“The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”

 -Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)


From:                   J Hinol <sanebiker@yahoo.com>
To:                        me
Subject:              Post this one
Date:                    September 19, 2007

Well I've read your rant about Harleys and I noticed you are/were a cop. I just gotta say it figures. You like to spew and bluster without a whole lot to back yourself up with. 1) Harleys are great bikes. 2) Cops are the lowest blue collar link in the law enforcement chain.

How Do i know? I own a Jap sport bike (Yamaha) and a Harley. They both have different uses and both have their special strengths. I'm not going to go into an explanation because you are an IGNORANT LEO, as most are. You pretend to be an authority on motorcycles when you have no clue as to why people actually buy their Harleys, just like you spew your imaginary authority as a LEO.

I bet you have no clue that you can't prosecute. Why your cases get kicked out of court by rookie attorneys and why you can't do as you please without your States Attorney General taking your badge and kicking you to the curb. Only thing you can do is take out the trash like a good little boy. You can't render a verdict, you can't hand down a sentence, you can't pick a jury, you probably don't even know how much your hands are really tied. Did you know that in most states they take an intelligence profile and if you're TOO smart, they won't let you become a LEO? (The ones that do slip through usually go back to school , pass the bar and go to where the real power is.) Did you know they also take a personality profile to see if you like to spew and bluster so you can keep the uninformed supposedly intimidated and in line? Which brings us back to the subject of Harley. You bluster and spew without a clue. Harley is selling the experience of riding and owning a Harley and they're great riding bikes for long haul rides. I have/had relatives that are/were Deputy Attorney Generals, Supervising Attorney Generals, Federal Marshalls and FBI. My favorite relative was the one that used to be the Supervising Attorney General over the government section - the one that prosecutes ignorant LEOs such as yourself. (She's since been appointed to a different position)

Some LEOs are bad asses on the street, but when they get put in prison they are kept out of general population for a reason. The reason is because they aren't so tough as they like to pretend they are on the street. Just as you pretend to be an "authority" on what a motorcycle is or isn't. You may have the uninformed fooled, but those of us that own or have owned both know the truth. Post this and respond like the fool that you are. I dare you.

Note to the smart LEOs, 90% of you are great people doing and an honorable and hard job. I do appreciate you and I even go on Harley rides with some of you or will in the near future. I also acknowledge that the agencies do work together harmoniously for the common good, and some of you do move on to higher positions of authority. I also know that this twit that wrote the rant against Harleys is in the minority due to his general lack of intelligence as well as his lack of true understanding as to why Harley, with its limited line of product, outsells all four of the Jap bikes almost at a rate of 3 to 1.



To which I replied


“Well I've read your rant about Harleys and I noticed you are/were a cop. I just gotta say it figures. You like to spew and bluster without a whole lot to back yourself up with. 1) Harleys are great bikes. 2) Cops are the lowest blue collar link in the law enforcement chain.”

After reading your two almost back to back emails, I would have to say that it is you who “like to spew and bluster without a whole lot to back yourself up.” You don’t refute any of my claims or debate positions with any concrete facts and what few “facts” that you do put forward are not facts at all but rather merely hear-say and urban myth. Any "data" that you present is also fictional in nature and easily disproved using fourth grade mathematics. You cannot defend your position logically or intelligently so you resort to broad generalizations and petty insults in order to try to shore up your already failed defense of your stated position. I also note that you really seem to enjoy using the words “spew” and “bluster” a whole lot as you use those two particular words quite often during your emails, so often, in fact, that I wonder what online reference source you managed to copy and paste them from to begin with. Those words aren’t often used in our pop culture driven, multimedia educated society today and since you own a Harley, I feel more than confident that you aren’t educated enough to have learned those words on your own.

Now, for what it is worth;

1) Harleys are not great bikes; they’re not even real motorcycles so please don’t kid your self. If you think that Harleys are “great” bikes, then it’s obvious that you don’t know a whole hell of a lot about “bikes” or what it takes to make them “great.”

2) I see where you refer to cops as the “lowest blue collar link in the law enforcement chain.” How maladroit. I prefer to think of LEOs as the “first line of contact in the law enforcement chain.” We do the dirty work that the social and political elements higher up either don’t want to do or simply can’t be bothered with. If you take cops or LEOs out of the picture, I seriously doubt that the lawyers and other higher levels of law enforcement in the legal system that you hold such admiration for would be very effective at reducing or stopping crime.

“How Do i know? I own a Jap sport bike (Yamaha) and a Harley. They both have different uses and both have their special strengths. I'm not going to go into an explanation because you are an IGNORANT LEO, as most are.”

Ignorant is as ignorant does, Hinol, and I’m going to let you prove that in spades with your own email.

So ... owning a Harley automatically makes you an expert in the areas of both motorcycles and law enforcement? I find that to be highly doubtful and your emails will only prove me right in my analysis. If anything, your Harley makes you dumber (if that could be possible and apparently it is).

You are correct when you say that you own a Japanese sport bike and a Harley, since the Harley obviously can’t be considered a motorcycle by anything other than the very loosest stretch of the definition. Please don’t kid your self (or actually tell anyone else) that you own two motorcycles because you do not own two motorcycles. You own one motorcycle and it was built in Japan. The other thing you own is a stupid toy built by and for idiots, nothing more.

A Harley is not a real motorcycle and the evidence is there to prove this. Harley quit making motorcycles when it bought itself out from under AMF and finally woke up to the nearly two decade old fact that the rest of the world had left it so far behind in regards to engineering, technology and production techniques that Harley could no longer keep up or compete with any other motorcycle manufacturer from any other country (not that they could do so to begin with before the buyout but I digress…). Once it was free of AMF, Harley did the only thing it could do; it reinvented itself in order to survive as a business entity (not survive as a motorcycle manufacturer because there is a difference). Harley quickly figured out that since it could not compete with modern motorcycles using copies of three decades old designs, it would have to quickly find a way to either sell three decade old technology for a huge profit or go out of business with a quickness. Then, one of the hillbillies had a four watt bulb dimly go off over his mottled skin draped cranium and the new Harley Davidson business philosophy was born:

"Let’s sell three decades old technology at a higher price than brand new technology and let’s tell people that our outdated junk is worth it because it’s Harley gawt-damn Davidson, we're American, and if the customer asks why they should pay lots of money for three decades old technology and obsolete engineering then tell them if they have to ask they wouldn’t understand."

That’s fucking brilliant (in a hayseed bumpkin not Einstein kind of way)!  But … while it is a great strategy if you're HD, as far as customers go you’d have to be a total moron to ever fall for it. Luckily for Harley Davidson, there seems to be an endless supply of morons in our great society (you’re irrefutable evidence of this fact).

Yes, it was a whole lot easier to sell their outdated junk if they spun it off not as a motorcycle but rather as a glamorous lifestyle full of officially licensed and endorsed lifestyle accessories. You don't ride a Harley Davidson so much as you wear it.  It was a whole lot easier to keep on producing copies of decades old designs rather than tool up for brand new models using modern technology. It was a whole lot easier to market a saleable myth and wrap it in a tasty sugar coated patriotic glaze that only an imbecile would bite into than it was to catch up with the rest of the motorcycle manufacturers and compete on an even basis. In other words, true to their long, pathetic company history, when there was hard work to be done Harley turned tail and took the easy way out by running from the problem.   When things didn't go their way, they chose to change the rules or get the rules changed in their favor.  Harley Davidson discovered that it didn’t really have to be number one if it could just claim to be number one and the marketing department took care of the rest. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but evidence suggests that you really can fool Harley owners all of the time.

What Harley did when it reinvented itself was to go from a third rate motorcycle manufacturer to a major up and coming fashion empire that would quickly rise to dominate the home decorating market and personal wardrobe choices for rednecks, pseudo-rednecks and proto-rednecks in the many decades to come. Billy Joel once sang “you can’t dress trashy until you spend a lot of money” in his hit song "It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me" and Harley has made a veritable financial killing off of that philosophy.

No one in their right mind would ever pay what a Harley is actually worth because the bikes are junk, they are tired old copies of designs that were barely considered contemporary when they were introduced three plus decades ago. How are today’s Harleys “copies”? That’s easy.  When the Sportster doesn’t change in 30 years of production, that’s not because it’s a "good design that didn’t need updating" ... No, it’s because each year the Motor Company is simply “Xeroxing” off another copy of the same bike that they made last year and the year before that and the year before that.  The stagnation that is evident in Harley Davidson's various product lines
is the direct result of a company that doesn't change for the simple reason that it can't change.

I’ve always wondered why Harley Davidson chooses to utilize highly skilled Union employees for a job that, after a year, even a barely trained chimpanzee with palsy could accomplish blindfolded. If your design never changes, year after year, decade after decade, then it doesn’t take a great deal of skilled labor to assemble the same product because the learning curve may be steep at first but after the hill is climbed, it plateaus off nicely and stays steady for a long time with the only rise being a gentle bump ever now and then. Skilled labor would only be required if your design changed, if it evolved and if the designs you built next year or the year after that were different than the ones you built today or last year or the year before that.

The contemporary motorcycle companies have product lines which are dynamic, ever evolving. In the late 1970’s, over the course of a few years time, Honda turned its product line over nearly two and a half times when it went into a trade war with Yamaha (more on that later). Harley has a product line that is stagnant and the problem is not that Harley won’t build a different bike, it’s that Harley can’t build a different bike. Harley has spun their failure into market success. Obsolete technology is now “heritage” design.

When you accuse Harley of being obsolete, their reply is that they aren’t “obsolete”, they’re building “classic” designs that are rich in "heritage".  You see? It’s all in how you spin things and Harley, since they couldn’t build a contemporary motorcycle design, had to really spin their tired old designs (the only thing they could build) into marketable products. There is very little that is new under the sun at Harley Davidson. A Sportster is a copy of a Sportster is a copy of a Sportster. If Harley wants a new model of bike, they just swap parts from one model bike to another, raise the price a few thousand dollars, change the letters of the model around and voila! They have a “new” bike!  They really don't have a new bike but the fools who support them don't know that and that is what ultimately matters.

Oh, it’s not really a new bike, it’s just a copy of an old bike with different parts from another copy of another old bike. Only with Harley Davidson can swapping parts around your different models equate into creating entirely new product lines. Sometimes I honestly believe that Harley Davidson operates a lot like a white trash version of Legos.

Harley Davidson is junk, pure and simple, and by its own merits it would never sell except to morons who knew nothing about motorcycles and who were so stupid that you could use Jedi mind tricks on them. However, if we quadruple the price of the junk we sell (without changing one thing about it), then we put a certain mystique to it. A Harley can’t be junk if it costs so much, can it? Junk is cheap, people throw junk away but here we have a Harley that hasn’t changed in nearly 50 years and now it’s far more expensive than any import. So, logically, price determines quality, doesn’t it?

Logically, no.

Price does not determine quality and Harley Davidson is a prime example of that fact. A product is worth exactly what the company charges for that product and what you are willing to pay for that product. That’s business and the market will adjust naturally. If you want to pander the same old junk that you’ve always produced and you want to continue to survive, then you better find a way to disguise that junk from being worthless to being priceless. When we tell the rednecks that they can’t afford the junk that we are selling, when we price the junk out of mind and out of reach, then we have a transposition of values occur. When we price Harley Davidsons completely out of the reach of the people who kept the company alive for the first fifty years of their corporate life, when we start creating a lifestyle, when we market our products to doctors, lawyers, and other rich urbanites, suddenly the junk isn’t “junk.” No, it’s a trendy bauble and the latest “must-have” item in boring suburbia. After all, Harleys cost a lot of money and when was the last time that you heard of junk costing a lot of money?


Problem solved.

When does junk stop being junk? When people are willing to pay huge sums of money for it and that is exactly what Harley’s marketing department has done. I like to refer to what Harley Davidson has done with their product line as “alchemy”; they’ve taken tired old dog shit and turned it into 14k sparkling gold. Man, those wizards in Milwaukee are a crafty bunch, all smoke and mirrors and they take the wide eyed peasants money with no shame.

I'm curious, Hinol.  Why do you have a Yamaha and a Harley?

I own a 2004 Honda CBR600RR and my bike serves just fine for every imaginable type of riding with no problem and no regrets (except maybe off road riding which I do very little of and which the bike simply isn’t designed for). I see no reason to own a second bike (or third or fourth). How many bikes can you ride at one time? Do you measure your self worth and your position in society by the number of bikes that you own and what type of bikes those bikes are? Do you somehow become a better rider in direct proportion to the number of bikes that you own? Most Harley owners think that they do and they are incomplete without their Harley Davidson; they were nothing before they owned a Harley Davidson yet somehow they are something much better now that they own a Harley Davidson.

They are complete.

The problem is that none of the Harley owners recognize the fact that it wasn’t the person who changed; it was the bike that changed the person. The sad thing is that the change is nearly instantaneous, lasts only temporarily and vanishes almost as soon as the bike is sold (or more likely repossessed). A Harley Davidson is like a sheep in wolf’s clothing, it lets the meek pretend to be the strong but only as long as the costume is worn. Once the costume comes off, the meek revert back to their normal everyday, boring selves.

Why do you need a Yamaha and a Harley?

My guess is that deep down inside, you realize that you need the Yamaha as a reliable form of backup transportation. Of course, you’ll probably tell your Harley riding friends that no matter how fast your Yamaha sport bike is, it still won’t hold a candle to your Harley (at least in your particular world of make-believe) or that your Harley is a much better built bike and they’ll agree with you (not because you are right (you aren’t) but because it’s what they want to hear and its what they want you to say in order to make them feel better about their own purchases from The Motor Company). Ignorance has some of the same attributes as strength and the primary comparison between strength and ignorance is that both of these attributes grow when in the presence of large numbers. Ignorance is also like a contagion, it easily spreads in small target groups, rapidly infecting these groups and spreading on to form larger groups. Fortunately for you, the kind of stupidity that you’ve caught isn’t terminal, at least not in the short term; it’s main symptom (besides making your life a living hell) is that your stupidity is glaringly annoying to everyone around you (unless they too are infected with the same thing you have at which point you’ll all just get along famously). There’s only one cure for ignorance, Hinol; education and I’m afraid that you’re in very short supply of that commodity. The bad news is that you can’t buy education out of a catalog and you’ll never find it offered at any Harley Davidson dealership as education is the last thing that Harley Davidson ever wants any of its customers to have, let alone acquire or come into contact with for very long. An educated Harley Davidson customer is an ex-Harley Davidson customer.

So you own a Yamaha and a Harley Davidson. Perhaps if you had bought your Yamaha first, you wouldn’t have needed to own two bikes. When it comes to owning anything produced by Harley Davidson, having a backup mode of transportation is pretty much a prerequisite (either you need to own a real motorcycle to pick up the slack or you need to have a pickup truck and / or a low deck trailer to retrieve your Harley when it strands you). However, seeing as how you own both a Yamaha sport bike and a Harley Davidson, I can easily tell which “motorcycle” you’ll be bragging about owning the most against the reality of which motorcycle will be the more reliable bike (and the one you’ll find yourself riding most of the time). It is a very good thing that you have a Yamaha; at least that way you can sleep well at night knowing that you have dependable, reliable transportation for all the times that your Harley breaks down.

Special strengths?


You honestly claim that your Harley has “special strengths?

Hinol, if your Harley really has any “special” strengths, then those “strengths” are “special” in the same way that “education” can be thought of as being “special.” Harley Davidson isn’t a “motorcycle”, rather it’s a two-wheeled version of the short yellow bus.

“You pretend to be an authority on motorcycles when you have no clue as to why people actually buy their Harleys, just like you spew your imaginary authority as a LEO.”

Let me get this right … you, a Harley owner, are going to preach to me about pretending to be something that I am not? (Insert sound of roaring, side-grabbing, chair rocking guffaws). Oh, the hypocrisy! Hinol, if anyone is an authority on pretending to be something that they are not and of living a make-believe life then it is fools like you; the typical uneducated, uninformed, media-driven, nonsense-believing, clueless Harley owner. So much of your life is composed of nothing but pretending and make-believe. You own a make-believe bike produced by a company that specializes in selling redneck fashion and pre-packaged, store-bought make-believe in a convenient carry-home size. You live in a pre-fabricated fantasy world where you start to pretend every time you dress yourself in the company logo and every time you hop on your Harley and go for a pose.  You're so stupid that you have to be spoon-fed everything that you believe and you regurgitate it on demand, word for word.

A pair of bumper stickers that we'd all like to see and ones
which go far in maintaining the aspect of "truth in advertising."

Much to your chagrin, I know far more about motorcycles and the history of motorcycles than you do (or apparently ever will). That much is evident by my website and from the lack of motorcycle knowledge which you present in your two emails. I also know far more about Harley Davidson (the company, the history of the company, their few accomplishments and their many, many failures) than you and most people like you do. The fact is that I am unwilling to overlook Harley’s failure as a company while you openly embrace it. Apparently, you’re willing to forgive a whole lot more than I am but then when you’re desperate to ride a particular brand in order to compensate for what God did not give you when you were born then I guess you’ll turn a blind eye to most anything (even common sense).

You see, it is from studying motorcycles (all types, throughout the last 120 years of motorcycle history) and from studying the history of The Motor Company that I reached the informed, researched, well thought out conclusion that I would never own a Harley Davidson product. Once you know the history of Harley Davidson, once you step back and analyze the behavior of the company, you will rapidly come to the conclusion that there is no way in hell you would ever support such a bunch of habitual losers and dullards. I know The Motor Company, I know their history and I know their product, thoroughly. I’ve done my research, years and years of research and had countless experiences of dealing with the guttural retards that glorify Harley Davidson and support its ludicrous product line.

