gives it some gas... no luck... more fooling around... ignition! The thing was so loud that it was painful to stand next to when he gunned it. I rode it down to the freeway, and shot up the road a couple of miles. It was a rural area early in the morning, so the roads were empty - I let it 'rip' (although, it was so gutless that 'rip' isn't quite the right word). The bike hit 80 ok, but then the front end started shaking somewhat violently. I got off the freeway, and proceeded to scrape the hell out of his pegs, as the bike was lowered, and now doesn't turn worth a damn. I gunned it back down the freeway - something broke loose, and the what little power there was went straight down the toilet (it turns out the vibration from my trip broke some component in the fuel system, and most of the gas leaked out). I brought the bike back, and he said that it had been 'rattling' for some time, but couldn't figure out what it was, so whatever broke may have been what was rattling.

<Road Glide>

Surprise - this one wouldn't start either! It took several attempts, and finally fired up. Now there were some people out walking around... the bike was so loud that when I rode past one family (at about 20 mph - it was a residential street, and I was TRYING to keep the noise down) a little girl that was walking with her parents turned away from the street, hunched over, put her hands over her ears, and started crying... nice work on the upgrades man. This gutless bike was so fucking loud that it makes children cry... On the highway, the bike had very little power, but was SO loud that you could probably hear it for miles - anybody that heard it probably thought we were being invaded by Canada (I live in WA). I got off the freeway to turn around, and scraped his floorboards this time - this one was lowered too. Why would anyone do something like that? I returned this loud, underpowered, vibrating, pile of crap to its owner. I thanked him sincerely for the opportunity to ride his bikes (I meant it - he was very generous), and apologized for the problems with the softail.


My VTX has some chrome do dads on it (I didn't put them there, I bought it used with 900 miles on it because some guy decided that after buying the bike, and spending a couple grand on it for accessories he didn't like the color - black; go figure), so it doesn't look stock. He took it for a spin (it started on the first tap of the starter of course), and came back grinning ear to ear. He told me how awesome it was, and that it put out so much power and torque that he was totally impressed. Then he asked me what it 'set me back'... I told him that I bought it used for just under 11k, and the motor and exhaust are both 100% stock. Before we parted ways, he asked me 3x how much the bike cost me, and each time he couldn't believe I was telling him the truth. He said he would never buy another Harley.

Now... I have told this to several people that are pro HD, and ask me why I didn't buy a Harley - not ONE of them believed me, and all of them believed that my story was a 'sour grapes' version of what really happened, and I have had many of them claim that I couldn't afford a Harley... despite earning (combined with wife's income) 180k last year... but I have given up confusing people like that with facts - it just doesn't work! I prefer to ask them 'why' when they ask me why didn't I buy a Harley... usually they just do a double take, like I should just KNOW why I should have bought a Harley - idiots.

Thanks man - sorry this ran on so long. Take care!  -JWojtyna


Just happened on your site today 'cause I was looking for some Harley slagging comrades, and I must say you articulated all I feel about the "posers" and then some. Their responses to your opinions doesn't surprise me, but only reinforces my belief that they get so upset because they (deep deep deep down inside) realize the truth. No one wants to be seen as an idiot who throws away good money at mediocre (or worse) products. I have a neighbor who owns a Softail Standard. When I was shopping for a new bike, he asked me (seriously) if I was going to get a Harley (everyone else asked me that, too). I told him I would when all I wanted to do was ride in parades, y'know like when I'm 70. He proceeds to tell me how Harleys can whip Jap bikes on the strip blah, blah, blah, I tell him he's dreaming, etc. Well I proceed to get the bike I was looking at (Yamaha FZ1), he starts up with the "my Harley will beat your bike, I've done this and this, new heads, blah, blah, blah" but can't race 'cause he's still breaking in the new engine work. I told him anytime, anywhere. Well apparently in the interim he gets a chance to ride a work buddy's bike (an R1 he thinks, didn't know; a Yamaha "Z something"), now all of a sudden he's getting a new, quicker trannie for his hawg and I haven't heard him issue a challenge since. Claims to have 167hp(!!??), but didn't say if that was at the crank, rear wheel, or just in his head, and hasn't proceeded to prove it yet. Just another Harley anecdote... Of course, he said the first thing he'd do if he got a Jap bike is switch out the can ("F*ck that quiet sh*t!" he says). I told him that my father used to say that it's the empty barrels that make the most noise.

My favorite Harley-isms:

1) Harley riders are like the little broomstick cowboy. They get to be someone else for a while by donning a costume.

2) My buddy call Harleys "mortgage-cycles".

3) The only thing a Harley rider can do that I can't is pick up Harley chicks (not high on my list).

Really enjoyed your site. I'm not gonna tell my wife, she laughs at me getting so emotional about this particular subject as it is, but has never experienced the frustration of watching the rest of the world go nuts for inferior motorcycles and think it's the only way to go. Like I tell people (the ones that still listen anyway), yeah, nine out of ten people would want a Harley, but nine of ten people don't know shit about bikes.  -JGullotto


The funniest comment I have ever heard is "Yeah, that's impressive, like a cow powered by a mouse fart.". ...  I dislike fake Harley riders, you know the business corporate Americans with gobs of cash trying to look like a road warrior and has never been in trouble or down in the dumps a day in his life... Harley, 1200 cc's and 2.5 gallon tank. Hmm... Sounds like they forgot to add the bicycle pedals cuz I predict much walkin' [or pedaling] in their future.  I am a Busa man myself - which is a far departure to a Harley - but it can suck down gas like my SUV [laughing].  Much Thanks, BJ


I came across your site by accident searching for something else. It grabbed my attention and I spent quiet a while reading alot of your opinions on Harleys. Another reason why I stayed as long as I did at your site was that it bought me some mild amusement at your replies to the Harley owners. You really give them a good kicking! –Mdavies


I have to say, you are truly one of a kind. But, sadly, I have to admit that i'm from wisconsin. Please don't consider that a handicap, because I am pro-quality. Anti-harley. If you knew how much I have endured the endless bullshit of not riding a "real" bike, because it's "american" it would make you sick. Well, I just wanted to compliment you on a fine job of putting the drones of scum back into their caves, and standing up for liberty, justice, and the pursuit of quality!!  Good day sir, -RHelmer


hey bud, I just found your site. I agree with the live to ride ride to live. When I was a kid I was told you had to earn the right to wear the symbol. And the way you earned was by riding,Taking care of you machine, and respect those around you. Not spending shit loads of money and calling yourself a biker.  -Hoop 1500 classic


Hey, sold my 2002 Super Glide and bought a Hayabusa!! Will NEVER go back. I hate the HD poser attitude too. I dare them to mock my Busa. Harley management must laugh their asses off at the 'flock' they have grown, all the way to the bank! -Doug

Dude, you have managed to put into words everything I have ever felt about HD's! Great site! -Mat

 You are killing me man, your site is up there with Red Meat, Invader Zim, Dennis Miller and The Onion in outstanding humor content. A joy to read. I like your personal war vs Harleys, out here in Seattle there aren't as many as down south, too cold and rainy. The majority of year-round bikers ride BMW's as do I. What we have here and hate are these dot.com sudden-rich who buy a Ducati with matching leathers and helmet and sit, park thier bike in front of a coffee shop and pose all weekend. These prima-donnas put thier bikes on trailers, drive them down to Monterey CA for the superbike race, and then pose down there for the weekend. My fellow riders "Jet City Carbineers" (Breaker Morant ref.) ride all weather and all over. Most of the 'hog' riders up here simply lack the physical fortitude and emotional grit to keep riding through out our soul-crushingly endless grey fall-winter-spring hence they are off the radar. I also like the 19 year old filipino kid who combined with his girlfriend weigh 150lbs soaking wet wearing shorts, tank top and flip-flops on the latest Honda red-shifting uber cc-machine weaving in and out of rush hour traffic at 120mp h+ going hell bent for a personal darwin award. These semi-retards hike our insurance rates and make us look bad to car-folks. Keep up the great site, and great articles. Word, Rehm

Just a note to thank you for spreading the truth about one of America's huge failures, Harley Davidson. I hope that I live long enough to see HD become the failure that it deserves to be. I have never seen a company last as long as this one with such a lack of creativity and engineering/manufacturing expertise. The day is coming when the lemmings will make the fatal leap and the trash
called Harley Davidson can only be found in museums. Keep up the good work, I will visit on occasion and enjoy your special humor. -TunisC

You are the Madeline Murray O'Hara to the "Church of Willie G. !" -John B.

I wanted a big cruiser like a Harley but something really irritates me about many many Harley riders. I've owned several Beemers 2 Harleys, lots of Japanese bikes, and when it came time to buy this year I settled on a Roadstar. It handles well has good power for a cruiser and the finish is impeccable. One thing about me is that I wave to everyone I see if its safe to do so at the moment. Always have. The other day I stopped a a Harley bar on Vancouver Island and two middle aged short haired pudgey dudes with Harley T-shirts gave me the famous look (your riding something other than a harley why are you in this bar?) Well I've been riding 30 years and I ride because I love it, not to impress stooges. So all 6'4 of me stood up to walk to the can and the little "bikers" melted away. It was too funny. Anyways a lot of people share your opinions and keep up the good work man.  -Paul 2000 Roadstar

This is a kit that needs to be included on all Harley-Davidson's to insure that parts simply slip on. Great site! Long overdue and most appreciated! You and your site are making my life dangerous! Thanks for the great laughs! GrtDay

wpe5B.jpg (40984 bytes)

GrtDay's ideal tool kit to work on Harley Davidsons with.


