and leaves bouncing on his ass...


Steve gets the honor of having his email put here because he again fails to understand and comprehend simple fucking English.  His clichéd attack on my chosen profession of Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) has nothing to do with the argument at hand, but like the typical Harley acolyte that he is, he has been brought face to face with his farcical reality and he's had his feelings hurt because he realizes that he is nothing more than a borrowed image and that his whole 'bad ass' aura is just so much rented gas.

Steve McQuade stepped out of the closet just long enough to say…

From: "Steve McQuade"
To: blackecho@goingfaster.com
Subject: I feel sorry for you
Sent: Thu, 16 May 2002 02:52:50 -0400

IMHO Your a very bitter pig oh excuse me "COP" with a superiority complex. You generally feel that you are better and smarter than everyone else.

Because you choose import motorcycles over domestic you see yourself as some kind of fucking God and that deserves a little pity on my behalf.

Also the amount of time and effort taken on your part to convey this utter hatred of yours is rather scary I think.

I should feel fortunate not to have jelly stains like you working the local force.


To which I replied…

IMHO Your a very bitter pig oh excuse me "COP" with a superiority complex.  You generally feel that you are better and smarter than everyone else.

Ouch. Good one there, Steve! My feelings were very deeply hurt by your "pig" comment, a comment I might add, which clearly showed a truly great amount of original thinking on your part. I may have to check myself into therapy for your cold hearted slamming of my tender professional law enforcement clad ego. I don’t think anyone else has ever thought of calling me a "pig" instead of "cop" in order to insult me.

Insert sound of wrong answer buzzer here.

Oh, I’m sorry, Steve, but I’m afraid that you are as unoriginal and ignorant as you are impressionable and stupid which pretty much makes you a kind of potluck of pathetic-ness, now doesn’t it. Here, let me stir you a little before you congeal to room temperature. For your failed attempt to kick-start your peddling little brain stem and the small amount of personal amusement it has brought me in watching you do so, I am going to go ahead and give you the Special Prize which I reserve just for people like you. That’s right! I’m going to sit you over here in the [NO-THINKING] section, right down in front among a very large group of pedant-mongo losers who, just like you, are taking the position of "bench-warmer" in the game of life.

You irksome little oxygen stealing, fuck-tard…

The clichéd old "difference of opinion = bad / evil person" followed by the "I’ll hurt his cop feelings by calling him a PIG!" type attack is a truly miserable and unoriginal opening shot on your part. Why did you stop there?  Why didn't you call me something really mean and nasty like 'booger-head' or 'snot-face'?  Those are about on the same lines of insult magnitude as "pig".  Did you really come up with that or did you just copy it from another tired old reply you read somewhere? You chimps are very good at mimicking the behavior of higher life forms. Sometimes I would think you were almost human. Sometimes.

Now, let’s see, you ride a "hog" and you are calling me a "pig"? Do you see the irony of that? I do! When will you inept, limp dicked Philistines ever realize that I’ve got a copy of your official Harley play by play book and I can follow along with you as you read? I don’t even need to wait for the redneck announcer to sound the chime so that I can turn the page.

Here's a great big fucking monumental news flash for you, Steve. I *am* smarter than nine tenths of you typical Harley riders out there. The simple fact that I don't follow the rest of the mantra bleating flock like a brain washed, spontaneous fellatio giving, fashion swallowing ass-puppet is proof of that. Your use of the term 'pig', which is an outdated and comical term for law enforcement officer, is uninteresting and so very old, tired, and clichéd. It shows that you truly buy into the heritage of what you ride, yet you don’t have the mental capacity to learn as you go.  This makes you a very non-erudite homo-chimp, at best. That's one unoriginal point for you, assmonkey-boy.

Please, do not even attempt to grow a brain stem this late in your life, you wouldn’t know how to use it even if you did.

Because you choose import motorcycles over domestic you see yourself as some kind of fucking God and that deserves a little pity on my behalf.

Pity? From an pedant retard cock robbing ass-butler like yourself?


You can’t even tell what a real fucking motorcycle is, let alone have the balls to put on a badge and the honor to stand behind it and you, somehow, think that I deserve your pity? For what?  Because I have a brain?   Because I am an individual?  Because I make a difference in this world?   What makes you God and who are you to decree who and who does not deserve your pity. You can keep your pity, pathetic as it is, you distended vas deferens.   You’re going to need it for your own self one day when you finally open your eyes.

If anyone is to be pitied, it is clearly you.

You have no brains, you follow a flock of like minded sheep like a panting little dog that rolls over and wets itself at the first sign of attention, you rent a façade that you pretend to call your own, and you fool yourself every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror. You are a sellout, you prostitute your mind and your body to the highest bidder, in this case, Harley Davidson. You may give your heart to Jesus, but your ass and your soul belong to those fetid old troglodytes in Milwaukee.

