"Harley owners are nothing more than dimwitted sheep and clueless cattle driven by an easily identifiable
flock / herd behavior with a think-by-numbers mindset operating under the misunderstood cause of a
self-assumed, self replicating, trailer park grown, redneck spread pagan religion which has
its roots buried deep in both rampant commercialism and subscription based make-believe.

Christopher T. Shields (Black Echo)

"Twenty-five grand and twenty-five miles don't make you a biker."
  - slogan seen on a T-shirt








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  WHY A HARLEY DAVIDSON ISN'T A REAL AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE The original personal opinion that started this crusade, dating all the way back to the year of our Lord, 1993 A.D.

HARLEY OWNER FEEDBACK Giving a Harley owner access to Email is like giving a Neanderthal access to a microwave oven.
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  THE HARLEY DAVIDSON OWNER'S MANUAL A think-by-numbers reference to the Milwaukee Orthodoxy, Harley Davidson's official catechism.  This is a guide to the pagan faith practiced by The Brotherhood, The Sisterhood, The Family and The Faithful.
  JOKES AND HUMOR Jokes about the jokes.  The difference is that these jokes actually work...
  SPORT BIKES FOREVER An old opinion of mine, circa 1995.  Why I don't and won't ride anything made by Harley Davidson.
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"We've all seen that bumper sticker: "If God rode a motorcycle, it would be a Harley." I thought to myself......
now I know why God hasn't made His second coming.....   He's still stuck in a cornfield
out in Nebraska or somewhere waiting for parts!"
    - Lee (former HD owner)

"Sure, nine out of ten people would want a Harley if you asked them, but then again,
nine of ten people don't know shit about bikes.
"  -JGullato

 "I think of these people (HD owners) as oxygen thieves, stealing it
from those of us that can really use it."

"We have to protect ourselves from the trampling and roar of a bewildered herd."  -Walter Lippmann

"You can't dress trashy 'till you spend lots of money."   -Billy Joel
"It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"

"Honda Valkyrie- the "Made-In-America" motorcycle that America wishes it could make." -BradP

"Simply put, Harley Davidson is to motorcycles what AOL is to the Internet."  - Christopher T. Shields

"Buying a Harley is like paying $3,000 for a 13" black & white TV and telling
 people it's better than a 42" flatscreen."
-Bill L

"The authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a
single individual.
-Quoted in Arago
Eulogy of Galileo (1874)

"Show me a man riding his Harley and I will show you
a man with a flat on his truck


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