"Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own."
Sidney J. Harris



From:         Black Echo blackecho@ymail.com
To:              me
Date:          Nov 28, 2008

Some misanthrope. You seem more like some shithead that no one really liked growing up so you became a loner.
I dont even own a Harley but after reading your rants It makes me laugh at how bad some biker must have pissed you off so much to have you dedicate a portion of your website to slamming a company and making stereotypical judgements on people.
I decided to become "Blackecho@ymail.com so I could fuck with some of your disciples... Damn I must say they are some easy pickings too. I especially like the ones darning their colorful leathers with matching helmets... Talk about fashion lemmings.. I also had the pleasure of seeing one of those crotch rocket riding asswipes become road pizza on the highway after weaving in & out of traffic. I only wish I had my camera so I could have taken photos of the POS dead in the road. I can only hope that it happens to you real soon. We will be talking real soon i'm sure. PS dont bother to write back or give me your thoughts on my grammer or punctuation as I give a shit about that as I do you. Not at all.
Chris Shields I.T. & part time cop( the I.T must mean Inbred Transvestite).



To which I replied


Hello, little girl.

Since you didn’t give me the common courtesy of sharing your real name in your email I’ve decided to call you “
Britney” for the purpose of this reply. I made this decision mainly because after reading your email it was rather obvious that you have the demeanor and IQ of a 13 year old girl who just discovered that “Kotex” isn’t a 1970’s TV crime drama series starring Telly Savalas and because “Britney” just happens to be a perfectly apt name for a stupid little whiney girl like you.

Yes, “
Britney”, it really makes my day when I discover that my website has pissed off a retard like you to the extent that it has so obviously pissed you off because that is one of the reasons why my website exists … to provide humor to the intelligent and educated people while pissing off all the morons and retards who make up a small but growing percentage of our tragically failed once great society. In that last regard, your email is simply more irrefutable proof that my website is not only working exactly as it should be working but also exactly as I intended it to work.

For someone that claims to understand me you really don’t know me very well at all. On the other hand, your email tells me volumes about what type of pathetic person you really are and I will be only too happy to share these insights into your character (or lack thereof) with the rest of the world.

Now, let’s review your silly little email, shall we, doll?


“Some misanthrope. You seem more like some shithead that no one really liked growing up so you became a loner.”

That is a wholly incorrect assumption, “Britney.” Nevertheless after reading your email all the way through I can easily see where someone of your obviously limited intellectual capacity might come up with that rather simple reason to try to explain why I act the way that I do. The truth is that I am a loner by personal choice rather than any unfortunate childhood circumstance, it was a choice that I made both freely and willingly and it was a choice that I made at a very early age.

You see, “
Britney,” when I was growing up it wasn’t that no one really liked me and therefore I had to become a loner in order to somehow compensate for a total lack of friends (quite the contrary) … No. I became a loner because I just really didn’t like other people at all. I wasn’t shy; I just wanted to be left alone.  People annoyed me.  I found that I could have far more fun alone doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it than when I had to worry about compromising my own plans or having to worry about getting along well with others (which, in case you haven't noticed, is just something that I do not do).

I am a loner which means that I don’t need your approval, “
Britney.” I don’t need your approval, desire your approval or depend on your approval to live my life from day to day. I don’t need your respect, your understanding, your love, your acceptance or least of all your permission in order to live my life to the fullest the way I see fit to do so.  The way I see things is if you don’t like me then that’s your problem not mine. If you don’t like me then trust me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.  I never have and never will.

I’m a loner simply because I have neither the time for anyone else nor the desire to share what little time I do have for myself with anyone else. I find relationships and friendships with other people to be both cumbersome and tedious and I find the company of other people to be tiresome and irksome at best.  People are always wanting something, to share something, to tell you something.  People are always wanting some of my time in order to compensate for the lack of time that they have created for their own selves and they expect silly stuff like validation for their existence in the process.  I've found that most people need the approval and acceptance of others in order to simply exist on a day to day basis.

Not me. 

I refuse to adjust my schedule to meet someone else’s schedule because most people are undisciplined, unorganized whiners who twat up the simplest of tasks and waste their time making excuses instead of shutting up and getting on with the work at hand.  I go where I want to go, do what I want to do and I do it all when I want to do it regardless of your or anyone else’s permission, approval, or understanding. If you can’t keep up with me then you’re going to get left behind because I wait for no one. For me, one is company and two is a crowd. It has always been like that, is now, and always will be like that.

It’s not that I don’t have friends, “
Britney,”it’s that I don’t need friends. Never have and never will. For me, friends will always be a luxury … not a necessity.

In summary, I am a misanthrope because I firmly believe that the human race is populated by the homo sapiens equivalent of cattle and sheep.

