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Why dont you show up at Daytona and spread your bullshit.
Probably because some Harley rider would beat your faggot ass. Your opinion sucks and so do you.

And I also received this addendum six minutes later, proving that the speed of thought is somewhat slowed when it has to pass through great amounts of dense cranial bone. -BE

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PS: Why dont U post the stuff on your website at this address and include your street address.
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From: russ sharbaugh
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Why dont you show up at Daytona and spread your bullshit.
Probably because some Harley rider would beat your faggot ass. Your opinion sucks and so do you.



To which I have replied...

Thank you, Mr. “Stroked Shovel” Sharbaugh for pointing out once again why I make fun of lackluster simian twats such as you. Simple email is something that apparently confounds you to no end as I see that you couldn’t manage to compose a coherent train of thought with one email, so you added a “P.S.” to a second email and copied the first back to me for good measure.  I heartily guffawed at your pathetically lame attempt to imitate the actions of more learned human beings as well as your utter failure at doing so.  

Holy Mother of Mattel!  

It’s obvious that you have little more intelligence than the well gnawed upon and oft buried hickory and mesquite basted rawhide treat that is the favorite chew toy of my rather playful four year old black lab / golden retriever puppy.

Since you apparently cannot take me on in a one on one debate or confrontation, you instead wish me to make a scheduled appearance among the multitude of your unwashed brethren where you might incite a numerical advantage in your favor. I’m sure that after a swift victory through sheer numbers you would undoubtedly claim that it was a singular victory on your part and brag to no end of how your obviously superior martial prowess brought about my defeat. Not very sporting, but that is the way that the Harley mentality goes, since you cannot stand alone (though you claim that you are all individuals …), you must therefore work feverishly to accomplish your goals using a herd-like mentality. Even sheep can be dangerous, Mr. Sharbaugh, if there are enough of them and you elicit a stampede among the easily skittered flock in a small enough pasture.

Sadly, I must decline the heartfelt invitation to join you in your festive redneck activities but I do appreciate the offer and all of its implied sincerity. I’m sure that there will be banjo, fiddle and harmonica music for all, from dusk to dawn, accompanied by much free-love style livestock molesting, hound dog buggering, sister swapping and other perennial inbred deviant debauchery, all accompanied of course to the kind of drunken, out of tune country music singing that would make two stray cats stop fucking.

Since you mention Daytona, you have aroused my curiosity in regard to that location. My question in turn for you is, after the disbanding of the hilariously embarrassing decade long “attempt” by Harley Davidson to field a so-called superbike “team” with the laughable VR1000 (VR must have stood for “very retarded”), why do you hill scoggins even go to Daytona? Is it to partake of your once a year bath in the warm coastal waters? Is it some type of holy pilgrimage to cleanse your soiled leathers and your fecund souls of all the old beer vomit, cheap cigarette smoke, truck stop waitress lipstick, and dried urine that they’ve accumulated in the last twelve months?


I think the real reason your kind is drawn to Daytona is for the yearly opportunity to ride down into the city in one large group, hooting and hollering like some redneck version of a Viking raiding party. There you will proceed to systematically scare the weak hearted snow birds, smash what evidence of higher civilization or modern technology you might find and grab as many fertile women of breeding age as you can drag off by their long flaxen hair or the incredibly tough space age elastic material of their multi-colored thongs. I suspect it is your strategy and fervent hope that enough of the slapped together mechanical jokes which you call "motorcycles" may actually manage to stay working just long enough during this yearly raid so that at least some of you can successfully ride back out of Daytona again with your cherished albeit kidnapped hot young prizes. That scenario is the only way that your fetid old gene pool might see any new material in the foreseeable future.

Let’s face cold, harsh reality, shall we, Mr. Sharbaugh?

There’s really nothing in Daytona during Bike Week for your kind but the constant reminder of Harley’s shameful failure, the chance for posers such as yourself to be laughed at and for your kind to see first hand real motorcycles perform in something that Harley Davidson knows absolutely ditty squat about; world class competition. Never did, never will.

It is my fervent belief that Daytona should be relabeled as “REAL Bike Week”, and all of you hill scoggins caught trying to ride or tow your rusty old antediluvian pieces of junk into that fair coastal city should be turned away, by a show of force if need be, at the Florida state line or preferably sooner, like Nevada.

Ah, good!  I see that you have referred to my posterior and used a descriptive reference of homosexuality to do so. How trite. You plebian donkeyfucks really don’t have more than a one page playbook, now do you? I truly marvel at how your kind ignorantly equates a simple difference of opinion to be some adamant precursor for flaming homosexuality. To your kind, anything that is different, anything that goes against what you are accustomed to, anything that you don’t or can’t or won’t understand, or anything which you simply don’t like is obviously “gay” and such things must therefore be destroyed (or at least given a good swift ass kicking) as soon as possible. This clearly shows that you are a Luddite and probably a chronic Onanist as well. I laugh when I realize that physical violence seems to be the first resort of your kind when it comes to basic problem solving, but then I guess God didn’t really factory equip you odiferous hillbillies for even a short battle of wits, now did He?

It truly boggles the educated mind how, rather than presenting reasonable facts to the contrary, in a logical order to prove my arguments wrong, you instead believe that physically hurting and injuring me will suffice to quickly bring me around to your simple yet naïve way of thinking. Perhaps that observation is true to some degree, say if I were to suffer severe brain damage during my altercation with you, then I could very well understand how such a horrendous beating might let me see the world more clearly from your point of view.

The fact that you cannot refute my arguments is because my arguments against your kind are true, well thought out, well written, and they are based on common, inarguable fact.

