(The "L" might stand for "likes")

A wholly unoriginal scoggin who proves that living in a trailer
under utility power lines isn't all that good for your DNA.


David came out of the closet to say: "Man. I just got through reading you Harly Rant on a Message Board.    If I ever come through Columbus or Cloumbia again, I hoped I don't run into to you. To put it mildy you scare the shit out of me. I can't believe they'd let a fool like you carry a gun, surely they don't let you have bullets do they? Maybe you should seek help, sounds like you don't like anything you don't understand, typical Wannabe Cop, or in your case I guess that would be PIG.  Later, David"

______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED    _______________

God made coat hangers for people like your mother, David. She should have gone in the closet and used one when she had the chance.