Harley Davidson motorcycle breaks in two on road trip to Sturgis

Thought you might like this. -DMeyer

"Ummm . . . be sure and carry JB weld in your tool kit . . . "

Some sheep in a field of mediocrity grazing around a
rusted out piece of old farm equipment.

"Well, Bubba.  Your bike's tore up as shit.  Now, if you going to want to ride with me, we're going to have to talk some man sex and gas money."

Ah! Bwahahahahahaha!  I think the duct tape finally let go!

"Bond County Sheriff's Deputies and Bond County EMS responded to the scene of a single motorcycle accident Friday afternoon.

According to deputies and witnesses, at approximately 3:10 PM, a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, driven by Dan Henry, of Woodburn, Iowa, literally split in half. Henry was somehow able to ride the two pieces for about 300 feet on southbound Rt. 127 before he went down an embankment and the two pieces came apart.

The accident occurred just north of Alpine Avenue. Henry sustained minor injuries and was taken to Utlaut for treatment.

Henry was traveling in a group of Harley-Davidson drivers who told WGEL they were on their way to Sturgis.