Junior's (shallow) Thoughts


Received from Gerald L. Gregory, Jr. ...

Hey you seem to be an intellegent person,but I guess it is just an act. Why is it that people have to bash everthing they wish they had. Remember the story of the Fox and the grapes????? Seems to be alot of that here....lol

Oh yeah and sorry you are just a mere mortal( 6' tall). That must be why you lay your opinion out to piss people off.

But it is a free country and we can all be glad for that. I hope you find a cure for your anger at the world.

The storys I have read here are good examples of a small minded individuals take on life. You know it can always be worst. Why not make it better.

The Onelegged Biker

P.S. That means I ride a H_D. Lost leg in bike accident along with wife. Because of a stupid person. Still ride, not because I am selfish. But because I can.Remember the one-legged man in the ass whopping contest. That's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED    _______________

Dear Mr. Gerald L. Gregory, Jr.

May I just call you "junior" for the point of simplicity in this reply? I may? Good. You just have to love parents that are so unoriginal that they can't even come up with a unique new name for their offspring and instead just copy their own name, over and over again. Guess it makes it easy to remember… it also shows that your family gene pool needs more chlorine. I’m truly surprised not to see a II, or a III, or even an "esquire" behind a name like that …

Hey you seem to be an intellegent person,but I guess it is just an act.

You, sir, on the other hand, seem to be a retarded lemming with less than the average minimum required education and you are rather blatantly obviously lacking in even the most basic rules of grammar and punctuation let alone spelling. Your command of the English language is nothing short of barbarous and disgraceful. Besides the fact that you never begin a proper sentence with the words "hey you", I believe that the word you were looking for is "intelligent", not "intellegent". I’m surprised you didn’t try to sound it out and spell it "en-tail-uh-junt". Good grief, junior, do you even have a GED or a ‘high school equivalency’ degree …? How you EVER figured out how to use a computer and Email makes me believe that basic IQ tests should be given before anyone is ever allowed access to a ISP and the potential to communicate with the rest of the world (or in your case, attempt to communicate). We need to set the benchmark at a sixth grade education level as that would keep most of this HD owner based ignorant e-mail out of my inbox. Apparently, if HD also required IQ tests to be given to potential HD owners before their bikes were ever purchased, then HD would either have to set the standard incredibly low, or face going bankrupt. However, since neither HD or the Internet sets IQ standards for getting on the respective rides, I’m forced to deal with idiots like you, both in cyberspace and on the open road …

Why is it that people have to bash everthing they wish they had. Remember the story of the Fox and the grapes????? Seems to be alot of that here....lol

Why is it that people have to bash everthing, sorry, the word that you are looking for, junior, is "everything" and you need to include a "that" in there as well. The proper phrase should therefore be

"Why is it that people have to bash everything that they wish they had?"

You will also want to close that question with the appropriate punctuation as well, in this case that would be a question mark seeing as how it is an interrogative sentence in structure. Now to answer your rather redundant and oft repeated question in the hope that maybe the other knuckle head riding knuckle dragging stump licking goat f**king hill scoggins who send me mail won’t keep asking it again and again and again...  Pay attention this time.



The fact is that I love how you sheep always point out that the reason that you think that I badmouth HD is because I am jealous of you all.    Nothing, I assure you, could be further from the truth.  Do you really believe that I could be jealous of what I consider to be a bunch of collectively ignorant wannabe lemmings? I find that line of logic both ludicrous and laughable, but please, let’s try to see things from your point of view, junior. Holding up to this ridiculous line of logic, I guess you would have to say that the reason that America is currently bombing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan is that we are secretly jealous of them. The bombs are falling not because the Taliban regime is bad, not because they attacked us first… No! Using your line of reasoning and logic, that we lash out at things that we are jealous of, American bombs are falling on Taliban targets because America is jealous of what the Taliban have and we want to be just like them.  It wouldn’t be that we are attacking them because they are evil / bad, no, using your line of logic, if someone goes after something they don’t like, it must be because they are jealous of that object. You know, the sour grapes thing like you say, attack what you secretly want to be / own / do...  Do you see how stupid your logic and line of reasoning are?    Probably not but that's okay.  I realize what kind of audience I'm dealing with when it comes to typical HD owners, so I have to work with what they give me via email.

