The Kutter Harley Davidson Super Extra Ignorant Harley Davidson Contest



I love your site. I've spent the last few hours enjoying your replies to these people feebly trying to make a point. I thought you might  enjoy this link for the ammo (like you need more) it can provide. Once there, click on the "Opportunity to GET a Bike" link on the page.

Here's what the link says about this "opportunity":

Celebrating 100 Years of the Legend
Harley-Davidison's® 100th Anniversary
Opportunity to GET a bike! Kutter HD® Anniversary Drawing Rules

Begins April 8, 2002 - Ends April 26, 2003

Each week we will accept forms for the Kutter Annivesary (Anniversary -BE) Drawing. These forms must be filled out by customers who are in the store and placed in the drawing tumbler. No phone or mail-in accepted.

One form per customer per week may be entered. This will be closely monitored. If we find more than one ticker (ticket?-BE) per person after entering forms into a log book  that person will be disqualified for that week.

Each Saturday at 2:30 pm we will draw a minimum of 3 winners and a maximum of 6 for the opportunity to purchase a 2003 Harley-Davidson® Anniversary model based on availability of desired model.

Winners need not be present and will be notified by phone. They will be required to come to Kutter within 10 days of the drawing. At this time, model selection and terms will be discussed with the winner. Once terms are reviewed and agreement is reached, a $1000 deposit will be taken to guarantee delivery of the motorcycle.

Drawing will be carefully tracked for 12 months.

All bikes must be titled in winners name only. No substitutes.

Only one anniversary model per customer.

Must be 18 years or older to participate.

Kutter will give another chance to the people who played the drawing the most and were not selected. These customers will be contacted on any extra motorcycles supplied by the Motor Company and not ordered by Kutter.

Kutter HD® reserves the right to sell motorcycles in Kutter Kountry only. See dealer for details.

WTF? I should be so lucky as to be put in a drawing to win a chance to buy a motorcycle. What a bunch of crap! Funny thing...I don't recall having  to be put into a drawing to buy my Honda motorcycle. I guess it just isn't as good as a Harley, nor was there a line at the door to buy one.

I went into a brand new HD dealership in town a couple days ago, just to see what it was like. The place looked like a high dollar department store. Maybe I needed to walk in waving cash or something, because it took at least 15 minutes of my time looking at the chrome dinosaurs before anyone even asked if they could help me. Shit, I was the only "customer" in the place. I should do the same thing again and walk in with my leather riding jacket on. Wonder what the response would be then???

There were about 10 bikes on display and the only new ones (current models) were the Sportsters that nobody wants. The rest of the bigger HDs were all used, displayed as if new. This building cost a tidy sum to build and about 85% of the space was dedicated to clothes and chrome.

This building was big enough to put 100 bikes in, yet bike sales were obviously not the priority. I'm really surprised they don't put the merchandise by the front door so you need to walk past their money makers to get to the "machines."

Submitted by MSonn.