Harry, the Harley Riding Rocket Scientist


Harry recently sent me this invitation to join his flock, probably so they could steal my man-seed to add some variation to their otherwise stagnant gene pool.  I politely declined his invitation ...

Harry Shipley ( received from a NASA.GOV email address, nonetheless!) writes:

saw your site posted in our Motorcycle Life forum, now I know why they were laughung so had at it.
Ya right, people are sheep, and so is ya forum

you can respond at (
link deleted to protect the blatantly ignorant).


______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED    _______________

Thank you, Mr. Shipley, for the sincere invitation to visit the shallow end of the genetic wading pool in yet another forgotten pasture that you and those at your sublevel of the food chain like to call a 'home' on the web...

However, I simply must decline.

My time is rather precious, and if I had desired to work with the mentally retarded as a career choice, I would have either gone into Special Ed, or opened up a Harley Davidson dealership. You see, I'm honestly afraid that I really could not care less about the duh-pinions of yet another useless group of misguided dullard sheep.

I actually expected more intelligence from someone with a "nasa.gov" email address.

I guess rocket science isn't what it used to be...