I'm most impressed by the energy you put into this way cool site. I've always thought there was something wrong with H-Ds that I couldn't put my finger on, they looked "cheap" somehow. Now I know what's up. Thanks. I'm trying to decide between a Honda and Suzuki right now, and buying a Harley never even crossed my mind. It's hard to steer with a pair of pliers in one hand. - BillW

Some one who says what alot of us Metric riders think. enjoy the site laugh my ass off . phill 00 Road Star

In several places around your most excellect rant site, I have seen you intimate that Hardly-Ableson engines would be better used on water-pumping devices in various African countries. I beg to disagree with this proposition, for the following reasons: In bush locations you would, in fact, want a relatively dependable engine for a water-pumping device, not some undependable POS like the average Hardly engine. Additionally, satisfying the higher octane fuel requirements of most Hardley engines would be problematic in those locations. I would suggest a Russian-made Belarus tractor engine as an alternative. -Don F

A small tale to tell. A friend of mine was offered the chance to test ride a HD all day from a local dealer who thought he could get him to part with his Ducati 900, so just for a giggle he decided to take him up on the offer and asked me if I would like to go along (also on my Duke) so like a fool I said yes, anyway after the initial sales shite came the ride, we had only got 200yds along the road to stop at the lights when a bunch of youths started to shout  "wanker, tosser, look at that cunt on his Harley!" ect! ect! Needless to say the bike (if you can call it a bike) was returned rather quickly to the dealer who hadn?t even had the chance to get back into the sales room! Fantastic site BTW, They (harleys of course) are hated just as much here in the UK... Respect, -MartinB

I have got to say I agree with you. It is refreshing to know I haven't been completely alone. I have been riding for over 20 years. In fact I have the first bike I ever bought brand new a 1980 KZ750E1. Its been a great bike and still one of my favorite rides. I ride with a group that has everything from a brand new ZX-12 to my old KZ. Plus a bunch of new Harleys. The Harleys are for the most part just as you describe them. The riders are a great bunch of guys but they still don't get it when it comes to understanding the reason the rest of us don't and won't buy into the Harley mystique. The exception to this is my brother, he rides a 81 Wide glide. He would agree with you about the new bikes his shovelhead is kind of like my 70 Cuda. A nice looking piece of nostalgia but no comparison to the new technology. I guess the same could be said about my KZ but I still prefer it over a Harley. Thinking about the new ZZR-12, I can't get comfortable on the pure sport bikes, I rode a ZX-9 at Kawasaki's demo days. The reviews of the ZZR sound good, great performance numbers with ergonomics closer to my old KZ. By the way I am the Fleet Manager for a small City and take care of all the vehicles and equipment including Police units. I know the advantages of the latest technology. Unfortunately the Harley mindset extends to our Bike officers as well, we have a couple of Harleys. I would much prefer the Kawasaki's or even the BMWs. Those guys look at me like I am crazy when I mention replacing there bikes with the either. If my life depended on it I know what I would choose! Finally, I got a business card from a local HD dealer. it said: "Feel the Power" I think I hurt the guys feelings when I started laughing uncontrollably! Great Site!!! -HowardM

I just found your site after being directed there from a post on a motorcycle bulletin board I belong to--Labusas.org. That was seriously some of the funniest and (IMHO) most well-written anti-Harley stuff I've ever read. I have a story for you that I thought you might find amusing. I knew a guy in high school (I even dated him a couple times... ewww) who was bound and determined that ONE DAY he'd have his Harley. Well, after graduation, he found himself still a few grand short, so he decided to get a Harley tattoo  instead to show the world his eternal devotion to his dream machine. Well, after proudly displaying his GIANT Harley tattoo across the whole top of his back to me, I couldn't stop laughing. I was rolling on the floor, crying. Not just because he'd chosen to become a permanent walking advertisement, but because he'd summed up the whole moronic Harley mentality without even realizing it--Harley had been misspelled! For the whole world to see FOREVER he had tattooed "Harly-Davidson" in giant letters on his back! How perfect. I also enjoyed your story about why you began the site and how your love of sportbikes developed. I too, ride a Ninja and it is also my first bike. Granted, I have a "little 250cc Kawasaki," but it is a hot machine and perfect for a hot chick on her first bike. Which leads me to another topic: It sucks that in many people's narrow minds, there's only one kind of biker chick. Well, there ain't no studs or fringe on my riding gear and I'll never have anything in common with the sunburnt, dried up so-called "biker babes" cruisin' on their loud, slow, over-priced  hogs. Or worse, riding behind their fat, bearded "old men," hands clasped  around an ample beer gut, because they'd never ride their OWN bike. I am way more independent than that, way more exciting and adventurous, too. For that  reason, I am proud to be a Sportbike chick leaving that lame-ass cruiser in the dust on my little EX250! Thanks for the laugh and thanks for listening, -Leigh 

just wanted to say I love your site.. I totally agree with what you are saying... I have a Honda VTX 1800 it is one of the most awesome bikes on the road... liquid cooled, fuel injection, lot's of torque, very fast etc.... I will never own a Harley... too much money and too slow my friends have them and they rag me all the time... but when we ride they don’t come close to the performance of my bike… I think they are very jealous of me... it is so clear to them that i have a better bike than theirs. but they remain loyal the Harley… people need to wake up today... stop throwing your money away on a name!!! like you said… be your own person not a follower… and those harley guys always do follow me hahahahahaha! - Jerry

I just left your website, just got to say that you are approximately 99% right.(like you would give a flying rats ass )I ride a 99 Buell X1 Lightning and have had to replace the muffler can 3x , replace a rocker box gasket, had numerous fuel leaks, all in less than7500 miles. I asked the dealer and mechanics "whats this thing going to be like when it has 50,000 miles on it". They just looked like a deer in the headlights.However, the handling is good enough to smoke a local squid on a Yamaha R6 who claims to have raced AMA, while while riding the local twisties . Sure, most rice rockets will beat it on top end speed, but any body can go fast in a straight line. So maybe the performance is up to par , but the quality needs to be improved to retain me as a repeat customer. My other ride is a 98 Heritage Springer Softail. Yes it is slower than my 75 Honda GL 1000 and 83 Aspencade, 76 Honda cb360t and cb500t, 39 BMW (maybe), 83 Hurricane was, but it does look good and I COULD AFFORD IT. The parades of HOG SLEDS encountered while riding any time is annoying to me also, most Harley riders I have met have terrible riding skills, they know how to "operate"the bike, but don't know how to ride!!! One group ride I went on, the ride captain picked the straightest/boring roads, when I later asked him why, he said "we have some riders in our chapter that don't like CURVY ROADS" I mentioned that maybe they should have kept their 77 Dodge Aspen station wagon and not wasted their money on a H.D. No need for me to renew my chapter membership, would rather ride alone , than ride with a bunch of no load,puss nuts posers. H-D is a part of our American History and has been building bikes since 1903, now I wish they would put all that experience into practice and build the machines that I know American workers can build and get it right.  -Lord of the weasels (thats what my 6 ferrets call me) JohnP

I had to share this:  A while back my wife ordered a Hotwheels® Harley Fatboy™ replica, she paid $8 for it through Avon® of all places, even though she knows I don't care for Harley, she thought it would be something I could trade around or something a Harley owner I know saw it and asked if I would sell it, I smiled and said "Sure, for $50 bucks" the guy grabbed his wallet and handed it to me on the spot cause he "Had to have it.". Not a bad profit of $42 from a cheap looking toy, I felt bad about overcharging him till I thought of how the Harley dealer treated him and he didn't mind that at all. Thanks again for helping America fight it's way back to being a good place to buy from.  -Steve

Example of lemming mentality: Buddy bought new HD (honey wanted a Bar Bike, so sad.) So he sets out to sell the 92 Ultra Classic HD he owns. He bought the Ultra for just under $11,000 over a year ago with 30,000 miles on it. Get this: The Ultra has over 38,000 miles on it, overdue for rebuild, he asks $14,000 for it! Had half a dozen lookers, NO ONE DICKERED ON THE PRICE!!! Got what he asked for it!!!!!! Geez, what idiots, just gotta get a Harley, at any cost. –DM

G'day! My Name is Matt, living in Ontario, Canada right now. I just finished giving you site a read, and I have to say it one of the most entertaining that I have come across yet. I rather liked your rant about HD motorcycles. I have had many of the same arguments with HD owners up here as well. Guess the consumer market knows no bounds. I am riding a wound up FZR400 which can put a lot of those steel behemoths to shame, even on longer rides. Ontario is a big place, I have explored most of it. My '88 is producing 69hp at the rear wheel and is lightened down to 260lbs wet. Its a fun toy to play in the twisties with.   Cheers, Matt

Thanks for helping me lose sleep, since I found a link to your site on the AOL Motorcycle message boards, for 2 days now I have been reading through all the many areas.  Your remarks, well thought out and perfectly phrased comments, are right on the money, I visited the local H D dealer just last weekend and was almost drawn into the (clap) trap lure of the H D mythos, sure the bikes may look shiny and appealing to some, coupled with the snake oil type salesmen cooing in your ears, but my next stop was at the Hondy/Yamaha dealer just a few minutes down the road, where I fell in love with a Valkyre 1800cc! That is a lot of bad ass bike and less than half the price with all accessories included.  I recently needed to purchase a part for the wife's Virago, and called around for the best price, the "shop" I decided on was near 40 miles away, and the parts person sounded intelligent enough, so off we rode to get the part, when we got there his "shop" was a rusty junk cluttered Harley graveyard with some bits and pieces of other brands strewn around this "shop". His shop was actually his backyard carport with the obligatory mean looking chained up under the workbench and a pile of beer cans thrown toward the back.  The "shop owner" had the standard straggly "I can grow 40 whiskers so I am a bad ass" Harley beard, he was wearing faded jeans that looked as if they could only take maybe one more washing, so he has put it off for another couple of months (but I look "bad assed") and a T-shirt with the Harley logo so faded only the outline of the shield could be seen and the arms were cut off so you could see his arms that were smaller than my 6- year old's.  I took one look around and decided to pay the $40 more for the part at the local shop. Thanks again -Steve in Texas

Your site cracks me up. -Bag ('98 Valkyrie)

I love your site. I ride a VTX1800 and I get so tired of being told I got the wrong bike. I am returning to riding from heart surgery so while I miss the edge you refer to, I doubt I will be revisiting it. I got my VTX in August 01 and now, June 02 have 10,000 miles on it, When I get to 60,000 and still feel well, I’d like to try a ST1300. Keep up the good work on your site, it is so refreshing, -Tony R.

Just don't get it. These clowns decked out in Harley paraphernalia from head to toe. They obviously don't realize that they have been conned through clever marketing and manipulation into making some stockholders very rich. I would never own another Harley (been over ten years) but certainly would buy the stock as long as the sheep keep getting herded in Harley's direction. Is there anything we can do to keep this circus off the roads. We all have experienced the scenario of moving along at a good clip only to round a corner and come up on a herd of World War II tractors (Harley's) taking up the road for 30 yards crawling along at about 10 to 15 mph below the speed limit. It is a sea of black leather and tassels, not to mention the distinctive Harley sounds cranking out somewhere between 30 to 66 horsepower per machine. Lets see it would take 5 Sportsters to equal the hp of one Hayabusa or a Hayabusa could just about beat one top end without going out of first gear. Minimally they should have those slow moving triangles attached to each of their sissy bars.  Last time I rode with a buddy who had a Harley, his pipes fell off on the way home (no lie). -MarkK

 A buddy forwarded your site to me, and my reaction? Too funny, I enjoy it. I like the humor, and it seems our brethren of the "bar and shield" apparently are lacking in. I have owned one Harley in my life. A '70 Sportster; an ironhead. It was slow as molasses and shook the hell out of me. I was 17 and did not care, but I soon ditched it for a "kiddy" bike; a Honda 750.  I can appreciate Harley's history, and I supported them for years. I supported them when their products were really substandard, i.e., the AMF days. I had friends who were bikers, they loved Harley, of course, but they liked the feeling of it, they did not criticize those who chose to ride others. To them, and me, it's about riding, nothing more. But the '80's came, and with it all the yuppies and posers who bought them up like candy, inflating the prices. They wanted an image, nothing more. It is they who deride me for riding another, it is they who give ALL of us a black eye in the eyes of the public.  Personally, I love Italian bikes, always have. I don't debate others over power, handling, exclusivity, and reliability. I have always owned at least one Japanese bike, even now. But this attitude you are referring to is so true. For the past two years, I have owned a Moto Guzzi- love it. I had one when I was 20 and fell in love with them.  But I hear so many, "It's an Italian Harley, screwed up design." I can just scream.  It may be an air-cooled, pushrod twin, but the similarities end there. I know this when I pass disabled hogs on the side of the road.  I like "retro" stuff as much as the next guy, but I like technology, and the application thereof. Like you, I cannot justify spending that kind of money for such a heavy bike that is lacking in all the things I want in a bike. Where is it written that a bike must vibrate your fillings out to have "character"?  I am not a flashy guy, I prefer to let my riding speak for itself. How do you like the guys that trailer their bikes to Daytona and Sturgis? Hardly worth commenting on. How about the guys who won't ride in inclement weather because it may damage the paint and they would have to clean all the chrome again?  It seems to me that Harley, as a company, has stifled technology because their patrons would not like it. Maybe they're right, but when I see Japanese bikes that are "detuned" to make them more Harley-like, I shake my head.  Obviously, people like us have now become the fringe, because to ride and not be on a Harley, that has become anti-establishment in the eyes of the masses.  -Chris

