Harley Riders Get Opportunity To Sleep With The Dead



Cemetery Wants To Set Up Camp For Harley Visitors

POSTED: 11:07 a.m. EST February 24, 2003

WAUKESHA, Wis. -- The director of a Wisconsin cemetery says he hopes to cash in on this summer's 100th anniversary celebration for Harley-Davidson.

Michael Wilson says visitors to the town of Waukesha may be so desperate for a place to camp that they'll rent a plot from him for $350.

He's proposed opening an unused 10-acre area of the cemetery to bikers for that weekend.

Wilson said, "They can go home and tell their friends they slept with the dead."

He said he doesn't think such a one-time event would be disrespectful. But he still must convince local officials to grant him a permit to open the campsite.

Waukesha Mayor Carol Lombardi said she's "not dead-set against it."


Great!  Harleys are already loud enough to wake the dead.  I wonder what it would be like to see a bunch of the living dead crawl out of their boxes to dish out some after-life justice because a bunch of wannabes disturbed their eternal rest.  And as far as camping, all that oil leaked into the ground can't be good for the future resale value of that property. -BE