Yes, motorcycles are a hobby of mine and since I understand their development (from the first steam and coal powered examples of the breed built in the late 19th century) up to modern times, I can firmly see that one company and one company alone stands out from all the others and that company stands out because it has a long history of not just failure but repeated failure on many levels including managerial, competition, forward thinking, engineering and technology. One company has made bad decision after bad decision, a long line of bad decisions that relegated that company consistently to last place and almost caused the death of the company. One company has consistently failed at organized competition, even when that company pushed to have the rules changed in favor of its entries into that competition. When the company does actually compete in organized competition then none of the technology that it uses on the track ever makes it to the models it sells for the street. One company alone has consistently run from its competitors, has consistently made excuses for its lack of progress and has consistently gone downhill in an ever increasing downward spiral when it actually was a motorcycle manufacturer. One company believes that styling is direct replacement for engineering. One company alone believes that power is a byproduct of sound. One company alone has survived not because it was successful, but because it knew how to beg and plead for its life and when it was given a second chance (when other companies, far better companies, were allowed to go bankrupt and die a natural corporate death) it took that chance not to do the American thing of catching up and surpassing its competition but rather it reinvented itself from a motorcycle manufacturer to a fashion empire. One company survives today not because it excelled, but because the powers that be took pity on it and spared it from a richly and justly deserved fate. One company alone survives today on national pity instead of corporate progress. One company alone is in business today not because it built a great product or because it kept up with and surpassed all of its competition, no, one company is in business today because it failed time and time again, because it was bought out first by a company known for making bowling balls and later by itself (when facing bankruptcy due to its poor business decisions and lack of foresight). One company alone has used a needless tariff begged from the American government, a tariff that actually rewarded this company’s long string of failures and fiscally punished US citizens who chose to purchase imported quality over domestically produced junk. One company alone, in order to protect itself, punished the very people it claims to owe such patriotic allegiance to. One company alone today has been left so far behind by the rest of the world that it is physically impossible for it to catch up now or ever with any of the contemporary motorcycle manufacturers. One company alone faced the realization that they could not sell their lackluster product if they continued to exist as a motorcycle manufacturer. One company alone went from producing motorcycles to trendy fashion accessories and became a roaring market success in a niche that isolates them from having to directly compete with any of their once-peers.

That one company is Harley Davidson and it is the only company in the world that I know of that has gotten filthy rich from selling post dated obsolescence.

Also, to your dismay, I fully understand the reasons why people like you buy Harleys (and have documented these reasons on my site over the years). There are many reasons why people like you buy Harleys but the most common reasons are:

• Ignorance of the true history of The Motor Company (or the very real need to ignore it)
• Absolute gullibility bordering on imbecility.
• A very real need to compensate.
• The inability to think for their own self.
• The inability to dress their own self.
• The inability to exist as an individual or to stand alone on their own.
The very real need to belong in a group of similar like-minded dullards.
Confusion on what exactly it means to be an "American."
Belief that bigger is better, heavier is faster and old is new.
Belief that "freedom" and / or a reputation can be bought or sold through a commercial venue.
The need to buy an "experience" that could otherwise be had for free.
• The inability to differentiate clever market spin from actual truth.
• The willingness to accept common myth and hear-say over established or historical fact.
• The willingness to pay four times the price for one quarter the product.
• An inability to discern quality and craftsmanship.
• A willingness to substitute fashion for safety.
• A willingness to substitute styling for engineering.
• A willingness to substitute noise for power.
The inability to understand the value of money or how money works.
• The need to turn their body into a walking billboard for a company that actually charges them to advertise for it.
• The need to support critical corporate failure, failure at competition and managerial retardation based on patriotic guilt, a false sense of national fairness and misplaced / misunderstood national pride.

... and perhaps the best reason of all for owning a Harley Davidson:

• A huge surplus of disposable income tragically paired with a glaring deficit of common financial sense.

Yes, there are many reasons for needing a Harley and those reasons usually lead directly to the poor soul talking their self into actual ownership (an event that usually leads to bitter tears and deep misery). I wonder how many of these reasons apply to you, Hinol?  Probably a lot more than you’re either willing to admit or, truth be known, are smart enough to realize.

“I bet you have no clue that you can't prosecute. Why your cases get kicked out of court by rookie attorneys and why you can't do as you please without your States Attorney General taking your badge and kicking you to the curb. Only thing you can do is take out the trash like a good little boy. You can't render a verdict, you can't hand down a sentence, you can't pick a jury, you probably don't even know how much your hands are really tied.”


What a boorish little paragraph full of misinformation and outright banal stupidity. That one paragraph alone proves that you don’t understand the first thing about law enforcement or the legal system.

I wonder …

Other than piss and moan or constantly complain and belittle law enforcement at every chance you get, do you actually give anything, unselfishly, back to the community in which you live?

Probably not.

In all likelihood, you are one of those semi-educated, self righteous suburbanites who think that they are somehow owed something simply by virtue of being a “tax payer” or by who you think you know in some lofty political office. Do you honestly believe that, as an individual, you can wield control of “the system” to your heart’s content? Do you think that the law bends to you and around you as you desire? If you do, then you’re not only ignorant but you’re delusional as well and that can’t make for a very happy life for you (or for those unfortunate enough to be around you for long periods of time).

“Did you know that in most states they take an intelligence profile and if you're TOO smart, they won't let you become a LEO? (The ones that do slip through usually go back to school, pass the bar and go to where the real power is.) Did you know they also take a personality profile to see if you like to spew and bluster so you can keep the uninformed supposedly intimidated and in line?”


I love this!

Folks, you simply cannot create dumb of this depth and magnitude! You simply cannot make up or create stupidity as grand as this! No, it has to occur naturally for it to be this pure and mirthful.

Let’s review your stupidity thus far, shall we, Hinol?

First, you claim that all cops are stupid and then you make a claim that in most states there are actually legal measures and social protocols enacted to make sure that only the dumbest people ever get to be cops? Wow. If you honestly think about it, that type of law enforcement officer selection does seem to be contrary to the greater needs and good of society and a bit counter productive to the overall welfare of civilization in general, now doesn’t it? After all, if you want to legally empower a large group of people drawn from various backgrounds to move around in society at all hours of the day and night, to enable this group of people to go anywhere within their jurisdiction, to be armed with high powered weapons, to be given the ability to enforce the local laws and granted the permission to use lethal grade force if required in the most dire of circumstances, then logically and ideally you would want these people to be pretty damn smart to begin with (and to only get smarter as the years and experience mounted). If you want to empower a group of people to protect you, your possessions, and your family then wouldn’t you want those people to be smart?



Logically you would but since nothing within your email could be considered “logical” it’s easy to see where you would present something ridiculous like that.

Real power?

I’m not interested in power, Hinol, social or political. I’m interested in making a difference. Give me a job on the street, tell me what you want to accomplish and it will get done; leave the political meandering and social maneuvering to people who want “power” or political office. I have no time for politics or social enterprising. I have no time for wowing the constituents or for photo opportunities or for empty campaign promises. The course of my life isn’t determined by polls or popular opinion and in case you haven’t learned it yet, I don’t care in the least what other people think of me. I didn’t pin on a badge to win a popularity contest or get on the cover of a magazine (though I’ve been featured in a few). I pinned on a badge to make a difference, not globally, not nationally, not even on a state wide level, but just where I live. I pinned on a badge to make a difference in the community where I live. What happens outside of where I live, I could really care less. Let other people who are strong like me rise to the occasion and if they see a problem, let them take on a badge, work hard and give their blood, sweat and tears to make a difference in their locale.

Making a difference doesn’t require power, Hinol. Making a difference merely requires action and it starts with a single person willing to stand up and do the work that others can’t (or won’t).  I made a difference way back in 1993 when I first started making fun of people like you.  I made a difference in 2000 when I took an oath and accepted a badge.  The difference between us (besides about 50 IQ points in my favor) is that I make a difference while you are nothing but an intolerable, uneducated, misinformed, self-deluded whiner.

“Which brings us back to the subject of Harley. You bluster and spew without a clue. Harley is selling the experience of riding and owning a Harley and they're great riding bikes for long haul rides.”

Bluster and spew, again, by virtue of being copy and pasted, again. Where did you find those two words, Hinol? Was it on www.bigwordsforsmallminds.com or a similar website? Everything about your life is a copy of something that someone else has already created; you have no originality and that is a tragic failing on your part as a basic human being.

Yes. Harley Davidsons are great riding bikes for long haul rides, especially since most of those “rides” occur at the end of a “long haul” on a trailer behind a truck or SUV (also decorated in loads of HD decals and paraphernalia). You’re still erroneously assuming that a Harley Davidson is a motorcycle, which, as we have already discussed, it most certainly is not. Calling a Harley Davidson a “motorcycle” is like calling the mechanical horse that the children ride at Walmart a “thoroughbred.” It may look like a thoroughbred (if you’re half blind and you’ve never seen a real thoroughbred before) but ultimately it’s not going to get you very far, you’re going to have to pay someone else to ride it and if you ever climb on top of it and tell people that you’re a “real cowboy” they’re going to laugh at you (that is, unless they’re the people standing in line behind you, wearing cowboy outfits with rolls of quarters in hand waiting their turn at being something they are not).

Yes. Harley Davidson prides itself in selling an “experience,” an experience that they charge for and an experience that, truth be known, you could get for free from any other motorcycle manufacturer except Harley Davidson. The Harley Davidson “experience” isn’t really about riding so much as it is about paying a company so that you can be retarded. Harley selling an “experience” is like the weatherman charging you for having a sunny day. It’s something that you could have on your own, if you understood that you could have it on your own. Harley doesn’t sell anything that you couldn’t get on your own, unless of course you count in the retardation at which point it would be really stupid to know that you signed up and paid good money just so you could be part of a greater dumb. This moron touted “experience” is nothing more than a prepackaged lifestyle with finite boundaries and a hefty price tag attached. Yes, you can have the Harley experience but only if you agree to all of the stipulations that go with it and after all, you have to realize that the “experience” that you are having is someone else’s idea of what kind of experience you should have. There’s a reason why it’s called the “Harley experience” and not “Hinol’s experience.” You’re paying to rent someone else’s idea of how you should live and ride and think and act. Normally you should be able to do all of these things on your own but I forget that the average American isn’t what they once were and for several hundred thousand people like you, you’ve gotten to the point where you have to be led by the nose in order to have a life.

You’re renting a meme and it’s a blatantly ignorant one at that. Harley Davidson is a meme and the scary thing is that it’s a highly contagious, infectious meme that spreads through ignorance and desperation. What is a “meme” you may ask? I won’t get into that here but you can look it up if you want. Once you realize what a “meme” is, you’ll be a little bit smarter in life because you will recognize Harley Davidson for one aspect that it is.

The “Harley Davidson experience.” Only Harley Davidson is vain enough to think that you should actually pay them extra for the right to ride and be seen on their lackluster product. Only Harley Davidson charges you to advertise for them by making you pay to slather your body head to foot in their logo and only you are stupid enough to do it. Other manufacturers assume that you’re an advanced enough human being to take their product and carve your own experiences from the fabric of life. Harley assumes you’re too stupid to do this for yourself and that you’ll be willing to pay handsomely if someone takes you by the hand and shows you how to have a life (or rather their idea of what your life and ideal experience should be like). Other manufacturers invite you to enjoy the freedom of the open road while Harley Davidson takes that very same open road and sets up a toll booth with a little American flag waving proudly so you don’t feel so bad about being bent over the toll gate post and fleeced like the sheep that you are.

Since Harley Davidson could no longer produce motorcycles that were competitive in a global market, they had to learn how to market something else so they marketed the “experience” of riding on one of their ridiculously outdated products. Harley Davidson isn’t stupid. Any company that realizes it is about to die yet rises from its own ashes, phoenix-like, to reinvent itself and go on to become a huge commercial success (while becoming a sad parody of everything it once stood for) requires brains on the part of the company and complete gullibility on the part of the customer base. Harley is just lucky that their business problems occurred at a time when a large segment of the American populace could be considered as little more than media-driven sheep. In other words, Harley’s success is mostly from having the really good luck to be in the right place at the right time. As the average American became dumbed down, acquired a shorter attention span, an even shorter memory and became a needy, clueless individual, Harley’s downward spiral reversed and the company rose to what it is today. Losers who were in far worse shape than Harley Davidson grabbed onto the failing Motor Company like it was a rock in a stormy sea and together, they buoyed up The Motor Company. Harley’s success is because when it fell, it didn’t hit rock bottom, instead it landed on a huge and thick layer of losers that acted like a springboard to swing its financial woes around.

Harley’s success then and now depends solely on the abject stupidity of the American consumer. The dumber the average American is, the more successful Harley Davidson is. If America starts returning to its roots, if Americans start becoming individuals again (rather than media driven sheep), if Americans start questioning what they are told instead of accepting at face value everything that is spoon fed to them, then Harley Davidson will realize that the house of straw that it has built will come tumbling down in no time at all.

Harley Davidson sells a trademarked lifestyle, nothing more. What The Motor Company wants you to believe (what they need you to believe in order to survive financially) is that there is no way that you can get this specific experience anywhere else but from riding a Harley Davidson which is, of course, not only ridiculous but also completely untrue. It’s a convenient lie that The Motor Company tells in order to keep the corporation from going bankrupt (again). Lenin once said; “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth.” Harley Davidson is a prime example of that way of thinking. Sometimes I honestly think that they’ve spun so many white lies that they truly believe their own alternate history.

The truth is that you can get a far better, far richer experience for far less money when you ride an import motorcycle. Contrary to long standing trailer park mythology, Harley has no monopoly on generating motorcycling experience, on selling Freedom™ or of comodifying any other intangible aspect of being either a motorcyclist or an American. It is laughable to believe that in order to be a “real” American, in order to be considered a “true” American that you are required to buy products from and thereby support what can arguably be called one of the biggest failures in American management and manufacturing.

I didn’t realize that it was “American” or “patriotic” to pander to and support failure but we have to believe that bit of indignant nonsense if Harley Davidson wants to continue to survive. Harley Davidson has spun failure into success, losing into winning, poor engineering into “heritage” and riding into a trendy lifestyle. What the new Harley Davidson buyer does not realize is that on a $20,000 Harley Davidson, The Motor Company is selling you a $3000 bike and charging you $17,000 for the right to be seen on it.

“I have/had relatives that are/were Deputy Attorney Generals, Supervising Attorney Generals, Federal Marshalls and FBI. My favorite relative was the one that used to be the Supervising Attorney General over the government section - the one that prosecutes ignorant LEOs such as yourself. (She's since been appointed to a different position).”

Oh, I do so like this part of your email because essentially what you are saying is that you have / had relatives who are / were far more successful in their lives than you currently are / ever will be. You chastise my profession (what little you know of it) yet you never tell us what your profession is. My oh my, aren’t we a jealous little uppity fidget? I smile at how you base your own importance and self worth not only on what you own (your Harley) but also on the success of the small handful of non-EBT card carrying members in your immediate family.

I find your justification for existence not only trite but sad in a pathetic, pitiable sort of way. No wonder you own a Harley… Alone you are nothing without someone else or something else to lean on, without someone else or something else to support you and build you up from the natural nothing, the natural zero, that you are.

“Some LEOs are bad asses on the street, but when they get put in prison they are kept out of general population for a reason. The reason is because they aren't so tough as they like to pretend they are on the street.”

Here we go again, a Harley owner accusing other people of pretending to be something that they are not ...

Yes, there is a reason why LEOs who are sent to prison are kept out of general population but it’s not because they were pretending to be bad asses on the street. The reason why a LEO who commits a crime and goes to prison is kept out of general population is because the other criminals won’t accept that LEO as a common criminal; they’d still treat the LEO as a cop and they would kill them if given a chance. Once a cop, always a cop, even if you do something bad enough to land you in prison for the rest of your life. Cops know this, criminals know this and the justice systems know this but strangely, you (who profess to know a great deal about the legal system or at least more than I do…) didn’t know this simple fact.

This is just another example of how you really are totally ignorant when it comes to all things law enforcement and especially when dealing with different aspects of the legal system. You claim to be knowledgeable on the subject, you claim to have relatives in high positions in the legal system but you have yet to prove you actually know anything about the legal system.

“Just as you pretend to be an "authority" on what a motorcycle is or isn't. You may have the uninformed fooled, but those of us that own or have owned both know the truth. Post this and respond like the fool that you are. I dare you.”

Be careful what you ask for, Hinol, because you just may get your wish.

Anytime a Harley owner accuses me of pretending to be something that I am not, I have to laugh way down deep inside because the hypocrisy is blatant. You haven’t got a clue about the truth because you own a Harley and that’s proof enough right there of your tragic failure at ever being considered an intelligent, educated, original or imaginative human being. If life was just one long episode of “Survivor” then your fellow cast members would have long ago voted you off of the big island that we like to call the “human race.” If you actually knew what the truth was, you would never have bought a Harley in the first place. You say that “those of us that own or have owned both know the truth.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Some of my favorite (and most frequent) emails are from people who owned imports and for one reason or the other, they broke down and bought into the hype of Harley Davidson. These reversal of fortunes are never pleasant to read about but they usually have a silver lining. Almost without fail, all of the people who “knew better” but still went ahead and bought a Harley Davidson discovered too late that the whole Harley “experience” really is just a myth and that for all the showboating and market spin, riding a Harley is an experience that they would rather they never had. Yes, after finding out the truth of what a ridiculous piece of junk HD really is, the people who could do so often sold their HD. These ex-Harley Davidson owners were just as happy as could be to go back to an import motorcycle where they enjoyed a lower price and higher build quality, better engineering, advanced technology and avoided the social stigma that comes with owning a Harley Davidson. Among these emails which I receive is one universal thread; the promise that the ex-Harley Davidson owner will never, ever, ever buy another HD in their life.

For some people, they have to learn the hard way but the good news is that once is generally all it takes to learn from their mistakes and never repeat them. There is an old saying that a cat will walk on a hot stove only once but after that, it will never walk on a cold stove again either. The same could be said of ex-Harley owners. Once bitten, twice forewarned. Some people understand the truth without having to experience it first hand, others must learn the hard way. That’s life.

