"All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance."
Edward Gibbon (1737 - 1794)


From:         Steve Thompson austinman99@yahoo.com
To:              me
Date:          Sat, May 9, 2009 at 4:08 PM
Subject:     Terminator site:

Hey twelve year old, Just as a few years ago, Chrissy tries to Shield his well used and sore asshole from the line of men standing waiting for their turn, but to no avail. Number twenty five rubs his Chrissy and slips the four inch head into Chrissy's' well worn brown eye. I am happy to forward your website as well as the many sophomoric attempts at put downs you have posted on the Internet to your employer(it was easy to find)so they can see how you spend your non-homosexual time. Bet your boyfriend will be devastated when you lose your job as a rent-a-cop and have to go back to earning your pathetic living giving blow jobs at the local truck stop bathroom. Now flame on flaming fag.


And I replied

Steve Thompson hasn't emailed me in some time but he has emailed me before which means that while Steve isn't new to how this game is played he apparently has forgotten the proper rules of engagement and etiquette ... as well as how to communicate and act like a basic decent human being during a civilized debate. No problem, we'll just play by his rules this time around because, after all, turn about is fair play. Confidence is high that by the time Steve finishes reading this reply he won't be quite as happy as he was when he decided to send this second email to me.

Long time visitors to American Angst may or may not remember Steve's first idiotic email to me way back when as his first email really wasn't that impressive nor did his first email seem to come from a person who could honestly be described as having what marginally passed for a barely functioning high school education. In fact, Steve's first email really didn't warrant that much of a response nor was much of a response given at that time. However, things are a little different now because Steve decided to just not leave well enough alone and chose instead to misbehave again.

Before we get too deep into this dirty little chore, I believe that some background information on Steve Thompson is in order because I feel that it is important that you, dear reader, understand what kind of pathetic loser Steve Thompson really is. I ask you for five minutes of your time to take a detour from the debate here as five minutes is about all Steve Thompson is worth of anyone's time (and about all it takes to sum up his entire life, more or less).

Stephen ("Steve") T. Thompson (obviously the "T" stands for "Tard") claims to be a former Marine and a Vietnam vet ("You don't know, man!!! You weren't there!!!") which I’m sure he brags about (a la John Kerry) ad nauseam to anyone who can't didi mau most ricky tick out of his immediate vicinity. Apparently service and duty are both very important to Steve, as are patriotism and loyalty; the only problem is that Steve doesn't really understand the first thing about service, duty, patriotism or loyalty … his ownership of a Harley Davidson and his fealty-like loyalty to the Motor Company clearly shows this to be true.

For what it is worth, Steve's self-claimed military service information is provided below and found freely on several military sites that Steve has proudly posted his sad, waxing nostalgic drivel upon ...

Stephen T. Thompson
Steve Thompson
Steve T. Thompson
2421874, USMC 1968 to 1970
Alpha 1/1 (First Battalion / First Marine)
1st MarDiv, RVN (Republic of Vietnam) 1968-69

The last I knew of Steve he lived in Leander, Texas (on the northern outskirts of Austin) and worked in what he referred to as the “health profession” which means that he could be employed in just about anything from delivering medical supplies to a hospital to working in a state licensed massage parlor where he's the janitor that has to clean the rooms after the customers request a “happy ending.” I’ve got his current street address, the names of all the members of his family, a picture of his house, a satellite view of his house, a map to his house, details on his house (what it’s worth, square footage, how many baths, etc.) and even his home phone number all courtesy of public information listed on the Internet and free to view with about 2 minutes of rather simple research … in other words, I have everything that Steve didn’t bother to share with me in his emails (and a whole lot of stuff that he probably really didn’t ever want me to have on him or know about him and his family).

In retrospect, it is obvious that Steve Thompson has not had an easy life. After the loss of his arm, he attended medical training, earned his pilots license (probably becoming fully certified in Microsoft Flight Simulator), and still managed to ride his Harley Davidson regularly (though I imagine that the expensive addition of a pair of heavy duty weld-on training wheels helped a lot in that last regard) though bare handed rock climbing, applauding during patriotic events, playing the piano, doing bench presses, driving a vehicle with a manual transmission or performing the common courtesy of a well deserved reach-around did give Steve no small amount of trouble these past few years.

Steve claims that he is a member in a group of current and former Marines called the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club, the Texas chapter nearest his locale is laughingly named the “Lone Star Devil Dogs.”

Yeah, I know ...

The Lone Star Devil Dogs.

The name of Steve’s club sounds more like a pack of made-in-Texas, spicy ready to grill wieners that you might find in the meat section of your favorite grocery store than it does a bunch of hardcore bikers. How big are Lone Star Devil Dogs? Well, they’re probably closer to a cocktail weenie than anywhere near bun length or foot long in size.

“Come and get ‘em! Step right up! Get your Lone Star Devil Dogs right here! Fresh off the grill! Yes, they’re tiny because they’re just pretend hot dogs! No meat, all filler and you get twenty-five to a pack!”

If you want to put a few chuckles under your belt, feel free to check out the official Lone Star Devil Dogs motorcycle club website. Since Steve has emailed me not once but twice and since he brags that he is a club member in good standing with the Lone Star Devil Dogs then I consider Steve to officially represent the Lone Star Devil Dogs of Texas in everything he does and says and by that representation, I consider him to have invited anyone who reads his two emails to visit the club’s website and see for yourself just what he and his club members are all about. Here’s a hint, folks … do you know what the difference between a real motorcycle club and a little play motorcycle club? Real motorcycle clubs don’t have websites.

The Lone Star Devil Dogs aren’t very hard to find on the Internet; just type in the name of the club into Google and voila!  http://www.devildogsmc.org/

Upon further review, membership requirements in the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club, let alone the Lone Star Devil Dogs, obviously were quite low in the past if they allowed someone as pathetic as Steve to join let alone allowed someone like him to go around claiming to be a member in good standing. Maybe they just felt sorry for Steve because this guy is pretty pathetic when measured on his own.

And speaking of Steve Thompson … Great ode to joy!

Lookee what I found posted on the Lone Star Devil Dogs motorcycle club website! Yes, the really good news about the club website is that if you look under the various photo albums available on the website you can even find a picture of Steve “Bandit” Thompson (and that’s just what the picture says his name is … “Steve “Bandit” Thompson”). So, for those who want to know what Steve “Bandit” Thompson looks like, here he is in all of his poser glory … It should also be noted that Steve’s physical handicap would make him more of a “one-armed Bandit” in hindsight.


Steve “Bandit” Thompson

... proudly brandishing the kind of cigar that
is commonly marketed to women.


Oh, I am laughing now.

Let’s see … angry Vietnam veteran? Vest with lots and lots of patches? Rides a Harley because it’s American made and it’s his patriotic duty to do so?




Can you say “cliché”? I bet you can say “cliché” faster than you can say “stereotype” but in the final analysis Steve T. Thompson is both a cliché and a stereotype and that adds up to one sadly pathetic life mainly because it’s all that he has and all he ever will have, be that as it may.

