Harley Davidson



Anagram - a word, phrase or sentence formed from another by rearranging the letters in a word or group of words.  For example, "angel" is an anagram of "glean," that is, if you rearrange the letters of "glean" you can make the word "angel."

How it works: take the letters in a word and use those letters to spell different words.  You cannot use the same letter twice, once a letter is used from the original word, it is unavailable for any further words in that phrase or sentence.  Individual words can be made from any letters in the subject material but again, once a letter is used it is removed from the available material until the next round.

Original Word Anagram
Harley Davidson "Darn Heavy Idols" or "Odd Shiny Larvae"
The Brotherhood "Oh!  To rob the herd!"
The Sisterhood "She's hot to ride!" or "She rode shit to"
The Motor Company "Petty, macho moron."
The Family "A Myth Life"  or  "A Life Myth"
Harley rider "Rarely rid, eh?"
Harley Davidson Motorcycles "Deviants or scholarly comedy"  or  "O, my!  Rich, lardy adolescents."