I am a loner because labia cankers like you prove me correct in my misanthropic set of beliefs each and every single time I have anything at all to do with the likes of you or  your kind.


“I dont even own a Harley but after reading your rants It makes me laugh at how bad some biker must have pissed you off so much to have you dedicate a portion of your website to slamming a company and making stereotypical judgements on people.”

Who are you trying to fool, “Britney”?

The real reason that you don’t own a Harley is because the Motor Company currently doesn’t offer a model a third the size of the Sportster let alone something painted in pussy pink that comes standard with training wheels and a flowery white woven wicker basket on the front. Maybe the Motor Company would call their little girl model something cute like the “Ladybug Electra Glide” or the “Heritage Kitten Classic” if they did build a little girl's bike.

Oh!  Wait !

Come to think of it … Harley Davidson already builds bikes for little girls !  Hell, that’s all their entire product line is geared towards … little girls (or really gullible old men with short little legs, fat asses and nothing between the two).

Oh, let’s face reality here, shall we,
Britney”. You don’t own a Harley and you probably don’t own any other type of motorcycle either; never have and never will. If you actually do own anything on two wheels then it was probably made by Fisher Price and your mommy has to plug it in every night in order to charge back up the battery so you can ride it around the dirt yard of your double-wide after the short yellow bus drops you off from the special place you go every day from morning to mid-afternoon.

Do you know what makes me laugh, “

What makes me laugh out loud is when someone like you thinks you have the right to worm your silly little way into an argument that you have no real right to be a part of in the first place and especially into an argument you know nothing about.  If there’s one thing that I truly detest then it is pretentious cock jugglers like you who stick their noses in other people’s business just because you think you can or (worse) because you think you should.  Trust me ...  If the Harley owners really need a rural simpleton like you to come to their rescue and save them from mean old Black Echo then they're in far worse shape than even I imagined.  Hell, the closest a loser like you will ever come to actually knowing anything at all about motorcycles is what you probably picked up from watching old reruns of “CHIPS”.  

The point being that when you actually do start riding motorcycles or actually own one of your very own then you're welcome to join in and take a particular side of your choice in an argument taking place between two different groups of motorcycle riders with diametrically opposed opinions.  Until then you can just ...

Ah, good!  I see that you like to erroneously think of Harley owners as being victims of undeserved stereotyping and unmitigated bashing. I, however, understand them to be nothing more than dimwitted sheep and clueless cattle driven by an easily identifiable flock / herd behavior with a think-by-numbers mindset operating under the misunderstood cause of a self-assumed, self replicating, trailer park grown, redneck spread pagan religion which has its roots buried deep in both rampant commercialism and subscription based make-believe.

Damn ... ! 

That’s a great summary of the entire Harley lifestyle an mindset.  I think I’ll have to try to work that quote on the front page of my website as a lead-in but I digress… Today, it is my firm belief that the sad sacks of tepid stupidity who support Harley Davidson, anyone who would come running to their defense and the Motor Company itself deserve every bit of ridicule that they receive (and a whole lot more than I can ever hope to be able to give to them).


“I decided to become "blackecho@ymail.com so I could fuck with some of your disciples... Damn I must say they are some easy pickings too. I especially like the ones darning their colorful leathers with matching helmets... Talk about fashion lemmings ...”

Well, this is certainly interesting, “Britney”, because the next two paragraphs of your email let us see exactly what kind of cretin you really are.

First you send me an email that purposely doesn’t include your real name or email address. You may like to claim anonymity for your own good but you can't prove it in your words.  What an email with no name really means is that you’re
scared shitless of me and that you have no balls to stand behind your own opinion which, I guess, is why the name “Britney” fits you so well.  You don't want your real name to be tied to your words you have typed because, unlike me, how you act on the Internet and how you act in real life are two very different natures and if your peers, your parents, or your family found out that you were typing this gibberish then your life would be very different than it is now and it wouldn't be a change for the better, now would it?  No.  You can't put your name to what you say because you are afraid to.  You're afraid of what it will bring you, that you will be found out for the poser that you are and that others will know the truth about your make-believe persona.  Oh, you can be as tough as you want on the Internet but until you put your name, your real name, to what you say then no one is ever going to take you seriously, little girl, least of all me.

Next you chastise me for making fun of Harley riders (who I think are stupid) yet here you admit that you intend to make fun of import riders (that you think are stupid). You seem to think that it is wrong for me to ridicule people that I don’t like but somehow perfectly okay for you to ridicule people that you don’t like. That makes you a “

Then you say that you have signed up for a new email account using my online handle in an effort to imitate and pretend to be me. That makes you a “
poser” and consequentially puts you squarely in the core of the same group of people that I enjoy making fun of here so much on my website.  You can never be original ... you will always be a pretender ... just like those you see fit to defend; birds of a feather and all that.