Sorry, I’m still laughing because knowing that Steve Thompson is part of a motorcycle club called the Lone Star Devil Dogs and the fact that he is such a tremendous weenie is just too ironic. From the look of his protruding gut and the fact that his throat is actively trying to reclaim his chin I’m guessing that the only thing that this “bandit” has ever strong armed is a delivery truck full of Hostess Twinkies. Yes, folks, it’s kind of hard to “win their hearts and minds” when you’re as ugly and stupid as Steve is.

Where did I find out all of this information about Steve, you ask?

Oh, that's easy!  Steve told me all of this stuff himself. No, not in person, but these are his words and all of this I found on various websites by doing about a few minutes worth of backtracking this retarded gibbon across the web.

So there you have it, the five minute background on Steve T. Thompson, his life story, what he looks like, what he represents, who he represents and how he represents them. People like Steve amuse me because their mis-constructed sense of self-importance and self-worth in this world is completely undermined by their deep-rooted cluelessness, their stunning ignorance, their abject stupidity, their glaring naivety, their lock-step bumbling ineptitude and their comical hypocrisy. A large portion of HD owners are hypocrites because hypocrites are naturally drawn to Harley Davidson as so much of the core Harley Davidson system of beliefs is itself based on hypocrisy and has been for decades. It’s just a simple case of the old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.”

To keep you, dear reader, from flipping back through this website looking for Steve’s first email, I’ll just copy and paste his original email (and my succinct reply) here for you to either enjoy for the first time or for you to enjoy all over again.

In fact, I can do even better than that.

How about a two-for-one special! Yes, let’s do just that! Let’s analyze both of Steve’s emails, in the order that they were received and have some fun with them, shall we? I think we should since once you read both of the emails in order Steve’s hypocrisy becomes all the more readily apparent.

Steve Thompson – austinman99@yahoo.com said: "Get a real bike! As a wannabee who obviously can't afford a Harley, you are a sad wannabee cop too. What a joke you are....what misguided energy that could better be directed at something worthwhile.People like you are one of the BAD things about the internet. You and porn. -Steve"

And I replied: "You know, if I had beaten the dog up the stairs then I'd have been your father, Steve."

And that was that … short, sweet and succinct … or so I thought. Now, Steve has decided to send me another of his silly little ignorant emails. That wasn’t a really good idea, folks, especially if you go about it like Steve has and especially if you do it with the venom and vigor that Steve has put forth.

In hindsight, the only two reasons why I ever posted Steve’s first email on my website is because his email made me chuckle and because it was yet another clear and telling example of how all Harley owners think by numbers, of how their thought processes are all similar and preprogrammed, and of how they have been brainwashed by the hillbillies in Milwaukee. Indeed, the hillbillies in Milwaukee have discovered an art that has eluded the most scholarly and learned men throughout the centuries … alchemy.

Alchemy is the science / magic of turning one substance into another, or more specifically, of the desire to find a way to turn something that is worthless into something that has considerable value and in the case of Harley Davidson, they learned back in the 1980’s how to turn slapped together dog shit into pure gold and they doubled the value of their product by wrapping it in an American flag and then sinking their marketing department sights into the lowest depths of uneducated white trash America that they could. In that regard, Harley Davidson found mountains of heretofore undiscovered money in clueless people who desperately wanted to be something, to be someone, to be accepted not for who they were but rather for what they owned. Now, you might think that Harley Davidson is mining the shallow end of the gene pool but it goes way beyond that … when it comes to maintaining a perpetual customer base, Harley Davidson has skipped the shallow end of the gene pool all together and they’ve started siphoning straight from the thickest congealed depths of the genetic septic tank.

When I say that Harley owners are as predictable as they are stupid, I mean it and Steve Thompson is the rule rather than the exception. His first email is a boring bit of blather that draws from the ignorant think-by-numbers mindset that all Harley owners share as part of their collective ignorance. Here is Steve’s first email broken down by numbers in the Milwaukee Orthodoxy; 1, 15, and 33 … in that order, with just enough spittle and lip lather thrown in to hold it all together. Three clearly defined points of the Milwaukee Orthodoxy in four simple lines of text. That’s pretty pathetic folks and it shows a clear lack of any original thinking on Steve’s part. Steve’s not defending the Milwaukee faith, no; he’s merely regurgitating the same tired old catechism on demand, a catechism that I figured out a long time ago and a catechism that will sound all too familiar to those who frequent this site.

The truth is that Harley Davidson defines these posers so completely that if you took the Harley away from any one of these losers they would sit down on the curb and cry louder than a lost child in Walmart. Why? Simply because without Milwaukee telling them what to do, what to think, what to say, how to act and how to dress they would quickly become invalids, unable to function on a daily basis without the template and instruction set that Milwaukee delivers through its long defunct motorcycle company turned trendy fashion and lifestyle provider now turned redneck pagan religion. Harley Davidson is their life, Harley Davidson is their belief, Harley Davidson is their faith and Harley Davidson is their savior because without their Harley Davidsons, no one would ever give these posers the time of day. The Motor Company has its own catechism which these zealots can (and do) recite on demand. It’s all quite sad, if you look at the big picture of just how far down these people have allowed their selves to willingly sink … or worse, to be blindly led … into the lower strata of society where they currently reside.

Apparently, in Steve’s opinion, telling the truth, using historical facts and figures to do so, standing up for traditional America, ridiculing posers and pretenders who think that you can buy a reputation rather than have to earn one, and defending this country’s flag against those who would wipe their asses with Old Glory are all the equivalent of Internet porn. Even though I really couldn’t quite understand the concept that my website was on a level equal to Internet porn, even though I couldn’t quite understand what Steve meant by what he said, I had to simply look at his rather telling vacuum of intelligence as well as his obvious deficit of education and in doing so I did find his email just humorous enough to allow Steve a very tiny place on my website.

But what about my original reply to his first email?

Well, now knowing that Steve is in his late ‘50’s or early ‘60’s and understanding that I’ve just turned 40, it would be illogical, in hindsight, to think that I could have ever been Steve’s father. As such, my first response to Steve has pretty much been invalidated at this point, clever as it may have been.  Now, since I have some spare time to deal with Steve Thompson then let’s look at his first email again before we tackle his latest email.

Steve Thompson – austinman99@yahoo.com  said:
"Get a real bike!”

You will note that Steve commands me to “get a real bike” when the truth is that the bike he rides is merely a copy of a bike that was already outdated and outclassed by the European and Japanese products when it was brand new way back in the 1950’s. Harley Davidson has been playing “last dog on the sled team” to the British and the Japanese since the 1950’s and to the Germans since the late 1930’s.

So … I should get a real bike?!

