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Meanwhile, on Earth...  Farrow is resting in the late afternoon, tired after filling his fruit basket.

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He is startled by the sound of a dog barking nearby.   Barking that is getting closer.

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Farrow climbs a tree for safety, pursued by the dog.

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The young ape child scolds the dog for chasing the poor old human.

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Farrow catches his breath from the chase and the quick climb, not understanding the cruel joke.

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Then a strange undulating sound begins, drawing his attention away from the ape child and the dog below.  Farrow has never heard a sound like this before!  It is frightening!
(NOTE- right click "sound" and select "save as".)  Download and listen to Virdon's arrival as you view the next few pictures.

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What is making this strange sound!?  Farrow is bewildered and scared!

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The ape child and the dog hear the strange sound as it grows louder and they are frightened as well ...

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The sound grows in intensity, a strange undulating howl like nothing any of them have heard before.  The sound quickly grows in intensity to a bone vibrating wail.

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Farrow looks up as something obviously passes overhead, something he's never seen before.  Something very strange...  It passes slowly enough that he can see it in great detail.

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The wind begins to pick up, quickly, much too quickly to be a natural breeze ...

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Suddenly, gale force winds begin to sweep through the clearing.   Dust, leaves, twigs, and anything else small and light is picked up and thrown into the air, whipped into a frenzy by the force of the winds.

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Farrow covers his face with his arm, holding onto his perch in the tree.
The ape child grabs the dog and turns his back into the wind for shelter.

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The wind continues to increase in intensity, the howl is almost deafening now.

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Farrow clings to the tree for dear life, holding on with one hand while shielding
his face from the flying debris with his other arm.

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His curiosity is too much, and he lowers his arm to see what is producing
this strange sound and making all of this wind!

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He manages to get a glimpse of the object, and it frightens him all the more.

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Farrow strains to fight the wind and watch what is making the strange noise.  The object is very close now, it has passed overhead and is now falling toward a nearby clearing not far from where Farrow and the ape child are.

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The ape child continues to turn his back into the wind to shelter the dog.  The howl is relentless but soon comes the sound of something massive striking the ground and sliding.

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The wailing stops and Farrow climbs down to investigate the mysterious object that he saw land not very far away.  The ape child has already taken off to investigate.

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The ape child and his dog are the first to arrive on the scene.   What they see perplexes them.  Nothing like this has ever been found!  Surely his father, the Prefect of the local village, will want to come and look at this strange thing!

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The ape child and his dog leave to tell the apes of what has fallen to Earth.
Farrow clears the underbrush and gazes upon...

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A derelict spaceship fresh from atmospheric reentry!  Steam / smoke / other gasses fill the trench behind the ship,  and jet from various parts of the rear of the ship.  Crash landing and slide out. Notice the ship is NOT damaged at all, and even though it is venting steam and has burned the ground behind it to a dark black, the hull of the ship is,
at this very moment, cool enough to touch.  Doubt it?  Just study the pictures in the next section!


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