Tim and Cletus show that ignorance is a very, very bad thing.


I'm not sure if this is Tim Henneberry writing for Cletus Cavanah, Jr., or if Tim just signed Cletus' name to it.  My guess is, with a name like Cletus, you probably have someone else write your email for you which brings us to a valuable insight into the social structure of these scoggins.  You see, I believe that there are several types of scoggins, and each type is only good at one or two different things.  Individually, they're pretty much useless, but when they get together into little social groups, they begin to show the first signs of civilization.

Cletus is an interesting word, because in the culture of the scoggin, it has many definitions as well as being able to be used as a name, and from the simple attachment of a "Jr." at the end, you can use it over and over and over.  This avoids having to do any original thinking on the part of the parents.  Personally, from all my history courses and the books that I have read, I can't remember anyone named "Cletus" who truly helped guide the development of modern civilization or the human race.  You never read about Emperor Cletus Augustus IV, or Pope Cletus The Pious II, etc.  Of course, if you had a name like "Cletus", you're either going to be a natural born Harley supporter / owner, with a meth lab / NASCAR souvenir stand / bait shop, or be an amateur wrestler at the local National Guard Armory on weekends.

And notice that Cletus is, in fact, a junior!


That means that there's a senior Cletus out there which would make him, technically, "Big Cletus"!  That sounds like a redneck swamp monster used to make up tales to frighten dirty, barefoot white trash trailer park children with Kool-Aide mustaches into behaving.  Images of some 40 foot tall nasty, smelly hairy beast dragging itself out of the swamp to rip the top off of mobile homes in a trailer park and dine on the owners therein comes to mind.  I can see its giant, gnarly clawed hands reaching down into the peeled open trailers to grab a handful of no life, no chin, Miller High Life drinking, NASCAR watching rednecks and yanking them back out, kicking and screaming, to devour them.  That would be the stuff of trailer park myth and legend.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!  Run!  Run for your life!  It's the Big Cletus!"

Of course, in the redneck medical journal, "cletus" is also the term used to identify that oh so responsive pink love button found in the velvety tender upper folds of a woman's genitalia, such as:

"Well, I had my tongue going to town on Jilly Joe's big pink cletus the other night and I tell you what!   I thought she was going to yank my head plumb clean off my shoulders when she clamped them thighs around my ears, beat her legs into my back and started bucking like that bull over at Luke Whighams, you know.  When I got my dance on she just went straight up the bedroom wall of her double wide screaming out that God and love and stuff!  Beats all I ever seen.  Women sure is funny sometimes... and scary too.  She had this tattoo on her groin, it was Willie Nelson, and with all that hair down there, I tell you, it looked just like him...  right down to the braids."

Like I've said before, some of these scoggins have to read my rants (slowly) to the other less capable scoggins who, while they are functionally illiterate, can slobber and spit in amounts that can only be considered 'torrential downpours'.   The illiterate scoggins, unable to read or write, then run and find a semi-literate sub-scoggin (such as Tim) that can (barely) write or type (in a limited capacity) and the illiterate scoggins have the scoggin with typing skills (often also called a 'trade scoggin') type up what they are slobbering and spitting all over the place about.

Apparently, Tim is one of these semi-skilled trade scoggins adept at the niche art of typing.  My theory is that someone read my rant to Cletus who ran and got Tim then blabbered out his rant and Tim typed it up, two fingers at a time, then sent copies to both of them for good measure when he was finished.

Tim must be what I have determined is a 'Secretary Scoggin', that is, he's fully stump trained and only good for taking dick-tation from other scoggins.


Tim Henneberry and Cletus Cavanah, Jr. came out of the closet together just long enough to drop this tepid pile of retarded muppet shit in my inbox.

From: Tim Henneberry <ringohuck@yahoo.com>
Rice Burning Communist
Sent: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 09:20:04 -0700

I've been ridin bikes my whole life. I have
never felt comfortable riding on an icon of the
communists. I love America, and I love beer. I also
love Milwaukee. I have lived here almost my whole
life, its the bestest place in the whole wide world.
I'm also a Vietnam Vet., just like the other feller
who said he was in the Navy. I was in the Army
though. I hated people that stand for communism and I
hate them now. I don't want to ride something that
stands for Communism, I want to ride something that
stands for freedom. Harley-Davidson's are made by
free people and always have, say that about your
Indo-China loving ass. If you love that area of the
world so much, go live there and see how great it is.
See how great a job you would have. Probably not
great enough to pay your bills and spend all your free
time bashing the greatest motorcycle of all time. If
harley's have such poor performance than how come they
win dirt track oval races all the time. Your
rice-burners also win races but to say that
Harley-Davidson can't build anything that goes fast is
mere "stupidity". I used that word, because you like
using it so much. Just like the character in Seinfeld
said, "It's not a lie if you keep saying it and become
to believe it". If you keep thinking your smarter
than everyone else, and saying your smarter than
everyone else, you will start believing it. Is this
why you keep calling people stupid? My
Harley-Davidson is not a Cadilac but it was made by my
friend's and neighbors. My neighbors fought for the
freedom of this country, Japan did not. That is why
it is a symbol of freedom to me. If you were sent to
fight a war in the defiance and containment of
communism you would do what you could to proclaim it.
I proclaim my freedom when I ride my Harley-Davidson,
made by my free neighbor in our free country.
Your fellow American