Steve’s choice of bike is defined mainly by a hollow image and to a lesser degree, by the flatulent sound it makes (where the sound itself is a byproduct of the overall retarded engine design). Steve’s bike is not defined by the amount of engineering, technology or performance that goes into producing his bike since so very little of any of those three commodities actually go into making a Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson has made a name for itself based on the shallowest of properties that any commercial product could ever exhibit. Steve’s bike is wholly defined by qualities that in anything other than a Harley Davidson would instantly be recognized as “poser” in nature. Harley Davidson is all about image without substance, form over function, sound over performance and fashion over safety and that trend started way back in the 1950’s and continues strong today. In other words, HD talks the talk but has never walked the walk because they can’t. Like the engines that power their outdated designs, Harley Davidson is all noise and no performance.

Compared to my 2004 Honda CBR600RR, Steve might as well be riding around on something that Fred Flintstone chiseled out of rock and slapped together using wood, dry vines and brontosaur dung to glue it all off together. In fact, one of Harley Davidson’s fully authorized pieces of inspirational art shows a cave man chiseling a Harley out of stone … Or at least I think it is stone … it could be a great big pile of dried out brontosaur dung that he’s sitting on which would easily explain some of the known build quality issues with HD products.

Personally, I think that this is the greatest piece of Harley art ever produced and probably the first real bit of “truth in advertising” that the Motor Company has released in the last four decades.

Harley Davidson “Evolution”

Look at those utility pole sized fork tubes and that freight train headlight! The forks have to be that diameter to support all of that weight … as well as the not inconsiderable weight of the bike itself. I’m surprised that the ignition system for this antique doesn’t involve a kick start that strikes two rocks together to make a spark. Oh well, this clearly shows not only what the typical HD motorcycle is made out of but it also gives us a glimpse of a highly skilled HD trained technician using his highly advanced tools to work on the superior engineered type of bike that Milwaukee produces.

There are many instances where scientists have found primitive stone tools at archaeology sites all around the world and while scientists believe that this indicates a past history of tool making for early mankind, I would postulate that the discovery of these stone tools merely indicates the presence of failed HD dealerships that went under and has simply been forgotten.

Get a real bike?

I already have a real bike, thank you, Mr. Thompson. A very real, very serious bike. My bike was built using technology, engineering and science so far in advance of anything that you and Milwaukee are capable of comprehending (let alone producing or as Harley is famous for, reproducing) that my bike might as well have been assembled by arcane magic for all the noggin scratching that the hillbillies in Milwaukee would do over it. The silly odiferous Neanderthals in Milwaukee would probably whoop and holler, waving rusty wrenches and mushroom headed hammers in the air while they knuckle danced and knee shuffled around my Honda CBR600RR in a display that would be eerily reminiscent of that scene at the opening of Stanley Kubrick’s late ‘60’s science fiction masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Then there is the fact that my CBR600RR is descended from a world class championship winning design (the word “championship” is also something that is totally unfamiliar to both HD and HD owners … unless it involves additional words like championship tractor-pulls, championship line dancing, and championship tobacco spitting). In short, a Harley owner like Steve Thompson telling an import owner like me (especially an import sport bike owner who rides something as high performance and as advanced as a 2004 Honda CBR600RR), to “get a real bike” is like a high school dropout with a primer covered ’77 Ford Pinto telling a college graduate with a brand new bright red Ferrari Enzo to “get a real car.”

“As a wannabee who obviously can't afford a Harley, you are a sad wannabee cop too.”

Ah, the old “you don’t like Harley Davidson therefore you are unfit to be a police officer” line matched up with the “you don’t like Harley Davidson because you can’t afford to own a Harley Davidson” retarded duo of numbered preprogrammed thinking. I’ve never understood either of those lines of thinking but they sure are popular with wind up robots like Steve. Steve refers to me as a “wannabe”, a “wannabe cop” and further claims that the only logical reason for me not liking Harley Davidson is because I obviously can’t afford a Harley Davidson … like anyone can really be said to be able to afford to be retarded or would actually pay lots of money in order to appear retarded let alone desire to actually be retarded in the first place.  Paying good money to own a Harley Davidson is like paying someone to kick you in the nuts and then telling all your friends how great it felt.  I find it utterly hilarious that a Harley owner, a pathetic loser who spends their store-bought life lost in a world of pseudo-patriotic make-believe, is calling me a “wannabe.”

The hypocrisy is as rich as it is delicious because every single Harley owner in the world is nothing more than a wannabe.

Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there are only two types of motorcyclists in the world: those who own Harleys and those who are smart enough not to.

So … I can’t afford a Harley … ?

Yes, this is the part of Steve’s first email that I personally find hilarious because here is a Harley owner who lives in a house that is half the size of my house, a house worth about half of what my house is worth and he’s telling me that I can’t afford a Harley. Like I said, I’ve seen Steve’s house (from the street and from a satellite view looking down on it from space), I know where it is, I know pretty much everything there is to know about it courtesy of realtor information that I found freely listed on the Internet and I can say that regardless of how I look at where Steve lives, I’m just really not impressed with his ramshackle domicile.

Surprised, maybe, but definitely not impressed.

You see, I’m surprised that someone as uneducated and as stunningly ignorant as Steve is actually does live in a house, albeit one the size that he does, because the way that Steve carries himself in a debate would lend any intelligent person to believe that this angry gibbon lived in a rusty old mobile home in a run-down trailer park. Alas, Steve believes me to be poor but the truth is that if I were to magically trade houses with Steve then I would have to sell half of what I own and even then it would be a crowded fit to try to squeeze my family and I into Steve’s miniscule Texas shack. Yes, one look at Steve’s house reminds me again exactly of the many reasons why I’ve never been a real fan of the style of architecture or the build quality that Habitat For Humanity is noted for …

Now, the last part of Steve’s first email dovetails nicely with the first part of his second email and that is where his hypocrisy will truly come to light.

“People like you are one of the BAD things about the internet. You and porn.”

This is an interesting statement to make.

Now, if Steve lumps my website into the same category of decadence and filth that online pornography represents then Steve really is clueless about the content and meaning of my website (but then we already knew that). The main difference between us is that I am an American for who I am while Steve Thompson is an American only because of what he owns.  I equate being an American with my birthright (my family has been in this country since before the American Civil War) and not with a designer label. 

When you start to base your worth and your value on what you own rather than who you are … when all that you are is based upon what you can lay your hands on … then you become something far less than that which you base your life upon. Think about it … Harley Davidson is a pathetic joke and has been for decades now yet people like Steve look up to this pathetic joke with what amounts to reverence and awe … That kind of says something about the people who own and ride Harley Davidsons … if Harley is a joke and if these people look up to Harley Davidson as something to aspire to then I think we’ve just tragically discovered that the collective bar for human intellect can be set to far lower levels than was previously feared.

However, it is important to note here that Steve personally (though erroneously) considers my website and online pornography not only distasteful but to actually be equal in wretchedness and filth. To Steve’s narrow mind, my website and what I write are the equivalent in social value of Internet porn. Keep this in mind, dear reader, because that viewpoint of his is about to come around and bite Steve Thompson in the soft and tender parts.

Now, let’s look at Steve’s second email again. Yes, while Steve’s first email was the work of a moron, Steve has decided to follow up his original email with a homoerotic opus the likes of which Boy George, George Michael and Elton John could only dream of ever composing.