The real truth is that there are two kinds of riders in the world; those who own a Harley Davidson and those who know better. We all make mistakes but unlike HD, most of us can’t turn our mistakes into financial windfalls at the expense of idiots so we do the best that we can, we learn from our mistakes and we become smarter for it. If anyone has the uninformed fooled, it is Harley Davidson and you’re one of the weak minded sheep who bought into the made-to-order patriotic fairy tale, Hinol.

“Note to the smart LEOs, 90% of you are great people doing and an honorable and hard job. I do appreciate you and I even go on Harley rides with some of you or will in the near future. I also acknowledge that the agencies do work together harmoniously for the common good, and some of you do move on to higher positions of authority.”

Ah, yes.

Here’s another one of my favorite parts of our exchange. You spend your entire email belittling and insulting all law enforcement officers any way that you can at every chance you can get. You even go as far as claiming that there are social and political protocols in place to ensure that only the dumbest people in society ever get to be law enforcement officers and then you have the unmitigated gall to finish your email off with a transparently weak apology intended to make other LEOs think you haven’t really been doing your best to insult everyone who wears a badge. If the only way you could ever defend your position against me was to make broad generalizations and then try to apologize to 90% of the people that you had just insulted … you really are a flaming newbie when it comes to logical, intelligent debate. Also, it just goes to prove that you have nothing to back your defense up with (but then we all knew that when you entered this debate).

Do you really think that any self respecting LEO would want to go on a ride with someone like you? Do you think that we (LEOs) can’t see through shallow, transparent, little people like you? We (LEOs) see your pathetic kind coming miles away. You only buddy up to us when you want something, when you need us or when we can do something for you. The rest of the time, people like you treat us like social pariahs and lepers. You tell your children that if they don’t behave that the cop will either shoot them or arrest them and take them to jail. Behind our back (but always within earshot) you will tell your children that if they don’t stay in school or go to college that they’ll have to be a cop. Your ignorance of law enforcement gives you a falsely elevated self righteousness over the people who are sworn to serve and protect you. We know your kind all too well and you’re not fooling any LEO, not even the newest rookie (but the genuine effort you put into your failed charade is rather humorous to behold).

You couldn’t be any more utterly pathetic if you tried and believe me, you’ve certainly tried your damnedest to be as utterly pathetic as you possibly could be in your emails. What is really funny is that you’ve succeeded beyond your wildest dreams in that regard. Yes, you actually went and made me smile there with that last bit and smiling is something I don’t often do when I’m dealing with little minded, uninformed, uneducated, ignorant people like you. Ignorance ceased being cute and amusing a long time ago (especially in adults) but you’ve somehow brought out a rosy tint to your own special variation of this intellectual malady.

Your first mistake about LEOs is assuming that being a LEO is a profession, Hinol. You erroneously assume that being a LEO is a blue collar job populated with the lowest paid lowest common denominator in our society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Law enforcement is not a profession; it is a noble calling and far more "American" than anything produced by Harley Davidson.

Those who can … police.  Those who can't lock their doors at night and program "911" into the speed dial button on their phone.

In hindsight, Hinol, perhaps you are right when you declare that you will go on future rides with law enforcement officers.  After all, LEOs have a special place for really stupid people to ride with them and special place is usually the back seat of their unit with the final destination being jail.  We (LEOs) let stupid people like you ride with us all the time, in fact, we like to ferry them back and forth, back and forth from where we pick them up to the local jail.  We do it several times a day and all night long because it is our duty to keep stupid people (like you) off the street and from making trouble for the smarter people in society.

“I also know that this twit that wrote the rant against Harleys is in the minority due to his general lack of intelligence as well as his lack of true understanding as to why Harley, with its limited line of product, outsells all four of the Jap bikes almost at a rate of 3 to 1.”

Yes, dear reader, I have saved the absolute best for last!

Here is more irrefutable proof that Harley owners (and Hinol here in particular) are preprogrammed hillbilly automatons who regurgitate the market spin and advertising myths that they have been spoon-fed by the dealer.

If I am in a minority, Hinol, then it is because I’m intelligent, educated (I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business), I have original thoughts that I can back up with hard fact and conclusive history and I form my own opinions based on research and established data. If I am in a minority, it is because I am not a pop culture driven, media educated sheep, a patriotic dullard or a ridiculous redneck fashion lemming. In other words, I am an informed consumer which means that I don’t pay hard earned money for junk, even if that junk is considered “trendy” or fashionable. Unlike you, I don’t need a Harley Davidson in order to be complete or validate my existence. I am known and admired for who I am and for what I believe in; not for what I own or who I advertise for.


You called me a twit. 

How decidedly apropos that you should bring that particular term into the argument at this time!  Perhaps, in the future, before you call someone a "twit" you will in turn take great steps to insure that it is not you, yourself, who is the twit. 

So, you think that Harley Davidson, with its limited line of product, outsells all four of the Japanese companies by a 3 to 1 margin?

Holy torrential downpours of molten stupidity!

You have the audacity to call me a twit and say that I have a general lack of intelligence but when it comes down to it, I’m still far smarter than you because I had the good sense to get on the Internet and pull up the corporate year end financial reports for both Honda and Harley Davidson (from each company’s official website, nonetheless) then compare the figures that each corporation officially disclosed for the last complete fiscal year (2006). After I had researched what I needed to know, I discovered (without much surprise) that once again you have simply thrown out yet even more erroneous (and one might even go as far as saying utterly fictitious) information but since you're getting your "facts" from a fairy tale, accuracy is hardly something to be expected.

Here’s where it’s about to get real ugly, real quick, Hinol and the only person you can blame for this is yourself.

In 2006, Harley Davidson produced a total of 349,200 bikes (including Buells) to be sold both domestically and worldwide. Let me say that again, for the 2006 fiscal / model year, Harley Davidson produced a TOTAL of 349,200 bikes, according to their financial report for the year end.

349,200 units.



In 2006, Honda produced a total of 10,271,000 motorcycles, out of which only / just 614,000 were sold in North America (including Mexico). Now, I understand that Harley owners are naturally stupid and inherently don’t really understand math (which is one of the primary reasons why you own a Harley in the first place) but even you can’t be dumb enough to believe that 349,200 (HD) is 3 times as much as 614,000 (what Honda sold in America) let alone three times as much as 10,271,000 (what Honda sold in the entire world). Actually, maybe you do believe that since after all, you did say that “
Harley, with its limited line of products, outsells all four of the Jap bikes almost at a rate of 3 to 1.

Your words, not mine ... twit.

Now, because I understand that so much of your life is driven by image rather than intelligence, let me put this factual data into a few simple visual references to illustrate just how stupid you are to have ever said this bit of silly nonsense in what was supposed to be an intelligent debate. In hindsight, given about five minutes of research on the Internet (and some diligent reading through of the two company’s yearly financial reports), you could have saved your self a whole lot of embarrassment.

So you proudly claim that Harley Davidson outsells all four of the Japanese manufacturers by 3 to 1? This last statement of yours clearly shows that you may have gone way past the core definition of “stupid” and that you’re now operating at a level that can best be described as “very low-function mental retard.”

Shown above, we have a representation of total annual motorcycle production in 2006 for both Harley Davidson and Honda.  This is not the total number of motorcycles produced by all companies in the world during this year, just those bikes produced by Honda and Harley Davidson.  This simple image will quickly show you how far behind Harley Davidson really has been left not just by the rest of the world, but how far it has been left behind by just one Japanese company in particular: Honda.


Here we have a visual representation of the total annual production of Harley Davidson compared to the number of motorcycles that Honda sold in just North America.  That’s all the bikes that Harley PRODUCED in one year, fiscal year 2006, compared to just the number of bikes that Honda SOLD in North America (or just one part of the world) and ONLY in North America.  While we are including all of the world in Harley's sales, we’re ignoring the rest of the world in regard to Honda’s sales ... for right now.  What the chart above clearly shows is that for every Harley Davidson sold in the entire world in 2006, Honda sold 1.75 times that number of bikes in just North America.

Let’s do some more basic math, shall we? 

Oh, I know you don’t understand math (and probably can’t count higher than ten without dropping your pants and using a magnifying glass) but do try to learn something here because we’re going to go back to about fourth grade elementary (which means that the math we shall be using will probably still be two years too advanced for you to grasp).  If so, please get a non-mobile home schooled adult member of your family to help you with the scratch work (you might even ask one of those few but highly successful family members you so proudly mentioned being related to previously, that is, if they choose to let you ignore the restraining order they probably have posted against you which prevents you from coming anywhere near them).

Harley Davidson’s total 2006 production was 349,200 units.  Compared to Honda’s total 2006 production of 10,271,000 units, Harley produced just 3.39 % of Honda’s total motorcycle output or just over three percent of Honda’s total production (we’re not counting Honda’s new planes, their cars, water craft, or their trucks in that production figure either, just motorcycles).

In North America, Honda sold almost two times the number of motorcycles that Harley produced for its entire distribution to all of its dealerships around the world.  Honda SOLD one point seven five times the total number of bikes that Harley Davidson PRODUCED, just in North America alone, and that one point seven five times sales figure was still just 5.97% of Honda’s total production in that fiscal year (while Harley’s total production was only 3.39% of Honda’s total).  One point seven five times what Harley could produce is a figure that is just about six percent of Honda’s total year end production. 

Oh, I’m sorry. 

Your poor little vibration addled ganglion is probably swimming with numbers so let’s try to nail those pesky numeric type squiggly things down even further.  By now it should become clear that anyone who tells you that Harley outsells any Japanese company let alone all four Japanese companies combined by a 3 to 1 ratio is an utter fucking dullard who doesn’t have a clue in regard to what they are talking about.

Still not convinced? 

Let me put the data into perspective for you in relation to ratios since you brought the ratio angle into this argument in the first place.  What was that idiotic ratio that you quoted?  3 to 1 in Harley's favor?  Boy, are you retarded.  The total Honda global production figure vs Harley’s total global production figure I displayed above is almost 29.41:1, in Honda’s favor rather than a 3:1 in Harley's favor as you claim.  If we add in the yearly total production numbers for Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki then I’m sure that once again, you’ll find that Harley gets its tired old lazy ass habitually beat just like a common law wife at the first of the month during a drunken domestic dispute in a double wide in a trailer park.  Harley sells a lifestyle and, according to the figures I can come up with; in 2006, a little under three hundred and fifty thousand people bought a make-believe lifestyle from Harley Davidson while over ten point two million people bought a real motorcycle from Honda.

If we count the number of bikes produced by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki in that ratio, it stops being even remotely funny and becomes super serious overkill with the end result being that any of the four Japanese companies could bury Harley Davidson in a single year if they wanted to, and any one of them could do it without breaking a sweat.  Hell, Honda could buy Harley Davidson lock, stock and moonshine barrel without blinking but the fact is that Honda would never buy Harley Davidson because Honda has some seriously high standards, none of which Harley could ever hope to meet (let alone exceed).

Honda produced 10,271,000 bikes in 2006.  That’s over ten point two million bikes, Hinol.  That’s over twenty-nine times the number of bikes that Harley produced in the same year, that’s a twenty-nine (and change) to one ratio of Honda outselling Harley Davidson, not 3 to 1 in favor of Harley Davidson verses all of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers like you ignorantly claim.  What that means is for every bike that the barefoot, overalls wearing, straw hat sporting, pipe smoking, tobacco chewing, sister shagging, moon shine chugging, banjo playing odious inbred uneducated hillbillies in Milwaukee managed to cobble together and roll off of their rusty old creaky assembly lines, Honda’s cutting edge technology backed factories produced (and sold) twenty-nine point four motorcycles to match each single motorcycle that Harley produced.  It’s not an exact figure but it is close enough to illustrate the fact that when you said that Harley Davidson outsold all four of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers by a 3 to 1 ratio that you really didn’t have a fucking clue as to what you were talking about (again).  Harley can’t even wetdream of building and selling as many bikes as Honda, let alone building and selling as many bikes as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki combined, let alone selling three times the number of bikes that the Big Four sell combined.

“But … wait!” you’ll probably stammer, in your utterly pathetic, sniveling defense “I didn’t mean that Harley outsold all of the Japanese in the world market …  I only meant that Harley Davidson outsold all of the Japanese in the American market by a three to one margin.”

Wrong again, Jethro Dull.

Okay, let’s micro-size our market segments down to just one area of the world; America

Let’s look at the official figures as provided by Harley Davidson from their website and their official 2006 annual review (available on their website and downloadable in PDF format (which for HD owners stands for Poor Dumb Fucker)).  Harley’s official annual report is 19 pages long.  Honda’s official 2006 annual report is 122 pages long.  That just goes to show you that running a real worldwide corporation takes a hell of a lot more paperwork and accounting than running a small chain of trendy costume rental stores and upper scale trailer park fashion oriented boutiques.

If you take this information, as presented, at face value, then the above data does indeed look very, very, very good for Harley Davidson and it looks like HD does indeed outsell all of the imports by a considerable amount ... that is, until you realize that HD is showing you the ONE and ONLY market segment that they actually produce and sell bikes in.  However, since heavy weight bikes are all that Harley Davidson produces and since there are several other market segments in the United States as well as the world (important market segments which HD does not mention because it does not (and cannot) compete in them) then the above information can be considered highly skewed in Harley’s favor.  Trust me when I say that this particular example of skewing is done on purpose, like so much of HD's marketing scheme.

What you have to realize is that Harley Davidson is throwing everything that they can into this one market segment and the result is that with their maximum effort, they can still only achieve a 48.6% dominance in that ONE market sector.  For one company, that’s pretty good but once again, this is only ONE market segment, the ONLY one that Harley exists in, and it is not indicative of Harley’s overall strength or its position in regard to the other manufacturers or the rest of the market as a whole.  If you were to add in all the other segments of the motorcycle market in America, HD wouldn’t look very good in comparison and its slice of the overall American motorcycle market pie would be much, much smaller than that portrayed in the above data graph.  Let's look at the American market share of total motorcycles sold by company, shall we?  Now we are talking about the entire American motorcycle market as a whole, not just one particular segment but all segments being considered at the same time.


I was wrong (it's not the first time that I've been wrong and it won't be the last time either so I apologize to those poor folks in Hell who might have been misled into thinking that maybe a blizzard was about to come their way).  Apparently, HD isn't the Number 2 retailer of motorcycles in America, it's actually the Number 3 retailer of motorcycles in its own nation of origin (which means that in the past few years it has moved down another notch on the rung).  Oh!  Delight and glee abound!  Harley Davidson, supposedly "America's motorcycle", supposedly the "greatest gawt-damn motorcycle ever made" comes in at a paltry 16% of the total American motorcycle market.  Of course, this chart isn't totally accurate because I haven't included BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and other imports in the picture (because we're just talking about Harley Davidson and the Big Four, aren't we?).  If I did, HD's share of the pie would be even smaller but I think that for this part of the discussion that showing the total US market in regard to what shares HD and the Japanese have is sufficient to prove my point as well as to prove your stupidity.  If we had ALL of the market data, it would only look worse for HD because their market share would naturally be even smaller.

But, wait! 

Harley Davidson is only showing 273,600 motorcycles!  I thought you said they produced 349,200 motorcycles!  Ah ha!  You're deliberately shorting HD to make the other companies look better!

Not at all. 

Harley did produce 349,200 motorcycles in 2006 but it only sold 273,600 motorcycles in the American market place.  The rest of those bikes which it produced went to its dealerships around the world in other countries and thus are not counted in the American market as a whole.

You proudly claim that Harley outsells all four Japanese manufacturers by a 3 to 1 ratio but doing some quick market research and some simple elementary math we find that outrageous and ludicrous claim is just not true.  Let's look even closer at the one market segment that Harley Davidson operates in and review our HD provided percentages again.

Individually, Harley Davidson may sell more large bikes (over 650cc) than any of the other four Japanese manufacturers in one particular segment of the American market but when the Japanese companies are lumped together in the same market segment, the total Japanese share of the American market is 44.1% vs. Harley Davidson’s 48.6% market share.  In its own country of origin, Harley only enjoys a 4.5% advantage in a single market share which means that in 2006, Harley only sold 4.5% more heavy weight bikes than all of the Japanese companies combined.  Let's put it this way, out of every 100 heavy weight bikes sold in America, 48.6 of those bikes were built by Harley Davidson, 44.1% of those bikes were built by the Japanese and 7.3% of those bikes were built by other manufacturers like Triumph, BMW, Ducati, etc. 

Looking at the face value of the data (something you are fond of doing), we can summarize the data by saying that for every heavyweight Harley Davidson sold in America, there’s about one Japanese heavyweight bike sold as well presenting us with a sales ratio closer to 1 to 1 and hardly the 3 to 1 advantage for Harley that you stupidly claimed.

In fact, Harley is barely maintaining just below half of the market share of one individual market segment against the foreign invaders and the sad thing is that Harley’s precarious position is found in the only motorcycle market segment that Harley actually produces models in.  I hardly think that measly 4.5% sales advantage in one particular market segment equates to three to one sales advantage overall in Harley’s favor.

But, if Harley sells one out of every two heavy weight motorcycles sold in America, why is it still number three in its own country of origin?  Oh, that's an easy question to answer and you even helped to answer it.  Remember when you said that "Harley with its limited line of products..."?  It is the very fact that Harley Davidson has a very limited product line that both gives it the strength it has and dooms it to the place it occupies.   Since Harley Davidson has such a limited line of products they allow the other foreign companies to outsell them year after year by making a variety of different motorcycles in different classes and different displacements.  Harley only makes heavy weight motorcycles (the only type they know how to make because it's the only kind of bike that their grandpappy ever taught them how to build), the other manufacturers make heavy weight, light weight, medium weight, sport bikes and a host of all other sorts of classes all of which are highly profitable and none of which Harley produces.  So, Harley charges ahead with big displacement, high dollar bikes and (barely) dominates that segment of the market (ignoring all the other segments) by a measly 4.5% advantage.  Let's show that "advantage" as a graphic, shall we?