_________________ TO WHICH I REPLIED  _________________


First off, I’d like to begin this reply by saying that I had some small token amount of respect for you due to your service to my country and its armed forces, but that token amount of respect rapidly diminished under your illogical, pseudo-patriotic ranting. I did not realize that the American armed forces had a " Don’t Ask / Don’t tell " policy regarding stupidity but you seem to be living proof of that political doctrine. You prove this by going to great lengths to make an utter ass out of yourself when you spew forth tired old, clichéd drivel the likes of which a three-year old with Down's Syndrome could take apart with little or no effort. I will give you a quick obligatory salute out of respect from one warrior to another before I proceed to kick you in the ass to jump-start your brain back into some semblance of proper working order.

In other words, I’m about to square away your kit, soldier, most ricki tick.

"I've been ridin bikes my whole life. I have never felt comfortable riding on an icon of the communists."

What the hell are you talking about? Communist icons? That's news to me, Sparky. Since when did sportbikes and import motorcycles become "icons of the communists"? Please tell me you aren’t that naïve and gullible. Please tell me that Milwaukee’s patented form of brain washing hasn’t really done that thorough a job on your mind. Perhaps you just stood too close to a microwave oven and forgot about that surgical metal plate in your forehead…

I don’t think that the communist countries build any   motorcycles for export, let alone any sportbikes. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember any motorcycles being imported from communist countries. Those countries are too worried about feeding their people and producing enough toilet paper for all the cold blue asses that are freezing off during the long winter to ever waste their precious resources and limited materials on building luxury items like personal motorcycles, let alone really fast personal motorcycles.

Italian-made bikes aren’t communist products, even though most Ducatis are red.

German-made motorcycles aren’t communist products. If the Germans are communists, then the American made Harley Davidson that you so love and adore just shacked up with some communist whores to produce your beloved new V-Rod, which would make it the bastard child of Milwaukee inbreeding and superior communist German engineering.

British motorcycles are most definitely not communist products. I hardly think you can call Triumph a communist run company, hell, they make more variety and more powerful motorcycles than Harley Davidson does and they’re just as old a company, celebrating 100 years, proving that stagnation seems to be something that’s native to this side of the pond.

And, of course, Japanese motorcycles aren’t communist products either. At least, they didn’t seem to be the last time I checked.

China and Cuba are communist countries, but they don’t produce motorcycles for export, not that I know of, though China does seem to produce a lot of cheap bicycles. I guess that’s because they have a lot of students and the roads aren’t that great. Russia, to the best of my knowledge, does not produce any export motorcycles. If they did, they would probably be identical to Harley Davidson, that is, they would be on par with 1940’s era technology. It’s very hard to ride a motorcycle in a Russian winter.

How do I know all of this? Easy. I try to be a world citizen. While America will always be my home, I do try to broaden my education by studying other countries and their cultures and products. I try not to build a teeny-tiny narrow fence around my mind. You should do the same, if you are mentally and physically capable of doing so. While love of one’s country is admirable, ignorance of other countries is unforgivable. Blind patriotism is a cardinal sin, if it is anything at all.


This particular philosophy of combat is as old as combat itself. As a soldier, you should have been trained in this time honored and most basic of all combat philosophy. Any less on your part is simply unacceptable. If you are truly against the communists, as you say, then you had better check the images in the sights of your weapons again, because apparently, you don’t know who you are fighting let alone where they are located in the world.

That makes you a pretty piss-poor soldier, now doesn’t it?

"I love America, and I love beer. I also love Milwaukee."

Yes, but do you love Old Milwaukee™ beer? Now this struck me out of the blue, but why would anyone tell someone else, why would one human being tell another human being, within an intelligent argument, that they loved beer?   That is such a straw hat plebian statement to make! What the hell does your love for beer have to do with anything other than maybe that being drunk is the only real way to buy a Harley or the only reason some one ever would? Hell, I bet you love NASCAR and Hee-Haw as well and that you can line dance like a motherfucker when that distilled horse piss in a bottle that you love so much breaks down your natural inhibitions and turns you into a complete blithering, yee-hawing, doo rag swinging, three toothed, slobbering idiot with a hard on for anything that moves and some thing's that don't.

"I have lived here almost my whole life, its the bestest place in the whole wide world."


I only shake my head in sad pity at you.