I find it hilarious that you obviously think that you are the first sphincter drill to ever pose as me or try to imitate me by using my name and hiding your own behind some disposable email account. This clearly indicates that you are a “
newbie” as well and a rather cherry one at that.

Finally you say that you’re going to actively search out other people online that are different than you are all in order to insult and ridicule them based solely on the difference between their choices and beliefs and your (rather ignorant and uneducated) opinions of their choices and beliefs? You also mention that doing this mischief will bring you no small amount of joy and pleasure. That, “
Britney”, makes you what savvy Internet users call a “troll.”

So, by reading what you have to say about yourself in your email I've easily identified you as a scared shitless hypocritical posing newbie troll ... with her online cherry still intact.  Well, isn't that just great?  Why, that's exactly what the Internet needed ... another typical GeoCities / MySpace emo drama queen who was too stupid to figure out how to sign up for AOL in the first place.

You say that you are going to "fuck with some of your disciples... Damn I must say they are some easy pickings too." but I don't understand this part of your email since I have no disciples that I know of and even if I did have a group of disciples then those disciples wouldn't be the kind of person that you think they would be and they certainly wouldn't be easy pickings (as I'm sure that you found that fact out the hard way, that is, if you even really followed through with  your online-only show of bravado).  No, if I did have any disciples out there then my disciples would be out there spreading the news of the benefits of high technology, of being smart with your money, of knowing the history of the company you support before you give them thousands upon thousands of dollars of your hard earned money, of not paying tomorrow's price for yesterday's engineering and technology, of being your own self and not a cheap copy of someone else, of putting safety over fashion, of putting power over noise, of riding safely well within the laws and limits of both your location as well as your machine (all the while having plenty of power to spare for emergencies), of thinking for yourself (rather than letting others tell you what to think) and most importantly of all ... always question long standing beliefs especially if you can find no proof of their validity (and especially if the people espousing those beliefs are some of the dumbest hay-seed goat fuck hillbillies to ever knuckle drag out of a trailer park let alone figure out how to get online and to the Internet). 

With great power comes great responsibility, "Britney" but then you obviously haven't read the contents of my website nor do you understand what it is that I advocate on a continuing basis.  Your ignorance is the worst kind because it's shallow, swift moving and you actively choose to wear it like a glove.  You simply have a limited mindset that is incapable of understanding anything other than what you want to see and apparently you see only what you want to see when you want to see it.  In doing so, not only are you erroneously representing me, but you're also incorrectly representing what I advocate and you're doing both simply because you are a very angry and very ignorant stupid little girl who can't think past the hem of her dress.


Do you really think that I'm some kind of messiah, "Britney"? 

Do you give me that much authority in this matter that you and those like you now claim that I have disciples?  Do you believe that I have disciples of my teachings?  That's rich!  I'm a misanthrope (remember, we talked about that already) not a messiah.  Disciples would mean that I would be surrounding myself with needy people all the time who would be asking me for answers, asking me for guidance, asking me to do things for them, to teach them, to cure their woes, and to take them by the hand and lead them through life. 

You know, I just can't see that ever happening, "Britney". 

When I think of "disciples" and someone with a messiah complex, I think of Willie G. Davidson and those who fawn over him.  A few years ago, HD threw their own birthday party and over 100,000 agrarian rejects rode their shiny, loud two wheeled tractors to Milwaukee (leaving the trailer parks in five neighboring states completely empty that weekend).  While, given Harley Davidson's inherent status as a pagan religion, it would be easy to see this trek to Milwaukee as a "pilgrimage" made by "The Faithful" (a religious term that Harley Davidson uses to describe its customer base) I, in turn, saw it as nothing more than one huge cattle drive.  Some might envision this mass movement of stupidity as being choreographed to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" but I see the theme from "Rawhide" being more applicable in this instance.

Oh, for what it is worth, I wouldn't be so quick to try to take on any disciples of mine, if I do indeed have any such disciples ... 

You see, "Britney", if I did have any disciples then I can promise you that each and every one of them would be able to quickly and easily put you (or anyone like you) in your rightful place (just like I am doing) and they'd be able to do it with very little effort (just like I am doing).  My disciples will be able to do this because people like you aren't rare, you aren't special (other than the type of education you receive), you aren't creative, you aren't intelligent, you aren't educated and if you are anything then you are typical, predictable, mundane and completely extraneous.  If the human race was a sport, losers like you would be the bench warmers and the water boys, nothing more.  Losers like you exist only to service and serve people like me in society because it is the lowest common denominator in society which you form.  If I do have any disciples out there then each one of them is an intelligent, highly educated, quick witted individual armed with a creatively scathing wit.  Each one of my disciples would also possess a zero tolerance for rampant stupidity and naturally cast a cold cynical eye towards the flock.