The Japanese manufacturers sell some heavy weight motorcycles (at about 1:1 ratio vs. HD) but where they dominate and leave Harley Davidson behind is by avoiding a limited product line and using a highly diversified product line to rake in the profit.  The import manufacturers outsell Harley Davidson in America by selling all around Harley Davidson.  The foreign manufacturers compete on levels which Harley has both chosen not to and, truth be known, they simply don’t have the technology to compete in the other markets.

Harley Davidson has painted itself into a corner and the Japanese are closing in on it, piece by piece, individual company by individual company.  What you fail to realize is that when a Japanese company makes progress in obtaining a larger piece of the domestic market, that increase must either come from a loss of market share from one of the other import manufacturers or more likely, from a direct loss of market share by Harley Davidson itself.  The other manufacturers can afford to lose market share in this segment as they have other segments to fall back upon and make a profit.  Harley Davidson cannot afford to lose market share in this segment because that is the only segment that they produce bikes in.  Harley cannot afford to lose ground in this market segment because it’s the only ground they play on, small ground that it is. 

So much for the domestic report, let’s look at Harley Davidson in another part of the world, a real hotbed of motorcycle enthusiasts; Europe.

Worldwide, it’s a far different story for Harley Davidson as this table shows (information again taken from the HD annual report with data provided by The Motor Company itself).  In Europe alone, Harley gets soundly beat by the Japanese companies who have over a 56% combined market share compared to Harley Davidson’s unimpressive 9% market share.  Again, this is for heavy weight bikes, not for all of the other classes of bikes that exist in all the other market segments that exist.  Ducati, Triumph and BMW, the listed home team guys, can only manage a combined 26% share of the market which is still almost three times the market share of Harley Davidson.  This breaks down into (rough math) Triumph and Ducati selling about half of what Harley Davidson does and BMW selling almost twice what HD does.  In America, Harley Davidson fights off the invaders at a 1:1 ratio.  In Europe, the home town guys fight off Harley at a nearly 3:1 ratio.  I guess that the Europeans just feel more strongly about the quality and engineering that goes into their own home-made bikes and well that they should because unlike Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph and BMW all build very fine motorcycles and have a varied product line that is infused with a constant source of innovation (again, totally unlike HD).

In Europe, it’s easy to see that individually each of the Japanese companies outsell Harley by almost 2 to 1 (with the exception of Kawasaki which holds out at a little better than 1 to 1 ratio).  When lumped together, the Japanese outsell Harley by over 5 to 1 in Europe and the rest of the world, in that one market segment alone.  When you take in total motorcycle sales in the world, in all segments of the overall market, the fate and outlook of HD is grim indeed.

Does Harley outsell all the Japanese companies by a 3 to 1 ratio anywhere (other than your own sad yet amusing delusions)? 


How do we know this? 

Simple math using fact and figures taken from HD’s own year end financial report and the year end financial reports downloaded from each of the import manufacturers. 

Putting pen to paper and doing the math is probably the quickest way to keep you from ever buying a Harley Davidson in the first place.  Number don’t lie, Hinol.  If Harley outsells all the Japanese manufacturers by 3 to 1 then why is Harley the number three retailer of bikes in its own country of origin (and probably near last place when it comes to selling bikes in the world)?  Number two!  If Harley Davidson outsold all the Japanese manufacturers, let alone at a 3 to 1 ratio, logically it would be number one in America wouldn’t it?


Hell, Harley Davidson would be number one in the world if it outsold all four Japanese manufacturers by a 3:1 ratio.

But Harley Davidson doesn’t (and Harley Davidson isn’t).

Harley Davidson isn’t number one in the world (or even its own country of origin) and Harley doesn’t outsell all of the Japanese manufacturers by any stretch of the imagination.  Math proves this rather nicely.  The ratio is about 1 to 1 of Harley heavy weight bikes to Import heavy weight bikes sold in America, and about 5 to 1 (in Japan’s favor) in Europe and the world beyond.  That is, again, heavy weight bikes (just one particular market segment).  Harley doesn’t produce anything but heavy weight bikes so when it comes to light weight bikes and middle weight bikes, Harley is left behind sucking dust.  In fact, Harley Davidson has been sucking the dust of the rest of the world’s motorcycle manufacturers for the better part of several decades now.

You say that “Harley, with its limited line of products, outsells all four of the Jap bikes almost at a rate of 3 to 1.” 

Let’s think about that bit of ridiculous nonsense and use some good old fashioned math to really prove that you are seriously fucking retarded.  Remember, we’re talking heavy weight bikes, the 650cc and above class bikes.  In the 650cc class of bikes and below, the Japanese completely dominate Harley Davidson because HD has no bikes in that class.  You could honestly say that Japan dominates Harley in the light weight bikes category by a “thousands to zero” ratio meaning for every light weight bike that Harley Davidson does not produce, the Japanese manufacturers produce thousands, even hundreds of thousands.

Market spin, it’s all in how you present the data, Hinol.

The whole “Harley, with its limited line of product, outsells all four of the Jap bikes almost at a rate of 3 to 1” really irks me because it is so erroneous and unbelievable.  Only a clueless retard would ever say something like that but just in case ...  Let’s investigate this utterly asinine statement of yours further, shall we?

If Honda produces 10,271,000 million bikes in just one year then how did the other manufacturers fare for that year.  Well, let’s go download their 2006 year end financial reports and look up their total year-end production results.

Logically, if Harley sold three times as many bikes as all the four Japanese manufacturers combined (18,356,000 total Japanese bikes), Harley would have a production capacity of (18,356,000 total Japanese bikes times 3 = ) 55,068,000 million bikes in just 2006 alone (using the production figures for Honda and for the other three manufacturers gained from their 2006 annual business reports).  In other words, if Harley wanted to produce and subsequently outsell three times the capacity of all the Japanese manufacturers, it would need five and a half times the industrial production capacity that Honda has (just for motorcycles, not for cars, trucks, watercraft and everything else that they produce) and that’s not as much “unlikely” as it is “totally impossible.”

What this graph clearly shows you is that each of the four Japanese companies have far greater production capacity than Harley Davidson could ever wetdream of and if Harley were ever to outsell all four of the Japanese companies by a ratio of three to one, then it would need some damn serious production facilities (to handle a new yearly output of about 157.69 times what it currently can produce).  We won’t even go into how many employees it would have to add to the payroll to match the 157 fold increase in its production capacity (and if Harley stays true to form and hires unionized workers, it will have to take on the additional cost of that particular type of labor as well).  Of course, the downside to that is that I doubt that there are 55,068,000 people in the world who would ever actually want to own a Harley Davidson (HOG. only boasts a single million for its member list and that, in and of itself, is probably in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest published list of known retards in the world), let alone that many who would buy a new Harley Davidson in one year’s time, year after year, repeatedly.  HOG is like the polar opposite of MENSA.  If MENSA won’t have you, don’t worry.  HOG will take anyone, if you have enough money to buy into the lifestyle and support the fantasy.

On a side note, I may get curious and try to find out exactly how many Harley Davidson “motorcycles” have actually been made in the 100 plus years that the company has been around.  If anyone knows when the 1,000,000th Harley Davidson was produced, please email me.  I know that Honda built its first motorcycle (the Dream D-Type 98cc, 2 stroke) in 1949 and by 1968, their cumulative motorcycle production had hit the 10,000,000 unit mark.  That’s ten million motorcycles produced and sold in just 19 short years and that’s just Honda (and that was almost 40 years ago as well!).  In 2005, Honda passed the 150,000,000 motorcycles produced mark.  I really wonder just how many motorcycles that Harley has produced in their century and a nickel so far… Odds are that it’s an embarrassingly low number.  I’d wager that it was even lower than Honda’s 2006 production total.

In closing, as you (or anyone with a fourth grade education) can plainly see, Harley does not outsell ANY of the four Japanese motorcycle companies and it certainly doesn’t outsell all four combined by any margin (let alone 3 to 1).  In fact, when you add up the total production of the import companies, we find that they build a little over 59 times as many bikes, combined, as Harley Davidson does all by itself (with Honda alone building 36 times the number of bikes in a year that Harley does).  Harley doesn’t outsell the imports by a 3 to 1 ratio, the imports outsell Harley Davidson by a 59 to 1 ratio.  Has that sobered your ignorance up any, Hinol, or are you still comfortably dumb?

Do you know why Honda produces so many bikes per year? 

Demand for its product. 

Do you know why Harley Davidson produces so few bikes per year? 

Demand for its product. 

Honda produces a record number of bikes each year because people are buying Hondas.  They’re economical, affordable, well built and dependable.  Honda motorcycles use cutting edge technology and advanced engineering that both continue to improve year after year.  Honda builds millions of bikes because millions of people want a Honda.  If Harley Davidson produced a million bikes in one year, they wouldn’t be able to give them away for free.  The market would be flooded with Harley Davidsons and the price of the bikes would plummet to well below cost.  Dealers wouldn’t be able to move the models that they had on the showroom floors and HD would be seeing warehouses full of their product and no way to move it.  Harley’s marketing capacity to spin its product far exceeds its ability to produce said sad product which is why Harleys command high prices.  It’s not that Harley Davidson is a good bike (it isn’t), it’s simply the law of supply and demand.  Even if Harley Davidson did manage to build a million bikes in a year, I really, seriously doubt that a million people would want to buy a Harley Davidson in one year's time.

Now, I don’t know who told you that Harley Davidson outsold the Japanese manufacturers by a 3 to 1 ratio but let’s take a look at these two particularly interesting corporate financial statements, shall we?  Looking at the sales revenue for both companies, in 2006, Harley Davidson was a highly profitable $5,686,800,000 company.  That’s five point six billion dollars income (that sure would buy a whole lot of double-wides wouldn’t it?)!  In 2006, Honda had sales of $84,345,000,000 and yes, you read correct; Honda had sales of over eighty four billion dollars in that one year alone. 

Allow me to put the figures into perspective for you, once again, since you like ratios.  If Harley outsells all of the Japanese manufacturers by 3 to 1 ratio, as you claim, then why did Honda, just Honda (not counting Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki) have a yearly sales of 14.8 to 1 (almost 15 to 1) of what Harley Davidson had?  In 2006, for every one dollar that Harley Davidson made in sales, Honda and just Honda alone made $14.83 in sales.

Why is that? 

It’s because Honda is an innovative leader and Harley is a follower; always has been, always will be.  If Harley Davidson is a leader in anything then it's leading the way in going backwards.  Harley Davidson was a follower from day one when a couple of redneck brothers and their friend decided to put a single cylinder motor on a rusty old bicycle frame (doing the best that they could to imitate an Indian) and, after several hours of hard drinking, they got to the inebriated point of self enlightenment where they thought they could (as opposed to should ) start a company that specialized in selling rusty bicycles with single cylinder engines to other inebriated rednecks.  The rest is history, tragic history, but history just the same.

I believe you previously said that “I'm not going to go into an explanation because you are an IGNORANT LEO, as most are.”  The real reason why you couldn’t go into an explanation on anything which you threw out in this debate is that you had no numbers or facts to back up your ridiculous and ludicrous claims and that it was you who was ignorant of nearly everything that you claimed to have knowledge on.  Once you find the correct numbers and plug them in then simple math proves quite easily that you're the ignorant one, as most Harley owners are.  If there's any ignorance at all on display here then it is your ignorance, Hinol but then so much of Harley Davidson is not only composed of pure ignorance but revolves around it as well.

Now, because I’m feeling jolly and generous, I’m going to tell you the story of how Honda became so powerful.

How is it that Honda become so powerful, you may ask? Actually, you can thank Harley Davidson and Yamaha (the two companies that you support) for making Honda number one both in America as well as around the world and both Yamaha and Harley Davidson managed to accomplish that particular feat out of a combination of glaring stupidity and unmitigated greed. 

First, let's discuss Yamaha's part in making Honda so powerful.  A long standing rivalry between Honda and Yamaha was sparked into overt corporate hostility in the early 1980’s when Yamaha built up its production to the point where it openly claimed that it would be the new largest producer of motorcycles in the world (a position then held by Honda).  Honda had somewhat neglected its motorcycle manufacturing as it geared up for production of its lines of automobiles and was taken by surprise with this announcement from its rival.  Caught off guard by Yamaha’s brashness, Honda responded with a force and vengeance never before seen in the industry, opening the action that would become known in business history as the Honda Yamaha War.  Yamaha tried to bury Honda by out producing it in motorcycles.  Honda relied on a new strategy, speed of product development, and in turn buried Yamaha under its own goods.  At the start of the Honda Yamaha War, each combatant had a portfolio with about sixty models of bikes on each side.  During the next year and a half, Honda introduced or replaced 113 of its models, compared to only 37 models that Yamaha managed to introduce or replace.  The result was financial devastation for Yamaha whose products, when compared to Hondas, were perceived to be outdated.

At the height of the trade war between Honda and Yamaha, there was nearly a year of unsold stock sitting in Yamaha dealer showrooms, stock that had to be sold at below cost to move it and sometimes that didn’t even help the sale. 

Honda won that bitter corporate war, defending their rightful place as the largest and most advanced producer of motorcycles in the world (a lofty place which they still hold today).  The president of Yamaha was even forced to cry in public when he asked for Honda to have mercy on his company, an unheard of display of emotion by a stalwart Japanese businessman, humbled by the power and might of one of the world’s largest, most powerful manufacturing companies.

Harley’s unnecessary, show-boating restrictive tariff in the early 1980’s also allowed Honda to gain a strong advantage in America.  In fact, Harley Davidson is one of the primary reasons why all four of the Japanese manufacturers currently build so many small displacement motorcycles; Harley’s petition to put a (unnecessary) restrictive trade tariff on large displacement (over 650cc) motorcycles forced the import manufacturers to build smaller, lighter bikes that would be just as powerful as the larger bikes yet exempt from the then current import tariff or any future import tariff based on engine sizes in which HD was competitive (if HD can be called "competitive" in any form of the word).  Since the tariff affected only bikes or power trains which were imported, the big four manufacturers rapidly moved to build several factories on American shores so that they could not be affected by any future tariffs of such a ridiculous and unnecessary nature.  Some manufacturers began building bikes that were just one CC less in displacement than the tariff called for yet these bikes were just as powerful yet immune to the restrictive tariff since they fell 1cc below the stipulations of the engine size restrictions.  One of the primary effects of the Harley requested trade tariff was that Japanese manufacturers shifted their production of motorcycles over to American plants, thus drowning Harley Davidson’s native production capacity in this country alone and opening up a whole new theater of competition for Harley Davidson.  Like most historical examples of its core thinking and corporate decision making, Harley was near sighted and traded short term relief for long term misery.  When it comes to success, Harley Davidson is its own worst enemy.  It's own greediness lead to its own troubles today.


All of this is great business history and a very interesting bit to study in the overall story and evolution of the motorcycle.  For what it is worth, I studied the trade tariff and Harley Davidson as a company way back in 1992 along with other great business cases in college but then I forget, you don’t have a college education do you?  Your email and the way you handle yourself in a debate clearly says “no.”

Harley Davidson isn’t number one, Hinol. 

Harley Davidson may be the number one American manufacturer of American built motorcycles but that is only because all of its competition (other American manufacturers building American bikes) died out and HD was left in the number one spot by nothing more powerful than default positioning.  Harley Davidson was never number one when any of its competition was around and it still isn’t number one in its own country of origin.  Harley Davidson never was number one, is not, and never will be because Harley Davidson is a loser bike built by a loser company and sold to losers like you.  With the inclusion of your idiot math, your brainwashing is complete, you hillbilly android.

Do you know who the number one retailer of motorcycles in America is, Hinol?  No, of course you don’t because you didn’t do any research before you opened your mouth and stuck your dumb ass in it

Who is the number one retailer of motorcycles in America?


Who is the number one manufacturer of motorcycles in the world?


Harley Davidson has had over a hundred years to "get it right" and they still can’t manage to overcome a foreign company that has been here, in our country, less than half the time that Harley Davidson has been in business.  Honda outsells Harley Davidson year after year after year.  Why?  It is because Honda produces motorcycles (and cars and trucks and ATVs and water craft and power tools and generators and (now) even jets and robots) and Harley produces “lifestyles” for those who don’t have a life and can’t figure out how to make a life of their own.  If you produce a “lifestyle” then you, by default, do not produce a “motorcycle.”  If you sell an “experience” then by default the people who use your products are not making any experiences of their own and your experience is “canned” and “pre-packaged.”  Harley Davidson has far more in common with Avon and Amway than it ever will with Honda or Ducati.  I’ve said this a hundred times, when will you morons ever learn this basic fact?  You don’t ride a Harley … so much as you wear it.

Harley Davidson represents failure on a massive scale as a motorcycle manufacturer.  I don’t support failure, Hinol, which is why I choose to pay my hard earned money to a company like Honda that will reinvest the money that I give them into the areas of technology and engineering.  I guess that’s why I ride a motorcycle produced by the number one manufacturer and retailer of motorcycles in America (and the world) and you ride a lifestyle accessory cobbled together by the number three retailer of “motorcycles” in America; a bunch of inbred hillbillies over in Milwaukee.

Here’s an important lesson in life; not only are you judged by the company that you keep but also by the company that you support



_______________  JHINOL - Part Doo  _______________


“None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear."
– Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929)


From:           J Hinol <sanebiker@yahoo.com>
To:                Me
Suject:         Just one more thing
Date:            September 20, 2007

If you're such a bad ass - why does it sometimes take a whole SWAT team to take down one person, when you could do it all by yourself?

