VTWIN stopped by long enough to say:


Joker.  Please continue putting out the sorry ass articles that you write.

Us 1% er's love to laugh!

~Daniel Lipman

"The Big Red Machine"  (which is either his Harley or his wife's Sybian, pretty much one and the same. -BE)


To which I almost immediately replied...

Ah, good! 

Here I have yet another self proclaimed "1%'er" appearing in my email inbox.  That makes about fifteen so far this month.  They really should stop selling those stupid little iron-on "1%" patches at Sturgis as it only goes to more easily identify the absolute bottom dregs of the LCD in society that Harley sells their obsolete products to in order to stay in business.

Like I've said before, you may be the baddest sheep in the flock, Daniel (or you may think you are) but you're still just a sheep in a big pasture of mediocrity.  If you really were different, if you really were among the top one percent of the human race (as you like to think that you are), then you certainly wouldn't be riding a Harley because, honestly, you wouldn't need to.  The fact that you willingly subscribe to the pagan religion that is Harley Davidson, let alone the fact that you are proud of your ignorance goes far to prove that you are no where near what you say you are.

I'm curious though... people who drop the term "1%'er" seldom are what they claim to be, let alone even know what the term means or where it originated.  Please define, in as much detail as you can, as to exactly what makes you think you are a "1%'er" or at least, what you think makes you so much better than everyone else, especially me.

I'm eagerly awaiting a long stream of tired old clichés, double wide philosophy, or well known HD advertising material as the basis for your laughable claim, but you may surprise me.  Chances are, you won't.  The Faithful aren't really known for being overly intelligent let alone original.  The bottom line is, you just made a rather bold claim and you didn't provide any proof.  I'm calling your bluff so let's see if your vibration addled brain can cash the check your ego just wrote.


A few hours later, VTWIN sent this:

Your response is not even worth reading.....DELETE.


And I almost immediately replied:

Oh, goody!  I see that the ego-based check you tried to write just bounced, as I fully expected it would.  That's because you made a ridiculous claim which you knew nothing about let alone the fact that you could never realistically support such a claim with any real world proof.  Thank you, Daniel, for being totally predictable and for being true to what you really are because, after all, 1% of nothing is still, well, nothing.

Like I always say; "if you don't expect too much from Harley owners, they might not let you down."  You're living proof of that theory, Daniel.  Oh, this exchange is so going on the next update to AA.  I love it when I catch the posers in the act of trying to be something that they never can be.

Enjoy your iron-on patch and wear it proudly, sir!  Who knows ...?  One day, you might actually fool someone with it ... but not today.