You really should get out some, I mean, to places other than Sturgis and Milwaukee, places where the local collective IQ level is higher than the octane number of the gas available at the local station. I try to travel as much as I can, it broadens the mind wonderfully. If you’ve lived in Milwaukee, home of Harley Davidson, almost all of your life, then you fall into a certain special circle of retarded mental degeneration, a backwards thought process that can only be described as ‘tepid’ in nature. You have been conditioned, by your very proximity, to love Harley Davidson, after all, it is the greatest and "bestest" motorcycle in the entire world, according to you (and a bunch of other brain dead rectum raisins) and it is made in the city that you choose to live in.

I bet you are in total bliss, or as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.  Milwaukee is probably full of the happiest people on the planet if that is true.

You can’t help but be retarded when you live in Milwaukee. You just can't help it.  That city is the epicenter for mental retardation in America, maybe the world. So much so that your municipal transit system uses nothing but short, yellow busses to ferry the populace from one location to another.   Milwaukee sets up motorcycle dealerships that specialize in selling prepackaged retardation in other states and even around the world, it has so much retardation that it has turned it into a viable market commodity!  It is even proud of its retardation!   How retarded is that?

What you are experiencing is called "home town pride".

It's nothing new, really.  Lots of people have it.   I’m sure that people who live in the Japanese prefect where Kawasaki builds their motorcycles also think that their city is the greatest place in the world and that the motorcycles produced there are the greatest motorcycles in the world. Please don’t think that you are unique in feeling this way.

Just because you think something is, doesn’t make it so, no matter how hard you think it is, or how much you wish it was. For every person you show me who is happy to live in Milwaukee, I can show you one who is glad that they don’t live there, or one who is glad that they moved away from Milwaukee to somewhere else. Please try to base your arguments on some form of logic or at least a little bit of intelligence mixed with a light sprinkling of common sense.

Milwaukee isn’t Hawaii, Milwaukee isn’t the retirement capital of the world, Milwaukee isn’t even much to look at on a good day.   The last time I checked the news, people aren’t exactly lining up to get in the city limits and applying for residence there, are they? Do you look out on the highway and see the moving vans of families choking the interstate?



Because Milwaukee certainly isn’t the greatest city in the USA according to facts and figures, supplied by the government of this great country, let alone the greatest city in the world.

So, you’re wrong. Again. But that’s to be expected, I'm all too familiar with the limited resources of what I have to deal with in my email box, so no surprises there.

"I'm also a Vietnam Vet., just like the other feller who said he was in the Navy. I was in the Army though."

You say Army like it was a bad thing...

I had honestly hoped that being a soldier would have broadened your mind. I had hoped that when you were in Vietnam getting your ass shot at by the North Vietnamese (not the Japanese, that would have been World War II, the Vietnamese don’t build sportbikes) that you might have realized that life was short. Because life is short, there is only so much bullshit that you really need to have to put up with in this life before you throw your hands up and go "ENOUGH!".

You should also have realized that you can’t buy freedom.

Not with money.

You have to buy freedom with bullets, bravery, and blood, you can never buy freedom with money. So what really makes you think that you bought some "freedom" at your Harley Davidson dealership? Did you buy the freedom to ride? I can do that on an import bike, which means that if you bought the freedom to ride at your HD dealership, then you paid way too much for something that you already had when you walked in the doors of the HD dealer.  You could have walked out of there with the freedom to ride on the American road, and not paid one damn red cent or even bought a bike. Here’s news for you, the Kawasaki dealer sold me the same freedom to ride on the wide-open American road as you got. I got the exact same thing that you did at a far cheaper price, in fact, my freedom was free, all I needed was a bike to enjoy it.

So, if you can’t buy freedom, true freedom, real freedom, at a Harley Davidson dealership then what exactly did you get?

You got a whole lot of smoke blown up your gullible, ignorant ass, that’s what you got. You were tricked into buying a façade, a prepackaged and canned lifestyle designed for idiots with shallow skulls and deep pockets. You bought someone else’s idea of a lifestyle. Why? Because you support an image of the flag, not the ideals that the flag stands behind. You, like all those who ride Harley Davidson for the lifestyle it represents, believe that the American flag is some type of marketable brand logo, it isn’t a symbol of freedom anymore, it is a unit of freedom, to be cut, measured, packaged, and sold to the ignorant masses for the highest corporate profit.

Freedom isn’t for sale, it never has been, and it never will be, at least not the kind of freedom that America was built upon. You can’t buy freedom, you have to earn it. You’re an idiot if you think you can get freedom out of some vending machine or across the counter, even more of an idiot if you’ve actually tried to do it. Freedom has to be earned, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Freedom always has and always will cost a hell of a lot more than any one person can afford to give or pay. This is the Land of the Free, we all paid for it, generation after generation, not one person in particular. Sometimes, words have deeper meaning than what you can slap on a package and set on a shelf.