Btw I ride a Harley because I want to and I usually ride alone. I don't wear black and I don't pretend to be a bad-ass. I don't get myself in situations where I need to be. When someone of your ilk tries to jump in my face I laugh. If they get too far into my personal space I still don't have to lift a finger because I know how to hit back through the legal system. A system far above you and your little bravado with a relatively powerless badge.. Most of your technological information is spot on, but your generalizations, at least in relation to me, are rather moronic and laughable. You describe the stereotypical Harley owner as if everyone in that genre shares the same disposition and intellectual deficiencies. But then again, I bet you profile by demographic on your day job too, which is a reflection of your own lack of intelligence. Seeing that you consider yourself superior, how do you handle the thought that there are powers above you? You're not the richest, the most intelligent, the best writer and the fact that you love generalizations exposes you as being less than the highly enlightened individual you attempt to portray yourself to be. You spout financial prowess, yet the Governor of my fair state came from nothing then went on to build a net worth in excess of $600 million AND rides a Harley. He also rides/rode without a license and the little powerless LEOs such as yourself couldn't touch him. You say you're fearless, but then why do you wear a gun and a bullet proof vest in the line of duty? You say you can stare down anyone. Go stare down people like the Manson group, the ICE MAN or anyone else a few bricks dangerously shy of a full stack, alone and unarmed. Truth is, your bravado is nothing. You scare 2 little punks in their 20s with no way to defend themselves yet you hide in Mississippi. I would love to witness your success in NYC on your own without your badge. Just you alone with no backup and no gun - just your mouth and opinions. It would be hilarious. you jump into your martial arts mode and they shoot your ass. Yep, you're a bad ass alright - to a bunch of kids. Why don't you go to your immediate supervisor and play adversary with him/her not stopping on your way to going over the top - as you stated, no one intimidates you. Heck, why not go and commit battery on the governor of your state. You fear nothing. Yep, your right - your intellect keeps you in check because your intellect understands the ramifications of those actions. You do have fears rational fears but none-the-less there's a chink in your armor - seeing that you stated you're fearless - you fear what any other rational person would. If you didn't fear the ramifications of such actions, you would probably kill the "rednecks" and "hillbillies" you so despise - from what I gather from reading your rant.

Despite your facade you aren't the fearless Harley hating SWAT member you pretend to be. One other fear I KNOW you have is that of Anarchy. You fear not being in control of the world around you. You fear people seeing beyond your tough guy facade to the point where you've devised a fantasy world inspired by a movie starring a Harley rider. You are indeed a funny and scared little man. You may be able to back up your tough guy image, but you've erected a wall between you and that which you fear by the lifestyle you've chosen. If you weren't afraid on at least some level, why take martial arts? Why wear a gun? Why obey the law?

While writing this my understanding of who you are just came into clear focus.

You're from Mississippi yet you worship a California governor that actually rides a Harley. Ah, maybe that's the crux of the matter. You're from a backwards / redneck state totally behind the times and your thinking is merely a reflection of your surroundings. You also have an inferiority complex or why else do you so vehemently defend your position on the dumbest of all things - that being what others choose to ride.You show a desperate need to be listened to. Could it be you fear being obsolete, ignored or insignificant? Your wife (if you're still married) will assure you you're not, but then the fact that you would even slightly think of asking her reflects your insecurities. You need her validation. You need the validation form your badge, your martial arts, your opinion on Harley's and your constant reminder to yourself that you're a bad ass / superior being. When in fact - if the facade and defenses were totally ripped away you really don't amount to a whole lot.

I could go on dismantling your facade as I'm sure the precinct shrink sure could (if you really are a LEO which I wouldn't doubt). If you really aren't a LEO that's just as pathetic.

Post and respond to this oh fearless one.


To which I replied


JHinol returns to look for the ass that I so aptly kicked up around his shoulders in our last encounter and proves once again my fervent belief that law enforcement should be a subscription only based civil service with the ability for the officer to instantly revoke your service at any time based solely on your attitude (and intelligence).

“If you're such a bad ass - why does it sometimes take a whole SWAT team to take down one person, when you could do it all by yourself?”

If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.

“Btw I ride a Harley because I want to and I usually ride alone.”

By the way, you ride a Harley because you are an uneducated, uncharismatic, uninteresting social mongotard with far more money than common sense and you usually ride alone because no one else wants to associate with an ignorant bovine twat like you.

“I don't wear black and I don't pretend to be a bad-ass. I don't get myself in situations where I need to be.”

Apparently, you can’t pretend to be intelligent or educated either.

In hindsight, it’s probably a very good thing that you don’t get yourself into tough situations because it’s rather obvious you wouldn’t understand what to do when and if you ever did. No, it’s best to leave the tough situations to the trained professionals. LEOs have a name for little whiney people like you; we laughingly refer to you and your kind as “job security.”

“When someone of your ilk tries to jump in my face I laugh. If they get too far into my personal space I still don't have to lift a finger because I know how to hit back through the legal system. A system far above you and your little bravado with a relatively powerless badge.”

I don’t get into people’s personal space mainly because when it comes to the kind of people that I have to deal with then being within arm reach of them is tactically stupid. Since you don’t know the first thing about law enforcement practices or officer survival techniques, I’ll clue you in on a few simple facts that are taught to any rookie. LEOs are trained not to get too close to suspects because that’s a quick way to get grabbed, wrestled, stabbed, or shot. Of course, if you actually really did know anything about law enforcement then you would have known that already.

So you think you can hit back through the legal system every time you don’t get your way or every time that your pretty little tail feathers get all ruffled out of shape?


Naivety in adults is such a sad thing to witness especially when it is sincerely presented like you have done. Oh, you could file complaints and all sorts of legal forms but the chances of you actually doing anything effective to soothe your bruised over-inflated ego is minimal if non-existent, especially if there’s clear documentation and proof in the LEO’s favor. The age of lawsuits, where sue-happy citizens like you see cops as huge chances to make large amounts of quick and easy money through frivolous legal proceedings, has made LEOs everywhere very cautious in how we deal with foppish dilettantes like you. Dash mounted video cameras, digital recordings, constant radio contact with dispatch and an ever diligent personal watch on our own professionalism all work to our favor in documenting both my behavior and yours during our encounter. LEOs also have other officers respond to not only act as a witness to the behavior of both parties involved but also as a safety backup should you decide that the best resolution to being pulled over for doing 73 mph in a 15 mph school zone is to throw a drunken punch at the officer who stopped you.

What little people like you don’t realize is that the powers that be, the powers that you hold in such great regard, the powers like the district attorney, the city attorney, all the way up to the mayor, the state attorney general and the governor of your state, all of these politically and socially exalted people that you worship and glorify have in turn put their esteemed trust in me. After reviewing my qualifications, researching my background and putting me through extensive training, they have found me worthy of accepting a badge and taking an oath to society. The powers that be have ordered me to go out into society so that people like me can deal with people like you so that people like them don’t have to.

“Most of your technological information is spot on, but your generalizations, at least in relation to me, are rather moronic and laughable. You describe the stereotypical Harley owner as if everyone in that genre shares the same disposition and intellectual deficiencies.”

Perhaps you haven’t been paying as close attention as you would like to think, Hinol. Not only is my technical information spot on, but so is my history and diagnosis of both Harley Davidson as a company and of the pathetic people who support them. You see, I didn’t get it right on the technology side then just make up the rest … all of the information which I present is easily available to anyone else, if they’ll just dig a little and put forth a minimal effort to learn. You can’t change history, Hinol, but Harley proves that you can damn sure as hell spin it.

I fail to see where my views are moronic and laughable since you yourself have gone out of your way to prove me exactly right; if not when it comes to describing Harley owners, then at least when it comes to aptly describing you.

You’re stupid, uneducated and ignorant.

You also own a Harley.


I don’t think so.

“But then again, I bet you profile by demographic on your day job too, which is a reflection of your own lack of intelligence.”

I guess that’s a thinly veiled attempt to call me either an uneducated racist or an inexperienced LEO who can’t spot trouble unless it overtly advertises itself. Yawn. Your personal attacks are about on par with your debate skills; they are severely limited and completely ineffectual. I continue to remain somewhat amused by your desperate antics and your inability to carry yourself adequately in a logical, intelligent, mature structured argument.


You’re stupid, uneducated and ignorant.

You also own a Harley.


I don’t think so.

How’s that for “profiling,” Jethro Dull?

“Seeing that you consider yourself superior, how do you handle the thought that there are powers above you? You're not the richest, the most intelligent, the best writer and the fact that you love generalizations exposes you as being less than the highly enlightened individual you attempt to portray yourself to be.”

There are powers above me and below me, Hinol. There are people richer and poorer than me, smarter and dumber than me and better looking and uglier than me.  That is life and not a whole lot in life bothers me very much because I simply refuse to let it bother me.  You see, I discovered a long time ago that when you distance yourself almost completely from the human race, as a whole, and when you lose all interest or concern about what other people think of you then life becomes truly wonderful because you begin to live outside of the social macrocosm that our culture has created.

Personally, I try to be the best that I can be given what God gave me to start out with and the rest of the people, well, if they can’t take care of their selves then its not my problem and I won’t lose any sleep over it. So far, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it, certainly better than a lot of people I know. I’m not the greatest example of the human race by far but if I can do all that I have done starting out with so little to begin with, then it amazes me how I can have more going for me than people who started out with much, much more than I did.

Now, as far as generalizations go, if what you say is true, then your liberal use of generalizations has exposed you for what you are as well. If you were not exactly what I say you are then you would easily have refuted my accusations with hard facts and concrete data instead of inane insults, personal attacks, tired old clichés and laughable generalizations of your own. Hypocrisy; it plays such an important part of the typical Harley owner’s life that people like you aren’t even aware that you’re guilty of it. Even generalizations have a basis in truth, Hinol, especially if they are founded on example after example, year after year, of dealing with the idiotic, drooling, knuckle dragging zealots of Milwaukee’s own little home grown pagan religion.

Am I the richest, most intelligent and best written person on the face of the planet?


Does it bother me that I’m not.

Not in the least.

The truth is that I’m not vain enough to ever consider myself as such. I’m just an average guy doing what I can and making the best of this thing we call “life” and I’m happy with that. In fact, in life I have an absolute blast. I’m ordinary, nothing special and when I’m gone people won’t remember me in the least but while I'm here I'm going to enjoy life to its fullest. That much is truth and I’m comfortable with that. However, when compared to you, it does appear that I am smarter (after all, I don’t own a Harley) and that also means I’m probably richer than you (because I don’t waste hard earned money on trendy junk).  I'm also far more original, confident, stoic, well spoken, creative, imaginative and a whole hell of a lot funnier than you are.  Plus, I'd wager that far more people know my name than know yours.  One important difference between us is that I have friends because of what I do, not because of what I own.

I’m well educated (with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business), experienced, well written and I carry myself with some notable authority both in life and when I debate. I research my material carefully, study my opponent and present any critique that I may have in a logical, well ordered manner (most of the time).

As for being a better writer than you, I’d have to say that far more people have read, continue to read and ask for more of my writings than desire to partake of anything you have produced (if you have actually produced any) and I truly doubt that anything that you’ve ever produced or written has had as far reaching effects as some of the stuff which I have written over the years.

People pay attention to me because of who I am and what I do.

People pay attention to you only because of what you own.

“You spout financial prowess, yet the Governor of my fair state came from nothing then went on to build a net worth in excess of $600 million AND rides a Harley.”

So you claim that your state governor started out with nothing, built a net worth in excess of $600 million and today he rides a Harley? Well, that just goes to prove that you can take the redneck out of the trailer park but you can never take the trailer park out of the redneck.

“He also rides/rode without a license and the little powerless LEOs such as yourself couldn't touch him.”


Now you’re openly bragging about someone in the highest position of political power in your state setting a terrible example for the other law abiding citizens of your state by riding his Harley Davidson without an endorsement, thereby breaking the law on a habitual basis?

Did his Harley Davidson elevate him above the law?


Did his money, his ego and his false perception of his own actual self worth elevate him above the law?

Most likely.

Now, I’m not sure why you would think that an example of breaking the law and circumventing justice (while using his political office and political power to do so) would impress me, Hinol, but it obviously impresses you which leads me to question your “superiority” over me.

If you really are so superior to me, if you are so much more mature, so much more intelligent, so much more educated than I am (as you try to pretend to be) then honestly answer me this… Do you really think it was a good thing that the governor of your state rides / rode his Harley without a motorcycle endorsement? Do you honestly think that if someone in such a high office in your state rides / rode without an endorsement and got away with it that other people in your state should be punished for the same “little” violation? Can you tell me why, if your governor rode without an endorsement, that other people in your state who ride / rode without an endorsement were given tickets and fines for doing so? It sounds like your governor is a hypocrite (like most Harley owners are) and that the laws in your state only apply to the poor or the non-influential. I hardly think that is the American way (the part where “and justice for all …” kind of comes to mind…).

Does the law in your state not apply to everyone equally or does it just apply to some people more so than to other people? What allows you to get away with habitually breaking the law in your state, Hinol? The amount of money that you have? How much political power you wield? Who you know in public office? What major college you went to? What popular sports team you support? What family you were born into? What skin color you are?

If you ride a Harley or not?

What I find humorous is the fact that you also claim that this hypocritical moron is currently the head of your state, residing at the very top of your state’s laws and legal system. What’s even funnier is that you (or fools like you) elected him to that position knowing that he was a habitual felon. Hell, it sounds like for all of your ranting about the higher levels of the legal system that you actually embrace wrong doing and criminal behavior as long as it supports your cause or works to your advantage. Maybe the problem with the lower levels of the legal system, the problem that you are so quick to point out, is a byproduct or trickle down effect of even greater problems at the top of the legal system (the levels and people you hold in high esteem). Apparently, the criminals in your state aren’t on the street because you seem to have elected them all to the highest public offices.

There is a saying in the Bible, and I’ll paraphrase it; “if you are dishonest when you are trusted with a little then you will certainly be dishonest when you are trusted with a lot.” If your governor broke “little” laws before he was governor or he broke “little” laws while he was governor, do you really think you can trust him with not breaking “bigger” laws while he is your governor? No, don’t answer that as it will only prove your naivety in the matter. There is another saying which I keep close at hand when I pin my badge onto my uniform; “with great power comes great responsibility.” Another quote worth understanding is “power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So far, your governor is in a seat of great power but he’s shown an equally great lack of responsibility.

A motorcycle endorsement? There are only two reasons why someone doesn’t have a motorcycle endorsement; they’re either too lazy to go get one or they are too stupid to pass the exam. Since your governor rides a Harley, I’m leaning towards the latter option to explain the reason why he has no endorsement.

So, you say that you’re proud that your governor rode his Harley without a motorcycle endorsement and that you’re personally awed by the fact that the power his political, social or financial interests generated allowed him to break the law with impunity. Do you know what society calls a citizen who habitually breaks the law? Society terms that person a “criminal.”

Do you know what kind of rider has the most accidents each year and what kind of rider causes all other riders to suffer when our insurance rates go up?

Unlicensed / unendorsed / untrained / inexperienced motorcyclists.

Yes, the governor of your state certainly set a very good example for all of the whiney non-motorcyclists to judge the rest of us motorcyclists by when he rode his big, shiny, loud fashion accessory without having properly acquired the legal privilege to do so. Privilege, Hinol. Riding is an earned privilege, not a guaranteed right, and that privilege must be earned through a proper legal process. You don’t get that privilege automatically at a certain age or when you are elected to a certain office or when your banker discovers that your personal fortune has hit a certain amount. That goes ditto for driving, drivers, and your driver’s license.

The problem here is not that LEOs in your state were ineffective at enforcing the law on your governor. No, the problem here is that your governor didn’t earn the privilege to ride his Harley and by riding without an endorsement, he abused and forfeited any perceived “right” he had to share the open road with other law abiding, licensed drivers and endorsed riders. I have about as much respect for your governor as I would for any unlicensed driver or rider and that is zero.

I laughed when you said that you lived in a “fair” state because what you describe of your state’s legal system doesn’t sound very “fair” to me. I also notice that you fail to mention exactly which state it is that you are living in, other than, of course, the blissful state of constant ignorance.

“You say you're fearless, but then why do you wear a gun and a bullet proof vest in the line of duty?”

I’ll answer your question with a few questions of my own.

Why do you lock the doors of your home when you go to bed at night, Hinol?

When you park your Harley at the mall, why do you take the key out of the ignition and carry the key with you?

Why do American soldiers in Iraq want more armor on their Hummers when they have to escort military convoys down roads known to be scattered with IEDs? Why do American soldiers walk the streets of Baghdad wearing combat body armor, Kevlar helmets and carrying 5.56mm M16A2s, hand grenades, anti-tank weapons and 5.56mm M249 squad automatic weapons?

Why do pilots who graduate from the Navy’s “Top Gun” fighter school still keep their ejection seats active in their fighter planes? Why do those pilots still carry parachutes?

When you answer my questions, you’ll have the answer to your question as well, silly and inane as it was to begin with.

You have made yet another mistake, Hinol and (like the company that you support) it’s just one more mistake in a long series of mistakes. You’ve taken the fact that I’m not scared of idiots or Harley riders (really, one in the same for most practical purposes) and extrapolated that to mean that I am somehow fearless. Why should I be scared of Harley riders? I lump Harley riders in with Furrys and the same category of human beings that do Civil War re-enactments, Renaissance Fairs and who dress up like their favorite character from Star Trek to attend a sci-fi convention. You’re all pretending to be something from a different era, a different time; the difference is, only the Harley rider expects to be taken seriously and gets offended when you point out that they’re only acting out a fantasy.  Yes, there are many things in the world that scare me but Harley owners and idiots / uneducated / ignorant people just aren’t found on the list of things that send a cold shiver down my spine.

There’s a big difference between not being scared and of being “fearless.” Just because I’m not scared of idiots on Harley Davidsons (or idiots in general) is not the same thing as saying that I am fearless. I am not fearless, far from it. I have a great many fears but neither Harley owners nor stupid people are included in that list. I’m not scared of stupid people and I see no reason why I would ever become scared of stupid people. Stupid people like you aren’t scary, Hinol; you’re sport. You’re nothing but game, suitable only for ridicule and every day is the intellectual equivalent of open season on idiots like you. In hindsight, looking for idiots through their direct association with Harley Davidson products isn’t really fair because it’s akin to hunting on a baited field. If you don’t understand what that means, allow me to use a colloquial American military term (dating back to the first Gulf War) to describe the situation; when looking for idiots in our great society and targeting Harley riders as a particular group, what I’ve found is that I’m definitely dealing with “target rich environment.”