As for my opinion sucking, that is merely your opinion and you are welcome to form it in whatever fashion you may. I am a true individual, I stand alone, therefore, your opinion of me is irrelevant and meaningless in the scope of my life. I could care less what you or any of your kind may think of either me or my efforts as the opinion of sheep has never mattered to the wolf, no matter how hard they may bleat and bah.  Alas, in the end, your kind is suitable only for mockery and sport.

Mr. Sharbaugh, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion of me, I won’t belittle you that. Lord knows it’s probably one of the few original things you truly can call your own in your life and I’m not going to take what little you have to begin with away from you.

PS: Why dont U post the stuff on your website at this address and include your street address.

The simple fact of the matter is that for every insipid email which I have to wade through from some leather clad, socially conforming, knee walking, hip grabbing, head bobbing, cock slobbering, Harley-riding, butt goblin such as yourself, I receive ten or more rather glowing emails with praise and support for my website. These are well written emails, I might add, from people who have an education, who understand what a real motorcycle is, and who know that the letter “U” is never a substitute for the pronoun “you” even when the letter by itself is capitalized. I’m afraid that your AOL roots are showing, Mr. Sharbaugh, which would also clearly explain your apparent ineptitude when trying to use even simple email.

Why do you feel that I should post my work there? Is offering competitive hosting rates for websites? If so, then I just might switch over and start letting them host my website. It might be funny to suddenly set up my shop in an all Harley neighborhood. I can imagine surfing around the personal websites and being entertained for days at people who take their selves way too seriously and brag about spending lots of money for the privilege of owning junk and dressing like other dimwitted social morons.

As for why I don’t and won’t post my opinions on other websites, well, I thought that I had made that more than clear many times before on my site, but since you’re obviously a rather slow learner bordering on imbecility, we’ll go over it one more time for your benefit.

The simple answer is: I don’t troll other people’s websites or forums. Ever.

This is my opinion, I have a lot of fun with it, and I’m entitled to have it, especially since I pay for the web space to host it. If you want to read my opinion, then you are certainly welcome to do so, but you have to come to my web space to do it. If you want to discuss my opinion, then I have set aside a forum for you to do so, a forum which, I might add, I pay for at my expense. As for the AA forums, you are free to post there if you like, but you will reap what you sow. Check your ignorance at the door. That is your first and only warning.

As for posting my street address, you may find my street address clearly displayed on my website, Mr. Sharbaugh, under the T-shirt ordering page. It has been posted there for quite some time now. Since you were too stupid to find it on your own (sorry I didn't use crayons, colored yarn, and rainbow glitter to bring it down to your educational level), I’ll repost it here for your benefit.

Christopher T. Shields
1117 National Guard Road
Columbia, MS 39429

I doubt you have the balls to post your street address in turn (but if you do, I'll be glad to post it here with your original email) because you really wouldn't want the world to know where a loser like yourself resides.  After all, if you actually had a set of God given balls to begin with, then you wouldn’t need to own a Harley in the first place, now would you?

Why, you may ask, would I ever post my home address on my website? Why the hell not? I have nothing to fear from knuckle dragging mongoloid cretins such as you. Being a police officer and a SWAT team member, I figure if any of you ever actually do decide to show up at my home and if you’re foolish enough to do something stupid, all over a difference of opinion or because you got your teensie weensie little feelings hurt, then I’ve got a Darwin award nomination with your name on it. Step right up, one per customer and I’ve got plenty to go around for all.

I married a strong woman who can use a firearm as well as I can and who won’t go to pieces when the chips are down. She was brought up with firearms playing an important role in her life from an early age so you see why I don’t worry about her when I’m out with the force or the SWAT team and she’s home alone with our child. Her easy access to a wide variety of different calibers of small arms stored securely in various areas of our domicile is second only to her ability to use said firearms and her willingness to do so should the need arise. If she nor I fear any of the local thugs, drug dealers, or hardcore gangsters, all hardened criminals which I deal with on a daily basis, showing up on our doorstep at odd hours of the night to sow their revenge, then do you really think that some twinkle toed, fuck pixie hiding behind an email account and talking smack from far away is going to cause either she or I to lose any sleep?


Another good reason why I don’t worry about a bunch of your kind showing up is because most of the rolling jokes you call motorcycles would never make it this far down here to begin with. You might start out with good intentions on some holy redneck crusade a thousand bikes strong, but you’d be lucky if ten or more actually made it all the way and those would be the ones that started the journey on trailers and were never unloaded until right at the very end. I might take your threats seriously when I see a bunch of brand new Ford HD edition pickup trucks, black Lincoln Navigators, and black Hummer H2s pulling their black climate controlled HD logo slathered cycle trailers into the local Wal-mart parking lot. I think it will be funny to watch the parade of leather clad, brain dead, HD mantra chanting (“Live to ride, ride to live.”) clones begin to ambulate around, unloading a bunch of almost brand new Harleys while your fat, whiney wives incessantly mewl and complain that they want to go to Shoney’s for pancakes and maple syrup. I’m sure what token redneck army you could band together would resemble an S&M version of a Shriner’s parade, only without the pointy shoes, curved swords, or the tasseled fezzes. Studded leather bulging out from pasty white skin tags with faded tattoos that no one can read anymore qualifies as pretty damn scary in my book, yes sir.

I believe, Mr. Sharbaugh, that you are truly a man who puts his money where his mouth is for it seems to me over the past several years that a lot of your money must surely have found its way to Harley Davidson’s big fat corporate ass and apparently that’s exactly where you keep your lips parked from day to day.

P.S.     I think you’re a fucking idiot. That’s another opinion of mine as well, one that is also based on facts and experience.