You say that sport bike riders are “fashion lemmings” but you are, again, incorrect in your use of a particular term that you have humorously managed to pry loose from my website. It is rather obvious that, like the terms “misanthrope” and “loner that you threw out previously in our discussion, you really don’t have the first clue about what the term “fashion lemming” means or more importantly how to use that particular term properly in an intelligent conversation.  Allow me to correct your lack of understanding in regard to this term, just as I have already corrected you a few paragraphs previously on the other two simple terms that you hijacked then proceeded to misuse and misunderstand.

What you don’t understand is that bright colors help people get noticed (it’s the visual accent to the “loud pipes save lives” crowd) but being colorful isn’t the same thing as being either in fashion or a lemming. Hunters wear bright orange over their woodland camo not to impress the deer or other hunters but to keep from being mistaken for game and accidentally shot or killed when they ply their passion.  Road workers wear reflective colors to help keep them from being hit by passing cars and trucks driven by clueless retards who are more interested in paying attention to their cell phone or I-Pod than to the road in front of them. The same theory of color use goes for most sport bike riders … they wear bright colors in order to be seen quicker and to avoid getting hit either by their fellow riders or by ignorant cagers who aren’t paying any attention at all to where they are going. Just because you wear the same colors as your bike doesn’t automatically make you a “lemming” … it might make you a “chameleon" … but it certainly doesn’t make you a “lemming” by any stretch of the definition.  Of course, all of this is opposed to the "you can wear any color that you like as long as it is black" Harley crowd who long ago traded safety for fashion with their logo covered T-shirts and half-helmets.

So, what is a “fashion lemming

Well, since it is obvious that you don’t understand the concept of the term at all let's set up a make-believe example (since you like taking up for those who live make-believe lives). Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you, “Britney” actually do own a sport bike (even though I could hardly ever see a simian retard like you being smart enough to ride something as technologically advanced as a modern sport bike).

Let's pretend that you have a sport bike. 

Now if you rode the exact same bike that everyone else chose to ride then you would be a “lemming (especially if you didn't give your decision any real thought but rather you chose the bike you did simply because other people chose it or because people you thought were "cool" were riding that make and model).   Now, if you rode the same exact bike and you dressed exactly like everyone else chose to dress and you bought the exact same style / color / make of clothes, helmet, gloves, gear, etc. that everyone else did from the exact same place that everyone else did (all in the fervent hope that you might impress other members of your adopted group as well as those who did not belong to your group at all) then that would make you (and all of those who were just like you) “fashion lemmings.  In other words, if you all looked the same because you all were the same and if you somehow thought that being branded like the cattle that you are is tantamount to being considered in style then you would be considered to be "fashion lemmings."

If you act exactly like everyone else around you or in your group and you do so by using observed, repeated, identical behavior  then you are a "lemming."

If you dress like everyone else in your group or you wear a certain brand identity because it's cool to do so then that would make you a "fashion lemming."  If you have to buy your clothes from the same dealer that makes the bike you ride on and you have to buy these clothes in order to be accepted by the other members of the flock that you have bought your rights into, then that would make you a "fashion lemming."

Let's carry this a little bit farther shall we, and explore some more definitions associated with the Harley Davidson mindset.

First off, let's talk about "religion" because Harley Davidson has made an interesting transformation over the last three decades.  You see, HD went from being a tragically failed motorcycle manufacturer who didn't have the first clue as to how to build motorcycles (the first sixty years of their existence) to being so piss poor down and out that they had to be bought by and managed by a bowling ball manufacturer (the next ten years of their existence) only to be bought out once again by the thinnest of the remaining bloodline that could draw direct lineage to the original founders.  Willie G. and his 12 Disciples (yes, he had disciples) bought Harley Davidson from AMF, turned around and transformed The Failed Motor Company into a high end fashion provider (the next twenty years of their existence).  The last ten years of the existence of The Motor Company has seen them mutate once again into something so far removed from the founder's original vision that it is laughable that anyone still supports them but support them they do.  Yes, in the last ten years Harley Davidson has transformed into a full blown pagan religion worshipped by trailer park dwelling retards and a vast percentage of the lowest common denominator in society.  How can we prove that Harley Davidson is a pagan religion and that The Motor Company is the world's largest (and only remaining) serfdom?


