Well, here is a funny little email that I received from a guy over in Europe calling himself "Tero".  He stresses that he's not a homo by his nick name, "Tero" which is short for "Hetero" as in "Heterosexual".   He's such a homophobe that he wants everyone to have NO problem identifying his sexual preferences, which makes him very suspect.  I shared this email with a pair of friends who have traveled extensively around Europe.  After reading it, their comment was "He's gay.  No doubt about it." and "I bet the bloke's from Wales."

Then the funny part is that "Tero" or is that "Zero" thinks that because my name is "Black Echo" that I must be of African American (negroid / black) descent.  Since the word "BOY" is in capital letters and is a well known euphemism for a derogatory remark towards black people, Zero is clearly showing his racist tendencies.  Zero then makes a big show of explaining how he is white and he just knows that I am black and that I am "rootless", which must be his reference to the Alex Haley book "Roots" explaining the life of a family of Africans brought over to the United States back during the time of slavery in this country.  This would clearly indicate that not only is Zero ignorant, but he's an ignorant racist, which means that he builds a pretty narrow fence around himself mentally.  Zero then goes on to read a little bit more of my website which shows that he's not very well educated given the amount of time that it took him to accomplish this, and, finds out that I am also a police officer.  Zero then makes what he thinks is a witty statement about how the "best cop is a dead one."  Ouch.  Oh, that one hurt, Zero.   Like I haven't heard that one before.  Cliché.  Boring.  If brains were gasoline, this guy wouldn't have enough to ride an ant around a Cheerio.

The ignorance level just has no bottom here folks.  Zero is the very epitome of a class of person that I think even Harley wannabes avoid and make fun of.   Tero is a Zero, and should go to show you that there is a very good reason why there isn't such a thing as EOL or Europe On Line.  If it were, it would just be filled with such wastes of human skin as Zero here.  Zero must be from Wales.   Wales is known for their love of sheep.  Here's his email, you decide...


Well well, BOY...

Surprise to you, I ain't like you, I'm a heterosexual. Read my name TERO...  HeTero, get it??? Besides I happens to be white, just like my self, not like any other, like you, rootless. I lives in Europe, was born to son of wikings, so think that, mongrel!

Yeah, read your netpages. Why don't you be like your idol, your hero? Best cop is a dead one.

Still can't stand assholes... mean things like you.



Zero probably doesn't even own a Harley.  He was probably one of the urban trash extras riding around on one of those ridiculous minibikes in that Fine Young Cannibals video.  I love the part where he says "Still can't stand assholes ... mean things like you."  I laugh when I read that.   Asshole?  Mean thing?  This guy is the very definition of a 'asshole' and a 'mean thing'.  That and he's a ignorant homophobic racist piece of Euro-trash.   If he DOES have a Harley, it is probably one of the bikes that we abandoned on D-day almost 60 years ago.

Tero the Zero.

I know that Zero here can't be descended from Vikings because Vikings never fucked sheep.