Here is Steve’s second email in its entirety, again.

From:         Steve Thompson austinman99@yahoo.com
To:              me
Date:          Sat, May 9, 2009 at 4:08 PM
Subject:     Terminator site:

Hey twelve year old, Just as a few years ago, Chrissy tries to Shield his well used and sore asshole from the line of men standing waiting for their turn, but to no avail. Number twenty five rubs his Chrissy and slips the four inch head into Chrissy's' well worn brown eye. I am happy to forward your website as well as the many sophomoric attempts at put downs you have posted on the Internet to your employer(it was easy to find)so they can see how you spend your non-homosexual time. Bet your boyfriend will be devastated when you lose your job as a rent-a-cop and have to go back to earning your pathetic living giving blow jobs at the local truck stop bathroom. Now flame on flaming fag.

A simple note needs to be made here before we go any further ....

Keen readers will notice that the subject of Steve’s email is: “Terminator site:” rather than an insult or anything having to do with Harley Davidson itself. What this means is that Steve emailed me from a link he found on my Terminator website (not my American Angst website) because he obviously believed that I may have blocked his email address or added him to the spam list and thus he felt that this ridiculous email of his and his silly little narrow minded views would only reach me if he tried to “Trojan Horse” them into my email box by sticking them inside an email that was disguised as something totally unrelated to my American Angst site. That’s pretty sad, in hindsight, that Steve thought his email was so good that he had to resort to rather obvious trickery in the hope that I would read it because his email really isn’t that good. In other words, the delivery vehicle is worth far more than the contents it is transporting.

Here’s some advice … cretins like Steve and his brethren don’t have to try to hide their ignorance from me and they don’t have to smuggle it in to my email box under false pretenses, hoping that they can trick me into reading their pathetic, ignorance saturated emails. They don’t have to do this at all (and the effort to do so is wasted on their part) because I’m looking for ignorance and stupidity like theirs all the time. Emails like Steve’s are the premium fuel that this website requires to operate efficiently. Emails like Steve’s are what shows the rest of the world what kind of uneducated losers that Harley owners really are. When I say that HD owners are their own worst enemies, I’m not shoveling smoke, people and if you want proof of that, let’s get started on the body of Steve’s second email to me; it begins with a rather sick and twisted homoerotic / possibly pedophilic based gang rape fantasy which I really don’t understand as having anything to do at all with Harley Davidson (or the ongoing debate at hand) but Steve somehow thought it was important enough to include in his email so let’s look at it now.

“Hey twelve year old, Just as a few years ago, Chrissy tries to Shield his well used and sore asshole from the line of men standing waiting for their turn, but to no avail. Number twenty five rubs his Chrissy and slips the four inch head into Chrissy's' well worn brown eye.”

First off, did you immediately recognize the rather blatant hypocrisy?

Steve ended his last email with his personal opinion that online pornography and my website were two of the really BAD things about the Internet but here Steve opens his second email with what could have been a paragraph that was copied and pasted from one of those online porn sites that he (supposedly) detests (yet probably frequently visits). If you read the first part of Steve’s email (and you really shouldn’t have to do that more than once), you come to the sudden realization of just what kind of a tremendous pervert Steve Thompson really is and you start to get a kind of really creepy feeling about Steve ...

Now, there’s two ways you can look at the opening part of Steve Thompson’s second email to me … either it’s a vividly graphic homoerotic gang rape fantasy that he’s having about me or it’s the sick pedophilic fantasy of the violent gang rape of a small boy that took place several years ago while the boy was still in his single digit years. Steve did call out to a twelve year old boy, did he not? And in doing so, didn’t he ask the twelve year old to remember that several years ago the twelve year old was raped by twenty-four grown men?  That would mean that the twelve year old boy that Steve is calling out to was gang raped several years ago, which would mean that the twelve year old was probably in his single digit youthful years when this trauma took place.

Yes, there’s a very, very good reason why it’s not a very good idea to send me emails that are worded like this, folks, and it’s because most Harley owners aren’t very good at basic English, sentence structure, or grammar composition. As such, someone like Steve really didn’t want to send me something that was this vile and descriptive, worded in such a way that his email could be taken in so many different ways … none of them good for Steve.  And, here's another hint, folks ... don't begin your email to me with the words "hey, twelve year old" then proceed to go into a gang rape scenario because no matter how you look at it, it just comes off as a wee bit suspect.

Yes, the first part of Steve’s email clearly shows us two things about Steve Thompson. The first thing that his email shows us is that he truly is an uneducated, barefoot, Kool-Aid mustache sporting, poor white trash heathen who probably got drafted kicking and screaming right out of some redneck trailer park in rural Texas then sent to duty in Vietnam rather than doing the right thing by volunteering in the first place to join the Marines.  The second thing that Steve’s email shows us is that no matter how much of a moral crusader Steve Thompson tries to come off as, he’s got a mouth that’s filthier than any combat zone latrine. Like I’ve always said, you can take the white trash out of the trailer park but you can never take the trailer park out of the white trash and Steve Thompson is clear proof of this.

From one perspective, if you look at his second email strictly on the surface, Steve is attempting to insult me by sharing a very detailed homoerotic gang bang fantasy that he has had about me (and probably had frequently which means that his one hand has had a lot of light duty to pull lately) with Steve putting me as the center of attention …

The details of Steve’s sadomasochistic homoerotic fantasy are very graphic and hint that Steve has had some experience in the alternate lifestyle scene since only someone with actual experience could describe these sexually deviant acts in such a detailed manner and with such obvious enthusiasm as Mr. Thompson does. I find it humorous that a supposedly big, bad Harley owner could come up with such a fantastically detailed account of the gang rape of another grown man. Personally, I think that’s a telling indicator on Steve’s part and if you need any more proof, there’s more than a hint that Steve imagines himself as rapist “Number Twenty-Five” who finally gets his turn to use his greatly exaggerated sized make-believe penis on the apparently helpless victim, “Chrissy.” We can ascertain this fact easily enough because Steve describes the act that rapist “Number Twenty-Five” performs from a rather personal point of view and that act is itself the most graphic part of his shared sadomasochistic homoerotic fantasy. You have to laugh at people like Steve because so much of their life … even their sex life, is deeply rooted in nothing more than utter make-believe and wishful thinking.

In hindsight, the only bad part about posting my handsome picture on my Internet website is that creepy old geezers like Steve probably print my handsome picture out and jerk off to it on a regular basis. There is the old adage of “if you can’t beat them, join them” but in Steve’s case, he might just follow his own personal adage which probably goes something like “if you can’t beat them then at least you can always just beat off to a picture of them.

