A pair of bumper stickers we'd all like to see...



You have to love irony when it occurs naturally.  "This sign is on Lorain ave on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. The Harley shop is just 40 feet to the left of their sign and not in the pic.  I thought this was funny. The same driveway is used by 3 places of business." -Dave

For those who don't get it ... the small sign at the entrance to the service road says "RECYCLING CENTER DROP OFF" with an arrow pointing towards the HD dealership sign.



Lamar county...  HD loyalty on an import Nissan Pathfinder SUV.  You have to love the hypocrisy.



Concept and art courtesy of Red Gixxer.

This program runs best under DOS 3.0 and a 8088 microprocessor.



Thanks to Pgregory for this bit of mayhem.

It's a take off on the intro to the movie "Trainspotting" for those who may not recognize it as such.



A few days ago I saw a bumper sticker on one of the cars in the company garage. It read: "There are two types of bikers. Those who ride Harleys and those who wish they did.". Now, as this is obviously incorrect (I, for one, do not fall into any of those categories), I decided to help the car owner to a correct sticker. I designed and printed one and taped it over the old one. Maybe I should have left my business card in case he wants to thank me?  All the best,  -Mnz

Priceless, sir!  Thank you!  -BE


BMW salutes Harley Davidson on their 100th anniversary.  Priceless.

(Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this one in.)


Maybe you really can take it with you when you go!

Here's a tombstone we only can wish we'd see...


Some great graphics submitted to me
by the owner of RedzGixxersite!

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Thanks to NClark for the mirth!


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Submitted by RJ


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Submitted by David Fennel


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"Because you need to teach your children early that loud pipes are annoying."


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Thanks to Gimp for this merriment



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"Japcrap" courtesy of RobertB
Yes, that is a scan of the real item code and information.
American made my ass.  Bunch of mindless flag slathered shit-tards spouting patriotism and don't even know
that a good deal of their "American" made motorcycle isn't even made in America.   People are sheep.  Baaaaaaa.


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Another classic submission by RedJohn