Your site is the best thing on the internet!  I ride a Harley and I hate those snobby clowns as much as you do!  Why can't Mattel make a bike for Ken and Barbie and why can't these losers buy THAT bike instead of my beloved Harley brand?  Fight the good fight, man!   Take out the trash! -Doug Henry R

Harley would probably make a good lawn mower if the market segment was there, and include all of the accessories as well.  Of course, it would cost as much as a brand new car, but I bet there would be people who would only cut their lawn with a Harley mower if they had the choice.  The lemmings are getting out of hand, time to thin the herd.   -HarleyDaveG

Harley riders have feelings too, you know.  They have the receipts to prove it!  -BobT

This site is fucking hillarious!  I always considered myself middle of the road / fence, as you call it, but after I read your site and took a look around, I suddenly realized what you are talking about!  I guess I wasn't really 'middle of the fence', I was more 'anti-confrontational', not anymore!  Thanks for unleashing the wolf in me! -PeterS

Outstanding!   You have me in stitches. IM printing some of the content and bringing it to work. Ill use it on the idiots I deal with, coworkers included. I’m a police officer in Southern CA. Twenty-one years of it. I also ride a Harley Davidson. My last bike was a Honda V-65 Magna. I had to sell that one to buy a wedding ring fifteen years ago. Some of the best laughs over the years have been about myself. We don't laugh much at work any more. Times are changing. I'm middle of the road, don't have all the Harley Davidson clothing etc. I like my bike and I'm glad I bought it. Keep up the good work. -Dave

I have got say that I really enjoy your writing. I own a Valkyrie and have the same thoughts that you convey SO WELL. I have your Legal notice as my wall paper, because every time I read it I laugh my ass off. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next installment . Your friend in cyberspace, -MikeG

If it cost money to laugh, I’d be one broke son of a bitch after two hours on your site! Keep up the great work! -DanB ’02 CBR600F4I

Tell it like it motherfucking is, man! Give ‘em both barrels, reload, and put them out of their fucking misery, Black Echo! -RogerM

Your site has caused quite a stir here in London with me and my mates, Echo. You should write for one of our favorite rags, "Performance Bikes". It has a bunch of nutters like you, you’d fit in good enough with that company. –NealH

Damn! What are you, ten fucking feet tall? When I started reading your site (and laughing my ass off), all I could think of was the General Maximus in that movie "Gladiator" when he said "On my mark, unleash hell." That is what you have done on some webforums I frequent, man! Great site! -DougB ’01 GSX-R750

God I haven’t laughed this hard in years! Motherfucking awesome website that is too just fucking hillarious, man! Next update now, please! -HarryJ

You’re a genius, and we’re not worthy. -GP Kearney ’00 VFR

Damn! Finally someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to those greasy pot bellied uneducated leather punk ass bitches and tell them like it is! I am so tired of getting ignored when I wave at their sorry stuck up asses. –DannyR

This site is very dangerous to the narrow-minded sheep. Reading it may cause their heads to explode. Awesome work, keep it up! -BobH

Trend humping fashion lemmings! ROTFLMAO! I’ve got a new insult in my arsenal now to use against those wannabe bondage sheep! -RobD

This must be the most hilarious site that I have ever come across! Do you make the people you arrest laugh? -DaveH

I read your "rules of conduct", you missed the other half of the mansteak bit, needing a "big american vibrator" to satisfy their spouse / girlfriend / sister / mothers big fat ass! You RULE with an Iron Fist!  -A Friend and Fan for life, Paul.

I would gladly buy American if there was a big motorcycle worth buying (maybe the boss hoss, just because it looks cool). I've read recently that American ownership of Honda is actually greater than Harley Davidson now. Here's another good one. Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) has revealed that total sales for 2001 for on and off-road bikes (no ATV's or scooters) was 759,000. Honda grew 30% and sold 214,558 and Harley sold 177,125 while only growing 13%. Honda has 28.2% market share and HD has 23.3%. Indian grew a staggering 81% but that's from sales of 2042 in '00 to 3701 in '01. For my money I ride a F6 Valkyrie. It'll smoke any American cruiser on the road like a cuban cigar. -HonestJohn

Honda Valkyrie- the "Made-In-America" cycle that America wishes it could make. -BradP

I know you get this a lot, but if more people thought like you, this country wouldn’t be in the shit it is in today. You are a dying breed, Black Echo. Someone who cares and who has the balls to stand up and say that you do. This country used to be about kicking ass and taking names. Now it’s about kissing ass and dropping names. Keep up the good fight! God bless you, sir! -RichK

Your site had me laughing until I was crying! I checked my mail at this local cybercafe coffee shop and a friend of mine who owns a Valkyrie had sent me the link. I logged on to your site and started blowing hot coffee out my nose! People started wondering what I was looking at and laughing at and pretty soon, every PC in the place was browsing your site! You had a whole café of people talking about your site and laughing out loud. I hope you take that as a compliment. Keep up the great work! -BrianM

Great and awesome site! I feel charged after reading it! -ScottN

I thank you! My made-in-USA Honda Valkyrie thanks you! -Bigdan

Man, one brainless lemming pulls up to me yesterday sitting in the passenger side of his buddy's Soccer-Mom SUV and asks me, "Is that a Harley?" (I'm on my flat 6, 1520cc Honda Valkyrie). I say, "No, its a Honda Valkyrie." He snaps back and says, "Oh! Then it’s a piece of shit, then." I then wanted to say, "That's pretty funny comin' from an idiot riding in a Soccer-Mom car, BITCH!" or "If you can't tell the difference, you shouldn't be talking to me! BITCH!" But I said neither...I did the one thing that easily shut his ass up. As the green light popped up, I revved her up to the rev limiter and took off a good 4 blocks in barely 7 seconds to the next red light and waited another oh...half hour for him and his boyfriend to catch up. As he pulled up and tried to ignore me, I say, "Can't do that on a Harley!" "BITCH!" And the light turned green again... Bottom line, I'm tired of these brainless sheep trying to show off how much blood leaves their heads and goes straight to their nuts when they see a motorcycle. You're website hit my feelings about "good ol' Milwaukee" right on the head. I certainly hope Willie G. and his boys take heed of what you've pointed out about their product(s). Cuz they really need a hit on the head as well. -MarcG VRCC# 13051

 Great site! Although I do ride an old Harley, I agree totally on your ravings! I hate to say it but at times I am ashamed to be found in any vicinity of these posers! Once Harley riders were actually "feared" but now.........???? I had a few even ask me what I was doin while I kicked my bike over!!!! Unreal!!! And of course they were wearing everything they could to "FIT IN" to the outlaw biker look! Hell, if these posers ever really saw a true outlaw they would pee in there Designer Trademark pants! My Bro in law rides a Valkyerie and after I rode it and I felt my old shovel was like riding a steam engine! Keep it up! I am lookin for a new bike myself! Maybe I will just build one!! -Big Nasty

how about a VALKYRIE, not as fast as a sport bike but comfort out the wazoo http://www.valkyrieriders.com/ I hang around this site alot, I'm sure you've heard of it, since I found my way here from there. :) you crack me up buddy, keep up the good work. with people like you out there it gives me hope that we can break the dogma psyche that Harley holds over the populace. Regards –TomR

What a great site! Your comments are mostly right on, except Americans can build a great bike. They do it right in Maryville, Ohio at the Honda plant. American workers build them and the Valkyrie has more American content than the Softtail Classic. I'm sure most people have heard how you can stand a nickel up on it's edge on a Valkyrie valve cover and rev the bike up to redline without the nickel falling over. It's too bad that Harley has the world convinced the only bike out there is the Vtwin. Valkyrie owners like to tell the Hardly crowd, "You're right, it's not about speed, but we can go SLOW too!" -RussH

I hate those overpriced culture whoring rattletraps!   Great site!  It is about time someone told it like it was though I doubt that you wake up any sheep, as you call it.  Harley riders are a bunch of idiots, why else would you pay so much for so little just to say that you own something that everyone else does?  The jealousy part kills me too, I own a '96 CBR, a '98 ZX-9R, and a '01 Valkyrie.  I could have all three of these bikes in my garage, or I could have one rattletrap piece of shit Harley.  Which do you think I'm going to spend my money on?   Keep up the great work!  -JohnD.

Don't kick those harley riders in their ass! You'll cause brain damage! Love the site, man!  -PaulB

OMG!  I laughed so hard I think I bruised a rib.   My sides hurt for a day after my friend and I found your site!  The part about that guy "Blake" needing a harley to get ass is so typical.  Harley riders usually have really small cocks, I should know, I used to date one.  -JillM.

