I found this ridiculous contraption in Jackson.  I'd seen it around a few times, but didn't have my camera with me.  When I found it again, I had my camera.  This is what I call "cheap rice", that is, it is an import 'racer' that is oh so wrong.  The only thing that would make this POS complete is a "TYPE-R" or an "VTEC" emblem on it somewhere.  See if you can spot what is wrong with this slapped together excuse for a Honda.

wpe62.jpg (21212 bytes)

We have a severe rice infection going on here.  All the symptoms are plain to see even to the untrained eye.  There are the clear tail lights, the ridiculous adjustable tail wing with hydraulic struts, the coffee can sized fart pipe exhaust canister, and the tacky ass full body graphics.

wpe6F.jpg (35889 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the clear tail lights, the aftermarket Honda badges, the adjustable spoiler, the clear tail lights, and the coffee can exhaust.  The only thing missing is a V-TEC emblem / sticker, and maybe a decal for J.C. WHITNEY.

wpe75.jpg (32192 bytes)

Here's a side view, with the "V-RACING" rear wind, tinted rear satellite windows, and body graphics.  Notice anything?  Very good.   This car is running on the cheapo wheels, those are bolt on factory hubcaps, with the cheap ass metal wheels under that.  This guy isn't even running any serious rubber or wheel combo, yet he needs a rear wing and a fart can.  Right.  My money in an import would have gone into the suspension first, not the cosmetic bullshit.

wpe76.jpg (34445 bytes)

Here we have the most telling sign of rice.  Another aftermarket Honda emblem, clear sidelights, "Ground Control" aero package, Honda "H" decals on each mirror, full length side stripes, some large hood symbol, and the full window decal that reads "TEAM ECCENTRIC".  Maybe it should read TEAM DUMBASS".  Notice the small, chrome plated fire extinguisher mounted on the passenger side front window rail.  It's just big enough to put out a cigarette.  You'll also notice the monster tach on the driver's side, but be patient, we'll get to that.  If you look at the bottom of the aero package, you'll notice it is all scraped up, and even broken in one area.  Maybe some suspension parts would have given him a better ride and allowed him to avoid whatever it was that he hit.  It's evident that the rear wing and the aero package didn't improve his handling.

wpe77.jpg (33081 bytes)


wpe79.jpg (52475 bytes)

Here's an interior shot.  Aftermarket stereo, monster 12,000 RPM adjustable shift tach with amber shift light.  Maybe that's a gauge and console package, I don't keep up enough to really make a determination.  The rest of the interior is bone stock, with the exception of the alloy racing pedals and the chrome plated fire extinguisher (not shown in this shot) on the passenger side window C-pillar.   Notice now that this car has two tachometers, one factory and one aftermarket.

You'll also notice that it's an A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C !

wpe7B.jpg (17956 bytes)

Dinky ass stock metal stamped wheels with bolt on wheel covers, no suspension work, no suspension mods.  If this car will rev to 12 grand and needs a rear wing to keep it on the ground with a stock wimpy-ass suspension and doughnut tires, I can't figure out how.  All of this just goes to prove that there is a big difference between import owners and ricer boys.

Import owners have a brain... and at least understand the basics of both hot rodding and mechanical engineering.