Jeff Wronski sent me this email the other night and I found it quite humorous.   It speaks volumes for the ignorance of the typical Harley advocate and Mr. Wronski is a perfect example of a subspecies that I have discovered in the last year; Mr. Wronski is a sheep-wannabe.  If you thought it was bad to be labeled as a sheep, what do you think of someone who aspires to be a sheep?  However, Mr. Wronski is just not good enough to be a sheep, though that is apparently his highest ambition in life.    His email implies severe underlying mental problems with a tendency to approach differences of opinion with suggestions of extreme graphic violence.  I bet he likes NASCAR.

You would be amazed at how many threats and death wishes I receive via email for the Harley article.  The more harsh ones I simply report to the sender's ISP and get them removed from their ISP service. The funnier ones I will share with you, as it goes to show the typical white trash, trailer-park attitude displayed by the average Harley owner.  Does Mr. Wronski ride a Harley?  No.  He wishes he could, that much is very obvious.  Why doesn't he ride a Harley?  I think it is because even Harley owners have standards... low as those may be, and Mr. Wronski just doesn't measure up.


From: Joe Wronski <jwronski>
Cc: NEDoD" <>

Subject:  no subject

I ride a Suzuku and still, I think the world would be a better place if you
pulled the anti-Harley stick out of your ass and jammed it into both of your
eyeballs until you are very, very dead.

Joe D. Wronski  1996 GSF600 "Back in the saddle again"

______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED     _______________

To: Jwronski

Mr. Wronski,

You are irrefutable living proof that anal sex is not a viable method for birth control. The only reason that you ride a Suzuki instead of a Harley is because Milwaukee doesn't make a model with training wheels.

End yourself, you spastic lemming-chimp. It's the only way...


My reply to him took all of three minutes to formulate, type, and send.  I have better things to do than waste time with such an ignorant example of the human race.  Mr. Wronski is scientific proof that when it comes to measuring IQ on a points scale, it is possible to have a non-reducing fraction as a final determining score.  Too bad we have to round to the nearest whole number, especially in his case, but it seems to work to his advantage...

The fact that Mr. Wronski carbon-copied (Cc'ed) a 'members only' group such as shows that he wished to claim some personal glory in sending such a email to me and to share this email with other, similar closed minded tiny brained sheep like it was a personal pennant for his self perceived intellect.  The fact that Mr. Wronski was sending this email to myself and to his parent organization speaks volumes for the character of membership that this organization calls as its base and his very real need to be accepted by other members of this flock.  Apparently those whom they deem 'good enough' to let be included in their flock include the likes of Mr. Wronski.  If Mr. Wronski meets the minimum requirements for a member of this group, you have to realize that their standards are then certainly almost non-existent, or so low as to be at the point that you have to wonder why they have a 'member' status at all.

I simply [reply all]'ed to Mr. Wronski's email and received a message that the admin of would review my message before submitting it, since it was stated in the message that I was a non-member.  I chuckled at that and deleted the automated reply.   Sigh.  Another useless group of close-minded, tiny brained self propelled motor-nazis, striking violently out at people who have a different opinion from theirs, from a safe refuge behind the gate that holds their flock in and allows access and opinions to be filtered through only as they desire them to be.

If Mr. Wronski is the chosen 'champion' for and as such, speaks for the collective flock, given Mr. Wronski's presented (in)abilities, must be desperate for genetic material to put so much faith in such a spastic scrote sack.  I have a can hugger that fits this group perfectly.   It says:


Remember:  if you are the baddest sheep in the flock, you are still just a sheep.