I personally believe that the whole harley owning mentality is an advanced form of societal mental retardation, or at least a sure sign that as this country gets older, we're getting dumber.  I guess in fifty years, horses and carts will be all the rage for the yupps.  Should make Milwaukee mad when the center of production for the new poser fad moves from there to Amish land. -ScottA

Your website is one of the greatest I have ever stumbled across.  I hope you don't give the right idea to too many of these idiots, then the laws of supply and demand will come into play and none of us REAL bike riders will be able to afford an import because all the yuppies will be buying them instead! So, "Shhhhhhhhh!" - BillS

I thought I was the only one left who didn't subscribe to the "American Dream" of owning a retro-retarded rolling sofa.  Your site made me laugh and I almost choked to death on Domino's pizza while reading your replies to these "hill scoggins"!  I've learned a new word and I'm going to use it!   Your site should come with a health warning on it!  -RogerL

You have a lot of fans in my riding group over here in the UK.  Keep up the good work spanking the wankers in old Milwawk around!  -EdwinH

LOVE your site!!! Well it's Memorial Day Weekend here in Washington DC. Like an idiot I forgot to get out of town. Yes, it's Rolling Thunder weekend -- 100,000 tools on their POS, but loud as a jackhammer, "bikes" invade the Nation's Capitol. Fortunately, with the weather man calling for angry storms and hail, this parade of losers will be rained on. –Robes

Love your site, it is so refreshing. I ride a VMAX and probably would not pay any attention to harley's (just a hunk of chromed World War II technology), but the harley attitude absolutely amazes me. How could these people be so out of touch. I guess I have to give hd credit for their marketing genius, they certaingly sold a bill of goods to many many ignorant fools. Tell me how an absolute piece of crap like the new VMAX clone (the vrod) gets major press in the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine, an R6 would absolutely blow it away in every way shape or form and costs 1/3 the price. Go to Daytona Bike Week and witness the sea of harley's, if you don't want to stand out and must blend into the crowd, ride a Harley. "So much noise, so little power". "Harley Davidson is the #1 choice of motorcycle for accountants and dentists". -Mark

Cool site. Me and my bros (haha) had a lot of laughs! –GregR

Well done! –DougS

Support from the UK!  Man yer site is great ... ! ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!  -Gi

I love it!!! Talk about hitting the nail squarely on the head! This weekend I rode my 20 year old Yamaha XJ1100 Maxim along with a friend on his new Harley and two other Hardley guys. All of them are less than a year old and none of them had ridden anything in decades before buying into the chrome thang. When we got to our destination they all dismounted and stood there staring at their overpriced under techno'd chromed POS's. Not for a short while either - it was for the long term. I gave up and walked inside. Amazing - the mental state of these folks. Sound and shiny - unimpeded by progress of any sort. That's the well selling myth. Me - I'm eyeing that 2003 FJR1300..... Thanks for the laugh, Deano K.  (82 XJ 95HP walk any HD any time)

Hey blackecho. You tell it like it is. I love it! I live in Bismarck, ND and ride a 2000 ZX-12R. There are tons of Harleys(John-Deere) around here. I wave at every bike I come across. Guess which ones don't wave back?  The Harley riders. Why they think they are superior to you, I'll never know. The bike gets the bad name and reputation from the riders. They hop on their hogs and they think they are kings of the streets. Sad isn't it? I'm just hoping one of them is stupid enough to ask me if I want to race. That'll make my day. Keep up the good work. -LarryS, ZX-12R

You’re funny and intelligent. Did I spell that right?? I never laughed my ass off so hard and yet what you were saying is soo true !! I own 2002 ZX-12R and and can't even begin to explain to the ( YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND CLUB ) Now I know that I am not the only person who was luckily not aborted ! -Chris

I found your web site on www.zx12-r.org, i can't believe you're a police officer as smart as your writing sounds. I am really impressed (not that you care), by your intelligence, I wish I could sound 1/2 as smart as you. What really impresses me is that you're not just bashing harley, your actually challenging them to improve their product, and make America build the machines they are capable of building. If more people thought like you America would be a different place. I almost see the stagnation you spoke of Harley possessing in several aspects of this country. It's almost like we have changed, lost our work ethic, pride, and have lost our sense of adventure or challenge. thanks for a great site, I know you could crush this e-mail, I can't articulate my thoughts as well as you, but I would like you to know your site is more than just about harleys and i am impressed. To try and be clear, I admire your effort. –Skeeter1277

GREAT SITE ! I`ve never got a headache before from laughing so hard . I thought I was the only one that thought Harley Davidson was treating the American public like circus elephants ( trunk-to-tail ) in a single file line to become one of the mindless sheep. Anyway I could go o about the mindless, I do live in Ohio and we have a bunch of them out here! love the site! .ohh B.T.W, I ride a 2000 kawasaki zx-12r. and my favorite thing to do is to ride into a pack of wannabees and show them what a REAL bike looks and sounds like !...............jeremyS

I found a good use for (HD) dealer T shirts! This particular dealer in London is near the City. You should see the fools buying a life on Saturdays. They pay £12k for a bike then buy £4k of accessories before they've even ridden it. Bunch of faggots. The new model? Cattle prod or whatever they want to call it, what a waste of effort, all that engine in a shit bike and the new Buell gets a made over Sportster engine! That Direbolt won't sell in any numbers this side of the pond. Great site! -TimH.

rag.jpeg (33852 bytes)

Tim proves that Harley makes the spot-on *BEST* waxing and polishing cloths in the industry. -BE

I own and operate one of the more popular Harley Sportster sites on the web, http://www.mklsportster.com/ As an avid Harley Sportster enthusiast, let me congratulate you on your brilliant rants, which "echo" many of my own feelings almost identically. There is nothing more sickening than a flock of silly sheep masquerading as individualists - and that goes for bikers or any other group. I plan to put a link to your page from mine. Excellent work - keep it up! And keep the rubber side down.... -MosheL

I stumbled across your site earlier tonite, and just spent the last 45 minutes laughing my ass off! As a life-Long Honda owner, (Currently I own a '02 VTX Retro) AND as a retired Police Officer, I find myself identifying with everything you say and do. Keep up the good work, stay safe and remember : Front-sight...PRESS! LMAO! Chris D

I think I wet myself. I have never in my life laughed so hard. I have never owned Harley, but I've ridden and been around more than a few. Everything you state regarding the attitude of their owners is spot on. I had ridden a '81 CB750K for nearly ten years, it was what I could afford, and it did everything I wanted, daily rider, long distance trips, (1000 mile plus rides, with never even a hiccup) But some of the Harley owners I know were always giving me sheet about "upgrading to a Harley" When I finally did save enough to upgrade, it was to a ZRX 1100 Kawasaki. They all gave me hell for not "buying American" and "you shoulda gone for Harley... twice the torque" 'Twice the torque?' I just laughed...and they got strangely quiet about speed and performance after I let them talk me into a drag race with a "modified" Harley...the numbers they threw at me were ridiculous, "It's putting out 94 foot-pounds of torque and 167 horse power...your gonna lose.." MY Z-Rex not only out ran it, but we had to use it as a tow vehicle to get his Harley back to the bar after the second run...because the first time he.."missed a gear" the second time..the engine in his 25k dollar, modified, suped up Harley went boom. Funny...my unpatriotic, rice burning, $3200.00 dollar, completely stock jap bike is still running fine. -RedJohn

Dude, You definitely brightened my otherwise drab day........... Your site is friggin funny and quite well thought out. I stumbled across this site by accident, and wanted you to know that in all of my years of riding and teaching, I have never had such a good laugh. Robert J. I. II

Great site. I laughed and laughed as I read it. I'm a forensic psychologist and I think you have much better diagnostic skills with at least one (maybe more????) disorders than I. Keep it up (by the way, I ride an 86 intruder. I keep trying to find a bike old as me but those steam powered jobs are pretty expensive). Thanks again for all the laughs. -Dan D.

You have driven the final stake in my Motorcycle nightmare. Riding a 16 year old GL 1000 with a group that included one Harley with about 18 months on it was the penultimate stake. We got passed, on an upgrade, by a tractor trailer rig, and the five cars following it. The ride was to a barbecue and motorcycle show. The Hog Owner came home with the same intestinal gas as the rest of us, and the first place trophy from the show. I'm still trying to figure out how a security guard earned enough money to buy a dressed Harley. But I don't generally investigate my friends finances. Now that I have had his low speed explained I will quit thinking it was just cause he did not want to leave the old guy on the Goldwing behind. -B10Four.

Just forwarded your site to some of the HD 'wannabes' I know in my area. I've been calling them "BAAAAD Boys' for years. Bought one of them an inflatable sheep at the XXX book store and the dumb ass didn't know what to do with it! They don't like my 'rice burner' and I don't like the fact that they're too stupid to know what a 'good' motorcycle is. Good site, good info, and great presentation! cjay

I LOVE your site! I've been riding since I was 17 in 1987, a yamaha, a Beemer, now a Suzuku sv650, and have the misfortune of living in Milwaukee. Honestly, about 90% of the cycles on the road are harleys. And the flack I get here is unending. People who've never ever ridden a cycle, like someone's gradma, will see my helmet or jacket, and say "do you have a motorcycle?", then ask "is it a harley?" and when I tell them what it is, they say "I (or my husband or such) only likes harleys." and walk away. A roaring herd of individuals, all deep-throating a crappy trademark and begging for more, plastered head to toe with that stupid logo. -Mr.B

Great Website, You are right on about Harley posers. I was at the Daytona Supercross this year which unfortunately is the same time as bike week. Actually motorcycle racing used to be the main focus for bike week. I went just for the day to watch the races. What a miserable experience once you get outside the Daytona speedway. On the way there traffic sucked because all the Harley riders drive well below the speed limit so the can be seen and pose. There were a few cool people but for the most part the majority were just peacocks strutting their feathers. The winners are guys hauling their Harleys on trailers behind their SUVs, then sitting on them in parking lots. What a joke. Good job on the site. -MikeE

Howdy, nice web site! I hope you piss off a lot of flag waving yuppie harley "h.o.g." riders. Very entertaining. I personally like to ride shitty old Japanese or Italian bikes that are on the verge of being rat bikes to the local "Hells Angels" bar. I get there at 6am when it is still dark and raining and drink with the bartender. Usually I build my own wire harnesses and I always wrench on them myself. The faggot Harley yuppies show up at the bar on some Saturday or Sunday afternoon after a big poker run. Phuk them! I do nut ride for phun! I ride a bike because I can't afford a car. I got goddam oil cans and tools  strapped to my cycle (pitch fork, shovel, saws ) and I got to drive it to landscape jobs. I want to strap a lawnmower on it sometimew. Well at least the bartender laughs inside when the Harley pee ople show up. I tell them to go buy a new Ford Explorer, their cheaper. They get pissed off, but they never get into a fight. Well, my brother and I are working on Motoretard site under Yahoo clubs. Best of luck, watch your back for the leather boy h-d owners with their sleeves rolled up and their fists caked in axle grease.... –DanF

Regarding your thoughts about Harleys and motorcycles in general: The only reason I think why HD is still in business is because the owners of the company sold their souls to Satan. -RobertL

I wont apologize for owning a Harley Davidson but as a long time Harley owner I do find your site frickin hilarious. I have the upmost respect for police officers and you of course are entitled to your own opinion. I'm sitting here laughing my ass off because some of what you say is so true. I hate the Harley (Wanna Fucking Be) bad ass poser fucks myself. I ride a Harley cause I like the look of the bike, the sound, and the ride. I have owned other bikes, Honda, Suzuki, etc and just didnt find them comfortable. Thanks for the Laughs! -KasS

I agree with your views on HD with the exception of your views on German engineering. Yes, HD could go to the Japs for help building a real bike but the Germans are not slugs in the engine building department. I spent a total of 11 years in Germany (4 tours while in the Army) and used to drive German made cars. My "company car" was a VW Jetta and would easily hit 110 MPH on the freeway (the famous Autobahn). That was in the slow lane. I don't know how fast my 20 year old Audi 100 would go because I was chicken to drive faster than 130 MPH. Porche's, BMW's, Mercedes and other Audi's would regularly pass me like I was standing still. So, what the hell, If HD needs help, let them go to the Germans for help. It sure beats what they have now which is nothing. No, I wouldn't own a Harley either. My current bike is a Suzuki 800 which I putt around on. I don't have any colors on my leathers and I wear a full coverage helmet instead of a rag on my head. I don't know if my Suzuki would outrun a Harley but thats OK because I'n not in competition with them. I have been riding (off and on) for 29 years and when I am on the road, I feel like I am 20 again, even though I am retired and slightly chubby (AKA getting fat in my old age) So, go ahead and bash Harley but try to keep an open mind on what the car ads call German Enginering. It really is good. Ernest W