And for the record, so that all of you inbred no-teeth felching ignoramuses will understand, I don’t think of this argument as ‘import over domestic’, that is what Milwaukee wants you to believe as they use patriotism, sorry, PATRIOTISM(tm), as a selling point for their product.  However, the argument is far deeper than that.

This argument isn’t an ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ argument. This argument is about being smart or being dumb, about choosing quality or choosing junk.  I don’t care if the junk is import or domestic, nationalities and borders don't exist in this argument, as stupidity is a universal trait that can affect all peoples of all colors, nationalities, race, creed, religion, sex, etc., but in this case, it is clearly domestic in nature and has been for a long time. If the shoe fits, wear it!

(Of course, shoes are about three generations beyond the current technology curve of Milwaukee, so it may be some time before you get the benefit of foot wear.)

I will always choose quality, value and power over junk, artificially fad-inflated pricing, and low tech, all image, no balls lackluster motors that would serve society better as a irrigation pump in rural Chad than as any form of private transport.

That's a pretty simple choice no matter how you look at it.

Do you carry a cell phone with you, or do you rely on carrier pigeon to get your messages?  Do you prefer a cordless digital phone when you are at home, or do you still prefer a stationary rotary dial phone from the early '70's? What would you think if you owned an old style rotary dial up phone, and the company that sold it to you explained that it was the greatest type of phone in the world? You'd laugh in their face knowing what other types of phones exist out there. Or would you?  What if you had to pay three times as much for that rotary phone, as you would for a brand new, ultra-compact, mobile phone?  What if the rotary phone hadn't changed in design in forty years, what if it was sold as a nostalgic item, an American ICON and you were branded as a patriot for using one!?  If you bought into all of that, then that would make you pretty much stupid in a very big way. Starting to get the picture yet, Steve? Or do I have to draw it out in crayons and use paste, scissors, and colored construction paper to bring it down to your level of understanding?

Also the amount of time and effort taken on your part to convey this utter hatred of yours is rather scary I think.

Aw, a big tough Harley rider like you being scared by a little "pig" like me? Oink!  Oink!  That’s almost laughable. Why do I spend so much time and effort to convey my utter hatred of Harley Davidsons? Easy. Someone has to kick all of you sheep in the ass and jump start your cerebellums again otherwise the drool that you produce on a yearly average is going to flood the world. It’s a labor of love, Steve, a labor of love. Just like the level of detail that goes into most Harleys. If I were to ask you why you spend so much money and time and effort into making your ridiculous piece of retro-spastic shit into something that was even more ridiculous and laughable, how would you answer? You would probably say it wasn't "wasted time", but rather "a labor of love". My work on the site is just as important as the effort that all of you cretins put into their ridiculous bonehead Harleys. For you, your bike is a work of love and that is just what my site is to me.

Can you feel the love, Steve?

I should feel fortunate not to have jelly stains like you working the local force.

Here we go again, insulting my profession as a law enforcement officer simply because my opinion differs from yours.  Since when did law enforcement have anything to do with Harley Davidsons?  Oh, I see.  Harley builds some police bikes, so therefore, since I am a cop, I should automatically like those white painted turds with colored flashing lights.  Sigh.  Lemming logic rears its ugly head again and its time to whack it back down again with the Big Stick of Reality.

Let me step out on a limb here and turn some of the pathetic and tired old Harley owner logic back at you. If I must have had a Harley owner kick my ass in the past and that is the reason that I have all this pent up anger, then you must have had a cop kick your ass in the past to have such a hard-on against cops.  See how logic works?  It's a double edged blade which means it goes both ways, stupid logic especially.

Aw, what's the matter, Steve?

You don’t like cops? Did some cop beat you up in the past and you’ve been fuming about it ever since? Did some real man cop slip your girlfriend the big blue tube steak and she ran off with him leaving your limp dick, all image, no performance, Harley riding peckerhead behind for good? Did you get a citation for riding without a helmet because you wanted to be a pretty boy on your Harley and pose so that all the world could see your face? Did you get a ticket for loud pipes disturbing the public peace when you were cruising along dreaming you were Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider".

Your logic is as laughable as your bike is.

Jelly stains? Bwahahahaha! I don’t even like jelly doughnuts! Caffeine and sugar are my drugs, and we don’t even have a doughnut shop where I live, so, according to you, I guess I’m not enjoying the full cop experience, am I? I can’t comment on your local force or the quality of the officers that serve there, but one thing I do know for sure is that you aren’t worthy to lick the dried up flaky old dog shit off of any of their boots.  There are three kinds of people in the world, Steve.  There are sheep, there are wolves, and then there are those who protect the sheep from the wolves.  You're a sheep, Steve.   People like you always will be.  I really feel fortunate not to have any dried up cum stains like you in my community, Steve.  Around here, we (the police) would call people like you "job security".

Bend over and embrace technology, chimp.