You claim that I describe myself as being “fearless.” That is an interesting accusation because I don’t believe that I have ever referred to myself as being “fearless” at any point during my arguments or anywhere at all on my website for that matter. Since your accusation did get my curiosity up (and since I felt that I would never have conscientiously made such a ridiculous statement as actually claiming to be “fearless”), I saw the need to run a comprehensive search of my entire American Angst site for the word “fearless.” I was curious to see just how that particular word was used and how many times it was used, if the word “fearless” was indeed used at all on my website.

Oh, my.

Do you know what I found, Hinol? I found that you are wrong (once again) because (once again) you have presented fictitious information and declared it as established fact. I have never said that I was “fearless” and you never read that statement anywhere on my website. If you inferred that from my writing, then (once again) we have a reading comprehension problem on your part. Yes, when I searched for the word “fearless” on my website, I found that there is one and only one occurrence of the word “fearless” on my entire website and that instance of the word is found on the FAQ section. The only instances of the word “fearless” are found on two pages on my website; this page and the FAQ.  The number of times that word is found equates to 30 times on this page and once on the FAQ.  Before this reply existed, the word was used one time on one page out of 179 pages on this website alone.  Previously, I used the word “fearless” to describe the Harley owners who hide behind their emails (while accusing me of doing the very same thing). Go ahead, follow the link and do a search for the word “fearless” on that page and you will be shown the ONLY occurrence of that word on my entire website outside of its use in my reply to you.

So… Have I ever claimed to be “fearless?”


Would I ever claim to be “fearless?”


Nowhere on my website did I ever say that I was fearless, Hinol. I’m not fearless, far from it. I’ll be the first to admit that I have several fears. However, what fears I do have I control because as an educated person I’m smart enough to understand my fears and put them in their proper place. Please don’t pull words out of your ass and try to stick those words in my mouth. I don’t appreciate it and it only makes you look like a fool in turn.

“You say you can stare down anyone. Go stare down people like the Manson group, the ICE MAN or anyone else a few bricks dangerously shy of a full stack, alone and unarmed. Truth is, your bravado is nothing.”

I note a common thread here in your two emails where you are always wishing ill-will against other people who don’t agree with you or who don’t share the same store-bought opinion that you paid a lot of money for. What a tiny minded, sad little pathetic man you must be, to wish violence on other people over a difference of opinion and to not be able, in turn, to logically defend your own position in an argument.

What you erroneously assume here is the success of these anti-social monsters on untrained personnel (i.e. “citizens” or “tax payers” much like yourself) and you consequently assume that these criminals would have the same high degree of success on highly trained professionals. The truth is that they would not and history shows this clearly. Even if the LEOs were unarmed, they would still come out on the winning end of any engagement with these types of genetic rejects.

The Manson group?

Don’t you mean the “Manson Family?” Is that the “scariest” criminal you could come up with? I find the Thuggee stranglers of India far scarier than the Manson Family ever could be (and apparently so did the British Empire because they eradicated the Thuggee cult way back in the 1830s). The mythical Sawney Bean comes a close second to being someone who would disturb me on a level that someone like you might equate with fear.

"Charles Manson"

Yeah, this guy is scary but only if you're a bar of soap.

Does Charles Manson scare you, Hinol?

I find Chuck a laughably sad parody of a generation gone oh so wrong. Even at his epoch he was nothing more than a simple manipulator of weak minded wannabe female hippies; hell, he mooched off of one of the Beach Boys for months on end and you think Charles Manson is scary? Manson is about as scary as Donnie and Marie Osmond (and that’s only because while Manson will never, ever get out of prison there is the small, albeit remote chance that Donnie and Marie Osmond might one day make a swinging comeback in pop culture which is where one of my real fears comes from).

The Manson Family itself was composed of a bunch of rank, racist amateur hippies who wanted to start a racial apocalypse in the United States, they wanted to start Armageddon between the whites and blacks because they thought that all the signs of a racial civil war were present in (then) California. After this so-called racial apocalypse was over, Manson and his followers would in turn take control of the blacks and teach them how to live correctly (i.e. according to the Laws-O-Charlie) because he felt that blacks weren't smart enough to figure it out on their own.  The humorous thing was that Charlie and his gang thought they could actually instigate this massive social cleansing by doing a few local murders and blaming the murders on racial groups.  However, history more than amply proves that Manson and his followers weren’t even smart enough to pull those simple murders off without getting caught (and in short order as well).

The “success” of the Manson Family lies in their brutality and savagery but this brutality and savagery were carried out against a house full of Hollywood upper crust socialites who couldn’t have defended their selves if they had to (and this time they unfortunately did have to defend their selves). Some of the victims begged for their lives, others ran for their lives (and were chased down and killed). Others were killed while they were restrained, not having even put up a fight against these amateurs.

Let’s see … wild cultists versus oblivious, untrained sheep that society has babied, pampered and catered to at every occasion. The victims of the Manson Family were the human equivalent of calves whose only future revolved around the word “veal.” Yes, the outcome wasn’t very hard to predict. People, by and large, are sheep and they have become so trusting that nothing bad will happen to them that when something bad actually does happen to them, they go to pieces because they aren’t prepared to deal with the unexpected. These sheep don’t understand why something bad is happening to them and to them in particular. It’s not fair. They’ve been good. They’ve paid their taxes. They’ve said their prayers at night. They don’t deserve this. They don’t need this. Crime is so inconvenient.

The Manson experience wasn’t a pleasant one to be sure but the media (and pop culture) has made it out to be far more diabolical and successful than it ever really was. Manson and his followers had very little chance of success at sparking a racial war across the nation; they simply were not intelligent enough or clever enough to carry off such a complex sequence of events that would spark such a far reaching conflict.

The Family was a pseudo-cadre of crazed groupies led by a charismatic moron who actually believed that the popular British pop band “The Beatles” were secretly communicating with him through their “White” album and telling him that the time of a black vs. white racial war was drawing near. (Bonus ! - What is interesting to note here is the fact that Harley Davidson often refers to its customer base as “the Family” and this “family” is also headed by a charismatic leader; Willie G. Davidson. It’s a poor choice of nomenclature, to be sure, but since when did Harley ever show any originality in anything that they came up with?)

So, actual case history shows us that Manson’s followers brutally slaughtered a group of upper suburban and socialite sheep who either didn’t know how to fight back or who begged for their lives while they were being killed because they were inexperienced, terrified, and had no clue how to fight back. In reading through the case reports for the murders, I don’t find where any one of the victims did anything other than to either accept their fate (“Alas! I am slain! Woe is me!”) or they chose to run and still die in the process of fleeing. Not one of them fought back, grabbed up whatever they could find at hand and made a counter-attack. The Manson Family killed several Hollywood “elites” including among them a prominent hair dresser and a very pregnant Sharon Tate (actress) along with her unborn child. None of the victims were trained, armed, or experienced in dealing with the unexpected or the unstable because they all lived in a sheltered little world full of make-believe and pretend.

Not one of the victims chose to fight back. If they had, if even one of the victims had fought back, history would have told a different tale in the outcome. People like “The Family” depend on their victims offering token or no resistance at all. People like “The Family” aren’t prepared to be confronted with a denial of their demands or a cessation to their actions, they aren’t prepared to encounter sheep who will fight back or to walk into a den of wolves that are better prepared and trained and equipped than they are. “The Family” wasn’t “successful” at their crime because they were good at what they did; they were “successful” at their crime because their victims were totally inept at being adult humans.

Manson doesn’t scare me because he had to bend others to his will in order to get them to do his deeds for him (mainly because he wasn’t strong enough to do it on his own). Manipulators are inherently weak in nature which is why they have such strong charismatic presence, to compensate for their physical weakness. Manson and his followers preyed on the weak and timid, not on their equals and certainly not on their peers. History shows that most criminals follow this pattern, preying on the weak and the helpless because the strong and the experienced would kick their ass if the criminals tried to ply their trade on them.

If the Manson Family had chosen, instead, to go into a police station in downtown Los Angeles and start their sick little racist antics then it would have been a far different story; there wouldn’t have ever needed to have been a criminal trial because in all likelihood, none of the Manson “Family” would have survived such an amateur assault on even a short-staffed police station. What your sad naivety fails to understand is that the worst monsters in criminal history consistently preyed on the weak and the unwary; the worst criminals in human history preyed upon “citizens” and “tax payers”, not trained professionals. Do you know the most likely outcome of a criminal intent on a violent crime going up against an armed, knowledgeable, trained citizen?

The end of the criminal’s life.

Gun control advocates are idiots because they believe that the firearm is the source of the crime, not the person behind the trigger. They believe that when you take a firearm out of the hands of a law abiding citizen that you’ll also take firearms out of the hands of people who flagrantly disregard the law. So much of our society is wrong because we have given up personal responsibility and assigned animate characteristics to inanimate objects but I digress. Statistics clearly show that in states where law abiding citizens have the right to carry concealed firearms in order to protect their selves from criminals that the crime rates have gone down significantly. Why is this? Criminals fear armed “victims” and what they really fear is an armed, experienced, trained “victim” because they know that the usual outcome in that type of encounter is that the criminal becomes the victim.  Anyone who is willing to go to the trouble of applying for and securing a concealed weapons permit is probably willing and able to use their concealed weapon in the event of danger to their person.  Criminals don't like victims who fight back, criminals look for easy prey, not prey with teeth.


It isn’t “bravado”, Hinol. Once again, you naively mistake one characteristic for another and, since you don’t know the definition of the characteristics that you are trying to use, confusion is the foregone conclusion in your endeavor. What you (and the untrained, inexperienced) call “bravado” is simply none other than stoic faith in one’s own training and experience. If I have any “bravado” then it is simply a stoic calm that manifests itself in bad situations, a stoic calm that is brought about through years of constant training and years of experience in dealing with some of the toughest dregs of society.

Crazy people and murderers.

I’m not scared of crazy people because I’ve often dealt with that kind of societal flotsam and jetsam before. I once sat at a table, drinking coffee with and directly across from a man who had once used a lock blade Buck knife to cut a volunteer fireman wide open from the back of his knee to the top of his kidney (slicing through a 2” wide leather belt during the process) in one stroke, all because the fireman aggravated him on a ten dollar bet with another fireman. As the sliced open fireman was laying in a pool of his own blood, writhing and screaming for help, the man looked at the bloody lock blade knife and told the screaming fireman
“This little blade here ain’t big enough to cut your damn fool head off with. You just wait here. I’m going to have to go get something bigger…” He was arrested twenty minutes later riding his bike back to the fire station with a Japanese Katana held across his handlebars (the sword edge was sharp enough to shave hair off of your arm). The guy was nice as could be, as long as you didn’t aggravate him. He was an ex-Vietnam veteran who had returned from duty and later been kicked in the head by a horse. To put it politely, he “just wasn’t right” after all of that. His sad life revolved around living in old hand sewn circus tents down on the creek bank by the Pearl River and doing odd jobs for cash around town. People made fun of him behind his back but I always had nothing but pity for him. He had been dealt a tough hand of cards in life and he was coping as best as he could. Oh, while I was having coffee with the man I wasn’t armed or on duty at the time.  The man was completely unrestrained and could have come across the table at me at any time.

I remember a few years ago that one of our more prominent and influential citizens was murdered in her own house by a group of seven individuals that had planned her death for some time. It wasn’t 10 hours later that five of the seven murder suspects were tracked down to a house in the suburbs. My SWAT team was called out and we hit the house at 5am that morning, catching five of the group of seven murderers by complete surprise. With six members on the SWAT team, we cleared a three bedroom, 1800 plus square foot house and took all five murder suspects into custody, disarmed and cuffed, in less than two minutes.  No one was hurt and justice was served.  With the SWAT team, we were always a high-speed, low-drag TAC ops unit. The other two murder suspects were later captured in a neighboring state later that afternoon by out of state police agencies who were working in cooperation with our department during the investigation and round-up.

F5 super tornados scare me.

Cat 5 Hurricanes scare me.

Karaoke parties scare me.

Crazy people?


Stuff like that never scared me (and still doesn’t scare me) because it all involves people (in one mental state or form or another) and I can do something about people, even crazy people. Crazy people are still people; they aren’t superhuman and they don’t have any super powers that make them unbeatable. They may be wired differently than you or me but they are still people and I just really don’t find people to be very scary no matter how different than me that they may act. It’s part of my misanthropic nature to despise, not cower down to, an extremely large percentage of the human race. I’ve seen some of the darkest, blackest behavior from the human being. It isn’t the bad stuff that surprises me, Hinol, because I’ve seen more than my share of that and I’ve come to expect it.  No, it's the good stuff that comes from people that genuinely surprises me.

Why are LEOs (and other emergency workers) effective at what they do?

Why and how can a LEO go into a situation that has ordinary citizens and tax payers (like you) running the opposite way (going to pieces and screaming their silly heads off in the process)? It’s the same reason why ordinary people run out of burning buildings and fire fighters run into burning buildings. Training and experience. Training and experience are the two most important things that any LEO can be given and/or can accrue on their own. What is scary to you may not be scary to me because I am trained to deal with it and I’ve experienced it many times before.

One thing that any experienced LEO can tell you is that when your sugar turns to shit, you will not rise to the occasion; you will instead fall to your highest level of training. My constant training and my accrued experience seems to have worked flawlessly in a cohesive, complimentary manner for almost eight years now, Hinol; each facet of my life behind the badge building incrementally upon the strengths of the other. Training and experience; they compliment each other nicely on the street.

In all of these years of service to my community, I’ve never fired a shot in the line of duty and I’ve never killed anyone which I attribute to my ability to handle a bad situation professionally and to keep it from escalating into a place that no one in their right mind would ever want it to go to.  We do our best to bring everyone out of a potential dangerous situation alive, good or bad, regardless of what they've done.  Now, in hindsight, with almost eight years behind the badge, with no one hurt and with justice having been served in a timely manner it's rather obvious that I must be doing something right, much to your blatant chagrin.

“You scare 2 little punks in their 20s with no way to defend themselves yet you hide in Mississippi. I would love to witness your success in NYC on your own without your badge. Just you alone with no backup and no gun - just your mouth and opinions. It would be hilarious. you jump into your martial arts mode and they shoot your ass.”



I scared two little punks in their 20’s with no way to defend their selves?

When was …

Oh, you mean Beavis and Butthead, the two inbred redneck slack jawed Harley Davidson supporting posers at the car show? That was hardly in the line of duty, I wasn’t even in my uniform. I was off duty, on my own time, minding my own business; just one of my custom T-shirts, a pair of blue jeans and my boots (and of course socks and my tiger striped bikini brief underwear but that’s a given). It was two to one odds in their favor and you still are crying "unfair!".  The two things that I loved about that encounter involved the total hypocrisy and the style over engineering aspect that most Harley owners accept without questioning.

The blatant hypocrisy of the Harley mentality is evident. There I was, with my personal opinion stated on my T-shirt and there these two losers were with their store bought opinion stated on their T-shirts. Apparently, as I have proven before, Harley Davidson claims that it is all about freedom, especially freedom of speech but the truth is that the only freedom you have, as a Harley owner / supporter, is to accept what Harley Davidson gives you and to say what they think you should say. With HD, you can have your own opinion as long as it’s the HD opinion or the group-think mentality of the flock at large. I was enjoying the car show until these two yokels invaded my personal space and started an argument. They started it, I finished it. You have to engage me in order for me to respond, in other words, if you want me to put you in your place then you have to try to put me in my place first. It was two to one odds but sadly, I apparently was the only one armed with a brain during that interaction.

The second part of that encounter that I enjoyed so much had to be the clip-on pony tail that one of the posers was wearing. Like so much of the Harley Davidson image, it’s either strap-on or clip-on because it’s just not real, folks.  All of Harley Davidson is just one big white trash roller coaster ride, it's like a freak show of inbred dullards on parade.  During the 1960’s, Harley Davidson switched from relying on engineering to relying on styling to sell their product (it was a forerunner decision that would eventually help them make the transition from a completely failed motorcycle manufacturer to a successful fashion house about two decades on down the road).

You say that they had no way to defend their selves?

Here’s a good way to defend yourself, Hinol; don’t lead a poser lifestyle and don’t let your mouth write a promissory note that your uneducated posterior can’t cover. Don’t walk around wearing someone else’s opinion and try to start trouble with a complete stranger who has a different opinion than you do when you can’t even logically defend the opinion that you wear and support.  In other words, if you're going to jump into a battle of wits, make sure that you're armed to begin with.   I did nothing different with those two posers than I am doing to you now and that is setting you straight in the comical error of your store-bought ways. The two youths mouthed off to me first and they got exactly what they deserved because they based their arguments on ignorance. The same story is playing out here, in your case, for the very same reasons as well.

So you would like to see me “jump into my martial arts mode and they shoot my ass?” Ah, daydreams of someone shooting me dead; yet another of your personal fantasies of violence. How terribly banal on your part. You sure have a deep desire to see violence done to me (and to other LEOs), don’t you? I wonder why that is? All you have written about is example after example of how you want to see a cop (me or some other LEO) hurt, killed, etc. and how you would find that hilarious if not the end-all of everything entertaining.

As a real, true, natural born red blooded American I find your mentality deplorable and unbecoming of anything even remotely associated with the traditions that have made this country so great.  The sad thing is that one day I may just have to give my life in the line of duty and it will probably be to selflessly protect some wholly undeserving cretin like you.  That's the real tragedy in life and law enforcement, the people most deserving to live usually die protecting the people who are the least deserving of living and the most unappreciative of what they have while they have it.