A friend of mine emailed me your site . I Love it it is great. –BobC

As a proud Harley owner, I gotta say I found your site to be offensive, hurtful, and ignorant. I loved it! (Although I didn't care for the Christopher Reeve shot). Having said that, keep it up! Entertainment can be found in many places... The first thing I did was forward the link to my Kawasaki loving Brother in Law. Although even he admits he envies my new V-Rod... All the Best! MichaelB

Black Echo, Hail the Harley Bashing Hero! You Rock dude! You don't know how many times I've wanted to tell the "flock"
to stick their snob assitude where their loud pipes go but I like breathing so I just smirk and ride by on my 1100cc shaft drive, maintenance free, $8000, just get on and ride Shadow Sabre. I'm not into the sportbike thing, I like relaxing a bit and just cruising down the highway enjoying the sights and smells of the open road. I looked at Hardly Ablesons when the bike bug bit me, and I have to admit that they are beautiful (looking) machines. But I could not afford a Hardly and heard bad things about reliability and I sure as hell would not pay that much for a name. American cars by the way, aren't much better so I drive import too because I HATE fixing vehicles. Maintenance..no problem. Upgrades and improvements..no problem. Having to repair something that I just laid good money out on because some C-average engineer managed to slip something crappy by the marketing and/or QC departments...PROBLEM! I thought I would be settling when I got my Sabre because I had my eye on the Road Kill...oops, King...but I love it and gain real pride knowing that I got a better bike for 1/2 the price and I don't have to "fit in". Long live Original Thinkers. -California Rider

You, sir, are a rare breed.  You are outside the flock and don't subscribe to the dated old norms of society.  You are also the super hot spark that generates similar minded individuals to rise up and shake off the dust of stagnant society, to form counter cultures and to ride in different circles than the rest.  You are the fire that Harley Davidson once had but which they have let smolder and die long, long ago.   Bravo and respect to you, "Black Echo".  You might be just what this country needs; a wake up call from Hell! -RobH

nice site BUT please don't pick on sheep even they're smart enough not to associate themselves with anyone who rides a HD! -Don

I own a 1990 Yamaha Radian (600cc, inline 4). It's amazing how Harley riders always display an attitude of superiority. My very friendly, very humble neighbor sold his Honda Interceptor 500 and bought a Harley. He totally went overboard and completely Harley'ed himself out, complete with leather apparel and lifestyle to match. Bandana-covered, shaved head and all ("butt pirate" nazi style). It was amazing and hilarious. Though we remained good friends, I noticed his attitude immediately change to "Jap bikes suck", even though his brand new Sporty was always breaking down on him and his 1983 Honda ran like a champ with zero problems. My personal take on this is that the reason they don't wave to other bikers is because they're too busy fixing their bikes on the side of the road and too pissed off to wave at a person who owns a bike that ALWAYS RUNS. BTW, he had to sell the Harley because it never ran right, and he got himself an SUV instead - so we see that there is hope that these lost sheep can be converted back to reality and intelligent lifestyles.  To this day, I've never met a Harley owner who's garage had not been converted into a full-blown maintenance and support shop for the bike out of NECESSITY. If you own a Harley, it will FORCE you to become a professional mechanic. You can tell a Harley owner before you even walk into the garage because of all the oily hand print stains all over the garage and fridge (cheap beer) doors. And worst of all: Look at the pure losers HD's attract. They are scum magnets. Bob

I got a real kick from your site. Some Harley owner's are so brainwashed they don't realize how stupid they sound. Especially when I am on my bike and they ask me, "Why didn't you buy a Harley?" I always reply, "Which one?" They start rambling through the alphabet soup of HDs and I always say, "I don't like that model" after each one. Or they will ask, "When are you going to buy a Harley?" I reply, just as soon as I want one. They act as if I should buy a Harley to please THEM even though I don't like any of their models. Who knows...in 5 years they might make something I like. But if the same number of jerkoffs ride them then as do now I may blow it off just to avoid the association with such mind numbed animatrons. -PRH

Touche, that is some funny shit and unfortunately all too accurate for the seeming majority of h-d riders these days. I've been riding British bikes, Indians, and h-d's for more than thirty years and really wish the yuppies would find some new fad to sink their cash into. Until they do, please keep whipping them with their own fringe. Lee P

Hi, my name is Sjaak S from Holland, and must tell you that I've just had the best laugh in days. The officially licensed stuff was a real shocker, too, even if I knew it was out there. Well, let me get it out; I ride my sportster and am, and was since at school deeply in love with it, and ride the piss out of it, day in, day out. Looks like shit to a Harley poser, looks great to me. Rides like shit honestly, but I love every shimmy, wobble, spitback and what have you. Wanta say that you are obviously right about a lot of things pertaining to HD's and their oftentimes very stupid, rude owners, who ask me when I get a real one, and tell me not to dispair: they also started out on one like that, and "that my time will come..". When I think of the last time the Official Dealer thought I would pay $15 for the 2002 catalog, I get deeply depressed or a rush of white anger, depending on my mood. Still, what I would like to share with you besides the above, is my concern for motorcycling as a whole, when I talk to other motorcyclists. I find an equal number of non-bikers riding non-Harleys as do Harleys, and I can mirror every description from you regarding stupid Harley riders on to riders in general. Jeez, look at them, on their new shiny CBR's or Milles; new, but dried out already leather, gassing their bikes,( talking about noise from a race can), smirking at the Sportster. The smell easy pray. A moderately well ridden bike like that would stay ahead of me in second gear with one hand on the bars, but not those people, and knowing a poser when I see one, actually leave him in the curves, can you imagine that? Talking to those people is even worse, friendlyness is awnsered with harshness and just rolling in the gas station is met with studied indifference. Rode my 2.25 gallon tank ( very unpractical but gives me pornographically lustfull view of engine) dry and started pushin', and NO ONE stops to ask what gives, Harley or other alike. After 22 years on the road on bikes, for the last ten years I have turned away from the rest of the biking community, hardcore Harley; no reasonable conversation possible, or others riders; good ones too few to bother, and Harley posers; worst of all. Thanks for listening, Regards Sjaak S, Holland.

Good job! You have aired out the stupidity of harley owners for all of us! Man, I just love it! I ride a Suzuki VL1500LC because it is the best bang for the buck for the style of machine I like. Just the engineering alone in the Suzuki V-Twin, makes Harley just like Clinton, something America should be ashamed of and bury as soon as possible. I love to ride and the Japanese have it down pat. So far I have logged 25K on my 1999 and no problems at all. The only problem was that I installed a jet kit (made in America?) that had abrasive needles that trashed the Carbs. I love the V-Twin, and this Suzuki Twin has been just a dream. Hydraulic lifter's, no oil leaks and lot's of chrome on the engine stock. I make the Fat Boy look like a Little Boy when I park my LC next to one :) Thanks, Paul

I found your site most entertaining. You have some very creative descriptions of Harley riders. It's unfortunate that there are a lot of HD owners out there who live up to your description. –Walter

Good site ..............too funny and too true –KeepItSimple789

OK, Black Echo (any story behind that name?) I have three words for you... Fan F'ing Tastic! If I were to build a website on this topic, I dare say it would closely resemble EXACTLY what you have here! If I only had a way to proliferate this URL to oh, I don't know, EVERYONE who rides a Harley! I know of exactly one person who rides a Harley (and it's a 1985 sportster, so who really cares?) and is not a complete snob/derelict/prick/idiot. Other than that, it's hands-down the dumbest, most insecure and egotistical group of hypocrites I've ever had the misfortune of riding by. The stupid sons of bitches don't even wave back! What's that garbage all about?!? Well, I'm sure I've told you all of the things you already knew. But I had to take a moment and commend you on your work and the eloquence with which you have articulated your perspective. Nicely done! –JohnA

I agree with much if not all of your views, its a pity really, had Harley Davidson devoted as much of their resources to development.... real development, not just installing a new widget or two on an old design, as they had devoted to creating "boutiques" dedicated to stamping the HD logo on everything except condoms it might actually be a worthwhile ride, I'm a fan of the classic styling but not the mechanics or the marketing strategy....or the price, lets see, buy a Harley...or put a down payment on a home, hmmmm......what to do~ Nice site, ride safe! regards -Kevin H.    -P.S. They make a comfortable pair of jeans though, maybe they should change over to just making jeans, but I guess they'd want 150$ a pair and would only last a month or two~

I really enjoyed your site. I actually got it from a buddy of mine (who rides a Magna). I admit that I actually do own a Harley, but part of the reason I purchased the bike was because of the points you hit on. Not really the image aspect of it, but because there's so many people out there that are willing to pay the sticker price on a used bike. I wanted a cruiser bike to casually ride around (I have a modified Mustang to satisfy my performance and power needs). I'm also stingy with my money and it just made more sense to spend the extra money on a Harley, get me kicks out of it, and then sell it for the price I paid for it then to go out and buy an import cruiser and watch the value depricate as soon as I drove it off the lot. Sure, I could go out and get a Valkrie, but I'd never get the money I put into it after 2 years like would with a Harley. Can you image what it'd be like to buy a car like that? A car that never depricates in value, holy shit why can't there be a car company like that. Anyhow, I just wanted to pay my respects to the very well developed and thoughtful website that you've put together. Excellent job! later, Kessens

I ride a HD and have for years. I must say that although I do not agree with your opinion of the bike I find your site funny as hell keep up the good work. p.s I agree with the self policing part. -PeterG

Hey, love your site. I'm a sportrider, ride a GSX-R750, and I enjoy dusting off the Harley morons who try to drag race me at traffic lights. I wouldn't trade my "rice burner" for 100 Hardly Abelsons. Keep up the good work. I've attached a logo that may appeal to my fellow crotch rocketeers. Rubber side down! –FrankM

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I haven't laughed so hard in years...your site brought tears to my eyes. Great job....you are a voice of sanity in the wilderness. You have a great wit...love the HD logo crap gallery....amazing what people will buy. Well...enough of the brown nosing.....hehe. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the site and will return often. By the way...had a '72 HD Super Glide....now ride a VFR....'nuf said. One thing, though....I am, sad to say, a NASCAR junkie....guess I am a 4 tooth scoggin. One extra tooth for my VFR If I see ya on the road...you definately will get a wave... Cheers, RickB

I have to admit that, even being a card-carrying Harley owner (HOG is the term), I was practically rolling on the floor laughing as I read your diatribe. I agree that some of the Harley-worship reaches the point of being kind of absurd. I'm sure that I have done things that, if I looked at it objectively, I'd think were silly. – SteveH

I wanted to be angry with you, and totally disagree with everything you said. But in the end, I just couldn't because frankly...a lot of what you say it true. And, you do have a way with words that I found really humorous. I found the Milwaukee Burger thing a hoot! That being said, I am still going to keep working on my Sportster. I guess that sort of makes me a "lemming", but I still just want one. Like you say though, Harley's have become so expensive and semi-exclusive, that an outright purchase is impossible. I am purchasing my Sporty one piece at a time off ebay. I figure I will know this bike really well by the time I'm finished! Lol I do like other bikes though. I really like the BMW Cruiser bikes. I've also been interested in the Chinese knock offs of the old BMW bikes. My sergeant (I'm a cop too) has a v-twin Suzuki that looks and sounds really cool. So while I may not agree with everything you say, you did give me a chuckle and food for thought. Stay safe, and keep it shiny side up. –JohnH


Let sleeping sheep lie... We don't want them riding bikes that have acceleration or dependability. Let them spend their money on stupid crap... let them stimulate our economy and our laughter. There's nothing more hilarious than watching these redneck dingo's thinking there part of something cool! I own three bikes combined I paid less than the custom paint job on the RUB cruiser next door. I would take anyone of them against a Harley any day! Don't wake up to many sheep. The wolves need something to hunt! Paul

Hi there, Your site was linked from a letter to the YAM650 list; as you ask for comments: Thanks for providing a most amusing site, I really do understand that your tongue is in your cheek, but as Sun Tzu (or was it Musashi?) said:- "To overcome your attacker you must become him." Ride safe, FredH.

