RESISTANCE DATA FRAGMENT 023428756.010 ATU- Advanced Technology Unit - the premier commando force of John Connorís army, tasked with intel, recon, collection of information and samples of SKYNETís advanced hardware. Field ops salvaged HKs and other units for intact technology, brought it back to the forward bases for study and review and then had it carefully transported to the rear echelon areas where science teams worked in the best conditions they could maintain in order to understand SKYNETís technology as well as apply it for human benefit against the renegade military supercomputer.  John Connor and his ATU came up from Mexico to smash the Austin AFSCC in 04182006AD, thatís when they discovered the real purpose of the Research and Disposal Centers.  ATU was expanded in its role and mission in 05172009AD and became known as G5ATC or Group 5 Advanced Technology Command (the first four groups were G1 Recon, G2 Infiltration, G3 Attack and G4 Support). This name was later shortened to simply Tech-Com in 11182014AD.  The five different specialist teams continued to operate within their experience but the core group became more cohesive, with command and research divisions becoming very streamlined.



"Now, surrounded by his staff, John was coordinating a dozen major offensives throughout the world via his mobile telecommunications unit.

Reese had been told that they actually pirated channels off SKYNET's own satellites, knowing the enemy would destroy anything men could put up there but that it couldn't afford to destroy its own global relay system.  Reese didn't have a clue how that stuff worked, but that wasn't his job, anyway.

Sarah saw the men crowded together in a pool of light.  She saw the figure in the black beret as two of his aides stepped aside.  His back was to her.  His broad shoulders drooped wearily, but his hands moved with sure strokes, indicating actions on the battle map.  She could hear his voice but not the words ..."

"Terminator", -Frakes and Wisher

General JOHN CONNOR, minus his characteristic black beret, circa 2029 A.D.

RESISTANCE DATA FRAGMENT - 0345642345.212 - JOHN CONNOR - "John Connor" was born in early 1985. He was 10 years old in 1995, 12 years old in 1997, 15 years old in 2000, and 44 years old in 2029 AD when the coalition forces under his allied command took SKYNET off-line. 01052006AD, at the age of 21, he and Sarah Connor took a hand picked group of Special Forces and ex-mercenaries up from a forward camp in northern Mexico, crossed over the US border into Texas and began to attack Machine holdings there. Connor and his group were able to liberate stockpiles of advanced weapons and set up secure caches for later campaigns.  The group managed to work their way up through the Texas state territory, acquiring seventeen new recruits during their trek to Austin where they arrived in 04182006AD. There, at the Austin AFSCC installation, John, Sarah and a group of 63 men and women stormed the Austin AFSCC and liberated the prisoners there, learning first hand of the horror that was SKYNET. Of the prisoners who were liberated on that day, one was a seven year old boy named Kyle Reese (born best guess late 1999) who would join Connorís army and one day play a pivotal role in the war and in Connorís life.