Freedom is too big to put in any size box, no matter how large the box is.

Hell, if you could package and sell freedom, I’d quit my day job in a heartbeat. I’d be at home busting my ass and knuckles boxing up great big heaping handfuls of freedom left and right and selling them to the poor oppressed people in China, Russia, Africa, Yugoslavia, Iran, or anywhere else that people are crying out for just a little tiny bit of freedom. If I want freedom, it’s all around me, it’s free for the asking, thanks to all those who have given their lives to build this country so that I can enjoy it. I don’t have to (and can’t) buy freedom, it was given to me when I was born in this country. If you really could buy freedom by walking into a Harley Davidson dealership and throwing down a bunch of money, then we wouldn’t need to fight any more wars anywhere in the world, would we?

Hell no!

We’d just open up Harley Davidson dealerships and let freedom sell itself. Think of how many good soldiers in Vietnam would have gotten to come home if we had put a Harley Davidson dealership on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and let the NVA walk in. We could have had them trade in their black pajamas on some officially licensed and endorsed leather riding gear, we could have traded their NVA flags for red, white, and blue doo-rags, and they could have traded their AK-47s, their rickshaw bicycles, and their RPGs in on Harley Davidsons. They could have walked in staunch supporters of communism, and ridden out as patriots on American made freedom machines. They could have had FREEDOM, man!


Damn!  I think I’ve just found the answer to world peace!

I think we need to open up a HD dealership in downtown Baghdad, that would put old Saddam Hussein out of business in about, what, a year? Much more effective than a direct military assault. Step right up, get your freedom right here, one item at a time. You can have as much freedom as you can afford. Milwaukee sells it prepackaged right over the counter.  The more American items you have, the more freedom you have, and the bigger and better an American you are for it!

That is, if you’re an idiot who believes that patriotic commercial grade dog and pony bullshit.

If you actually paid money for something that you thought was freedom in a box or freedom on two wheels, then you are a complete fucking idiot, and above all else, you have no right to call yourself an American because American’s can’t be that fucking stupid.  They just can't.  Go back to Vietnam, because you evidently didn't learn the lesson the first time you were there and that lesson is that freedom, REAL freedom, isn’t a marketable commodity, it’s an inalienable human right, at least according to our Founding Fathers.

That’s where you and I are different; I’ve made my life, you’ve tried to buy yours.

"I hated people that stand for communism and I hate them now."

But you have a blind, ignorant hatred, Sparky. You probably look at people’s skin color or what type of clothes that they wear as well to determine if you want to associate with them.

So far, anyone who is different than you is a communist.

To you, anything that isn’t just like you is a ‘communist’, and anything that isn’t made in Milwaukee is a ‘communist bike’. I believe that is what I’m inferring from you. You feel that people like me, because I don’t like Harley Davidson, what they stand for, what they have built their foundation upon, and the rather shallow and ludicrous façade that it represents to the openly and numerically stupid, that I am therefore a "communist" and not a "patriot" or not even an "American". What makes you an "American", according to you, is that you have bought your freedom at a local HD dealership, whereas I have not bought this so-called ‘freedom’ and therefore, because I don’t support ‘over the counter freedom’, I must therefore be a communist.

I also take it that the Japanese are communists. And the Germans are communists. And the Italians are communists. And the British are communists. And that you like beer. And live in Milwaukee. And you love America. And you probably shag goats on Saturday night when your bike breaks down. And that you are a total media driven, no original thought of your own, inbred retard with the IQ of a pile of tepid dog shit, and that’s being generous on my part, trust me.

No, I take it back.

Dog shit is smart enough not to ever get on a Harley, because when was the last time you saw dog shit sitting on a Harley?  I guess that makes you dumber than dog shit.

"I don't want to ride something that stands for Communism, I want to ride something that stands for freedom."

Oh my God. I cannot believe how deeply ingrained the ignorance is to the Harley Davidson lifestyle. You want to ride something that stands for freedom? Anything you ride in America stands for freedom, you bimbo ass balloon. This is the Land of the Free, remember? That means that what you ride doesn’t make you an American. Where you can ride it, when you can ride it, and how you can ride it, and your choice in doing so is what makes you an American.

That is the freedom of the open road.

You have a very sad, disillusioned view of "freedom". What you were fighting for in Vietnam and what you are riding are not the same "freedom". One is an ideal, the other is a physical product which uses the ideal you fought for to sell itself because it has no other way of making a viable profit other than to draw at the heart strings of the patently stupid. That is, you are being tricked into paying for something you already have.

I hardly think forcing everyone in America to ride an American bike is what anyone would call ‘freedom’, but that is what you are trying to do. You say you hate communists, and that anyone who rides anything different than a Harley is riding a communist bike.

