Rhymes with 'fake'

On why his Harley is more of a giant strap-on dildo than an actual motorcycle


Blake came out of the closet to say: "You have a Ninja huh? I've turned down more pussy on my Harley than you will ever get on your Ninja. Thats what it’s all about anyway. Work out a little, and get some chrome you dumbass."


______________    TO WHICH I REPLIED    _______________

So that’s what it’s all about, huh? Man!  Thanks for pointing out to me the real reason why people own Harley Davidson motorcycles. Now, basically, what you’re telling me is that you ride a pussy bike just in order to get more pussy. Yeah, I see where that makes a whole lot of sense. Judging by the average cost of a new Harley, you are obviously clueless about two very important real world economic and social facts:

1)    If you paid $15,000 for a piece of shit pussy bike, just to get pussy, then you don't understand the simple fact of life that there are far cheaper ways to get pussy.

2)     You obviously don’t know a great deal about pussy either or as I’m fond of saying, "you haven’t had pussy since pussy had you."  Oh, and by the way, Waffle House / IHOP / truck stop waitress trailer park pussy has never been considered to be good pussy, no matter how much of it you claim you are getting simply by riding around on your chrome and leather covered two wheeled motorized wheelchair.

In real life, I’ve found that it’s the dullards who brag the most that are actually getting the least. Give it up, Blake. You’re not fooling anyone, simp, and while you're at it, go ahead and give your hand a rest...  You’re going to need it to flip through that new Harley Davidson catalog after you finally get through with that Victoria’s Secret catalog that you’ve been daydreaming and fapping too.  For a real orgasmic treat, why don't you lay both of the catalogs down in front of you, open faced, side by side and just let your imagination run down the erotic open road to freedom?  And for a real virtual experience, you could even go and sit on your pussy bike and duct tape the two catalogs to the ends of the ape hangers, crank your Harley, and rev the motor with one hand while you enjoy your ideal fantasy date with the other hand.

Also, just for your information, I don't need a Milwaukee vibrator to get laid, I'm married, 7 years now.  My wife hates Harleys and the imitation man-pricks that ride them, because, like she says, anyone who rides a Harley is obviously trying to compensate for a lack in other departments...  Harleys truly are pussy bikes, and like any other pussy, they're just looking for the next big prick to come along and ride them.  I think you've more than adequately pointed that out quite nicely now, thank you.

Oh, and have you ever stopped to think it might just be your bike, Blake, and not you?  If you truly need some super expensive piece of shit pussy bike in order to get laid, then that's a pretty sad accounting of both your personal charisma and your own rather limited sexual prowess.  Harley pussy?  Get real....   From what I've seen of some of the scags that ride Harleys or sit on the back of them, you're welcome to all of that skort pussy you can stand!  Knock yourself out!   Most of it needs a retread anyway, and I doubt if you're the first time for any of it, which goes back to the question of are you getting pussy, or is pussy getting you.   Think about it.  It's just all old used parts with some HD symbol stamped leather and chrome thrown over it for decoration, kind of like your pussy bike.

Maybe you better think about the implications of what you've admitted, monkey clit. It sounds like your Harley is more of a strap-on than a real motorcycle...  Don't ever get rid of your bike, chimp.  If you do, you'll die alone and frustrated, from friction burns on the the palms of your hands and your dick.