When you refer to your customer base using terms like "The Brotherhood", "The Sisterhood", "The Family" and "The Faithful" then you are assigning religious nomenclature to those who are loyal to you.   If you market a particular set of beliefs and you refer to those beliefs as "The Faith" and you refer to the pious following of that particular set of beliefs as "keeping the Faith" then you have a "religion" (especially if you end that set of beliefs with the word "amen.")   When you produce one of the worst products in the world yet a large portion of the populace ignorantly swears allegiance to you and your product, undying ignorant allegiance, even to the point where they actively wish that anyone who didn't believe what they believed or who didn't think exactly like they thought should be put to death then you have the makings of a "religion."  When those who are loyal to you name their first born children after your product (a product that they are too dirt poor to ever afford but which they have wrongly been taught to equate with success and wealth), when they willingly sacrifice their child to what they willingly worship (in much the same way that Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac in the Bible), when those who are loyal to you stand in line and pay for the privilege of being painfully yet artistically branded and scarred for life with your wholly (holy?) identifiable logo just like the lowly cattle that they are , when those who are loyal to you carry your banner with them where ever they go, when those who are loyal to you wear your colors and preach the teachings of your faith then you have the makings for a "religion."  A religion populated with the lowest common denominator in society, a religion populated by uneducated, ignorant idiots who wish to do nothing more than heathenize the rest of the world with their stupid set of beliefs but a religion nonetheless.

All of the facts are out there, all of the proof is easy to see; Harley Davidson is a pagan religion and it's worshipped by the lowest common denominator in society. 


Now, let's talk some about the unwashed leather serfs who form the majority of Harley's customer base and who, knowingly or unknowingly, worship Harley Davidson as the pagan religion it is.  

When you all think the same ignorant thoughts, believe the same ignorant beliefs and give the same identical ignorant answers to simple questions that are asked of you, when you don’t think before you speak but blindly accept what you are told to think and automatically say what you have been told to say like so many good little pre-programmed automatons then that makes you and those like you the very definition of “zealots."

When you actually wish that anyone who didn’t think exactly like you, who didn’t dress just like you, who didn’t believe what you believed would be injured, maimed, crippled or die a horrible death or that a difference of opinion must be resolved by using violence as the first possible solution to the argument then that makes you and those like you “fanatics.”

When you add the irrefutable religious aspect of the Harley Davidson lifestyle to the mix you come away with "religious zealots" and "religious fanatics" who are always willing to use violence to "keep the Faith." 

You're not exactly like us therefore you should die.  That is the mantra of Harley Davidson owners and those who would defend these ridiculous gap toothed hillbillies.  In that regard, you "Britney" and those like you have far less in common with anything that is mainstream / traditional wholesome America and far more in common with violent religious splinter groups like Al Qaeda.

Or are you too stupid to realize even that?

In hindsight, you probably are.  You and those like you, especially those who own Harleys or wish that they did, have a lot in common with the people who used to think that the Earth was flat.  I have yet to see anything in your email that proves that you have any more IQ than a brick.  People like you aren't very deep thinkers or very quick thinkers either, if and when you actually have to do any thinking for yourself which is seldom if ever.   Hell, I bet you haven't used your brain in so long that every time you sneeze dust blows out of your nose, mouth and ears.  In that regard, stuff as simple and as idiotic as Harley Davidson and NASCAR probably all have a very enticing appeal to someone of your lackluster IQ and downward sloped mentality.  After all, those two things are as complex and difficult of a concept that you'll ever likely be able to wrap your tiny little mind around.

So … you’re going to attempt to pose as me and then do your best to ridicule import and sport bike owners because they don't think like you and because they are different than you are?  You're deeper into the HD religion than even you realize, acolyte.  I think it's time that you ask your mommy to have you whisked away from the cult's compound so that you can be deprogrammed before it's too late.

Your plan is humorous because it is inherently flawed and it is flawed from the start.  Let me explain the one major flaw in your cunning plan, “
Britney,” perhaps a flaw that you hadn’t really thought of (as if any actual thought even went into what you have done so far which I seriously doubt …). My website and my opinion are both private as well as personal and even though my website is open to the public I don’t charge admission, advertise my website, actively pursue people, try to shove my personal opinion down their throats or force my beliefs on anyone else. My opinion is my own, for better or worse and I accept that by signing my real name to it (something you are unwilling to do with your own opinion).  What that means is that any website you show up on and start to cause trouble by using my hijacked name is going to know real quick that it isn’t the real me stirring up all the trouble. The idea of me trolling someone else’s website and causing mischief for fun would be about as believable as Norman Rockwell beating a child.  I have neither the time nor the inclination for engaging in any such nonsense but good luck trying to fool other people into thinking otherwise.  It's not like I base my life and self worth on how many people like me or don't like me.  Hell, if the entire human race hated me I wouldn't be happier so ... be my guest in getting all of the sheep stirred up in a hissy fit over me; that would make my day, little girl, and it would probably make my day for weeks or months to come.