Man. You have got to be one of the most anti-American muppetard shit Twinkies that I have ever conversed with. Every time I think I’ve found the bottom layer of the patently obvious Milwaukee brand of canned ignorance, some patriotic drivel spewing inbretard like you steps out and introduces himself as the next greatest, lowest level of stupidity.

You speak of communism, but do you realize what communism is?

Communism is the theory that everyone has the same thing and that everything is shared for the common good. In a nutshell, it’s actually more complex than that and it doesn’t work on large scale macro economic levels, but it is a nice utopian kind of dream to those liberal arts majors who don’t realize that the basic nature of human beings is one of possession, not sharing. I’m not a communist, not by a long shot. Why? Simple. I’m not communist because I like my material possessions and I’m not willing to share my hard-earned wealth with stupid people who won’t get off their lazy ass and work for themselves. I guess that makes me a capitalist, I already claim to be an elitist, so maybe I’m an elite capitalist. I want money and I’m not afraid to work hard for it. I expect to get to keep what I work for, instead of giving it away to generations of welfare mothers and crack babies out of some type of enforced feeling of compassion. Does that sound like communism to you?

You are right though about one thing… There is communism around you. I think that communism describes the Harley Davidson mindset perfectly. It’s expensive, it doesn’t work for the most part, it’s outdated, you have to buy everything from one central source, and everyone waits in line for a little piece here, a little piece there, and you all group together to think it is the greatest paradise this side of heaven. Everything is officially endorsed by the central office. Change is slow to come, if it comes at all. It isn’t updated very often, and only those at the very top profit from it.

If anyone is "communist", it’s Harley Davidson and its inbred followers.

You all look alike, you all dress alike, you do what your central source tells you do to, you are fed shallow propaganda from the inbred politburo and you repeat it, word for word, like the good little automatons that you are. You think what Milwaukee wants you to think, you follow lock boot step to the chanting of a tired old mantra, you all ride the same bike, hell, you’re rolling communists, trying to take away the freedom to own and support anything that isn’t what you own and support. You try to put a patriotic guilt trip on the rest of us because you are too stupid to think on your own and you are jealous of those of us who can. You wish you were like us, to be true individuals, to be true patriots, to be a true counter culture revolution, to know what freedom is like and to experience it without having to pay for it, but you can’t, because you have given your allegiance to mediocrity and ignorance.

You are all pathetic.

"Harley-Davidson's are made by free people and always have, say that about your Indo-China loving ass."

Jesus Chrysler!

You really do believe all of that see-through propaganda bullshit, don’t you? You really don’t have one single fucking original thought of your very own, not one! Oh, and here we go with the ‘slant eyed gook’ argument again.  Because I ride an import bike, I'm an Indo-China gook lover and a traitor.


To you, all them gooks are the same and them gawl-damneded, rice eatin’ slant eyed, fast jabbering yellow skinned chink gook bastards built my sportbike while your bike was built by good old, honest, God fearing, church going, round eyed, baseball playing, flag saluting, mom’s apple pie eating white boys who drink beer instead of Sake. You people really do have one big ignorance relay marathon going on, don’t you, and I guess it was your turn to be handed the stupid baton and run for the team.

If ignorance was an Olympic sport, you Harley riders would take home the gold every single fucking time.

Japan has a rich heritage and a very deep culture that is amazing to study. I’m proud to be American, but I can also, since I am an educated person, respect the struggles and cultures of other peoples around the world. You claim to be against people you can’t identify, you know nothing about, and you can’t even point out where they live, yet you think you’re smart? You’re not even educated, which, I guess, is the reason you ride a Harley.

Like I said, I respect all cultures, the Japanese are a very interesting culture. They have values that we’ve lost as Americans. Values that America could do a lot better if they remembered them. Values of honor and truth, of being true to one self, of devotion to family and parents and ancestors, of respect. Things that don’t mean jack in America today, not anymore thanks to the bleeding heart liberal butt gnomes.

Ever hear of the European code of Chivalry? It was a code of the soldier, of the Christian knight. It put honor and womanhood at the very top of its beliefs. Chivalry is dead.

Chivalry, however, pales when compared to the Japanese code of Bushido, the way of the warrior, the Far Eastern way of the soldier. Sun Tzu was a critical military genius, you should study his teachings some time. So was Genghis Khan, who was listed as one of the leading causes of death in the world at his time, he killed so many people that you were more likely to get killed by Genghis Khan and his followers than you were to die of natural causes. Many of the ‘bad’ people in history were also very good at what they did. Germany and Japan both had some fantastic military leaders during World War II.

You should learn to study history, and culture because as a soldier, the chance that you will have to serve and fight on soil that you were born on, as an American, is slim. The study of other cultures broadens your mind, it erases ignorance, but that would be asking too much of you, I guess. The narrow fence you have built around your mind isn’t the popular white picket fence of traditional American pop culture, it’s more of an ugly, rusty old shackle of mental slavery for your mind and you are the one who put it there. You are also the only one who holds the key to unlocking it.