The other point to be made here is why would getting gang raped by twenty-five grown men ever make someone hate Harley Davidson unless, of course, it was a bunch of Harley owners who were doing the raping? Why are Harley Davidson owners riding around raping men?  That should be the real question.  Harley Davidson, by itself, in no way represents masculinity or sexuality … in fact, it represents the very lack of those two traits and as far as fear and trauma goes, especially sexual trauma, generally, you associate a hatred or fear with events related to the actual trauma itself. For instance, say that a young woman was violently raped in the mall parking lot late one night while she was attempting to put her shopping bags in the trunk of her car. After the event was over, she might be very afraid of going to the mall at night or might hate being in a parking lot by herself but she certainly wouldn’t suddenly develop an extremely intense fear or hatred of golf. The hatred and the fear that are left behind from a trauma are always linked to the trauma itself so if someone was raped by twenty-five men and if the victim wound up with a deep hatred for Harley Davidson then obviously it was a gang of Harley riders who raped the poor guy in the first place … not a scenario that shines a good light on Harley owners, now is it? Then, on the other hand, if you’ve ever seen the kind of tit bearing, leather skinned, bottle dyed, chain smoking, tassel crotched scags that ride on the back of a Harley Davidson and try to masquerade as “women” then if you’re a HD owner you very well just might be of the mindset to start to think that another man’s leather chap covered, sweaty, hairy ass is worth more than just a second look as you ride side by side.

For now, let’s go back to the assumption that Steve is having a homoerotic gang rape fantasy involving me as the guest of the festivities. Now, where in the world would Steve find twenty-four other grown men who would be of the same sick mindset as to want to gang rape another man? Where would Steve go to be part of twenty-five grown men who shared a similar outlook on life?

(insert sound of fingers snapping)

Didn’t Steve brag about being part of a motorcycle gang in Texas? Gangs have lots of members. Perhaps Steve is merely enjoying a spontaneous club based activity. If you do the math, it all adds up. Steve is a member of a motorcycle gang in Texas. Gangs have lots of members. Steve sends me an email vividly detailing the violent gang rape fantasy involving twenty-five grown men with more than a hint that Steve is actually rapist “Number twenty-five” and the last to have his way with the victim. I guess Steve needs twenty-four other grown men to help him carry out this violent sex act because really, how many one armed rapists have you ever heard of? No, how many successful one armed rapists have you ever heard of. What this really says about Steve Thompson is that the only way he can get laid is with the help of twenty-four grown men. That’s pretty sad but then if you remember the picture of Steve “Bandit” Thompson, you realize that this must be true.

In hindsight, given all the homoerotic content of his second email to me, I really think that we’re going to have to change Steve Thompson’s nick name … yes, from now on, he will probably be known as Steve “Fudge Bandit” Thompson.  The bottom line is that Steve Thompson is a sick individual, folks. Really, really sick and you begin to wonder about the condition of Steve’s mental health (as well as his sexual orientation and his sexual preferences) at this point in his email (and we’re just a third of the way through his email).

Moving on, we run into the concept of irony again which is almost as common as hypocrisy in the make-believe world that Harley owners live in.  Almost.

“I am happy to forward your website as well as the many sophomoric attempts at put downs you have posted on the Internet to your employer(it was easy to find)so they can see how you spend your non-homosexual time.”

The irony comes from the fact that Steve has sent me a rather sick and twisted email clearly describing what can easily be considered a homoerotic fantasy involving the gang rape of yours truly then Steve says that he’s going to contact my employer and try to get me fired for MY pro-American, anti-commercialism, anti-stupidity, pro-individual views. Steve sends me a full broadside salvo of filth laden homoerotic prose in which he inserts himself directly into the action and then he claims that he wants my employer to know what I do with my “non-homosexual” time … I guess he’s implying that anything having to do with police work is “homosexual” and anything that is not police work is thereby “non-homosexual” by inference … like sexuality was governed by something as simple as a light switch and you could turn it from one to the other just as easily. Interesting … odd … just a bit stupid, but interesting to say the least. If Steve puts his ear to the ground and listens really hard he might just be able to hear me laughing out loud at him from a long, long way away.

The blatant hypocrisy comes from the fact that Steve claims that I’m guilty of sophomoric attempts at put downs yet he’s the one who is flaming me like the imaginary twelve year old that he is calling out to in his email. Folks, if someone doesn’t agree with you then calling them a “homo” (without providing counter proof or any evidence to the contrary of the argument, without using facts to prove your side of the argument) defines the definition of a “sophomoric attempt at a put down” and I dare you to prove me different.

The really blatant hypocrisy here is that not only does Steve both chastise and embrace vulgarity, but he also chastises and embraces sophomoric attempts at insulting other people on the Internet … but then someone like Steve obviously wasn’t smart enough to realize that when he sent his email.

I really hope that Steve has contacted my employer.

I’m sure that if Steve has complained to my employer that the email or letter he sent to my superiors was nowhere near as sick, as vulgar or as graphic as the email that he sent me. Yes, I’m going to print out Steve’s two emails and take them with me down to the department and see if Mr. Thompson has made any attempt to contact my employer. These two emails of his will go far in neutralizing any attempt he’s made into damaging my career and will probably reverse the process to where we start looking at Mr. Thompson’s personal life instead of investigating mine.

And … while we are at it, I’m of the mindset to do a little bit of employer contacting myself, to take the last step in gathering information on Steve Thompson and finding out where he works and who puts their trust in this sick minded, knuckle dragging, retarded orangutan.

I wonder if his employer would like to know what kind of person is working for his company, that one of his employees is sending this kind of unsolicited smut to a family in another state, a family that has small children in the household, and that Steve is trying to trick the family into reading his filth … to take part in sharing his filthy perverted sexual fantasies that he is having about the head of that far away household.

I’m wondering what Steve’s wife would think of Steve’s email? Would she look at him the same as she does now if she knew he was having these kind of sick fantasies about other men or possibly about young children? Would she trust Steve to be faithful let alone remain heterosexual when he went out on his long rides with his leather clad Jolly Ranchers on their chrome plated dildo yachts? She would certainly have reason to question him and what he does on those rides if she ever read this email …

Come to think of it, Steve’s email makes you really start to question the true meaning of the term “poker run,” now doesn’t it? Think about it … Harley owners are always bragging about going on poker runs … and Steve’s email seems to shed some light on just what a “poker run” really is …

“You want to know what a “poker run” is? Hell, I’ll be glad to tell you what a “poker run’ is. Yeah, you see, a “poker run” is where we all get on our Harleys and ride down to the local interstate rest stop then we pair up, go off into the woods, drop our chaps and take turns poking each other. We poke each other until some hetero do-goody family shows up and calls the cops and that’s when we hop on our Harleys and run for it … so, you see, that’s the real reason why it’s called a “poker run.”  First you're the poker then you run. -Steve "Fudge Bandit" Thompson

I wonder what Steve’s pastor would think of Steve’s email? Forget his pastor, what would his church’s congregation think of Steve fantasizing about rubbing another man eagerly, treating him like he was property, before gleefully shoving his imaginary “four inch head” into another man’s already assaulted rectum? I’d love to be there when that email was read in front of Steve’s church elders or brought up before his congregation for review and comment. That is, if Steve even goes to church and I kind of doubt that he does since church going people aren’t usually in the habit of sending out emails like Steve has done … unless they are hypocrites in which case Steve fits the profile nicely.