Hey bro, if you get a chance just to glimpse this email i will be happy. i'm writing this even before i get through half of your web site. just reading your code of ethics made me want to write to you. I love what you've done. it takes an honest look at HD and most(not all) of their owners. I myself don't believe in HD either. I have a Honda valkyrie myself. please keep up the great work and the fact that you're a cop just makes it that much better. take care and have fun tearing new assholes in those stuck up snobbish HD owners who's bike is less American than my valk. I think the most American HD is the fatboy at 76%. my valk is 84% built in the US. just has the Jap name. keep flaming them. -rob in NJ


A friend just turned me on to your web site. Allow me to compliment you on your command of the English language. Very well written and fun to read. A shop I used to work in was cursed with the presence of a H-D owner/rider. He couldn't utter a single sentence without the word "Harley" in it somewhere. I got fed up one day and yelled across the shop to another Harley hater, "Hey, Ben! Do you know why they invented Harleys?" He said, "No, Why?" I replied, "So that guys with little, tiny dicks would have something to brag about." Unfortunately, we only got about 5 minutes of silence out of it, but it was worth it. Keep up the good work. PaulE, motorcyclist on my third Goldwing.

A friend of mine rides a KY-OICU812 (or whatever the model name is) Heritage Softail - I'm sad to report, with windshield, tassels and ... wait for it! ... a Harley FLAG sticking up on a flag-pole out the back. His wife has also recently bought a 1200 Sportster too, so they have well and truly bought into the image. What I find highly amusing is that he privately admitted to me that the Intruder was not only better looking, it was also a damn sight more comfortable! -NickS

As an owner of a Yamaha-Road Star, I totally agree as your statements was right on the money-regarding H-D of tricking the (moron) public ,that their product is superior. The answer is =THEY HAVE ONE HELL OF A PROPAGANDA MACHINE!!!!! where as Japan gives conviction in their machinery as proof by test and endurance through time and error to achieve perfection./and quality. –Brower ...bashing son of a gun. I just spent a good hour outta my taxpayer funded day perusing your web site. I had never plumbed the depths of my reasoning for not wanting to ride a Harley, but I have seen all the arguments I have superficially considered explained in crystalline clarity. I ride a Valkyrie. Not the sporty type bike you ride, but I chose it after long-term deliberations as to what I wanted in a bike...performance, reliability, and it's unique character. I am writing to say that I laughed my a$$ off for a good hour reading your rants, the replies you get, and your response to them. You make sense. I run into a lot of HD owners, and I occasionally encounter the brain dead "trend humping" HD owners with something derogatory to say about my "rice burner" (made in Ohio). My usual response is to show them my taillights as I pull away from them. I am pretty much a 'to each his own' kinda guy, and rarely make comments about other bikes. I have ridden a bunch, six in all, all different types. I ride the bike that suits me at the time. Never found much use for a Harley...since whatever I was looking for at the time in a motorcycle I found in better quality/quantity in other bikes. My Ninja outperformed any HD made, My Intruder 1400 was a better quality V-Twin, My V-Max was a better muscle cruiser, and My Valk runs better than any HD made on long tours. I have had others, and never looked at a Harley rider with any envy. I like your site. Its vehement, witty, smart smackdowns of the lemming mentality so prevalent among HD riders is right on target. You put a fair amount of thought into it. Next time I get some flak about my Valkerie, I will have a little more to say. Thanks for the fun. Good web site. Sergeant First Class Billy Scott

This is the first time I have seen your site. If you are truly a H D hater, I would like to know why. If this is intended as a humorous site you have done well, and I will be returning. Having owned more than a few bikes (foreign and domestic) I have no real allegiance to one manufacturer. If you feel the need to "take me apart" go ahead as I have a lot of miles and could use a rebuild any way. ;-) -NJThomas

Love your site! Coming from Canada, we suffer the same Harley 'attitude' and we don't even have an indigenous motorcycle industry here! No patriotism involved in the purchase and loyalty to any particular brand, just the typical marketing brainwashing, but it exists here too. Even Sonny Barger, the prototypical biker, in his autobiography 'Hell's Angel' said he would have ridden Jap bikes instead of Harleys if it was acceptable to his 'brothers'! I ride Japanese because they are cheaper and better built than H-D. However, I do own shares of Harley-Davidson and have gotten an excellent return on my investment thanks to the lemmings! BrianK. Wanted to say that I really enjoyed your 'angst' site. Very provocative and funny stuff. I forwarded the link to several of my riding friends Harley and non.. I'm not at all surprised at the passionate (and poorly written) replies you've gotten from the HD zealots. Blasphemy in the eyes of the Harley faithful :) -

I don't know how much of your ranting is pure flame bait and how much of it you're serious about, but I would like to add my thoughts regarding some of your writing. I wish motorcyclists would not divide themselves into camps. Sure some of the Jack-ass Harley types have been snubbing us for years, don't let them drag you down. There are still plenty of sensible ones out there. Instead of "Rice vs. Hogs", it should be motorcyclists against the mini-van soccer moms, and the yuppie-SUV crowd that are clogging the highways and nearly killing us while obliviously yakking away on their cell phones. As hard as it is for the performance oriented to conceive of.. for the cruiser guys, it's really not about speed and power. Some people actually like to thump along, seeing the sights and smelling the smells. Hp numbers mean little to them as long as the thing has enough power to get up that   next hill. In my experience, late model (evo and newer) Harleys are really not the poorly constructed rolling junk piles you make them out to be. In fact the ones that I've ridden seem very sturdy and well made. I don't even know anyone who has a real basis for an opinion, HD fan or not, who would dispute this. Not a high-tech marvel by any means, but solidly made at least. Fwiw, I currently have a couple old Yamahas. a sport bike and an old '76 UJM. I completely agree that the Harley price / performance is so far below   what the Japanese offer, It's simply not justifiable. If (and a big IF at that) I ever wanted a cruiser, I'd buy a used Road Star or Shadow for MUCH less and if I were of a mind to drop $15k or better on a bike, I think I'd go for a beemer and get the high tech susp and heated grips along w/ my prestigious marque. Thanks for the cool site, ride safe. –Dlewis

Although you may not think it possible, there is a 'scoggin' even dumber than a Harley rider, and that is an Indian rider. No, not the beautiful Indians of yore, the new crap of today passed off as an Indian. Lessee, you take an S&S, stock Harley frame and accessories, plus an Indian looking front wheel, then add an Indian logo, plus $10,000 more to the already ridiculous price of an HD, and you get an Indian Idiot. Had one of 'em at my waterin' hole about 6 months ago, proudly showing off his new Indian when
I pulled up on my Valk. I would have kept quiet except he kind of sneered at my Valk, which permitted me to ask him what kind of idiot would pay $25,000 for a Harley. He hasn't been back since. Keep it up WHerbert

Just thought I would tell you, that I love the site. I ride a Harley, and I love the site - go figure. I love all bikes, and have had all sorts. What I think I like best about the site is that 1. you didn't pick the argument. If you had picked the fight I would think you were an argumentative prick, but since you are defending yourself - well then, hit back hard. 2. you have your own opinion. You like what you like, you don't like what you don't like. So many Harley riders claim that it is a free American spirit that makes HD great, but then fail to realize that this spirit is indeed to let people have their own opinion. 3. I am glad to see that someone other than me sees that the river of BS out of Milwaukee flows faster than any of their bikes. Sorry to read that you have been insulted and threatened. I can't apologize for the HD riding morons who blow insults your way, but know that you won't get any from me. I just thought you might like to hear that some of us who ride HD, know what they are, what they are not, and like to see people who have an honest opinion. Would you believe that I almost bought a Hayabusa? But then I decided that I didn't want to die, and on the busa, it would take me a week to kill myself. I needed to slow down. What better way to slow down than on a Harley? <g> I bought the sportster (an oxymoron), cause I didn't want it weighed down with useless chrome, and I wasn't going to pay over $15G for chrome. In the end I got mine for less than the busa, and I only paid MSRP - a challenge in and of itself. I think the next bike will probably be a VFR - it's quick. light, decently powerful, yet kind of mild, not overly flashy and not way out there on the price. Thanks, mike

You rock. I've had this on my web site for some time now: Perhaps the real blame lies as it always does with us, the uncommitted citizenry. When our leaders leave us with poisoned drinking water, we re-elect them. When our children tattoo and pierce themselves we call it self-realization. When our spouses leave, we call it the best thing that's ever happened to us. But now our motorcycle rebels have abandoned their colors steeped in motor oil -- in the blood of bike, for all that is sacred – in favor of Harley-brand personal grooming products. Well, whom do we have to blame but ourselves? I personally rebuilt a '77 XLCR [cafe racer] that had been bastardized and turned into a "up-to-date machine" by the previous owner, complete with "Live to Ride, Ride to Live" mirror. All of that chrome crap went in the bin. I really respect HD's racing years, but since they jumped ship on the VR1000, they can go fuck themselves. Since it's rebuilt, I've logged 20K on it in two years [hard to do in Michigan]. It's never left me anywhere, and pulls a consistent 82 RWHP at the dyno. Next year I plan on doing a land speed record shot at the ECTA. My other bike is a '85 Yamaha RZ-350. Two-stroke terror. Anywho, thanks for being the extremist that I don't have the time to be myself. SOMEONE has to do it. Cheers, PeterH

Your web site was actually passed to me via an HD(tm) mailing list. I've never read something so offensive about a group that I am a member of... and agreed. (With almost all of it) Five years ago, I flipped my Harley(tm) stickers upside down on my bike because I was so sick of the posing faddish Genuine HD(tm) apparel wearing shits that think Arlen Ness was actually a gift to us. –David

Let sleeping sheep lie... We don't want them riding bikes that have acceleration or dependability. Let them spend their money on stupid crap... let them stimulate our economy and our laughter. There's nothing more hilarious than watching these redneck dingo's thinking there part of something cool! I own three bikes combined I paid less than the custom paint job on the RUB cruiser next door. I would take anyone of them against a Harley any day! Don't wake up to many sheep. The wolves need something to hunt! -Paul

