The Good Samaritan

by Don Oller

As a long time bike rider and bike nut I tend to agree with you a lot lately.  Does that mean that I am losing it or do we just think the same way?  Let me tell you a small story...  I have a cousin that has three Harley dealerships and I ride a Honda Goldwing.  As you might can imagine, it creates some unrest.  With that said I found a Harley rider broke down beside the road and asked him if he needed help.  He said yes so I went home, got my bike out, put my trailer behind it , went back and we loaded his bike up on the trailer. 

To add insult to injury, he sat on his bike as I hauled him to the local Harley dealership.   Needless to say, the hill scoggins were not very happy about the situation as we pulled into the parking lot but one bearded dude came out (with all his tattoos showing) and said; "Man, I like your trailer."

I guess he did not like my 1500 Goldwing, huh?

Don Oller


"You have to love the 1500 Goldwing.  It's got enough power to pull a trailer, a full dresser Harley and still arrive in style and comfort.  Remember, Don, a trailer is the first accessory you purchase when you own a Harley.  Either that or a pickup truck!

Thanks for the story and ride safe, brother !"  -BE