Steve is free to contact my employer at any time that he desires and discuss not only his unfounded suspicions of my personal / sexual life as well as my online activities … but … there is a catch regarding this. You see, I follow the rules of engagement that people like Steve set forth in their email and to me turnabout is fair play. If Steve wants to talk to my employer about my pro-American views and the cold eye that I cast on voluntary stupidity, then he is certainly free to do so. I, in turn, will be making my own discreet contacts with people that are important to Steve’s way of life, to his livelihood and to how he earns a living.

Turnabout is fair play.

Steve may contact my “employer” all he wants. That’s been done many times and it never ceases to cause a great amount of amusement in my life and my superiors / peers. Let’s see … Steve is going to contact my “employer” and complain about my website and my views … my pro-American, pro-individualism, pro-education, pro-intelligence, anti-brand worship, pro-patriotic views. Steve is going to complain about how I use historic facts and figures to prove clueless people like him wrong, to debunk the fantasy that people like Steve base their sad lives around and to point out the truth that people like Steve are too busy sticking their heads in the sand to acknowledge. Steve is going to complain that I respond, ridicule and verbally annihilate idiots (like him) who email me first with unsolicited death threats, accusations and who litter their email with profanity and scenarios full of graphic detail about gleefully gang raping other men. Steve is going to complain that I respond to these losers and ridicule them for their stupidity and ignorance and he’s going to complain that I do it very, very well.

I have three words for Mr. Thompson; Be. My. Guest.

At best, Steve has got me solid on several cases of personal self defense against online idiots (like him) making wildly erroneously accusations.

Here’s a clue for Steve ...

I’m not “employed” as a police officer and I’m not a “rent-a-cop” (I find it hilarious that a rent-a-biker, i.e. someone who pretends to be a biker and who borrows their entire life from a motorcycle company turned fashion provider has the gall to refer to me as a “rent-a-cop”). I’m a volunteer police officer, I don’t get paid for my service, I take the same risks and serve the same duty as a paid police officer, I use the same equipment, carry the same hardware, gear and weapons and I’ve served more time on the streets of the city where I live than Steve ever did in the jungles of Vietnam.

The fact that Steve and I have never had a professional encounter on the street, that Steve is not from around here, that Steve doesn’t live in Mississippi or Columbia, that Steve doesn’t pay taxes or own property in this fair state and the fact that Steve is merely complaining about something I said on the Internet, complaining about something that I said in reply to something that he said to me first, gives Steve a better than great chance of fail in his not-so-clever scheme.

However, let’s for the sake of argument, assume that Steve somehow does get me “fired” from my volunteer job, from my no-paycheck earned job, not a single red cent given for service in a decade of duty, and that this makes Steve very happy because Steve views that punishing someone who is more of an American than he ever could be will somehow vindicate the poor choices that he’s made up until this point in his life. This is natural for Steve because the Harley lifestyle itself revolves around punishing success, rewarding failure and having a complete lack of personal responsibility.

Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that Steve is successful and tomorrow I find myself being asked for my badge …

Oh, my!

What will I ever do?

I’ll probably smile, hand it over and hop/skip out into the parking lot humming a tune. I’ll smile because I will be free. I will be free, after almost a decade of selfless service and duty to my community, to do what I want with my spare time rather than giving selflessly to those in need. I will be free from my personal penance of a decade of living behind the badge in payment for a previous decade of living in front of the badge. I will no longer have to look forward to 20 hour work days with four hours of sleep in between jobs. I will no longer have to worry about leaving home before my children are up in the morning and arriving home after my children are in bed for the night while never getting to see them or read them stories or say prayers with them or tuck them in and wish them good night.

Why, I could finish up the two books that I’m writing and possibly work on bundling some of my replies taken from Angst into yet a third book (that way, Steve would be helping to make me even more wealthy than I currently am and I bet that would really piss him off to no end since this time around people would be paying me in order to have the chance to laugh at him). I could have a lot more time to answer emails and work on my websites, even building an additional two or three websites that I just haven’t had the time yet to devote to them. I could really get medieval on Harley owners like Steve because I would have so much more free time to devote to researching more details into the history of the Motor Company and sharing the real truth about Harley Davidson with the rest of the world.


Sadly, Steve’s clever plan is full of fail because he really doesn’t want me to lose my badge. If I lose my badge, then I get a lot of spare time handed to me and I don’t lose one penny of personal income in doing so. If Harley owners really want to punish me, they’ll tell my “employer” that I’m doing a great job … that way, my employer will want me to work even more which will take away even more of my free time and probably cause my websites to never be updated nearly as often as they are.

Oh, and for what it is worth, here’s the skinny on my views, my websites, and my “employer” since so few HD owners seem to grasp it (they are, after all, idiots and simpletons).

Morons like Steve wrongly believe that if I were to be fired from my police job that somehow I would be fiscally punished, that I would be deeply hurt financially and that this website would subsequently vanish overnight since I would obviously be rendered penniless, homeless and with no way to maintain the websites.

I’m sorry but that’s not how it works, folks.

For one thing, I volunteer my spare time to the police department. As a volunteer I don’t get paid. It kind of goes back to where Steve tells me that my energy could be better spent doing far better things but I don’t think that you can spend your free time in any better capacity than serving your community selflessly, making your community a better place for your children to grow up in and spending time with your family … three things I use most of my free time for.

So, if I don’t get paid for my service to my community, what impact would getting fired from that service have on me financially?

Actually, none at all.

If I were to be fired, I wouldn’t lose any income at all and I would gain back almost 24 hours of my life each and every week … that’s almost a full day. Hell, I wouldn’t know what to do with more than four hours of sleep each night. Eight hours of sleep? I think I might feel guilty about getting that much sleep … kind of like I was being lazy or something. Sleeping through the night without having to worry about the phone ringing calling me out to some emergency or the other?

Unheard of.

But it might be nice so part of me hopes that Steve is successful in his endeavor because it won’t be near the curse that he intends it to be, no, it will be more like a long awaited blessing from heaven. You see, this website and my views were in print and published on the Internet long before I ever took an oath to protect and serve my community. American Angst existed long before I proudly accepted a badge to wear with the understanding of what my community expected of me and that my community needed people like me, intelligent people like me, educated people like me, people who were not afraid of what other people thought of them, people who didn’t live their lives based on what other people thought of them, to keep the community where I lived a nice, safe place for the generation that is living there and for the generations to come.

If I were to turn in my badge tomorrow, hypothetically speaking, American Angst would continue on for years or decades yet to come simply because people like Steve Thompson don’t change my opinion of Harley Davidson; they reinforce it. They are Luddites because they try to tear down the only thing that would ever set them free. Not only do they reinforce what I have stated on my website but they also provide proof positive that what I say is fact rather than fiction. Harley owners, especially Harley owners like Steve, are the foundation of this website, they are the reason why this website exists and in being so they are their own worst enemy.

