OK, Jim (and Lolita) emailed me a while ago, and we've had a small banter going for a few weeks.  Actually, I had completely forgotten about this wayward sheep until he emailed me out of the blue with a reply to my last message.  My last message to him was about four paragraphs long and apparently he is averaging about one paragraph a week, which is slow even for a typical Harley owner.  I guess that makes Jim a retard even among Harley owners, which is quite sad.

Jim's email had the subject line of "YOUR A FREEK !" in it followed by:

"Hey fuck head .... what new.   Plotting any new bombing of federal buildings ??? That is what you do ...right ???"

These Harley owners, you can't put anything past them, can you?  They are just the cream of the intellectual end of the gene pool.  Well, I thought Jim's last reply was good enough to finally make it here so that others can laugh at Jim as myself and my friends have done for weeks now.  Here is my reply to Jim.  I put in a few extra paragraphs, with any luck, it will be about six to eight weeks before he can read and comprehend all of my reply, then give about another four weeks for him to come up with a group of words which he thinks is a coherent sentence, and I should be hearing back from Jim and Lolita in about three months standard time.  Truth be known, in all probability I will have probably of forgotten all about them again by then... I tend not to remember insignificant human beings.

______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED    _______________

Actually, Jim, the correct use of English here would be "You're a freak!" as in the conjunction for 'you are', not 'your a freek !' which is the ghetto-homey type bastardization of the English language that I have come to expect from someone of your rather obviously limited mental capacity. I bet you regularly substitute the letter "Z" for "S" such as "Yo! I got much skillz!"

Also it is "What's new?" instead of "what new." or in your case, "Waz up?!" would probably be along the same dismal mental range and more in the rather limited and sad realm of your less than perfect command of the English language. If I were you, Jim, I would be ashamed to admit that the average fourth grader could read and write better than I could. Remember, no one ever used the terms "Well educated" and "Harley owner" in the same sentence, or at least not as complimentary adjectives to one another.

People like you make my day, Jim, because you remind me so often exactly how lonely it is here at the top of the food chain. However, staring down the evolutionary ladder at people like you makes me very glad that I'm up here and you're way down there.

"Plotting any new bombing of federal buildings??? That is what you do ...right ???"

Jim, if you don't have "SCOGGIN" tattooed on your forehead in one inch tall letters, then you are missing a perfect opportunity to explain to rest of the world just exactly what caliber of loser you truly are. Unfortunately, I guess that the rest of the world just has to discover that little fact by having close interpersonal contact with you.  Contact which might lead to a number of hard to pronounce medical conditions and a nasty rash or two for the unsuspecting innocent victim.

A bomb? Please... A bomb requires very little intelligence to make or deliver, Jim. A bomb is very indiscriminate. No, there are more efficient ways of removing liberals and democrats from office than a bomb. Orkin and the carefully planned use of commercially available pesticides come to mind, but I prefer to use my mind and work against them other ways. The sex scandal used to be a good tool, but sex scandals involving young female interns less than half your age seem to be the prerequisite for working for the liberal / democrat powered government these days. Gives a new meaning to the phrase "The government is out to screw you!" doesn't it?

Oh, and Jim, please realize that you are nothing but an utter knuckle dragging, goat fucking hill scoggin and your worse than useless scrote-sack should be removed with a pair of rusty old hedge clippers as soon as possible before you can contaminate the rest of the gene pool with your putrid, inbred seed.