wpe84.jpg (37705 bytes)

The Ape Prefect and his troops arrive to investigate the crash.

wpe85.jpg (36801 bytes)

Another good nick in the wing is visible.  Maybe this ship clipped some trees on the way in...

wpe86.jpg (34538 bytes)

wpe87.jpg (36954 bytes)

The ape Prefect and his general climb aboard the spacecraft to check for survivors.  The Prefect's son (middle) has chosen to ride back with the search party after informing them of the strange craft.

wpe88.jpg (27645 bytes)

The apes enter the spacecraft.

virdon131.jpg (32886 bytes)

The Prefect and his general examine Jones' corpse and the interior of the ship.  Notice there are two more hand holds set into the roof near Jones' head.

wpe89.jpg (46280 bytes)

The Prefect and his son discuss how humans could be this advanced.  Good detail shot of the flight seat.  Notice the warnings and other instructions on the headrest.

wpe8B.jpg (32881 bytes)

Farrow watches from concealment as the apes rummage through the ship.

wpe8C.jpg (55709 bytes)

Farrow, sure he hasn't been seen, carries Virdon away from the crash site and to safety.

wpe8E.jpg (29117 bytes)

Farrow drags Virdon the rest of the way into an abandoned, long ago forgotten fallout shelter that Farrow calls "home".

wpe8F.jpg (29171 bytes)

wpe90.jpg (30634 bytes)

Burke is already here, still unconscious, resting on some blankets.

wpe91.jpg (35247 bytes)

Farrow shuts the door to the hidden shelter...

wpe92.jpg (35034 bytes)

Farrow wipes down Virdon with a cold, wet rag in order to try to bring him around.

wpe94.jpg (25854 bytes)

The Prefect gives orders to bury Jones and sends his troops to ride off looking for the other two astronauts and also to send word to Ape City.

wpe95.jpg (22746 bytes)

wpe96.jpg (23067 bytes)

Delirious, Virdon talks in his unconscious state.  Farrow listens to details of the last hours of Virdon's mission but these words mean little to Farrow.  Farrow leaves to get the humans something to eat.


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