You should study history sometime, that "know your enemy" line of reasoning is a really good piece of advice. Not only should you know your enemy, you should know your friends as well. Like I said, times change. Germany killed far more of our boys than the Japanese ever did, and I think that we pretty much paid the debt in full for whatever the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor when we dropped the two atomic bombs on their cities. Japan remains to this day, the only country and nation in history to suffer attack by atomic yield weapons, a distinction I’m pretty sure they would have liked to have avoided if they could.

And here’s some news for you, soldier boy. Here’s the latest intel briefing from HQ. Germany and Japan are now our allies. Yeah, go figure. It happened a couple of decades ago, since you’re asking. Hell, even the big bad Russian bear is our friend in most respects. It isn’t a national world anymore. The world is now international, it is global, and the borders are falling fast. The Cold War is over, and long before that, World War II ended with an American victory and a defeat for Germany, Japan, and Italy. Yet people like you still think it is 60 years ago, you’re still fighting a war long ago over and using the same tired old stereotypes to make your arguments.


Because it’s part of the lifestyle that you buy into, a lifestyle of bigotry, narrow mindedness, and ignorance, all draped in red, white, and blue, and flavored with pseudo-patriotism, heated to a fervent rage and designed to be poured over the luke-warm masses all in the name of bringing the profits to a golden brown. If you honestly understood the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, and their products, you would know that they build better products than Milwaukee does, at far cheaper prices. If you knew that, you wouldn’t buy anything that was Harley Davidson. Harley depends on keeping you ignorant, it is the only way they can make a profit.

People like you make me sick, you’re not an American. Hell, you’re not even a human fucking being because to be considered to be a human fucking being, you would have to have some small amount of detectable chemical-electrical activity in your brain stem and since you have zero thought processes going on, you don’t qualify as a member of the rest of the human race. I think you are just 200 pounds of To-Fu sculpted and painted to look like a human fucking being. You’re a tired old anachronism that should have been put out to pasture a long time ago and left to the law of natural selection. Just like the bike you ride.

"If you love that area of the world so much, go live there and see how great it is. See how great a job you would have. Probably not great enough to pay your bills and spend all your free time bashing the greatest motorcycle of all time."

Great gorilla gonads!

You did not just say "The greatest motorcycle of all time" did you? Ahbwahahahahahahahaha! What an ignorant retarded monkey twat you are. You are hopelessly lost with no chance of redemption. You talk about communists, I bet you’re against brain washing as well, but guess what? You are brainwashed! You are the byproduct of a corporate media and marketing juggernaut which has pulled your heart strings because they couldn’t find enough originality to build anything different in the last 50 years! Who needs technological evolution, Milwaukee has proven that if you find enough stupid people in the world with gullible heart strings and deep wallets, you can make a pretty good living off of selling tired old shit.

I’m sorry, since when did America sell out? Oh, since we started having lots of people like you with lots of disposable income and little discernible mental faculty. Since Harley’s biggest source of income is the Baby Boomer generation, I can only come to the conclusion that a good deal of that generation are total blithering idiots. Oh, take a look at the carburetors on your American freedom machine. They’re made in Japan. You’ve got Communist carburetors on your bike! I’d hate to own a bike that was so loud that every time I started it up outside Shoney’s that old vets like you had a ‘Nam flashback, shouted "Incoming" and jumped in the nearest drainage ditch expecting NVA artillery to start landing around them.

"If harley's have such poor performance than how come they win dirt track oval races all the time. Your rice-burners also win races but to say that Harley-Davidson can't build anything that goes fast is mere "stupidity".

Oh, Harley can build a fast bike, they just have to get some German Communists to help them with the engine. And, uh, last time I checked, Harley doesn’t make a dirt bike. Going fast on dirt is one thing, going fast on the street is another, but going fast on a track is a world that Harley only wishes it could make a decent showing in. I recently saw a special on Sturgis and the Harley event that they hold there annually. They had a hill climb outside town using two stroke dirt bikes. Nearly all of the Harley owners were riding import dirt bikes up the hill. Most were Hondas. I laughed my ass off. I guess that when you need to go fast, or actually do some kind of work, then that ridiculous chrome and leather recliner you call a REAL motorcycle just isn’t going to cut it.

You want to talk about fast? Okay, how fast is a Harley, your typical Harley? Thirteen hundred cee-cee’s and then some of pure American thunder that has been neutered of all lightning. The greatest and grandest of your ‘hawgs’ are mid to high 13 second bikes. How impressive is that? The Sportster is the biggest fucking joke in the world, you might as well call it the "Slowster". Your ‘sportster’ has twice the engine that my communist sportbike does, but less than half the horsepower plus it has far more weight! The fastest Harley currently produced uses a German made engine with French heads and you call that ‘All American?" Even then it’s a laughable excuse for its import rivals. Harley is grabbing at straws because their ship is springing leaks and it’s going to one day be sinking in the harbor of corporate profit. This particular ship of fools has sailed its last, its been a nice, golden voyage, but all the old farts are going to have to get off soon and then there won’t be a huge market share of the Geritol Generation and suddenly, Harley is going to have to reinvent itself for an entire segment of the population it has snubbed and ridiculed. That means, it is going to have to change its face, again. Which means that it will be an even bigger example of a poser corporation than it was before.

