To:              blackecho
prick who hates harley riders and doesn't own a bike
Date:          September 3, 2006

When you own a bike you can have an opinion. Until then shut the F@@! up.




To which I replied



Great Sisyphus' Leather Loincloth! 

You really don't have a clue, do you?   Since you don't understand, let me explain to you just how my life works; I am a misanthrope therefore you are irrelevant.  When (and IF ) you ever do become relevant to me then you may offer advice to me; however, since you are obviously intellectually challenged (the politically correct way to say that you're stupid), I'd probably be better off ignoring anything you have to offer me in the way of advice since it wouldn't be worth the air it took to deliver.  Now, because you have no direct bearing whatsoever in my life, the chance of you spontaneously becoming relevant to me in some capacity (thus having any impact at all in determining how I live my life) is about as likely as Janet Reno putting on black thigh highs, a black thong and appearing as next month's centerfold in Penthouse magazine. 

I do own a bike, Sparky; I ride a black 2004 Honda CBR600RR, purchased and owned since it was brand new.  Itís a very nice bike that is surgical scalpel sharp and packed to the teeth with ultra-high technology.  The very same ultra-high  technology found in Hondaís highly successful world class competition and engineering program which made the RC211V possible in the first place (let alone let the RC211V win race after race after race after race)That world class technology, born in the fires of competition, has trickled down to the street and my CBR600RR is the direct linear descendent of the RC211V race program, minus a cylinder, in street form. 

Let me go over the technical highlights of my personal choice in motorcycles for you.

2004 Honda CBR600RR Superbike. 



Engine Type

4-stroke liquid-cooled  In-line four cylinder


599cc (36cid)

Bore x stroke

67.0 x 42.5mm

Compression ratio


Valve System

Chain driven double overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder


Dual stage PGM-FI fuel injection
8x fuel injectors
Ram forced air box


Computer-controlled digital transistorized with real-time three-dimensional mapping




115 hp @ 13,250 RPM


44.5 ft / lbs. @ 11,250 RPM

Maximum Engine Speed

15,500 RPM


Close-ratio six speed

Frame Type

Extruded aluminum frame and swingarm

Rake / trail

24.0 degrees / 3.7 inches


54.7 inches

Suspension- Front

45mm HMAS cartridge fork with spring-preload, rebound- and compression damping adjustability

Suspension- Rear

Unit Pro-Link HMAS single-shock with spring-preload, rebound- and compression damping adjustability

Tires, Front / Rear

Tubeless radial; 120/70ZR-17; 180/55ZR-17

Brakes- Front

Dual 310mm discs with Nissin four-piston calipers

Brakes- Rear

Single 220mm disc with Nissin single-piston caliper

Seat height

32.3 inches

Fuel Capacity

4.8 gallons

Cruising range

160 miles

Dry weight

370 pounds


10.63 @ 130.22 mph

Top speed


Retail cost

$8499.00 USD (in black, red, or yellow)

No reverse gear.  No electronic cruise control.  No CB radio.  No AM / FM stereo with CD player.  No heated seats.  No heated hand grips.  No captain's chairs.  No fold down arm rests.  No huge windscreen.  No sissy bars.  No highway pegs.  No window wiper.  No saddlebags.  No chrome.  No leather.  No tassels.  No custom mural.  No cup holders.  No trailer hitch.  No extraneous Epicurean options, just man and machine, joined in symbiotic fusion with the hands, ass and feet on the grips, seat and pegs.

She's my daily 75 mile plus commuter rain or shine. 

She pulls 70mph on the highway at an easy 6000 RPM. Whisper quiet unless you gouge on the throttle then it has a nice, authoritative primal roar that you hear about the same time as you notice that you are eating up highway at a velocity close to being considered warp speed, especially when the second battery of four fuel injectors comes online and the engine starts screaming towards its stratospheric 15,000 RPM redline with all eight injectors going into shower mode dumping fuel into the engine. Liquid smooth, no vibration and as sharp as it is at the track, it is as easy to live with on the street. Over 16,000 trouble free miles in two years of ownership so far averaging 42 miles per gallon. All of this while being perfectly bone stock and ridden right off the showroom floor for the paltry sum of just $7500 with no waiting and no ludicrous lifestyle that I had to subscribe to in order to be accepted by others who rode a bike similar to my own. Stock for stock, the Honda CBR600RR will smoke anything produced by Harley Davidson, from the biggest Evo powered Sportsters all the way up to and including the import heart powered V-Rod (which is itself 30 miles per hour slower on the top end, almost two seconds slower in the quarter mile, weighs over 200 pounds more than my bike and costs over twice what my bike cost).

Yes, not only do I currently OWN (and ride the HELL out of) a bike but I ride one of the most advanced, fastest, and best handling production motorcycles in the world (something you obviously cannot in turn claim to do). I've been riding for over 27 years now and have owned many bikes and ridden many others, all different types from domestic to import, on road and off road, therefore I feel that I'm more than entitled to an opinion about motorcycles (and about the kind of people who own those motorcycles), especially if I have to deal with these dullards on a daily basis (and especially if it is my own opinion and not someone elseís opinion). Iím entitled to an original opinion of my own, an opinion based on and backed up by cold, hard facts and research which I have done continuously over the years. These are cold, hard facts which cannot be disputed by you or your kind, no matter how much you rant and rave or how much make-believe store bought bravado you try to bring into the argument.

Now, the last thing that I did notice about your email was the email extension itself: @ Bah. You use America Online which means that you are nothing but a pathetic AOLoser bleating like the sad, indolent sheep that you are. Nothing screams "I AM  A MONUMENTAL RETARD" and ďTHE ONLY WAY I CAN GET ON THE INTERNET IS BY SKIPPING MERRILY THROUGH THE BIGGEST PASTURE OF SUB-MORON PAP KNOWN TO MAN !"  than by having an AOL account. Since you obviously donít understand this, Iíll just rephrase your bit of poorly worded advice and hand it right back to you: ďTo the prick who uses AOL and doesn't have a real ISP... When you do get a real ISP then you can email me. Until then shut the fuck up.Ē

Please notice the correct use of the highly profane and banal word "fuck" since "F@@!" isn't a real word (in fact, "F@@!" is a "word" that is only used by ten year old AOL users who want to act like 20 year old AOL users while they are in a chat room pretending to be 30 year old AOL users in the vain hope that they might get a chance to see some real boobies on a webcam). Profanity isn't for retards or sissies; if you're going to use profanity on the Internet then you had better have the God-given balls to use that profanity correctly or donít bother using profanity at all.

Thus I refute thee and you do stand corrected, chimp.