Did my opinion really bother you that much, little man? Did your fragile little feelings get hurt so bad, did your store-bought psyche get bruised so much that the only way you can feel better again is if the person who hurt your feelings, if the person who showed you what you truly are, was in turn hurt very badly or killed? You’re like a little child who gets hurt and lashes out at what hurt them. Little people like you make me loathe the human race because not only are you uneducated but you actively choose to go through life in such an ignorant manner. I loathe people like you because your stupidity is self assumed and store bought.

You like to think that you’re different than any other Harley Davidson owner but the reality is that you’re far closer to the stereotype than you could ever realize. The sad truth, Hinol, is that your two emails to me didn’t shatter the Harley stereotype, they merely reinforced it.


I’m not hiding in Mississippi. My address and contact information are both freely posted on my site and that information has been posted for years now just to prove that I’m not trying to hide from you or anyone else (and that I’m not scared of you and your kind). If anyone is hiding in these debates, it is the Harley owners who never send me their addresses or telephone numbers.

Why don’t they do that, Hinol?

Harley riders don’t pass along their personal info because of two reasons, the first is that they are scared to and the second is that they don’t want anyone that they know or work with to ever read how ridiculous they acted on the Internet and draw the connection from them to their words. Why do I post my contact information? If I’m not scared of the local hardened criminals (some of whom I have put away for many years) knowing where I live, then I’m certainly not scared of an idiot like you living in another state knowing where I live. I post my address and telephone number because you and those like you are irrelevant and meaningless in my life. People like you are about as big a threat to me as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny (and just about as real when it comes down to the lives that you lead).

You claim that I’m hiding in Mississippi but the truth is that you’re the one who is hiding behind your computer. You keep mentioning your “state” yet you never mention which state it is that you live in. You mention relatives who are supposedly in positions of high social power but you never mention their names. If you’re my superior in intellect, education and maturity, as you claim, then prove it to everyone by sending me your personal contact information and I’ll be more than glad to include it here with your words. Surely if you are so much better than me, you can at least match me when I step forward and stand behind what I say.

So, go ahead and prove me wrong. Send me your home address, the state you live in, your zip code and your home phone number. I’m sure that all of the Harley owners, that all of The Faithful that you’ve taken up for would love to give you a call and congratulate you on what a fine job you’ve done defending The Faith. Oh, by the way, please also include a picture of you on your Harley as I’m sure that we would like to put a face to the name. Since you can easily find a picture of me on my bike on my website, I think that it is only common courtesy that you, in turn, show us your face and your ride, unless, of course, you’re too scared to.


Who am I kidding ...?

Let’s be perfectly honest, shall we? I know you won’t ever post your info to stand with your words because people like you never do (especially since you've gone and proved yourself an utter idiot). You’re afraid because your opinions in your email are words that you would never say in public, let alone to any LEO. If your real name, your real address, your real face, if any of that ever got attached to these words and people in your neighborhood, in your career, or local law enforcement read it, your life would become a whole lot different. The difference between us is that I am not afraid of you or those like you because you are not only insignificant but you're also irrelevant as well.


I don’t hide anything, Hinol because I have nothing to hide. People like you hide everything because you have everything to lose but then that’s the price you pay when the life you pretend to lead exists only on the Internet. Come on, little man. Match my own personal commitment to this argument, if you’re man enough.

To use one of your phrases; I dare you.

“Yep, you're a bad ass alright - to a bunch of kids. Why don't you go to your immediate supervisor and play adversary with him/her not stopping on your way to going over the top - as you stated, no one intimidates you. Heck, why not go and commit battery on the governor of your state. You fear nothing. Yep, your right - your intellect keeps you in check because your intellect understands the ramifications of those actions. You do have fears rational fears but none-the-less there's a chink in your armor - seeing that you stated you're fearless - you fear what any other rational person would. If you didn't fear the ramifications of such actions, you would probably kill the "rednecks" and "hillbillies" you so despise - from what I gather from reading your rant.”

Now, I want you to slowly, calmly step back from that huge, steaming pile of nonsense that you just wrote and take a look at it to see just how ridiculous it is. Like so many things in your life, you simply don’t know what you’re talking about and the above paragraph is more of, how did you put it … ah, yes; bluster and spew. Apparently, you’re a master at what you accuse me of doing.

So you honestly think that I would kill people just because they have a different opinion than I do? You mention that “If you didn't fear the ramifications of such actions, you would probably kill the "rednecks" and "hillbillies" you so despise - from what I gather from reading your rant.” Ah, more hypocrisy. You claim that I’m basing my generalizations of you and your kind on a movie about a Harley rider (“Easy Rider”) but you in turn base your generalizations of me on the ending of that very movie (where two rednecks use a shotgun to kill the Harley riders because they are different).

Why would I want to kill someone who has a different opinion than I do? This is a debate, not a death match. How is it logical to use violence to settle a debate (unless you live in a trailer park)?  You are a Luddite because what you suggest is counter productive to the learning process (but your line of reasoning is exactly how typical Harley owners actually do think). Your answer to any problem you can’t understand is violence. You want to smash what you don’t understand, you don’t want to learn, you don’t want to advance, you want to hurt what you don’t agree with. You want to hurt or kill anyone who is different than you. You’re comfortable with your ignorance because you’re intellectually lazy. Yeah, we used to have people like you in Mississippi, they hid their faces as well behind sheets with eyeholes cut in them and they burned wooden crosses for fun.

My opinion is geared to educate, not punish, Hinol. I want to open the eyes of my opponents, not close them forever. If you educate a person then they, in turn, educate another or as the Bible says; "Iron sharpens iron; so one man sharpens another..." -Proverbs 27:17 (NIV). Kill your enemy and you make them a martyr for their cause. Educate your enemy and they become an ally for your cause. History proves this time and time again. Education, like ignorance, is highly infectious and it spreads rapidly in a void. The difference between ignorance and education is that the path to education isn’t the easy one to take. Education takes constant hard work while ignorance takes little or no effort at all.

Nowhere on my website (or in any of my writings) can you find one example of where I wish physical harm on anyone I’ve ever argued with. Instead, violence and lashing out at what you don't (or can't) understand is what Harley owners do. Your own email has shown that you have a tendency to have violent delusions regarding law enforcement officers (myself in particular) who don’t agree with you or who don’t think exactly like you. Issac Asimov (a writer which you will no doubt be wholly unfamiliar with) once said that "violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." I firmly believe that and I want to thank you for proving that line of thought beyond a shadow of a doubt with your two emails.

Like the “fearless” comment above, you’ve read into my site exactly what you wanted to read into it, instead of actually seeing and understanding what was there. My site does require a modicum of intellect to understand. I’m sorry (but not surprised) that you didn’t have what it takes to properly get the full benefit of this website.

You really take the cake, Hinol, lugnuts and all. I often give Harley owners an extra measure of boundary to encompass their glaring stupidity but you’ve really exceeded even the generous and rather liberal limit which I first awarded you with and that’s saying something.

“Despite your facade you aren't the fearless Harley hating SWAT member you pretend to be.”




More made up words from a simple minded Luddite whose very life revolves around a rent-to-own façade and a world of make believe, where you pay to pretend to be someone you aren’t just so other people will show you some interest; interest you couldn’t generate in yourself without the help of an expensive strap on chrome plated vibrating air cooled penis with a kick stand.

There is only one person in this debate pretending to be something that they are not, Hinol, and we’ve already determined that it is you. After all, if the shoe fits …

“One other fear I KNOW you have is that of Anarchy. You fear not being in control of the world around you. You fear people seeing beyond your tough guy facade to the point where you've devised a fantasy world inspired by a movie starring a Harley rider. You are indeed a funny and scared little man. You may be able to back up your tough guy image, but you've erected a wall between you and that which you fear by the lifestyle you've chosen. If you weren't afraid on at least some level, why take martial arts? Why wear a gun? Why obey the law?”

I’m afraid that at this point, Hinol, you really can’t honestly claim to KNOW anything, it’s about the only thing that you have proven. Everything that you have KNOWN so far has been disproved by me using relatively little effort. What I find humorous is that after claiming that I was pretending to be something that I’m not, now you’re admitting that maybe I am what I claim to be on my website and that I can back it up? If this conversation was your car in a parking lot, you’d still be fumbling with the automatic shifter trying to find the right gear to back out of the parking space.


Do I fear anarchy?

What is anarchy?

Well, simply put, anarchy is an absence of law or government, possibly of order on a wide scale basis. Do I fear an absence of government, of laws, of order? No, because when there are no laws then it will become survival of the fittest and people like me are infinitely more adapted to surviving in times like those than people like you. I don’t fear anarchy, I would adapt and prosper, just like I have in life so far. If anyone should fear anarchy, it would be you as all those people who you depend upon to protect you would suddenly not have any reason at all to protect you.  If you're useless in a law abiding, organized society then I doubt that you would have any worth at all in a lawless, chaotic realm of existence.  In an era of anarchy, sheep like you would be naught but grist for the wolf’s mill.

You speak of maintaining a “tough guy” image, you speak of a world of fantasy, of pretending to be someone or something that you are not, and of make-believe lifestyles and my point is; all of this is coming from someone who owns a Harley Davidson. Yes, folks, it is yet another example of blatant Harley hypocrisy. If Harley does sell an “experience” then it’s a chance to experience hypocrisy (and severe mental retardation) on a grand scale.

“While writing this my understanding of who you are just came into clear focus. You're from Mississippi yet you worship a California governor that actually rides a Harley.”

If your understanding just came into clear focus then you seriously need to get the prescription of your corrective lenses checked.

Reading comprehension.

Two rather ordinary words, yet so very, very important when used together and in their proper context. I can’t emphasize that enough, Hinol. If you could actually understand what it is that you claim to have read, if you could somehow mentally digest and process what little you did manage to read and in turn form your own opinion of that material instead of taking things at face value, then you might find that life would be a hell of a lot easier for you.

I don’t worship Arnold Schwarzenegger (the current governor of California). I think he’s an intellectual vacuum in a stuffed shirt. Now, as far as acting goes, Schwarzenegger is a pretty likeable action movie oriented actor but any fondness I have for him ends on the silver screen when the credits start to roll. His best acting years are certainly behind him (Terminator 3 proved this) and only in California would the dumbed-down populace elect someone who makes a living pretending to be someone else to the highest political office in the state. Hollywood has no solid link to reality and neither does the state of California so what better example to lead a failing state than an actor?  Sometimes I think California is just one big large populated territory acting like a real state of the union.

For those who don’t know what Hinol is referring to, he’s talking about my speculative “Terminator” based website where I explore and extrapolate the high technology displayed in the two James Cameron movies (as opposed to paying any tribute to the actors or characters). I don’t worship Schwarzenegger because he’s a pop culture buffoon (much like Willie G. Davidson).

Now, as for my “Terminator” website, it is an intellectual exercise (a concept that I’m sure is totally alien to you and those of your diminished learning capacity). I like the technology portrayed in “The Terminator” as it is an interesting story. “The Terminator” appeared in box offices at a time when people were still scared of the computer and its massive impact on society. “The Terminator” is also a neat movie; somewhat of a retelling of the classic Greek myth of “Pandora’s Box” in that Mankind puts all of his faith in technology and depends on that technology to protect him from his darkest fears. The truth is that technology is a double edged sword, it can be used for good or evil and if you put all of your trust into it, technology is liable to bite you in the ass when you least expect (or need) it too.

James Cameron is a highly talented director and I have enjoyed his movies very much over the years, following his career from the late 1970’s to modern day. I’m not “worshipping” James Cameron as much I am trying to continue the vision that James Cameron originally had. My speculative “Terminator” work seems to be quite popular and several sources have referenced my work as actually being the work of James Cameron or of me “ghost writing” for James Cameron. My original intent on my “Terminator” website was to give the fans of the movie something that no one else had given them, a look at the killing technology of the future, an in-depth look at the epic struggle that existed in the first third of the 21st century. My intent was to not only continue Cameron’s original vision but to polish it, enhance it, and take it as far as I could following in the footsteps that he had first made. The fact that a lot of my work is often compared directly to the imagination of James Cameron and is often thought of as being his (unpublished) work is a lofty compliment indeed.

Who cares about Arnold Schwarzenegger or Linda Hamilton or Eddie Furlong? They are just actors, means to an end, and I have a pretty low opinion of actors (not as low as Harley owners but close …).

By the way … do you know what the difference between an actor and a Harley rider is? An actor is someone who is paid a lot of money to pretend to be someone else. A Harley rider is someone who pays a lot of money in order to pretend to be someone else.

Yes, Schwarzenegger rides a Harley.  Most people who are pretending to be someone that they aren’t are usually drawn to Harley Davidson because it’s second nature, pretenders drawn to a pretend lifestyle. Did you know that Schwarzenegger rode a Harley Fat Boy in the 1991 blockbuster movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”? A special reinforced rig had to be built in order to complete the stunts involving that bike because the bike was so heavy and poorly built that it had to be carefully lowered using guide lines and cables instead of simply ramped like it appears in the movie.  After the shot was completed, Cameron used a company called PDI Pacific Data Images to go back in to the processed film and digitally edit out any evidence of the rig ever being used.


Side view of the special stunt rig and attached HD Fatboy with
Arnold-lookalike stunt rider Peter Kent aboard. 

Gently lowering the HD Fatboy and stunt rider
Peter Kent in a scene test.


Two images from a documentary video showing the pre-PDI and post-PDI editing in effect at speed.  Note the removal of the guide wires, the overhead rig and everything else required to make a Harley Davidson Fatboy "fly."

A quote on these pictures.   According to a documentary on the making of Terminator 2, "The action of (the) Terminator jumping his Harley Davidson motorcycle fifteen feet down into the flood control canal was an almost impossible gag to achieve as scripted; not even the best stunt rider would be able to land the bike safely.  Cameron came up with the idea of using a counterbalanced series of cables and cranes to create an overhead rig that could safely lower stunt rider Peter Kent the entire distance on a linear path.  Stunt coordinator Joel Kramer worked for two months prior to the production to perfect the rig, which had to support both the 900-pound weight of the bike and rider but also nearly three tons of heavy duty cable.  The rig was thoroughly tested and perfectly safe; Cameron himself took a test ride on it.  Ultimately, however, the success of the stunt fell upon the proposed computer graphics wire removal technique since Cameron, confident that the technique would work, made no attempt to hide the rig or the wires in the shot or otherwise compromise the safety of the stunt."  All of this just goes to prove that in the movies, just like in real life, most of Harley’s "legendary" performance is due to nothing other than marketing spin and special effects, smoke and mirrors.  None of it is real but it does make for some rather entertaining eye candy.  I find it hilarious that one of the most difficult FX shots of the T2 film involved a Harley Davidson doing a simple stunt.

Why did I publish a “Terminator” themed website? I love machines and gadgets and I love science fiction, all three of these cause you to think and thinking in turn generates new and original thoughts. My “Terminator” website is about technology; it has nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other actor. Technology, speculative technology, high technology, experimental technology. I love technology, whether it is fictional (like the futuristic death dealing, autonomous killing machines seen in “The Terminator” alternate future) or real (like the fuel injected, computer controlled, alloy framed Honda CBR600RR that I ride and my 20 plus year old computer controlled, fuel injected Pontiac Trans Am that I am restoring). Exploring concepts like the advanced technology and artificial intelligence featured in “The Terminator,” exploring the real science behind the entertaining fiction, expands your mind and sharpens it because it makes you think.  All science fiction is inherently rooted in science.  We extrapolate what we can do in the future based on what we know we can do today.  What we can do today is almost always the science fiction of yesterday.  Besides the "Terminator" website, I also maintain a website that studies the technology and equipment behind the space program shown in the 1968 cult classic "Planet of the Apes."  I guess the main reason why I did a tech-based Terminator site and a tech-based Planet of the Apes site is the same reason why I did American Angst ... no one else had done something like this before and I do like to be original, to blaze new paths and try new things, to think new thoughts.

Now, as for my love of science fiction, I have already discussed that fascination at great length with another Harley owner several years ago (“TerryWalton"). Today’s science fiction is actually tomorrow’s science fact. Exploring the science fiction of today expands your mind and causes you to think larger, greater thoughts.  Science fiction isn't "make-believe" so much as it is "well, we can do this today so what can we do tomorrow?"  Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe was imagination.

I find it perfectly understandable if you thought that my “Terminator” website was primarily about Arnold Schwarzenegger rather than an exercise in imagination and a study of postulated super high technology gone astray.  Most simpletons look at anything Terminator related and assume that it’s about Arnold Schwarzenegger because their simple minds automatically equate Schwarzenegger with being "THE Terminator."  What people don't understand is that Schwarzenegger was "a" Terminator, not "the" Terminator.  There were far more than just one Terminator in the future, there were thousands (or so Cameron has written) of variants and they all looked different than Arnold.  I look at the science behind the fiction and give the fans what they want (and what Hollywood has yet to deliver); a look at the dark future where technology has turned on its creator and man is hunted like an animal by unfeeling, uncaring, unremorseful killing machines. 

The point here is that nothing about me is simple, let alone what you read on the Internet. If you take it at face value, not only are you stupid, but you’re going to miss the core of the material presented. How could you make such an easy mistake? Well, after all, you do own a Harley which means that technology is akin to voodoo in your limited mindset and when it comes to having any imagination at all, what little imagination you can lay claim to is just what you’ve been able to afford to rent from The Motor Company.

“Ah, maybe that's the crux of the matter. You're from a backwards / redneck state totally behind the times and your thinking is merely a reflection of your surroundings.”


The crux of the matter is that your stupidity and your ignorance are perfectly matched to your overall severe lack of basic education as well as your physically undeveloped brain.  The tragic byproduct of all of that personal failure as a human being is that whenever you say something not only is it wrong, but it’s wrong in a sad yet hugely comical way. You can’t defend your position in a logical, mature debate so you start personal attacks based on ridiculous generalizations on me, my profession, my hobbies, my state and even (later) my family. You flail away fervently like a little spoiled child who has been told “No!” and yet still wants his way despite being refuted by someone much more powerful than you are. Maybe your problem is that your obvious lack of education coupled with a greatly diminished mental capacity for reasoning and logic works double overtime to undermine any intellectual credibility that you may try to espouse, be that as it may.