As much as I'd hate to admit it, you've pretty much nailed it on the head, with truth after truth. I can relate to your line of thinking, police officer to police officer and it's humiliating to admit to each read line. As I own both a Suzuki Intruder and Harley Sportster, I try to remain objective in evaluating them. Bottom line, I paid a lot of money for something no more than a status symbol with the Harley. The Intruder rides nicer, less maintenance, out-performs and I didn't need to lather on the chrome and goodies. Thought I had a deal too good to pass up with the Sporty and for a 1999 it became a money drain. Fortunately, because of it's own "elitist" status, no money lost and a lesson learned as prepares to depart for another home. You are entirely correct in relation to the performance, stupid "Harley tax" right out of the box. Drop $600 on a bike to make it go fast enough to get out of it's own way. The "Evo" may have been an improvement but for 60 years in the making it certainly didn't leap as far as evolution goes. What Harley does having going for it in my opinion is the aura of it's history as it once stood as the icon of motorcycles. Throughout the fifties and sixties and even into the seventies it replicated America's desire to stand out, be different, ala the "rebel image". A poor economy nearly caused it's extinction and the lack of money for development left it sorely lacking in the performance arena. Yet, it's appeal remains simply because we as aging baby boomers continue to seek out things from our past, Mustang convertibles, Chris Craft rum-runners and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Does it really bust my balls that it doesn't do 130 mph and crank the quarter in 10 flat. NO, not in the least, my days of living recklessly are long past and I encounter enough thrills in that eternal fountain of youth, the ye old black & white. The Harley Davidson like anything else which is expensive, simply is because we allow it to be with our attitude of I want it, I deserve it and I really don't care how much it costs. Hopefully Harley will learn a lesson from the dinosaurs as they are continue to become one, once again. The well can run dry again as it once did for them and as we currently watch an economic downturn where fewer can afford a Harley and many have sold theirs. Harley Davidson has to no more than look in any newspaper to see that their product occupies 75% of the listings for sale and further realize that it doesn't necessarily translate to those wanting to move up, but rather get out of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley's quality and performance needs to go way and costs come down if they wish to continue selling cycles. Friends who were forced to sell their bikes due the recent economic downturn have all stated that they missed their Harley's. Equally stated was the fact that the monetary suffrage which accompanies owning a Harley was not missed and wouldn't be readily approached again even when cash was at hand in the future. Enough said, liked your site and I'll be back for more of your astute observations, and from one p.o. to another, Watch your ass out there!!. M.J.

Black Echo, I bin ridding bykes since youse was a gleam in you pappies eyes and Hardly Davidson's rule! So you tink you are a tuff guy huh? Just fucking with ya man. I also am in the public service field and thought I would write to tell you I enjoyed the site. Still shoveling through it all, but having some good laughs along the way. Your site was emailed to me by none other than Andy Goldfine of Aerostich. Quite an honor I am sure you agree. If you ever get up north (I am in Minnesota) and need road recommendations, please email me. I thought I would suggest a REAL biker's destination in the Parry Sound Sport Bike Rally in Parry Sound Ontario. It is a really good time and should not be missed. Think of it as Sturgis (gag) for sportbikes. For more info, just ask me. I will be riding my 93 900 Supersport this year. Give the R1100rsl a rest. Thanks for the laughs! -John


While agree I agree with many of your observations about the vast majority of Harley-Davidson culture and their owners (it is pretty silly when you think about it), I do not understand why it seems so important to you to complain about it. What is it that you hope to achieve? You're not going to change any sheep into shepards, they're barely trainable and certainly not teachable.  ... I have to admit your web site makes for some interesting reading ...   -Duff

Very, very nicely stated: succinct and to the point, doesn't pull punches, a brutally honest group of editorials about an American "Legend" that isn't very representative at all of America, except for it's marketing prowness. Thanks, you made my century! -DocM

This has got to be the scariest web site ever!  If you are a Harley Davidson owner, that is!  I've laughed so hard at your work that I've bruised two ribs!  Keep up the great work, man, and don't slack up at all on those rumbling flag covered retards! -Matt

Just came across your "American Angst" site, after having the link forwarded to me via a mailing group. What can I say?? It's gone straight to the bookmarks, and I'll be coming back frequently. It's high time someone debunked the 'Harley' myth in such a logical and clinical fashion. Keep up the great work, is all I can say. -NickS

This has got to be the funiest farqing wb site ever. Keep up the good work!!!!! -valkyrie_mi

Hiya there. I gotta agree with you on all that Harley stuff. I'm a cruiser guy (I ride a Honda Shadow VLX600 -- will probably be getting a bigger bike in the next year or so, don't know what yet -- but it will likely be a Jap bike). I can understand why you love sport bikes though. I have a '69 'vette. I like to compare my 'vette to a sport bike, while a cruiser bike is like having a '58 Impala convertible… and a touring bike is like a Cadillac. While the basic point of all the vehicles is the same (modes of transportation that are faster than walking! :), the fashion in which you do it is much different. The Shadow handles extremely well -- it's not a sport bike by any means, but compared to most cruisers, it's very responsive. I've ridden Harleys -- can you say 'drunken pig on ice'? I enjoy pushing the bike while riding sometimes, and other times just to enjoy the air, the scenery, etc. Anyway, I've had a long day at work and I realize the subject matter of my email doesn't flow very well, just sort of stream-of-consciousness in response to your page. BTW.. the two good things about a Harley, are, #1, the sound of the engine.. It's an inefficient design, and not reliable, and so I can't explain why, but, since no one is very happy with their Harley straight from the factory, aftermarket bolt-on goodies are plentiful and cheap (as long as it's not official Harley shit, good God). …   Anyway, keep it up, fun page to read. -Jim

I was really entertained by your piece on the Harley. I even forwarded it to a friend that rides one! As for me, I wouldn't have one. (I ride a 2001 Valkyrie, a cruiser with performance). -Dave

You know you're really going to hurt a lot of people's feelings with this site, don't you.  That means more business for Harley Davidson.   Thin skinned emotionally challenged people generally drown their sorrows with a credit card and a shopping spree.  Looks like a bunch of 'scoggins' are going to need some leather monogrammed official HD handkerchiefs to wipe away the tears.  Keep up the great work, man!  Great work!  -Mike

Oh, man!  Oh, man!   Thank you!  I am sooo going to forward this link to a guy at work who preaches on the virtues of Harley Davidson like that Harley and Davidson guy were the two guys they crucified with Jesus at Calvary!   Thank you for giving me some ammunition to go ape hunting!  I am so sick of his bullshit, now he's going to hear the REAL truth.   -Rick

I wonder how the diehard H.D. bunch, I mean the "hardcore" and or the store bought rebel types feel about the V-Rod? hmmm... Engine developed in Germany, by Porsche, liquid cooled, not a 45 degree V-Twin, aluminum frame, anodized aluminum bodywork, doesn't look like a Harley, or sound like a Harley. Apparently it doesn't handle, brake or "feel" like a Harley generally does. Does it still get to be a Harley?  Does it still get to be "American Made"?  Some Hondas are assembled in the States, how come they don't get to be "American Made". What (exactly) is the criteria to be "American Made" , I mean what percentage of the bike has to be phyisically built in America, 2%? 25? 62 1/2%, what?   They finally woke up from a 60 year nap and found themselves in the 21st century, thats' gotta suck. (and they need to brush their tooth). hahahahahahaha. -Pauly, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Code of Conduct write up. I think you're hysterical and most of what you said is too true. I ride a cruiser myself but definately not a Harley. I am a 5 foot woman and ride a 2002 1100 Yamaha V-Star. I love riding and totally believe it should be that you ride NOT what you ride. Unfortunately there are a lot of schmucks out there on Harleys that believe its Harley or die. The latter sounds like the better choice to me. I have a cousin that just got his first street bike at almost 40 because he believed Harley or die and couldn't afford one up to now. Thought he was too bad and after 200 miles on his brand new $18,000 bike, dropped it in a curve (too low...no lean). He's looking at surgery with plates and pins in his wrist and $8,900 worth of damage to his bike. That's more than mine cost!!! Thanks again, -Clare

 ABSOLUTELY the BEST fucking site I have been to in a looooooong time!  Thanks!  -SNelson

Damn, man.  Either it would be really cool to hang out with you or really scary.  Either way, I'd have something to tell my children one day!  Keep up the great work!  -MBryson

Well, my hat's off to you. Though i may live in wisconsin, the fact is, the worst sound in the world is a harley. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your comebacks. Kudos to you, sir for telling it "the way it is". Big image. that's it. Next time i ride my zr7s to work and see a helmet-less super-luxo flxtxp riding sloth, i can just hope i wont fall off laughing at the remarks on your page! i lived in northern wis. where there was 2 hd plants. what a waste. i hate the crap they "build" if you want to call it that.sheep is right. ignorant ego searching people. hey, i've had a concours, nighthawk 700s 2)600 xl honda's a 650 xl honda own a zr7s now, a cb360 when i started driving... and started out on a xr 75 honda. never, had any problems. loved them all. dependable, fun affordable quality. i am ashamed to admit i test drove a buell, just to see if they were "sporty" sick. surprisingly, i did'nt end up with carpal tunnel. what a waste. anyways, congrats for telling the truth on how it really is. take care, guy –Ryan

I'm still laughing my ass off reading your site. Damned, I thought that I was the only jaded with the human race person around, but you've got me beat!   I'll give you your due about the Harley crowd (even though I own an '83 Virago and a '96 Sportster 1200); most are mouth-breathing pus-drooling idiots that somehow arose from the genetic cessspool to inflict their presence on others.... –Fbeaver

I thought I was the only person in the world who would openly speak out against the joke that has become Harley Davidson. I ride a V Max, for me it is the only bike. I ride it because it is what I want to ride not what everyone else has. Most of the people I ride with have two cylinder noise makers. It's nice to know that for all of the rice burner & jap bike comments I endure there is no feeling like cracking the throttle and watching them disappear in the side view mirror. Here's something that you might appreciate. I was in a bar one night and some girl said what kind of bike do you ride? When I replied a V Max she said oh, why don't you have a Harley. I said that I wasn't old enough to want to ride a 2 cylinder. Her response was what do you mean?, Harley Davidson is the fastest motorcycle on the road. After I stopped laughing I said, Who the hell told you that? Then I saw her boyfriend drop his head and turn away. While myself & my friend who rode up on his brand new R1 walked away still laughing. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. Thanks for some entertaining reading.  - RLubowicki

