Between 1984 and today, I have owned the following vehicles in this order:

        * Current toys owned.  Everything else is either long ago sold or was destroyed in some accident.



Super rare!!!! 1990 Pontiac Firebird Formulas, 1 of 5 built with these options in a short model year almost guaranteeing this was a special order RPO car instead of just a dealer ordered creampuff like most of the others (TBI, 2.77 open dif, 4 speed automatic, etc.). Sadly, she's probably the sole survivor of this very small production batch. I doubt if any of her other 4 sisters still survive. In four years, from 1986 to 1990, the LB9 5.0 liter "High Output" Tuned Port Injected V8 grew in power to almost rival that of the bigger L98 / B2L 5.7 liter V8 option. This 5.0 liter Formula makes 230 horsepower (40hp more than the same engine in the '86 TA above), more torque, has a 5 speed Borg Warner stick in her, and a 3.45 geared Borg Warner 9 bolt limited slip differential. She's a mid to low 14 second car from the factory. People have called it a "unicorn" and a "white whale" due to the fact that only a few hundred 1990 Formulas were produced with the 5 speed / 5.0 liter TPI combo. Unlike Chevy that made you jump through hoops backwards and check off a lot of boxes on the special order sheet, when you ordered a 1990 Pontiac Firebird Formula with a 5.0 liter TPI engine and the 5 speed transmission, Pontiac knew what you wanted to do and what you wanted to do was haul ass and blow the doors off of Ford's Mustang LX 5.0 and Mustang GT 5.0. Therefore, Pontiac didn't make you choose a bunch of extra boxes. No, if you ordered a Formula with the 5.0 TPI and 5 speed, Pontiac went ahead and gave you all the factory go-fast goodies like 4 wheel disc brakes, engine oil cooler, N10 dual catalytic converter exhaust, and a heavy duty 9 bolt Borg Warner 3.45 geared rear end. Stock, this car still screams and will reduce the rear hides to smoke if you choose to dance on the pedals and row through the gears!

If you want to see a car similar to this, with slightly less horsepower, being put through the moves, here's a great video for you!

1988 Honda Super Magna power cruiser turned power chopper project - 1 of about 3000 made. Ever.
This 750cc liquid cooled, DOHC-16V V4, six speed, shaft drive.

Eats HDs like the pussy flavored cupcakes that they are.