So, you think that I’m from a backwards / redneck state totally behind the times and you say that my thinking is merely a reflection of my surroundings?  Since you obviously get your facts straight from TV or physical media with big pictures and few words, it has now come to my attention that you are in dire need of some very basic schooling, a little bit of (real) history and some background on what you truly don't know the first thing about (an attribute that most people refer to as "ignorance" but then we've already proven that you suffer from that affliction).  I will tell you some of the great things that have come out of Mississippi. In fact, Mississippi has contributed far more culture and talent to the overall heritage of America than you could ever imagine (and far more than your state, I’d wager).

Mississippi builds high tech warships for the US Navy at the Northrop Grumman / Ingalls shipyard and has for many decades. When DDG 67 USS Cole was attacked and damaged by terrorists in 2000, it was towed halfway around the world to Mississippi where it was repaired and returned to active service in record time as a testament not only to our commitment to freedom but our inherent nature not to bow down to anyone (state or nation, individual or power, domestic or foreign). The first nuclear submarine built in the south was built in Mississippi.  NASA tests advanced rocket propulsion systems and the space shuttle engines at the Stennis Space Center. Pioneer Aerospace, a very important subcontractor for the space shuttle orbiter, is itself located in Columbia, MS where I reside. The world’s largest auto plant that was built from the ground up was constructed by Nissan in Canton, Mississippi. It has the capacity to produce 400,000 vehicles a year (or about 15% more capacity in one location than all of Harley Davidson’s production plants combined).

I know you’re not well read but perhaps even an uneducated simpleton like you has heard of William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, John Grisham and Richard Wright. Probably not. The books that these great authors wrote never were the type of books to have small words or lots of big pictures in them and they certainly weren't the kind of books that you cracked open with a set of crayons at your disposal.  Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, was from Mississippi which is only fitting since Rock and Roll itself was first invented in Hattiesburg, MS way back in the early part of the 20th century.

Whoa!  Hold on!  Rock and Roll was invented in Mississippi?  No fucking way!

Yes, the first verifiable recorded instance of what we call “rock and roll” was laid down in a simple studio in Hattiesburg, MS by the Graves Brothers with their songs “Barbeque Bust” and “Dangerous Woman” (according to Rolling Stone music history) in 1936.

Other famous people from my beautiful state include Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Gerold McRaney, Faith Hill, Jim Henson, Jimmie Rodgers, James Earl Jones, Leontyne Price, Walter Payton, Richard Truly, Donald Peterson, Fred Haise, Sam Cooke, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Buffet, Bo Diddley, LeAnn Rimes, Brett Favre, Sela Ward and a host of other successful people that you’ve probably heard their names a few times, all of these people call Mississippi their home. Mississippi is the birthplace of The Blues, a popular type of music (so you’ve got Mississippi to thank for both "Rock and Roll" and "The Blues"). Speaking of music, Peavey Electronics is a home grown industry and business that is headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi. Perhaps you’ve seen some of their speakers and precision sound equipment at major concerts and in the better equipped studios around the nation as well as around the world.

Mississippi was the first state to ever perform a lung transplant in 1963 and the first successful heart transplant in 1964.  Mississippian doctor Arthur Guyton wrote the Textbook of Medical Physiology while he was at the UMC University Medical Center. This particular book has been used by medical students around the world since 1956 and is now in its tenth edition. The University of Southern Mississippi, which I graduated from in 1992, has a polymer science department that draws international praise and they just added a nanotechnology laboratory department a few years ago. I doubt if the Vo-Tech center you (barely) graduated from has either of those high tech capacities.

Yes, Mississippi has provided far more to American history and heritage than you think (or, more than you are willing to acknowledge). The fact that Mississippi is far more advanced than you make it out to be proves once again that you are a media driven dullard who is more comfortable being told what to think rather than researching any information on your own. You claim that Mississippi is “behind the times” but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Yes, from medicine to art, culture, heritage, history, music, technology, science, athletics and music, Mississippi has greatly changed the face of American life for the better in regard to those categories.

Obviously, if there is anything at all that is “behind the times” (other than the bike you ride and the company that you support) then it is your information on my state.  So, how does it feel to actually be dumber than that which you think you are making fun of?  That's really got to suck.

“You also have an inferiority complex or why else do you so vehemently defend your position on the dumbest of all things - that being what others choose to ride.”

Once again, you prove yourself to be unable to think deeply when you fail to comprehend what little you do manage to read. My website is called “American Angst”, not “Harley Davidson Angst.” My website isn’t anti-Harley Davidson as much as it is anti-stupidity and anti-flock behavior. In looking for one thing, one aspect, one corporation, one specific product that represented everything that was utterly wrong with America today, I chose Harley Davidson as a metaphor for my argument because so much of what Harley Davidson is represents what is wrong with our great country.  Harley Davidson is a shining example of how not to be a classic, stern willed, independent, confident, strong American and how to be a new age whiney thin skinned flock-minded American.  My website is an ongoing study (and reproach) of all that is currently wrong with the greatest country in the world, my country; America.  Harley Davidson is just a perfect example of everything that is wrong with America today, from obesity and stupidity to stagnation and lack of personal responsibility.  It's amazing just how accurately Harley Davidson mirrors everything that America traditionally has stood against.  Harley Davidson doesn't represent what America should be nor does Harley Davidson represent the best that America can be, no, Harley Davidson represents the worst that America can be and so do its followers.

I defend my position against mass stupidity, against flock behavior, against mental retardation by subscription and against the dumbing down of our great society. I accomplish this by using well thought out words, intelligent debate and carefully researched data presented as hard evidence in my ongoing case. You, in turn, come into the debate with erroneous and/or completely fictional data, group myths, invalid math, unproven generalizations, personal attacks and a host of other fallible information that is easily disproved or completely sidestepped. I have an opinion and, much to your chagrin, that opinion is correct (you can thank yourself for helping to add your share of the proof).

People are sheep.

People are stupid.

People do not think on their own.

People would rather be told what to think.

People are lazy.  They would rather be told what to do, how to think, how to dress and what to say than to have to take the time to come up with their own opinions based on personal research and established fact.  When the average American spends more time researching and thinking about who they are going to vote for on "American Idol" or "Survivor" than they do for who will be their next President then we are in trouble as a society and a nation.  When the average American can recite by heart their favorite sports personality and their career stats but can’t name one astronaut who perished when the shuttle Challenger exploded after take-off or the shuttle Columbia broke up returning from space then you have a society that has undergone a transvaluation of our traditional values. When sports players are paid millions of dollars to play a childhood game and teachers have to hold a bake sale to get school books, then something is very wrong with our country.  When we flip our values, when criminals become heroes and role models (through movies, pop culture and music videos) and cops are hated then there is a very serious problem with our so-called great society.  When we embrace that which will eventually be the death of our society and we do it with open arms then there is a problem, a very serious problem.  When criminals have more rights than victims, when right and wrong are reduced to shades of gray then there is a problem.  When the words we say matter more than the actions we do, then the tapestry of this country is already starting to unravel.

The reason why this has happened is that we, as a society, have rewarded failure consistently over the last four decades. We not only reward failure but we embrace it and coddle it and encourage it to breed out of control. We’ve lost our personal responsibility, nothing is our fault anymore and we have the lawyers and book deals to prove it.

When the basic diseases and rot of society are preferred over the traditional building blocks, then the society isn’t going to last very long. It’s easier for the average American to stick their head in the sand than it is for them to use their brain and people like you are proof of that. America is going to hell in a short yellow bus, Harley Davidson is a great example of this and you’re the kind of person who has a seat by the window.

Harley owners like to think that they are individuals but they’re just sheep in a flock. Harley owners like to think that they are real Americans but they’re really just parodies of traditional Americans. It’s not what you ride that is important; no, it’s what you think and what you are willing to support. I support education, engineering, and technology.

You support failure, obsolescence, and ignorance because that is your faith, your religion, and your devotion.  You support failure, obsolescence and ignorance because that is all that you are capable of understanding and responding to.

“You show a desperate need to be listened to. Could it be you fear being obsolete, ignored or insignificant?”

I don’t actively advertise my website so there goes the “desperate need to be listened to” theory, now doesn’t it? If I had a desperate need to be listened to, then I’d actively promote my website on major search engines or charge admission to read what I had written. As it is, I keep my opinions to myself, on my own space on the Internet, paid for and maintained by me. There is no admission charge for my website. I don’t advertise my site, I don’t invite you here and truth be known, ignorant people like you aren’t welcome in my domain because if there are two things that I vehemently despise then they are ignorance and stupidity of which you have shown a strikingly clear abundance of each.

Ignored? I wish I could be ignored, Hinol. What started out as a personal opinion on my own space on the web has grown into a brush fire over the years, a clarion call that has circled the globe more times than I ever will.

Ignored? I should be so lucky. Apparently I’m not alone in my opinion of you and people like you, Hinol and that’s why I won’t and can’t be ignored. I get email all the time telling me that it was high time that someone stood up to morons like you and thanking me for having the balls to do it. For decades, Harley owners have been able to run their mouths with impunity but no more. Now there is someone who not only sees through all of the myth and propaganda, but shares that knowledge with other people as well so that they can also stand up to you and your silly belief system / religion. I know that I’m sick and tired of people like you, Hinol; what really surprised me was just how many other people in the world were sick and tired of people like you. Here’s some news for you, there are far more people with my opinion out there than there are people with your opinion. You’re not the norm, Hinol; you’re the aberrant.

The smart and educated people are sick of people like you; people who embrace ignorance and who pay to be stupid. We’re sick of people who don’t think, who regurgitate what they are told verbatim and who pay someone else to live a make-believe life. Little, tiny-minded people like you make me loathe the human race because you are unoriginal and unimaginative (and you choose to be that way all in order to be liked or to be trendy or fashionable). You are cookie cutter and plain and you’re almost dumb enough to be considered an alternate food source. The only way that someone like you could ever cause another human being to generate interest in you is if you have a big, flashy chrome plated strap-on with a kickstand to draw attention to you. If you didn’t have your Harley, no one would ever give you a second glance.

What I have said about Harley Davidson and the people who own their ridiculous joke of a product has needed to be said for decades. I give a voice to those who could not voice their opinion of you and your kind. I bring humor to a largely humorless world. I enlighten and entertain, it’s just two God-given gifts of mine, two more talents that I use to the best of my abilities. You can choose to ignore me but that doesn’t mean that everyone else in the world is going to ignore me. At least that’s what I ascertain from all of the favorable emails which I receive and since you like ratios, here’s an eye opening ratio for you. I’d say that out of all of the emails which I receive, praise outnumbers scorn by a ratio of 9 to 1. I’ve noticed three types of emails; those who praise me, those who ride the middle of the fence (“Why the hate? We’re all bikers!”) and then people like you. That’s nine emails in favor of my views and my website to every one email that I receive from some thin skinned leather clad pseudo-intellectual monkey clit like you.

Obsolete? Do you really want to talk to me about the definition of being “obsolete?” You ride a Harley, a copy of 1950’s technology. Yes, it is a copy because if it wasn’t a copy of 1950’s technology then it wouldn’t be built to 1950’s technology. Harley doesn’t build new bikes, they build copies of old bikes and that’s because building copies is all that they can manage to do. I ride a Honda CBR600RR, one of the most advanced pieces of transportation on the planet from one of the largest corporations on the planet.

As I said previously, you are judged by the company that you keep and the company that you support.

“Your wife (if you're still married) will assure you you're not, but then the fact that you would even slightly think of asking her reflects your insecurities. You need her validation. You need the validation form your badge, your martial arts, your opinion on Harley's and your constant reminder to yourself that you're a bad ass / superior being. When in fact - if the facade and defenses were totally ripped away you really don't amount to a whole lot.”

What you see is what you get.

I’ve said for the longest that not only do I not hide behind my computer but that my website and everything in my domain, everything, is merely a shadow cast on the Internet, a virtual shadow of my real life. Not a parody, not a make believe façade, but a shadow. What you see on the Internet and on my websites is what you get in the real world. Period. Unlike you, I have no reason to pretend to be anything other than what I am because not only am I an original, well educated, well rounded and highly talented human being but I enjoy being who I am. I understand if that is a difficult concept for someone of your limited mentality to understand but unlike you, I am who I am whether that is on the Internet or in the real world.

Validation?  Validation is for people who are unsure of their selves.  I don’t need validation or justification for being who I am and I make no apologies. I understand if finding someone who is not only self reliant but also personally strong is a rarity these days but there are still a few of us original Americans (as opposed to the store bought kind) around.

I am a loner and a misanthrope. That means that I prefer to be alone and I loathe the human race because it has been my experience that the human race is populated, by and large, with people like you. I despise people like you because you are ignorant, stupid, and uneducated. The sad thing is that you actively choose to be so. The even sadder thing is that, in certain instances, you have actually paid someone else in order for the right to be stupid.  People like you reward stupidity, you embrace it, coddle it and encourage it to spread.  People like you wear your stupidity like an achievement.  People like you don’t think for yourself, you don’t research what you believe, no, you merely accept things at face value without questioning. You are the intellectual equivalent of sheep and it is people like you that the smart people like me have to thank for inventing stuff like NASCAR, Harley Davidson, professional wrestling, line dancing, monster trucks, riding lawnmower races and tractor pulls.

So, we’ve gone from talking about my job to talking about my state and now to talking about my wife and family. You sure don’t have very much to back you up, do you? No historical facts, no hard data, only generalizations, myths, and here-say. You try to pretend that you are an intellectual but you come off as mentally retarded because when you find that you can't meet me head to head in a debate, you resort to the simplest of pokes and jabs.

Yes, I am married.

My first marriage.

My only marriage.

I waited 25 years of my life to find an intellectual equal to spend the rest of my life with and there is no way that I would jeopardize that relationship. I have known my wife for 14 years now, and we have been married for twelve of those fourteen years. I have two beautiful daughters who think I’m one of the neatest dads to ever be blessed to have and I am totally devoted to my family.

I don’t need the validation of my wife or anyone else to have a fulfilling life or to justify my existence. Looking for the approval of others, even close members of your family is something that you have demonstrated a real need to do. My wife doesn’t placate my ego because my ego does not need placating or stroking. I chose my life-long mate because she had a brain and since I had a brain as well, our conversations are deep and usually very engaging. She is educated and a professional, the same as I am. In fact, when looking for a mate, a college education was one of the major requirements that my mate had to have. I, myself, have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business while my wife has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (emphasis on math) and a Master’s Degree in Gifted Education (she teaches the really smart kids, what few are left in our disintegrating national public education system). My wife used to teach advanced math before she moved to gifted. Her degrees allow her to teach at the college level, should she ever choose to do so. I paid for her to go back to school and get her Master’s degree. When she gets ready to get her PH.D, I’ll probably pay for that as well. I could go back to college myself and get my MBA (and my wife wants me to) but not right now.

So, now that we’ve found out that I am educated, I will tell you that I am also complete as a human being and I am complete because of who I am, not what I own or ride. I don’t base my worth on what I own, who I know or what company I support. I base my worth on what I do and what I accomplish and trust me when I tell you, I’ve accomplished a lot more in this short life than you ever will.

That is my validation for existence and the justification of my life; that I am using the talents and skills that God blessed me with, that I am doing something with my life and that what I am doing with all of these gifts is both original and unique.

“I could go on dismantling your facade as I'm sure the precinct shrink sure could (if you really are a LEO which I wouldn't doubt). If you really aren't a LEO that's just as pathetic.”

I really am a LEO and I’m so much more than that but then you would know that if you had actually understood what it was that you were reading instead of making humorously tragic assumptions on everything that you didn’t have the first clue about to begin with. Being a LEO is just one of the professions which I have (I work three jobs) and it isn’t even my primary job. It’s up to you to find out what my real job is (which will, of course, require you to read some more on my site or you could just skip down to Zeb's reply and get the information there).


Oh, I’m afraid that you’ve not only failed completely at dismantling my “façade” but you have done a fair bit of undoing of your own pathetic façade in the process. You’ve gone out of your way to prove that Harley owners really are ignorant hypocrites with very thin skin and a highly limited intellectual capacity. You regurgitate without pause everything that you are told while never once checking the facts on what you say. Congrats on exposing the real you, Hinol. Lord knows, you put enough effort into it with two back to back emails.

In your case, I can offer a bit of life advice. If you’re going to try to tear down someone else’s wall, don’t start out by digging a wide and deep hole under your own feet. Another piece of good advice? Once you reach the bottom of the hole that you have dug for yourself, don’t continue to dig.

“Post and respond to this oh fearless one.”

Consider it done, citizen.


After note 1 -

Do remember to send me your personal contact information (full name, address, city, state, zip, home phone number and a picture of you on your beloved Harley) so that I can put your info here with your words. After all, if you’re so much better than I am, if my information on you and those like you is so erroneous, if you have nothing to hide then by all means, send me your contact info so that I can match your words to your person … that is, unless you yourself have a great amount of fear at being found out for who (and what) you really are.  Yes, I think it’s high time that you stepped forward to put your money where your mouth is (because right now, judging by the position of your pursed lips, your mouth is planted firmly between old Willie G’s hairy ass cheeks).

After note 2 -

Just one more question before I sign off laughing at you ... 

How does it feel to have your stupid, inbred, barefoot, hayseed chewing, banjo-playing, uneducated, hillbilly ass handed to you not once but twice in a row by an “ignorant LEO from a backwards / redneck state totally behind the times and whose thinking is merely a reflection of his surroundings?” I don’t know about you, but putting you in your proper place felt damn good for me but then, again, like you said; "Only thing you can do is take out the trash like a good little boy."  I find it humorous and ironic that out of all that you said in your email, this was the only part that you actually got right, at least in regard to the conversation that I have enjoyed having with you.