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Incredible Paper Model of the "Icarus"


Jan entered the "Icarus" forum from out of the blue, announced that he had created a paper model of the "Icarus" and supplied a link to his website.  At first I was skeptical of his claim, since his website held nothing but paper models from the movies "ALIEN" and "ALIENS".  The "Icarus" model was no where to be found!   However, what I did see on his site made my jaw drop in awe and respect.  Jan is an incredible artist and modeler, he works paper model designs like a master and is clearly a leader in this field of hobby, let alone the best paper modeler I have ever come into contact with on the Internet.  If anyone could produce a paper model of the "Icarus", it would be Jan.

That very same day, I received an email from Jan with pictures attached of his "Icarus" model and my suspicions were confirmed.  It is simply amazing what Jan has created with card stock and by hand.

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Notice the plaque?  It reads "EARTH TO ALPHA CENTAURI"!
You'll also notice that Jan has added the mysterious 'EFTPOTA' and TV series 'side door'

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Look at the detail!  Notice the side door hatch seam on the far side.

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This shows the differences between the two versions Jan has produced.  On the left is the 'artistic' version,
on the right is what he refers to as the more 'realistic' version with skins taken from the movie cels and images!

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For those of you who might not be familiar with paper models, the concept is simple.  Someone designs a model form, reduces it to an image that is capable of being downloaded from the Internet, printed out on card stock (or thicker), and assembled with scissors, a hobby knife, glue, and patience.  All of the colors are there so no painting is necessary.  Best of all, most of the really good paper models are free!  Many are works of love by the artists and represent a significant amount of effort and skill to create the models.  This much is evident with Jan's entry into the "Icarus" mythos that we all share.

Jan will have this model available for download from his site and says that two models will be available, his 'stylistic' version (the blue water model), and a more accurate 'movie' version (the green water model) which actually uses a skin from the movie ship as a reference.

If you are a fan of the Ridley Scott "ALIEN" and James Cameron "ALIENS" movies as well, check out Jan's incredible APC and EEV models.   There will be more models in the future on Jan's site, including weapons from the movies, and the astounding UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship (to scale with the APC model!) that will contain over 400 parts alone to construct the model!

Drop Jan a line at his site and give him some praise and feedback.

Here is a link to start you on paper modeling:  SPACESTATION 42

Go there and look at the various paper models you can download, especially the science fiction section.


Questions or comments? Email ANSANAUT

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