The Russian hand-built Palzy sportbike


Proving that even amateur engineering in Russia is far ahead of Milwaukee

Submitted by Nitinol

Bike from a car 01.jpg (74795 bytes)

The Russian version of the Buell Thunderbolt, only better.  Sources say it was built for less than $1000 USD.

It's ugly.  It's beautiful.  It's brutal.  It's loud.  It's heavy.  It's powerful.  It's the Palzy!

Here we have the Russian Palzy, it is a sportbike built with a tele-lever type front end and a car wheel / tire combo on the rear.  Yes, that's a V8 engine with headers, taken from a heavy industrial truck.   No word on if this is where Russian motorcycling is heading, but it is more innovative than what Milwaukee is producing.  Some plastic to hide the engine and intake system on top and I might buy one as a conversation piece.  Damn.  I bet it's heavy as fuck and handles like the proverbial Russian bear.

Maybe MiG needs to start producing high horsepower sportbikes.  That would be interesting.  I wonder what the tired old RoadKing would do it if encountered a modern sportbike built by a first rate Russian company like MiG?  Ha!  I have visions of Sturgis becoming "MiG Alley" all over again with an invasion of Soviet built sport motorcycles disrupting the bewildered scoggins in their South Dakota inbred orgy!  I guess Harley is going to have to introduce the Sabre to save American pride.  Wait... A Sabre is a Honda!   Ooops.  So much for keeping American heritage alive.  Thanks, Milwaukee.   I'm all for a Russian sportbike, since it's apparent that America is never going to build one.