To:             blackecho
Subject:   Harleys
Sent:         Wed, 22, 2003

Fuck you you low life piece of shit. Where exactly does all this ignorant anger come from. Where you ass raped by your uncle on a camping trip or did your mother fondle you when she gave you a bath. Your no better than those towel heads who bombed the Trade Centers. A lot of what Harley-Davidson stands for and the people who ride them is Made in America by Americans you communist piece of shit. Don't bother replying I've read enough of you bullshit accidentally clicking on heterophobic web site.Screw you you Fucking pole jockey I hope you choke on the next load of semen you swallow!

This has to be one of the best emails that I have received in a long time because it combines many of the key points of ignorance that are so prevalent among those who ride and own Harleys, it does all of this very well at the same time on so many levels.
  Oh, and this person is an AOLoser… who would have guessed that?  The laughable nomenclature "outlaw" leads to a severe lack of credibility with his email.  I doubt this person is much of an 'outlaw,' oh, he might use the company phone for personal use when no one is looking or steal an occasional box of pens or floppy disks from the supply closet, but that's about as far as he's likely to have ever stepped towards the rowdy side, much to his chagrin.

In this email, “Outlaw45c” foolishly believes that a difference of opinion is formed whenever you are either sodomized or molested, which means that his opinion obviously changes several times a week, if not daily. I find it very interesting that sexual abuse and violence are such predominant factors in determining and shaping the all important world view of these inbred plebian degenerates. I guess living in a closed genetic loop like a trailer park gives you a rather limited opportunity to learn other than by such direct invasive physical stimuli.

Because I do have an opinion which differs from his, I am therefore obviously a radical Islamic extremist / terrorist who rejoiced when the Pentagon was attacked and the two towers fell. Note the use of the racist terms to describe people of different cultures… Outlaw45c is probably the kind of person who still calls black people ‘niggers,' though I doubt he does it to their face.  What is amazingly funny is that this Luddite then goes on to recite for us by verse and chapter the same tired old cliché that Harley owners are known to use, i.e. Harleys are real American motorcycles, made in real America by real Americans and that Harley Davidson really stands for everything that is really America.

Yawn.  Not since Jonestown have I seen so many brainwashed sheep each with such a total charisma deficit.  I think the only thing missing from the Harley marketing lineup is their own 'special' flavor of Kool-Aid.

So, Harley Davidson represents America. 





If that idiocy were somehow true, which it most certainly is not, then America would stand for being big, dumb, loud, whiney, slow, weak, outdated and overpriced.  It would mean that America stood for talk rather than action, begging for survival rather than proving it was the strongest, looking for a handout rather than making it on its own.  That’s not how I see America, but that is how I see Harley Davidson, therefore, Harley Davidson does not represent America, typical Americans, or what it is like to be an American.  Harley Davidson does not represent the America that I believe in, it does not represent traditional America, or the America that I live in.  Harley Davidson represents a make-believe America where you can spin your failures into marketing successes, but only if you cater to the lowest common denominator in society.   Anyone who rides a Harley Davidson is casting their vote against American progress, they are supporting losers, cowards, greed and stagnant engineering with vast monetary tributes and they are reinforcing negative behavior though positive rewards.

Our next bit of double wide trailer logic states that anyone who doesn’t like Harley is a communist (wait, I thought I was an Islamic extremist and a terrorist). So now I’m a Islamic fundamentalist / terrorist and a communist to boot.  Oh, I get it, it’s just allegory. He’s saying that anyone who doesn’t like Harley is actively working to tear down the American way, rape grandmaw on Sunday in her church pew, blow up schools for the retarded, set fire to orphanages, push blind people out in front of mass transit systems, piss on Dale Earnhardt’s grave, and generally spread nasty homosexual lies about the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel.  He then rambles on about how he found my site by accidentally clicking on a heterophobic website.

Huh, uh what the ....? 

Oh, now we're getting somewhere...

This guy is looking at heterophobic websites? That means he was looking at websites which deal with people who are afraid of heterosexuals? That might go far in explaining why he wants to dress in leather and ride around with a $24,000 chrome plated vibrator purring loudly between his ass cheeks...

His closing remarks involve referring to me as a chronic cock sucker whom he wishes would choke to death on the next load of semen.  I don't know if this is supposed to be an insult or a fair well wish but judging by his own admissions, perhaps it is part of a complex set of mental imagery he has composed in the form of a sordid sexual fantasy.


What an intelligent and well thought out bit of counter discussion that was but it goes far in showing just what the mentality, education, and total brain power is of the typical Harley owner.  Most of these types of email are based off of America On-Line user accounts, which is no small wonder.  If they're dumb enough to own a Harley and buy into all the propaganda that follows, chances are, they're dumb enough to pay lots of money to let someone else tell them how to best surf the Internet as well. 

AOL and Harley, neither really requires much brain power to use, so they're the perfect combination.  I think Harley and AOL should join together, you know, maybe package a leather and chrome GUI interface for Harley owners, and tape a AOL CD to the tank of each new Harley sold.  After all, it would be a match made in heaven since they both target and market to the lowest common denominators in society.