It constantly amazes me that when someone talks bad about HD, that the HD owners FIRST and MOST BASIC COMEBACK REPLY is to respond with the "you're just talking bad about our bikes because you're jealous of our bikes’ argument. It never fails, I hear it all the time. I’m beginning to think it is part of some indoctrinated mantra that you learn in a HD seminar class right after you get brainwashed into buying those pieces of crap. Give it up, junior. That line of reasoning is as dated as HD’s designs.

"Sour grapes?" Aesop’s Fables! Well now, I am so very pleased that you have at least mastered a second grade required reading materials level. Junior, let me put it to you straight. I’m not jealous of your ridiculous motorcycles, and I use the term ‘motorcycles’ in the very loosest sense of the word. I’m angry. I am angry because you, as a loyal HD rider, represent a malignant gene in the human genetic matrix and I’m wondering if people really understand that there are laws against brother and sister fucking in every state of the union (except Arkansas where it is still perfectly legal).

Harley Davidson used to stand by their motto of "Live to ride, ride to live".

Apparently the new official Harley Davidson motto is "live to own, own to live".

Oh yeah and sorry you are just a mere mortal( 6' tall). That must be why you lay your opinion out to piss people off.

What does my height have to do with the argument? Man. You can always tell someone who skipped high school and later went back and (barely) received a GED, can’t you? Were you valedictorian in your correspondence class? You, sir, are prime candidate material for junior college recruiting teams, trust me. The reason that I lay my opinion out is not to piss off people, rather I put my opinion out to piss off the lemmings like yourself. Lemmings who all dress alike and ride the same type of bike while claiming to be an ‘American’ and an ‘individual’ when they couldn’t be farther from the truth on both accounts. THAT is why I lay out my opinion. Since when did anyone ever copyright and trademark the terms "American" and "Individual"?

I bet HD has tried…

But it is a free country and we can all be glad for that.

You speak of it being a free country and I ask you, if it is truly a free country, then why are all of you HD owners so adamant that my opinion is wrong and I should not be allowed to express it? I find the hypocrisy laughable. Hey, if a Harley is so damn American, then I have a great new rule that all of you gibbons should live by. You know that if the American flag ever touches the ground that you have to respect it by burning it. I say we institute a new policy like that for HD owners. If their bikes ever fall over, you have to burn it on the spot. Now THAT would be a great country, but burning trash is against the law in most municipalities, so nix on that idea.

I hope you find a cure for your anger at the world.

It’s not a cure for my anger that I’m worried about, junior. My anger is reserved for the blissful sheep of the world and given out in precise, measured doses on an individual by individual case reference. It’s the cure for ignorance that worries me. You seem to be suffering from a rather terminal case of this commercially available disease, and the sad fact is, you infected yourself willingly and you apparently keep applying dose after dose on a regular basis. HD is a disease. Fortunately, it seems to be limited in its transmission to only stupid people who have lots of money. Until it starts to infect other areas of the populace, I think the CDC is pretty much going to ignore HD for now as it only seems to infect cheap white trash tornado bait trailer park wannabes, which society is really better off without anyway.

The storys I have read here are good examples of a small minded individuals take on life. You know it can always be worst. Why not make it better.

The word is "stories", junior, and if I’m a "small-minded individual" (that is with an apostrophe ‘s’ to show possession, proper grammar again), my brain is still at least a ten times larger than yours and obviously a thousand times more powerful. The next word that you are looking for is ‘worse’, not ‘worst’. The phrase is "you know it can always be WORSE". Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother with idiots who have stumbled across the ability to transmit their retarded thoughts via email, but I guess I’m making a difference somewhere so I’ll just keep slogging on and fighting the good fight against lemmings who are eat up with terminal ignorance. Why not make it better, you ask (and there should be a question mark after that sentence as it is a interrogative question, not a statement…), I think I am making it better. I’m showing HD up for what it is, a facade. Truth hurts, junior. Learn to live with it.