American Angst existed long before the badge was ever pinned on, it exists while I wear the badge, and it will certainly exist after I turn my badge in … whenever that may be and it will probably be a time of my choosing rather than of Steve’s or anyone else’s choosing.

My views are not based upon nor do they require me to maintain a certain level or type of employment in order for me to maintain those views (unlike Steve’s views and beliefs which are based solely upon what he can afford and what he currently owns). My views are my own and are backed by historic fact and figures unlike Steve’s views which are merely rented from a corporation and taken wholesale from what has become America’s most expensive to join pagan religion.

My views are well researched, my replies are well written and I am well spoken; three attributes that I hardly can see any employer finding fault with any employee on. Unlike Steve who is just crude and deviant, my use of profanity is limited and is used to either point out a humorous insight or to make a strong point when it is needed the most. I use profanity like it was a sniper’s bullet while Steve uses profanity and vulgarity like it was a can of Lysol in a port-a-potty at Sturgis. When it comes to ridiculing Harley riding idiots I am at the top of my game and I think that the military term for engaging idiots who own Harley Davidsons is referred to as a “target rich environment” though “hunting on a baited field” is a phrase that could also probably be applied equally as well.

Harley owners have their own set of beliefs, ridiculous and idiotic as they may be. Here, in turn, is my set of personal beliefs. Unlike Harley Davidson, I won’t end my set of personal beliefs with the word “amen” thus turning my set of personal beliefs into a personal religion.

I believe in education over stupidity.

I believe in asking questions rather than blindly accepting what is told to me, especially if what is told to me is told to me by idiots.

I believe that people are inherently stupid and if everyone else is doing it then it has to be stupid.

I believe in individualism over serf-like fealty, especially when that fealty is given to a ridiculous commercial product with a long track record of failure and begging.

I believe in facts over fiction.

I believe in reality over make-believe.

I believe in history over fairy tale.

I believe that function defines form.

I believe that engineering is more important than styling.

I believe that fashion is not a suitable replacement for safety.

I believe in technology over stagnation.

I believe in science over superstition.

I believe that sound is a byproduct of, not a replacement for, performance.

I believe in personal responsibility over victim mentality.

I believe in standing up to threats and dealing with them rather than running away.

I believe that if you claim to be “Number 1” that you had better have the math and numbers to prove it.

I believe in strong individuality will always overcome herd behavior and flock mentality.

I believe that one man who can think for himself will always be able to overcome ten men who can't.

I believe that reputations have to be earned, they cannot be bought (and you really don't want to buy a reputation that a company known for failure is selling anyway).

I believe that you can’t buy individuality, freedom, liberty or patriotism out of a catalog, a vending machine or across the counter at a dealership.

I believe that you can’t be an individual if everyone around you dresses the same, thinks the same, acts the same, rides the same motorcycle that you do and you all claim to be individuals not for who you are but for what you own.

I believe that anyone who dresses their selves from head to toe in products that display the logo of a particular corporation have turned their selves into little more than living billboards and unpaid ones at that.

I believe that if you get a Harley Davidson tattoo isn't so much a tattoo as it is a brand, much like cattle in the Old West were once branded in order to show ownership of property.

I believe that it's hard to be an individual when you're actually the property of a corporation, especially if you paid for the privilege to be so.

I believe you cannot be an individual by proxy.

I believe that individualism can't be bought.

I believe that you can't buy "non-conformity".

I believe that “heritage” is another word for stagnation, when it is used by The Motor Company.

I believe that “classic” is another word for “lack of innovation, when it is used by The Motor Company

I believe that competition improves the breed.

It's not so hard to design "retro" styled motorcycles when you never really stopped designing them to begin with.

I believe that a lack of competition results in stagnation and lack of innovation.

I believe that being an American relies on who you are rather than what you own.

I believe that being an American is a very difficult job and that sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, even if the majority think it is wrong.

I believe that since 1993, hundreds of Harley owners have stepped forward to threaten me, to insult me and to call me un-American but not one single Harley owner in that entire time has been able to refute the facts that I have presented or prove me wrong in my beliefs regarding Harley owners as a whole or Harley Davidson in particular.

You’ll notice that in both emails Steve has yet to refute the facts and figures that I present on my website rather he simply offers his personal opinion of me … an opinion he has generated not out of actually knowing me but out of his hatred for me based simply on what he has been able to read and what little he has been able to comprehend. Steve’s hatred of me stems from the fact that I am right and he is wrong and, like the Motor Company he supports, it is far easier for him to place blame on someone else rather than accept responsibility for his own pathetic and inadequate life. Steve, like the company that he supports, is a habitual loser yet he is a loser who needs to place the blame for him being a loser on anyone and anything other than himself. Steve, like the majority of the sheep in his flock, wrongly believes that concepts like “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” are commodities that can be packaged and sold commercially.

If this was true (and it most certainly is not), then why the hell did we even fight the Vietnam War? If we could have dropped individual servings of “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” on the Ho Chi Minh Trail rather than 500 pound high explosive bombs from B-52 bombers then why didn’t we? If “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” are commercial commodities that can be packaged up and sold in convenient individual servings today then logically those same ideals were able to be packaged and dispensed as such since their introduction at the beginning of human recorded history. No, if those three ideals were able to be bundled up and sold across the counter then we could have just opened up a Harley Davidson dealership at each end of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and all along the way and we would have won the whole damn war in about a year or less.

Think about it!

If Harley Davidson is half of what idiots like Steve make it out to be (and pretend that it is) then the VC could have walked in as communists and rode out as proud leather and denim wearing, tattooed, Marlboro smoking, wallet on a chain, freedom loving Americans on powerful American Iron with the authoritative rumble of American Thunder that is often louder than a B-52 Arc Light mission.

But the VC didn’t buy Harleys because owning a Harley doesn’t automatically make you an American, owning a Harley doesn’t automatically make you more of an American than any natural born American nor does owning a Harley automatically make you a better American than all the other Americans who may not own a Harley.

In fact, owning a Harley makes you a far worse American than those Americans who do not own a Harley simply because not only is Harley Davidson a national embarrassment but if you’re stupid enough to think that you can buy your heritage or buy your birth right from a motorcycle company or you think that you are more of an American or a better American simply because you own something that someone else does not then you don’t deserve your citizenship to begin with. Some people are too stupid to ever be Americans and you can identify those people by the Harley Davidsons that they worship and ride.

Thousands of good Americans died in Vietnam serving this great country because concepts like “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” can’t be bought; they have to be earned with sweat, blood and tears and people like Steve and anyone who rides a Harley have not only forgotten that but they’ve also pissed on the graves of everyone who ever fought and died defending those concepts. The simple truth, the truth that Steve has either forgotten or has simply become too lazy to accept anymore is that you can’t package “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” and sell these ideals, no matter what the Motor Company would have you believe to the contrary all in order to keep it from going under like it should have decades ago.