Do you think the youth and the younger generation will forget the ‘lifestyle’ over ‘performance’ years? The ridiculous years where image and sound mattered more than performance? I know I won’t, and neither will a lot of other people like me. People like me with a lot of money, I might add.

Did Harley just not pay attention in Physics class? Explain that to me, you putrid muppet twat. I’m not talking about sound, I’m talking about power, power to accelerate, surplus power, far more on tap than just the bare minimum required to get your flabby, flag slathered, trend worshipping, pasty, hairy white sweaty butt-less chaps covered ass down the road while setting off the Richter scales at Cal-Tech.

You really do buy into the whole "Harley Experience" don’t you, well, let me explain something to you. Sound does not equal power. Power brings its own sound. It’s like the old engine building adage; build for torque, and horsepower will follow. That’s what the Japanese do whereas Milwaukee is too concerned about how their bikes sound, rather than how they run. Sure, you may have the loudest and biggest motorcycle, but you don’t have the fastest or the most powerful. A Honda Valkyrie could whip your ass on a bad day, and guess what, it’s made in America, by people who love freedom, it’s made by Americans, proud Americans, free Americans. The Honda Valkyrie is the ‘made in America bike that America wishes it could make’. I’ve loved that saying ever since someone sent it to me via email and its never been more true.

"I used that word, because you like using it so much. Just like the character in Seinfeld said, "It's not a lie if you keep saying it and become to believe it".

I’ve already used that line of logic previous argument, so you’re not covering any new ground here, Sparky, you’re just imitating me. Don’t you realize that you’ve just described the whole key to success for Harley Davidson? If you fall behind in the race, if you know you will never, ever catch up, if you give up and start crying for the government to bail you out, for states to be required to buy huge lots of your tired old product just to keep you in business, if you become rewarded for making inferior shit, then yeah, pretty soon, you start to believe that you’re the greatest in the world. After you start telling the inbred retards that you produce the greatest motorcycle in the world when you don’t, when you start demanding four times the price for one quarter the product, and people line up at your door to throw that cash at you, you pretty much start to believe it. Just because you say it is true, doesn’t make it true. Thank you for pointing that out again. Another point for me and my arguments.

"If you keep thinking your smarter than everyone else, and saying your smarter than everyone else, you will start believing it. Is this why you keep calling people stupid?"

No. I call people stupid when they are stupid. People are sheep, most are fucking retarded sheep. Anyone who calls someone a "communist", but then can't identify a communist, or where the "communists" actually are in the world, is a fucking retard.. You call yourself a soldier, but I’d hate to think that you were in MY army. You’re easily manipulated, you’re ignorant, you have a tendency to make wide sweeping racial comments based on your own insecurity rather than fact. You would probably shoot some of my allies in your zeal to carry out your duty for America because anyone who isn’t exactly like you, who doesn’t think exactly like you, is not an American. The difference between you and I is that I’m not afraid to call it like it is. I could care less if I hurt your feelings or burst your tiny little self-perceived bubble. It's your fault for being ignorant, and more so for continuing to choose to do so, not mine.

"My Harley-Davidson is not a Cadilac but it was made by my friend's and neighbors. My neighbors fought for the freedom of this country, Japan did not."

No, your Harley is not a Cadillac, it's no where near the technology or quality or innovation that Cadillac represents these days. Cadillac has the good sense to embrace technology, to use it to increase the value and capability of their designs, and Cadillac builds some of the greatest luxury cars in the world today.   Cadillac once sat on their reputation, much like Harley is doing, and the rest of the world passed them by.  Cadillac had to reinvent themselves and their designs, because otherwise, they would have gone out of business.  Today they are at least competitive because they embrace technology, not because they try to fool people into buying their designs because if they don’t, then they are not Americans.

I think a lot of Japanese-Americans would take offense at your statement that Japan, or more correctly, those who are Americans and can trace their lineage to Japan, have never fought for this country’s freedom.  If I remember correctly, a few years ago Japan sent warships to the Persian Gulf to help America and the allies out.  That was the FIRST time since World War II that Japanese ships had left their territorial waters, and it was in support of America.

You really are not very bright, are you?

"That is why it is a symbol of freedom to me."

According to your criteria for what is American and what is communist, you probably think that Pepsi is American just by the colors of its can and that Coke is communist for the same reason.

