Cynthia Llyn Bullock
July 11, 1993

“Together, they begin a journey . . .

The freedom of the road beckons. As the animal beneath them comes to life, its roar echoes their cries for a release. The vibration of its engine deadens all senses- but one...

She, holding fast, traces her fingers down his body – outlining the contours of his features. Desire stirs within her as his muscles strain to gain control… His body is held in place by the tight grip of her legs encircling him… he does not slip. The movement of the motorcycle leaves each breathless as together they drop into a valley… and race again to the top. The steady moan of tires gripping the pavement is only magnified by the present silence – save for a whisper of a hot wind on the neck and chest.

Twisting their bodies to meet a curve, the horse beneath them responds. Darkness caresses and teases the single beam of light. The night lies awaiting them … tempting them to plunge deeper into the void of pleasure.

The temptation is too great…!

Together – they begin a journey …”


by Cynthia Llyn Bullock
written 7/11/93




Note- I thought this little musing was lost forever and I deeply regretted it.   When Cindy and I first started dating, we used to go everywhere on my '84 Honda VF500F Interceptor.  Shortly after our first ride at night on a date, I showed her my VF500F musing.  She was so moved by the musing and by our ride together that she came up with a musing of her own.  She even did a painting of a couple on a sportbike riding through a twisty, moon-lit road at night.  I wish I could find that painting ... It may be lost to the mists of time now but when she gave me the painting and this musing ... wow!

Little did I know this would be the woman that I would marry.

Or ... maybe I did.