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Fisher-Price Recalls Certain Power Wheels Ride-Ons

Aurora, NY (SafetyAlerts) - Fisher-Price said today it is recalling about 218,000 battery-powered Power Wheels Harley-Davidson motorcycle ride-ons for repair. The foot pedals, which activate the ride-ons, can stick in the "on" position. Children can be injured when the motorcycle ride-ons fail to stop and strike other objects.

(Where have I read about this type of problem before?  Oh, yeah, it was here. -BE)

Fisher-Price has received nine reports of the foot pedal on these vehicles sticking. One 3-year-old boy suffered cuts and bruises when his motorcycle ride-ons ran into a home.

The recalled Power Wheels Harley-Davidson motorcycle ride-ons have model numbers 74290, 74293 (with a red body) and 74298 (with a black body). A "Power Wheels by Fisher-Price" logo is located on the left side of the seat on the product, and the model number is located on a label in the battery compartment. Only model numbers 74290, 74293 and 74298 are being recalled. These vehicles are intended for children 3 and older, and the vehicles' speed is 2.5 or 5 mph.

Toy, mass merchandise and discount stores, and Harley-Davidson dealerships sold the motorcycle ride-ons nationwide from September 1999 through August 2000 for about $190 for the red vehicle and $700 for the black vehicle.

(I bet a orange colored one would have been about $1700. -BE)

Consumers should stop using these motorcycle ride-ons immediately, and call Fisher-Price to determine if your vehicle is part of this recall. Consumers with recalled ride-ons will receive a free foot pedal repair kit. The repair can be easily completed in the home
(or for a hefty price from a authorized Harley Davidson dealership. -BE). Consumers should call Fisher-Price at (888) 289-9292 anytime, or visit the Fisher-Price web site here for more information. Power Wheels Harley-Davidson motorcycle ride-ons that have model number 74370 (with a pink body) are not part of this recall.

Notice of this product warning was sent via email to SafeMail subscribers August 31, 2000.