My website and my opinion are both passive in nature.  They exist but you have to find them on your own.

If you visit my website, good for you because I could care less (I might care more if I charged admission or I had one of those stupid advertising counters where I get a quarter of a cent every time you click it).  My website is there because I want it to be there, it's not there because I need you to visit it in order to fulfill some egotistical need that I may have.  If you agree with me or I make you laugh at my humor or I give you some much needed and long overdue intellectual ammo to sling back at the silly redneck posers and their ludicrous make-believe lifestyles then that is what the website is there for; to give information and a voice to those who have been ridiculed for decades by ignorant trailer park dwellers who can’t tell the difference between an air cooled irrigation pump intended for agrarian usage and a contemporary designed motorcycle engine.  If you have a bone to pick with me then you have to come at me because I’m not going to come at you (it’s all part of that whole misanthrope / loner thing we discussed in depth above).

That’s how it has always been and that is how it will always be.

People who know me, who know of me or who are long time visitors to my website understand this already so good luck in trying to change their perception of how I conduct my website or lead my life on such a large scale as you have elected to attempt. I can honestly say that I keep up email communication with about five people on a regular basis and my visitors understand this. Yes, I do honestly read each and every one of the emails that I receive but I might respond to one in a hundred simply for the fact that I don’t have time to respond to each and every one (and I get thousands, by the way, which is far more than you will ever receive from your silly endeavors). Then there’s the fact that I’m a misanthrope / loner and even if I did have time (or the desire) to communicate with so many other different human beings most of the stuff that is asked of me is already explained on my website in detail and one of my pet peeves is having to repeat myself especially if it is for simple things that you should be smart enough to understand already given a fifth grade level of basic reading comprehension.

Now, you say that you’re going to make fun of sport bike and import riders after you chide me for making fun of Harley Davidson and their customers?  How are you going to do this, exactly?  Are you going to use historical facts?  Marketing figures?  Sales figures?  No.  You'll probably just use tired old clichés like "sport bikes only have one speed: wide open" and "sport bikes are uncomfortable" and "you all look like gay power rangers."  If you do find a niche of sport bike or import owners to legitimately ridicule then it is probably the squids which sport bikers and import riders already make fun of our own selves.  I'm also sure that nothing you say will be original, pertinent or even factual.  It will only be based on your limited mindset and your retarded opinion of something that you have no experience with and know nothing about (but yet are determined to make a statement on).

Yes, while I use historic facts and figures to carry my message of anti-stupidity across to my visitors you, on the other hand, are going to have nothing but tired old clichés and easily disprovable stereotypes (if you have even that much) to get your “anti-Black Echo” campaign off to a running start.  You're not going to open any eyes with your retarded rhetoric, quite the opposite.  People are going to see you coming a mile away with your unoriginal banter.  You’ll have nothing original or thought provoking because you are not an original, creative or intelligent person. I’m sure that should I ever encounter any of your online retardation (not that I’ll ever go looking for it) that I’ll be able to assign numbers to how you think straight out of the Milwaukee Orthodoxy.  Hell, parts of your email are already taken directly from and explained in detail under sections of the Milwaukee Orthodoxy which proves that while you may not own a Harley you certainly have the mindset for it.

Yes, like so many others who have taken my name and signed up for a disposable “blackecho @ some email or the other dot com”, you are hardly original or unique … nor are you the first to do so.


I'm sorryDid you honestly think that you were the only moron that had ever had the grand idea to pose as me and post your silly anti-import ignorance around the Internet while hiding behind a disposable email account? Please tell me that you actually thought that you were the first to do this because I don't think I could ever laugh out loud at you any louder than I would if I found out that you honestly believed that what you intended to do had never been done before (and done far better, by the way).


You can’t even be original in how you're going to try to deal with me either. Damn. It must really suck to be a has-been right from the very start of your little attempt but like everything else in your life (including your birth), you're just going to have to settle with being a bitter disappointment right from the start.

Anyway …

If you do still decide to start posing as me and emailing sport bikers or import riders and trolling import forums then I wish you the best of luck. You see, the worst you can do is post something utterly retarded while pretending to be me and that will subsequently either cause you to get perma-banned from the message forum or will simply lead the angry forum members back to my website (which is what you are wanting to do) at which time they’ll take a look around and quickly realize that I am not who you were posing as.  When they read this email from you that I have posted (including a listing of your fake email address)
then they’ll also quickly understand that they were dealing with just another ignorant flaming forum troll and you’ll be dismissed for the no-neck, monobrow sporting, microphallused dullard that you really are, doll.

