"Blah blah.  Kill yourself and end your own misery. so you don't like Harleys, big fucking deal. get a Harley's suck bumper sticker, then pull your sorry ass away from the computer long enough to get an opinion about what the female body feels like. if your still obsessed, kill yourself again." -JMacchi@nycap.rr.com

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
- Martin Luther King, Jr


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What I expect (but probably won't get) from you, the visitor

The following are just two examples of the typical kind of response which I receive from the unwashed, dullards that worship Harley Davidson.  I think these two emails go far in showing that while these unruly simians may have the (limited) ability to read, they certainly do not have the ability to comprehend what they have read.

"Brainless fucker...why don't you grow up. You're a piece of shit that simply enjoys getting under someone's skin with your arrogant drivel. Writing reviews about how you can out insult someone...see you DO need to get a life, or possibly a JOB - oh, yeah supposably you have one....what, your suppose to be a cop?!?! Whatever - perhaps that's your problem - your a fat headed, arrogant pig!! Do society a favor, and just blow the one cell you have left away...oh yeah, I did call ya a brainless fucker didn't I...so that means you don't have one to blooooowwww - HA!!! Oh, and if you think your so superior, why don't you get the hell of MS, and take your commie ass overseas, were they love to take in anti- Americans...and maybe we'll see your face blasted across the TV screen, with a bullet in your head. I'll see you before you'll see me....dickhead!"  Lisa Morgan -lisa121969@hotmail.com

As for overall content, I would say that nine out of ten emails which I do receive from Harley riders / owners / wannabes and posers are nearly carbon copies of both Ms. Morgan's traumatic ignorance above and this plebian ass monk's insipid, sheep-like bleating.

"Fuck you you low life piece of shit. Where exactly does all this ignorant anger come from. Where you ass raped by your uncle on a camping trip or did your mother fondle you when she gave you a bath. Your no better than those towel heads who bombed the Trade Centers. A lot of what Harley-Davidson stands for and the people who ride them is Made in America by Americans you communist piece of shit. Don't bother replying I've read enough of you bullshit accidentally clicking on heterophobic web site.Screw you you Fucking pole jockey I hope you choke on the next load of semen you swallow!"   -Outlaw45c@aol.com

Given these two examples, you can begin to understand why I form my rather low opinion of these inbred redneck stumpfuck hill scoggins.  You'll notice the vehement hatred, the feelings worn on the cuff, the reply without thinking, the lack of grammar, the numerous misspelled words, and I could go on and on.  After all, no one ever said that owning a Harley meant that you were smart, quite the opposite in fact.  Owning a Harley is a clear indicator that you're one of the lowest common denominators in our great society and a utter failure as a individual human being.  Yes, Ms. Morgan and Outlaw45c are both fine examples of double wide philosophers.

I welcome all comments and any discussion on the numerous topics of this site.  If everyone had the same opinion, then this country wouldn't be as great as it is today, now would it.  And for you card carrying members of the flock, please try to have an original thought, just this once.  Please?   Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who sends me email gets made into minced meat.  I reserve that for the truly feeble minded mantra chanting retards who send me hate mail and go above and beyond the call of duty in proving to me and to the world that they are total dimwits.  I proudly destroy and then display my kills so that other bikers can see what they need to be cleaning out of their gene pool.  If HD owners, 'real'  HD owners  just did a little policing of their own membership, this site would never exist in the first place.

If you want to email me and desire to have both an intelligent and civil adult as well as mature discussion, please, feel free to do so.   If you email me and try to flame me or insult me, or chant a bunch of tired old clichés, I'll do one of two things; I'll either simply ignore you (the best option generally ending in your email getting deleted unread) or I'll respond to your email here and show the world what a complete and utter ass Twinkie you are.

I have many quite interesting, mature, and very educated discussions with HD riders / owners from around the world.  As you may also surmise, I get my fair share of hate mail, some of it quite humorous.  The really serious stuff comes off sounding like a bad translation of a Oriental crime action film ("Im go kick you mothfuckn ass yuo comie basturd!!1!!1") generally, and the death threats just simply get reported to the corresponding ISP which usually sends me a message that the user has been removed from their service along with an apology for any inconvenience I may have suffered.

Or better yet, you could be a prime candidate for the current year's Darwin Awards and actually show up in person where I live and try to do something stupid.   Preferably with about six to eight of your HD owning buddies, since apparently there is strength in numbers and it takes a lot of you posers to equal one truly bad ass biker.  Such threats have been sent to me before, believe it or not.  I think it goes a long way towards showing the world just what the typical store bought riding experience Harley rider really is all about.

Yes, I do welcome email and mature discussions, at least by those who display that they both have a functioning brain stem and can control their primitive lizard brain that is tied to their emotions and their tempers.  I especially enjoy talking to those who understand the term "tongue-in-cheek" and don't let things they read on the Internet anger them.  However, if you want me to take you apart digital piece by digital piece like a rabid ginning mill, then here are some sure fire ways to get your email and your name and your email address displayed here for everyone to enjoy after I destroy your pathetic intrusion into my domain.  Please remember, you are here of your own free will and accord.  Wipe your feet before you step inside and other than that, hold on.  It's going to be a good ride!




Other than that, feel free to email me.  I even gave you a link to help the more retarded members of your flock communicate outside the pasture.