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Harley Davidson is a symbol of ignorance and retardation. It’s a symbol of weakness, of bad business decisions that doomed other American motorcycle companies to the grave but because Harley cried long enough and loud enough and their executives got down on their knees and duck waddled around holding the coat-tails of senators and congressmen while using the back of their suit coat as a cry towel that Harley survives and that is the only reason. Oh, and the fact that there are a bunch of patently stupid people who buy into this whole shallow 'patriotism' thing and continue to pour money into Milwaukee like it was some sort of false god, but that is the house and mechanism for profit that Milwaukee has created. The future will show that they have built a house of straw.

By all business rights, Harley should be a distant, ugly memory, but it isn’t, because America now stands for the rewarding of ignorance. The country is now based on ignorance, we reward it, we embrace it, and we accept it. We try to hide it, people who point it out aren’t compassionate, and there should be laws against pointing out ignorance because it hurts the weaker aspects of society’s feelings.

Harley is ignorant and depends on people more ignorant than they are to keep them in business. They build an outdated product, jack the price up four times what it is worth, and then reinforce their product by shoving the logo down American’s throats on everything from beach towels to cigarettes to cologne and Barbie dolls.

You ride a Harley?

What a pathetic worthless wretch you are!  I cannot believe that ignorance like yours exist.  I think on your medical donor card, the "brain" box is already scratched through.  I bet the circus doesn't even want it...

It simply astounds me that you go half way around the world, you survive your tour in Vietnam, you fight for this country, you risk your life for what you believe in, and what do you do? You come home and buy a Harley, the biggest piece of American produced shit in the world and you are proud of it because somehow, your bike, or more importantly, what you ride, makes you an American.  Not what you did, but what you ride. You’re not an American because of what you do, you’re an "AMERICAN™" because of what you ride. If that was the case, again, using your logic, then anyone who buys a Harley in the world should also be considered to be an American citizen.

You may call yourself a patriot, but you are certainly not a deep thinking patriot, if you think much at all.

Advocating what is wrong with your country is not the way to support your country or further its strength. This country is about casting your vote, and I choose to cast my vote against Harley Davidson because I do not believe in them or their ability to represent my country in regards to world opinion and production quality of their product.

Honestly, Harley Davidson embarrasses me.  What a bunch of drug store cowboys and pretenders.  "Secret bikers", I think Fortune magazine called the typical Harley owner, someone who fulfills a fantasy on weekends or when they ride, they dress a part for something they're not, and the only ones that they are fooling are themselves, and maybe other pathetic losers like them.

Supporting ignorance, supporting a façade, supporting out of control marketing, supporting an image with no balls isn’t how I support my country. I support my country by casting my economic vote (the money I spend) against all of that. I cast my vote for performance, for quality, for image based on actual performance, not how tough something sounds. I cast my economic vote for progress instead of stagnation, for an ideal instead of a pre-packaged commodity.

I vote against Harley Davidson with an economic ballot.   As an American, I have the right to do that because I have freedom and part of being free is the freedom to stand up, point out what I think is wrong and then to try to fix it as best as I can. As a single, individual, thinking and reasoning American, I’m doing my part, how about you?

Oh, wait, that’s right.

Remember, if you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.  Guess which you are.

"If you were sent to fight a war in the defiance and containment of communism you would do what you could to proclaim it."

I would fight for my country without a second thought. But, if I go somewhere and fight and risk getting my ass shot off or risk being crippled or maimed for life, you can damn well believe that when I return home, I’m not going to squander my limited existence on this planet by buying some overpriced rattle trap of an excuse for a motorcycle just because it has an American flag on it and it was made in redneck America by a bunch of inbred swamp trolls. Sorry, the difference between you and I is that I am smarter than you. I am an individual, I don’t have to buy individualism, I don’t have to subscribe to it. Individualism isn’t in Sturgis, South Dakota. Freedom isn’t in Milwaukee. Freedom isn’t in a box, it’s in a set of beliefs, and you can’t package and sell that.

"I proclaim my freedom when I ride my Harley-Davidson, made by my free neighbor in our free country."

Your "freedom" is a shallow commercial trinket, a tacky bauble that only impresses those segments of the population who still think that electricity is magic. Honda Valkyrie riders proclaim their freedom when they ride their American made Honda Valkyries, made by their free neighbors in our free country. Your logic has no value, your arguments are tired and clichéd, and you have generated no original thoughts that you can call your own.

"Your fellow American, Cletus"

Is that Cletus or Tim.  Who exactly are you?  In either case, you’re not my fellow American. Sorry, my ideal of an American doesn’t fit you. It’s way too big for you to fill as you are a tiny minded, pathetic little ignorant individual. Maybe when you grow up and start doing some truly deep thinking on your own for a change, then you might can become a real American.

I think you need to go back and take a citizenship class.

Maybe then you would understand what it is like to be an American, because right now, you obviously don't have what it takes to be an American.