Let's look at your cunning plan from my angle, “
Britney”, because all I see in this endeavor of yours is an opportunity for you to do all of my hard work for me in getting my message out to other people that I probably would never meet (and probably wouldn't want to meet even if I could). The more you pose as me and the more you bad mouth me or try to smear my reputation then the more people will become interested in finding out just who I am, what I believe and what type of person I am. That in turn will require them to visit my website and more people will get my message which they will share with others whether for good or bad reasons.  The people who backtrack your mediocre (at best) slander and don’t agree with my original opinion will in turn feel justified in emailing me and telling me their opinion of me and how I am wrong about the Motor Company, it's products and the sheep who fill the pews worshipping at Milwaukee's alter of mediocrity.  This, in turn, will provide me with hours, days, weeks, months and even years of endless amounts of pure retardation arriving in my email inbox all of which will serve as nothing more than fodder to keep my website going (just as those who have posed as me in the past have done and just as you have unwittingly done with your own new email account).

The only kind of people that you will stir up and send my way are exactly the kind of idiots that I use to keep my site going.

Those who do agree with me will send me the obligatory “I agree with you!” email, congratulate me on a job well done, tell me that it was high time that someone stood up to those wannabes out in Milwaukee or share with me an often humorous or interesting story of their own encounter with these self-propelled retards. After that, these pro-Black Echo visitors will either send the link to my website to others who will also agree or they will post my link on websites and message forums of people who don’t agree with me and thus I’ll once again be kept in stitches at the think-by-numbers mindset and easily predictable behavior of the flock of sheepeople that I make fun of on my website.

In essence, when you signed up your shiny new email account and decided to pose as me you didn’t realize that you would be giving me free advertising and insuring that my email box is kept continually filled with intellectual fodder for a long time to come.  You see,
Britney, retards like you do all of my hard work for me and what amuses me the most is that you’re too stupid to even realize that you're doing it.  The reason why my site continues to exist is because idiots like you send me email.  The reason why I don't have to advertise my website is because idiots like you do that for me.

I'd ask you how it feels to be turned around, bent over and used but then that's probably an often familiar situation for you, isn't it, doll?

“I also had the pleasure of seeing one of those crotch rocket riding asswipes become road pizza on the highway after weaving in & out of traffic. I only wish I had my camera so I could have taken photos of the POS dead in the road. I can only hope that it happens to you real soon.”

And people wonder why I loathe and despise the human race …

This is the other part of your email which clearly shows us just what an absolute waste of foreskin you really are. So … you claim that you had the personal pleasure of watching another human being die a horrible, painful death and you enjoyed it immensely? Apparently, not only did you really enjoy seeing this terrible accident occur but you fervently regret not having your camera with you so you could have taken pictures of the accident and its gory aftermath.

I'm curious ... 

Whatever would you have done with all of the pictures that you took of this grisly accident you supposedly witnessed, “Britney?”

This is an example of "sad."

My guess is that every night you would have pulled the pictures out of a worn shoe box, spread them out across your bed and then you would have stuck your little hand down your pink Hello Kitty panties to spastically diddle yourself into a near-coma all the while giggling and moaning as you flipped through the pictures that you had taken. 

This is an example of "pathetic."

Now, having worked many near fatal as well as fatal wrecks while wearing a badge (and having survived many near fatal wrecks of my very own before I ever put a badge on), I've always been curious to watch the neck-turners pass by and I've sometimes wondered what kind of person might get a raging hard-on by seeing the scene of an accident ...  Well, thanks to your email now I know.

What's even funnier is that you fervently hope that this unfortunate type of predicament will happen to me and the sooner the better or so you wish because if I did have an accident and got seriously killed then you (and those like you) could get back to living your ridiculously ignorant lives without anyone being around to point out how ridiculously ignorant your lives really were (let alone ridicule you for leading such lives by willing choice).

Oh!  Do be sure to remember me in your dreams, Britney since it's rather obvious that I already have a main starring role in some of your personal fantasies.

“We will be talking real soon i'm sure.”


No, I’m afraid that we will not be talking real soon, “
Britney” … and I'm afraid that we will never be talking again unless, of course, you sign up for another fake or disposable email account and contact me that way.  Why? It’s quite simple, really, but since you are technically as well as intellectually challenged (and probably have trouble dressing yourself in the mornings) I will explain it to you in terms that even a self-made retard like you can understand. You see, I flagged your fake BE email address as “SPAM” right after I read it and I did so because, as I have previously said, I have very little time for dealing with ambulating suppositories like you.  If I can wave my hand (or press a button) and make you go away forever then I will do so with a quickness.