The Onelegged Biker

Wow! That name strikes fear in the little toe of my left foot! Wait. Sorry, it was just a muscle spasm. My mistake. Now maybe if you had a name like "Snake" or "Razor", then I might take it seriously, but "The Onelegged Biker"? I’ve heard that term used in reference to the male penis, along with ‘one eyed spitting monk’ and a host of other cute little names that apparently guys feel a need to apply to their genitals. So, basically, what you are saying here is that you are a dick. Understood, and that pretty much goes without saying.

P.S. That means I ride a H_D.

Really, junior?! I would have NEVER guessed that fact in a million years. What a retarded lemming you are… Is "P.S." an abbreviation for "Piece-O-Shit", if it is, then your statement "Piece-O-Shit. That means I ride a H_D." makes perfect sense now in hindsight.

Lost leg in bike accident along with wife.

I am deeply sorry that you lost your leg and your wife. I bet you miss your leg more, must make it hard to kick start that piece of crap you ride now, doesn’t it? Were you wearing one of those funny official HD merchandise shirts that said "If you can read this, then the BITCH fell off!" when you had the accident? I think THAT would have been funny as hell… and poetic.

Maybe if you had been riding something other than the world's best selling motorized wheelchair for hippies and wannabes, if you had been riding something other than a self propelled sofa on wheels, if you had been riding a REAL bike with some power, some handling, and some braking capability instead of $800 worth or chrome and leather accessories, then maybe, just maybe you might could have avoided the accident. That is, if you hadn't been too busy riding around trying to act like Peter Fonda in "EASY RIDER" and trying to look cool and intimidating, you might have been paying attention to traffic around you and threading it defensively. But remember, HD sells an image and not performance, and image will always overcome common sense in today's "American™" society.


I guess you didn’t learn your lesson though, as apparently, you’ve gone out and bought another self propelled sofa… "A fool and his money are soon parted." You would do well to remember that saying.

Because of a stupid person.

Who was the stupid person? You or your wife? You for buying a POS motorcycle or your wife for climbing aboard such a ridiculously fashionable death trap. Since you don’t practice good grammar, I’m going to assume you are talking about yourself here. Or was it your wife? Did her designer bare bottom biker slut chaps get caught in your belt drive and throw you? Did some chrome part fall off? Or could you just not stop three metric tons of rumbling road hog in time to avoid spilling it?

Still ride, not because I am selfish. But because I can.

By GOD, you are truly a inspiration to us all, junior! You lost a leg and your wife and you went out and bought another POS HD motorcycle and you ride again ‘because you can’. I bet you have a custom made chrome peg leg with an official HD logo and a side mounted spring loaded kickstand so you can rest and take it easy when you aren't on your bike. I guess this would show the world that you were a 'serious' biker and not to be taken lightly by anyone. I bet your motorcycle had a bigger funeral than your wife did and I bet you’re still grieving your lost bike …

"Remember the one-legged man in the ass whopping contest. That's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Personally, I’d hate to see an ‘ass whopping’ contest as that clearly sounds kind of sado-masochistic and homosexual to me. I guess you mean an ‘ass WHOOPING’ contest. Ass whopping! Bwahahahahaha! Have you been to Burger King lately and had a charbroiled "Whopper", or in your case, is that a charbroiled "Whooper"

And the colorful term "one legged man in an ass WHOOPING contest" is incorrect. The correct term is "busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest". This is an attempt at humor used to illustrate the point that you are extremely busy, not that you are some type of bad ass. The complimentary term is "one legged cat in a sand box", which means the same thing but you would have known that if you were either an intelligent person or a humorous person.

Unfortunately, you are neither.

If anything, you are just another sad lemming with a mistaken sense of individuality and misplaced brand loyalty. "Ass-whopping?" Man, you really are a total retard … Get a life, junior. A real one, not one you buy over the counter and not one that is 'officially licensed' by Harley Davidson.

Isn't it funny how HD actually promotes women falling off of motorcycles as being something humorous?