Harley Davidson is the great American lie and here’s where the hypocrisy comes into play … Steve, by riding a Harley Davidson, is not only invalidating his own experience in Vietnam but he’s selling short the experience of every other person who ever served (and died) in Vietnam or any other conflict before or after. I’ve always said that any American veteran who slings his legs over a Harley Davidson might as well be letting Jane Fonda squat on his face for the effect it has on those who served and died in that particular war.

Why is that?

It’s simple really but even though it is simple, it’s still way too complex for idiots like Steve to ever get through their three inch thick concrete reinforced craniums. Harley Davidson is an American embarrassment. Harley Davidson isn’t a great company or a great bike, it never has been and never will be. Harley Davidson plays on a fake kind of patriotism to sell its outdated products because its outdated products can’t sell their selves on engineering, quality, performance or technology. The only thing that HD has left is to claim to be “American made” and then play the guilt card on gullible Americans in a hope that they’ll be stupid enough to believe all the myths and marketing spin that the Motor Company has had to concoct over the last four decades just in order to survive.

Harley Davidson has to fool people into looking at what they have to offer (kind of like Steve tried to do with this very email), it sells “freedom” and “liberty” and “patriotism” like those commodities were in a vending machine but they are all fake commodities, pale shadows of the real stuff. Harley sells commodities that it has no right to sell, that it can’t sell, and that people can’t buy for any amount of money.

Like Jane Fonda did in the Vietnam War, Harley Davidson has been in bed with the old enemies of America for decades now. Harley owners are quick to reference Pearl Harbor and a hatred for the Japanese but it wasn’t the Japanese that started World War II … it was the Germans and Harley has been partners with the Germans since the late 1960’s (indeed, Harley was copying German designs bolt for bolt back during World War II). If the Germans had never gotten too big for their pants World War II would have never begun and the Japanese would never have bombed Pearl Harbor. Indeed, it was German spies living undercover in Hawaii who gave Japan all the critical information that they needed in order to plan an attack on Pearl Harbor in the first place, thereby opening up a two front war for America to divide itself among foes.

And there is Harley Davidson … in bed with the Germans … the people who started it all and almost took over the world seventy years ago. Boy, that sure makes you proud to own a Harley, doesn’t it? Imagine the patriotism you feel when you see a Harley owner ride by with a German war helmet on their head, with iron crosses for mirrors …

During World War II, America and its allies fought against Germany, Japan and Italy. Today, Harley Davidson is business partners with the Germans and just extended their business into Italy, pairing with an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. That makes HD in bed with two of three of the enemies that America faced back at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Of course, Harley owners are quick to point out that the Germany and Italy of today aren’t the same Germany and Italy of yesteryear but they don’t seem to be willing to make that distinction or extend that courtesy to the Japanese. To Harley owners, the Japanese were evil back then and are still evil today even though with our current hostile political situation with North Korea it will probably be Japan that comes to America’s aid in that hot spot of the world.

Perhaps it is simple racism, another Harley owner trait that keeps the “gooks” from ever being forgiven … even Honda which was started by a single hard working individual three years after World War II was over, can’t escape the ignorance and racism that so many Harley owners espouse towards the Far East. What is delicious irony is the fact that Harley Davidson is the direct cause for so many import motorcycle factories existing on American soil. Harley Davidson took the easy, lazy way out of its problems in the early 1980’s and in doing so they set their self up for decades of failure and ridicule afterwards.

The hypocrisy of the Harley Davidson lifestyle and the fairy tale that these idiots live is thick enough to gag on. Harley Davidson really is the Jane Fonda of American motorcycles.

Harley Davidson has consistently run from any and all foreign threats. When HD found itself face to face with superior imports from Japan and Europe, it didn’t rise to the occasion and meet the imports, beating them at their own game by learning from the Motor Company's mistakes and building a better bike than the competition. No, HD got down on its knees and begged for its pathetic life when the chips were down. HD refused to take personal responsibility in anything, consistently lost when facing foreign competition, always tried to pass the blame for its own lack of innovation onto other manufacturers, copied foreign manufacturers when it couldn’t equal or exceed their technology base and in every other way acted like anything but what you would expect a traditional, good old American to act.  In other words, Harley Davidson is more like Jane Fonda than it will ever be like John Wayne.

When you have values like honor, strength, reputation … when you look at the ideals and the values that made this country great … you find none of those in today’s Harley Davidson. Indeed, you find a very real lack of them at all. If Steve thinks that Harley Davidson represents what it means to be an American then it’s rather evident that Steve never really understood what it means to be an American himself in the first place.

If Steve really did serve in Vietnam (and we have no real proof that he did other than his bragging), then that would put him comfortably in his late 50’s or early ‘60’s, that is, if he was a teenager when he went. He might even be older … but the point is that at nearly 60 years of age, Steve is old enough now to know the difference between simple truth and silly make-believe and if he did serve in Vietnam and he did get shot at by America’s enemies then I think that the last thing that he would want to do when he returned home was to buy a motorcycle from a company that has cuddled up with more of America’s enemies than Jane Fonda ever did and lied to the American people more times than Bill Clinton.

Of course, all of this is assuming that Steve really did serve in Vietnam and right now that’s a big “IF” in anyone’s book ... Since Steve is content to judge me by my presence on the Internet rather than having met me personally, I can only give him the same courtesy in turn. Judging from his email, and from the various posts that he has left around the web with his signature on them, Steve strikes me as the kind of lowlife person who would walk into an Army-Navy surplus store, buy $250 worth of surplus medals and fatigues and then use those items to get free drinks at the bar down the street with stories of combat and wars he never really fought in. If he can question my worth to my service simply by what I have posted on the Internet then it is only fair to judge him by the standards which he sets or others. After all, if he’s willing to pay good money in order to pretend to be a biker I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t pay good money in order to pretend to be a Marine either.

For now, let’s just give Steve the benefit of the doubt because regardless of whether he did or did not serve in Vietnam, whether or not he actually is a Marine or not, apparently it is important to him that everyone think that he is a Marine, that everyone believes that he did serve and, like the motorcycle that he rides and the company that he supports, delusional fantasy is apparently a very large part of Steve’s life if not his core building block as a person. With so much that is wrong with his life, I’m afraid that fantasy and make-believe may be the only thing that Steve really has left to cling to these days.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something to Steve, personally. I’ve known Vietnam veterans before and I currently do know several US Marines (as well as a Sea Bee), both active and retired and none of them act like Steve has acted. Steve is a disgrace to the Marine Corps, an embarrassment to America, an insult to those who died in foreign lands and he shames the uniform that he once wore (or to the uniform that he now pretends to wear).

The Vietnam War is one of my favorite conflicts to study … from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the last chopper out of Saigon and to the vast and continuing repercussions that our withdrawing from that area of the world had on politics and history. The Vietnam War was a thousand, thousand, thousand tragic stories all rolled into one and I’d like to share with you just one of those tragedies, the sad tale of two US Marines; Steve Thompson and Dennis Hammond. The real tragedy of this particular story lies in the fact that while both Marines eventually came home, it is my personal opinion that it was the wrong Marine that came home in a box.