Famous last words

Submitted by Scythian

Now a true, but not so funny true story this is first person, actually me writing, not a story sent to me-

I had a pal (had is right) who was mid-fifties and had built a successful chain of little pay-as-you-go doctors offices.  Well, sure enough, he buys a really expensive Road King, gets a custom 'flaming' paint job and a ton of aftermarket stuff, leathers, engineer boots, leather vest, and a Harley tattoo.

The problem was, he was a crappy rider, paddling to a stop at every red light, oblivious to traffic, I saw him on his bike a couple times and pulled up next to him on the highway in my pick-up and couldn't get his attention.

Of course he never wore a helmet, "Most people die from broken necks wearing helmets and I'd rather be dead than in a coma."--he'd say. For myself, I don't care if anyone wears a helmet or not, sometimes I don't, but based on his riding abilities, he should've worn a helmet, and training wheels, and water wings, and an airbag.

He hit a curb riding up to Sturgis this year--closed head-injury. 4 shunt operations later, an infection in his trach-tube and encephalitis, he's in a coma three months later and is not expected to ever regain consciousness.

It's sad when image and ignorance can overcome simple common sense.  -BE