Happened to be surfing the Internet at work (shame on me), when I stumbled upon your Web page "Sportbikes Forever". Enjoyed it very much.  Wanting more, got back to your Home page and saw your "Harley ain't real motorcycle" rant. Wow, was I ever blown away! I couldn't believe what I was reading. A White American telling the truth about Harleys and their culture. Being a Japanese American born and raised in Southern California and an avid Sportbike rider, and hearing all the negative comments about Japanese bikes throughout the years, I thought I'd never see the day when someone would expose those Hee-Haws as the biggest joke on two wheels, and on the Internet no less. All I can say is you got balls. Growing up in America, I can't help but notice that there are many white guys out there that are emotionally insecure. It seems they have a need to put down non whites in order to feel good about themselves (or is that superior?). You Sir, on the other hand, don't seem to suffer from that weakness. Your the kind of man who is not afraid to give credit where credit is due and criticism when it is warranted. Even if that criticism is directed at your fellow Americans.  I too love this country. But what I can't stand is American arrogance.   And that's what the Harley culture is all about, arrogance. I will continue to visit your site often, you have a big fan in me. Also, thanks for the kind words you have to say about the Japanese motorcycle manufactures. I too am in awe of their engineering prowess. Take care.    -BTanaka

Wow! This is the best site I've been to on the web. I appreciate your honesty.   -PCampbell

Fucking harley riders are a bunch of ass grazing conformist sheep.  I've never met a Harley rider I liked, most were snob-nosed assholes who had more money than common sense, and could only be described as flag slathered shit-tards.   Bravo, man, for having the brass to point out what others won't or can't.   You've got my support.  I'm an American, Vietnam veteran, I live in California, and I ride a Ducati monster because America builds total shit for a motorcycle and I refuse to waste my money or time riding shit.  Fuck Harley, I didn't almost get my ass shot off so that ass-nosing nimrods can put an American flag on their leather jacket and claim to be bad-ass when they're nothing but average candy-ass pussies in leather drag who bought their reputation instead of earned it like the rest of us bikers. Damn I'm charged after reading your rant.  Big Salute, sir, your rant is a rodge!   -Rhanover

Get another sport bike.   Get your ass out to California.  Party and ride with us for a week!   We'll carve some canyons and make fun of Harley-tards until we pass out from mirth-overload!  The invitation is there, man.  Use it, for God's sake, use it! -Charold

Excellent site!  I loved the anti-harley rant!   Keep on telling the bozos like it is, only a total retard would ever own a harley.   -Rsmith

Mr. Echo:   Most webrants can't hold my attention that long, but yours is a masterpiece. You've raised the performance bar. In any case, keep up the good work. - Spamgrinder, "a lumbering ricecruiser rider"

Well, my hat's off to you. Though i may live in wisconsin, the fact is, the worst sound in the world is a harley. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your comebacks. Kudos to you, sir for telling it "the way it is". Big image. that's it. Next time i ride my zr7s to work and see a helmet-less super-luxo flxtxp riding sloth, i can just hope i wont fall off laughing at the remarks on your page! i lived in northern wis. where there was 2 hd plants. what a waste. i hate the crap they "build" if you want to call it that.sheep is right. ignorant ego searching people. hey, i've had a concours, nighthawk 700s 2)600 xl honda's a 650 xl honda own a zr7s now, a cb360 when i started driving... and started out on a xr 75 honda. never, had any problems. loved them all. dependable, fun affordable.quality. i am ashamed to admit i test drove a buell, just to see if they were "sporty" sick. surprisingly, i did'nt end up with carpal tunnel. what a waste. anyways, congrats for telling the truth on how it really is.   -Rdhelmer

Hi, Just read your piece on Why HD is not American.....That is the most honest article I have ever read concerning HD. ... The marketing and fake bullshit coming out of the factory has turned a possible Harley owner into a "wouldn't be caught dead on one" rider. I would feel like an idiot to be spouting off about the superiority and Americanism of the product. I still like them for what they are not what the factory and the general public believe. Until America wakes up I'll be riding my Intruder, Shadow, and possibly a 'Busa in the near future.   Thanks for the message........I'll pass this to as many riders as I can. Of course if they already ride one they know its true and will probably deny it and if they ride something else....then they are the intelligentones.   later, GKruse

RE: Harley rant.  I love it! Totally agree 100%! Keep up the good work. I'm surprised the Harley Nazis haven't taken you into custody yet! ha ha -Eddie

I followed your Harley rant back from a newsgroup.  I must say, you have a talent for stirring up the rednecks.   "Scoggin"   I blew milk out my nose when I read that descriptive term.  Thanks, I've expanded my vocabulary.   GREAT article on Harleys, it put those scoggins in their place.  See, I'm using new words!  Thank you, sir, for the many laughs and keep up the great work! -Bsmith

Ha!, and I thought i dispised HD . You are an inspiration. Sory for the grama[im just learning to right in english]I ride an R6 year round Iused to love HD as a kid growing in Romania [ the image] but living in USA has opened my eyes. I like how you put them in their places. I hate when i dance with my bike in the mauntains and i get stuck behind some fat asses doing 40 on a 45 speed limit and waving oll over the lane with their laud fart machines. Foke'm, yea!!! Foke'm!!! PS sory for the grama again !!! -Ataranu

hey guy! i gotta tell ya that i been riding a harley for over 25 years and live in the mountains (hill scroggin) AND live in a mobile home! and you know "whut"? i think your site is the funniest thing i have seen in a month of sundays and i agree with you! h-d toilet seats and the like are a joke, and what about the h-d cigarettes that were being produced before the politically correct folks stuck it to them? tells you what harley really cares about their customers "sure, smoke these folks, only $5.50 a pack!" this is all a result of harley's greed pandering to the rub harley movement which started about 15 years ago. folks who never had any bike before decided that harleys were the in thing to do so why not buy your first bike at age 45, right? these folks got money and harley is glad to take it. the problem is, reality sets in when they realize that it hurts to crash! if you really want a laugh, get ahold of the new parts catalog and their clothese catalog. the people who wrote this stuff must be high on coke, talking about (fake) brotherhood between the factory and "rider", how only gen-u-ine harley parts can make your bike real and you a biker, etc. its a complete joke, but people are buying into it. back in the 70's i used to ride harley choppers. my local dealer would not work on them. about the only things they had then for sale was parts, oil, t-shirts and leather jackets. btw, i work on my bike myself, always have, never saw the inside of a dealership past its 10,000 "service" (a joke). its a 91 big twin, gear-driven blower, axtell cylinders/forged pistons and more go-fast stuff than i can list in an hour. for a harley its not too bad, about 100 horsepower. still won't keep up with the high eng jap or ducati bikes, but i'm hell to tell ya it kicks the snot of any yuppie's bike around here! anyways, great site. no hard feelings... -mike

I'm sure you've heard this before - but - I absolutely LOVE your website! -JLewis

After reading a few of your rants, I have to agree with you on quality of things today.  I currently own a Harley money pit.  Right now, the motor is disassembled for the second time this year.  I haven't ridden more than 2000 miles this year!  This is riddiculous!   The pit is a 1997 model with about 30,000 miles on it (I'm not sure, because the speedometer died at about 5000 and didn't get replaced 'til about 6000).  I am so dissatisfied with my Harley that I probably won't buy another, but I have too much money "invested" in this one to sell it.   You are right on the money about the Sportster.  To make it a bike that can even come close to competing you have to almost completely rebuild it!  What's up with that?!?!  ...  Your comments about stupidity almost sound like some of the things that I hear rattling around in my head.  Some people are just failed examples of Darwinisim and survival of the fittest.  I think of these people as OXYGEN THIEVES, stealing it from those of us that can really use it.  -ASmyth

Harley riders are a bunch of posing idiots.  I'm glad someone else sees through their pathetic charade and isn't afraid to tell it like it is.  American my ass, since when did America become so candy-ass?  Nice site, I'll be staying for a while.  - Rtaran

Thought I would drop you a note to tell you that you are one twisted and sick individual that has kept me in hysterical tears of laughter for the last three days solid.    Keep up the great work!  - Mbrown

I agree completely with you, Black Echo.  People ARE sheep.  I'm amazed at the fact that the human race has survived this long.  Thanks for the commentarys and for the humor. -Rjackson

You are one sick person.   I agree with all of your points of view and your humor slays me.  The world needs more people like you!   -BDaltry

Hey, Echo!  If you are ever going to be up near Scranton, send me Email.   I've got a group of sportbike riders who can't wait to meet you!   You rock!  -B Davis

Hardly Davidson!   Bwahahahahahaha! - K Peters

What's wrong with Waffle House and Harley Davidson?   Trailer park trash has got to have a place to park their bikes when they go out on the town, don't they?!  - D Smithe

You are obviouslly very talended and dementded.  I like your site a lot. - T White

Oh My God!  I actually fell out of my chair laughing when I read your article on Harleys and the replys from some of those idiots!  What a bunch of losers!   I was in tears! -G Castokyn, '98 Ninja ZX-6R

I find your views to be intelligent, right on target and often funny as hell!   So what if some people get their feelings hurt.  That's life.   Tell it like it is, Echo, and don't ever give up the power!  -B Smith

Damn you're funny.  I wish you live around here, then we'd hang out and ride.  I agree, "People ARE sheep!"  -Wjones

I laughed and laughed until my ass fell off.  I've sent a link to your site to all of my friends.  You've got visitors to your site for LIFE!   -R Roberts

Laughed my ass off!!!! Did 10 years of police work in the past and don't dislike Harley's as much as you, but have alot of the same sentiments towards them and the wannabe tough guys that pay those over inflated prices.. Now they get Porsche to help with devolopment of a new bike, but the dealers will add on a huge markup and they think this is a move on the preformance the foreign models are offering? I do have to admit I don't own a sportbike though. I ride a Honda Magna. Always amazes me how each year they can get 1 million bikes to go to some crapy town out in the middle of nowhere, in 115 degree weather, where there is nothing to do and they come back proud sporting a moron at Sturgis T-shirt and feel tough. Not my idea of a vacation. Keep it coming. –M R Woodruff

Man you are borderline Psycho, who let you out of your cage? You would be in good company in our mix. … If you are ever in the L.A. area give us a ring, we know all the good roads. -Russ

I used to own a Harley. A 72 custom. What a piece of sh*t. Nothing like having to tighten all the bolts up when you get home so you don't ruin your garage floor. I recently went to buy a new bike. Took the new Wide Glide out for a ride. Went 3 blocks..turned around and gave them the keys. Shocked ALL the bikers in the store when I said rather loudly "What a piece of S**T!" Went down the road to the Yamaha dealer...bought a new Royal Star. (V-Twin).  Ran across one of the bikers from the Harley shop at the next light. Of course he ranted about how I bought a Jap bike...and when the light turned green he nailed it.  When I blew by him in second gear I gave him a little wave and accelerated off.  American muscle indeed. -Brian

As a rider with 20yrs experience, I agree with almost all of your statements, and opinions. There are far to many sheep in the world today. ... As far as I'm concerned, you should be commended for shedding light on this massive display of ignorance. - D.Taylor

I normally don't give feedback, but...  Oh, man! You are the best thing since they cancelled Ed Anger from the Weekly World News. I love your site. It's on a par with The Onion for ironic humor. Look for more hits as I share it with my friends. -M.Pagan.

RE: Your Harley Article.   ROCK ON BROTHER!  AMEN!  -C.Lemi

About your Harley article... unf**king believable!  You hit that nail right on the head! --MBurns, '98 CBR600F4

God d*mn this site rocks!   I've spent three nights here and still haven't found the end and I've laughed my ass off more times than I can count!  - BrettF