Now, I’m not sure how Ymail works but in Gmail once I mark your email address as “SPAM” that’s the kiss of death for receiving any further ignorance-laden stupidity prone gibberish from you. The beauty of this online technology is that I won’t even / ever know if you replied to this posting or even if you continue to send me retarded email after retarded email after retarded email since my spam filters will simply disintegrate any email coming from your poser email address and my filters will do this without ever informing me that I have received any such ridiculous communication from you in the first place.  The fact that I can do this each and every time you send me an email from a different email account and the fact that you will have to go through some amount of toil on your part (by signing up for a new email account) in order to talk to me each and every time simply delights me.

Isn’t email great?

That's a silly question! 

Of course it is!

While email gives tiny minded estrogen sponges like you a place to hide your pathetic identity and ambush unsuspecting strangers with your dull little slings and arrows of outrageous ignorance it also allows an intelligent, well educated person like me, in turn, to push a button and completely ignore habitual losers like you thereafter. Technology is a wonderful thing (something that I preach about tirelessly on my website) and it can be used for such noble purposes as keeping such a self admiring, pseudo-intelligent, dick burglar like you from ever taking up any more of my valuable time than you, unfortunately, already have.

“PS dont bother to write back or give me your thoughts on my grammer or punctuation as I give a shit about that as I do you. Not at all.”

Ah, good!  I see that mobile home schooling certainly worked for you didn’t it, “Britney?  You should give a shit about your "grammer" because your "grammer" is shit and if it is shit on the Internet then chances are it is shit in real life as well but then it's evident that if you are gainfully employed at this time in your life then that employment is a menial labor type arrangement where intelligence and education are actually handicaps to advancement.


What exactly is a “grammer”?  Is that the cute little colloquial pet name that you use when referring to your mother’s mother who lives with you there in your double wide in the trailer park, doll?  Perhaps the word "grammer" is used in this capacity in the redneck trade / barter dialect spoken in your particular socially and genetically isolated trailer park;
“Grammer? Uncle Doug is on the CB radio and says he’ll give me a buck if I walk up yonder to the bait and beauty shop and bring him back a six pack of Old Milwaukee, this month's Hustler and two cans of Skoal.  At least I think he said it was a buck ...

Don't bother to write you back?


Oh, please!  Please!  You can't really be serious, can you, little girl

If you are serious then you really don’t know me at all, do you? Oh, don't fret!  You don’t have to ever worry about me emailing you back because if I have one single guiding rule in sending and receiving email then that guiding rule is “never ever reply to an unsolicited email received from anyone who is obviously a complete and utter fucking retard.  If I were to email you back then doing so would give you the false impression that I actually cared to talk to you as opposed to just using your unsolicited idiotic email to make fun of both you and ignorant rednecks like you (which I am in the process of doing, if you haven't noticed).

Trust me, “
Britney” … Grammar (note correct spelling) is the least of your worries at this point in your pitiful teenage life.

“Chris Shields I.T. & part time cop( the I.T must mean Inbred Transvestite).”

I.T. = Inbred Transvestite?  


Is that your best attempt at a creative insult, “Britney”?  If so then I am thoroughly unimpressed and stand by my opinion that your humor is as dry and stale as the revolving door that your mother has between her legs.  No, a creative insult would be something original, something scathing and humorous at the same time.  For example, if I were to refer to you as a “scrotum polishing ass plumber” (which you are, by the way … just ask your dear old Grammer) then that would be original, scathing and humorous all at the same time.

Transvestite?  You see, the problem with the term "transvestite" is that in today's politically correct environment calling someone a "transvestite" just isn't all that effective or humorous.  Hell, you'd make me madder if you called me a "democrat" than if you called me a "transvestite" because being called a "democrat" is far more of an insult to me than being called a "transvestite."   Yes, being called a "democrat" is just one step away from being a certified liberal and if there's one thing I despise more than a Harley owner then it is a liberal democrat.

Now, for what it is worth, “
I.T. does not stand for "Inbred Transvestite", rather it stands for “Information Technology.” That’s two words and a career choice that means I easily make ten times what you make per year and I get to do so while wearing jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. You need to ponder on that the next time you’re wearing your fast food franchise uniform and headset while crewing the drive thru window on the late shift of your part-time service industry job. Hell, the smartest thing to pop out of your mouth on a daily basis is probably along the lines of “Would you like fries with that?"

Thank you for the entertaining email, “
Britney” and thank you so much for proving me right again and again and again within that particular email. Yes, in the scheme of things and taken as a whole you have been as utterly predictable as you have been predictably typical.

And with that, you have been dismissed, little girl.