From:        Courtney Wallace
To:             black echo
Date:         May 14

Every message I read on this site is as ridiculous as the Bush administration, which probably means most of you idiots are republicans and can’t afford a Harley because your dumb-asses are giving them all your money. Regardless of your political preference, it just seems to me most of the fools on the site have never ridden a real motorcycle or if they have ridden at all it was for a day trip, which is understandable if you’ve ever been hunched over for any amount of time on one of those uncomfortable pieces of crap every one is raving about on this site. …………………………………….Get a real job and some day YOU MAY BE ABLE TO AFFORD A REAL BIKE!!!!!!



To which I replied


Tsk. Tsk.

Just look at this steaming hot pile of inexcusable human brain excrement that Ms. Wallace has decided to cranially dump in my inbox.  Yes, here we have yet another sad example of the continuing failure of the American public education system.  You’ll notice that Ms. Wallace pulls the major argument points of her email wholesale from the already well established and subsequently defined Milwaukee Orthodoxy proving that she is little more than a brainwashed sheep ineffectually bleating angrily away at her intellectual superiors.  We have the “real bike” argument (which recurs throughout her email) as well as the “Jap bikes are uncomfortable,” “you can’t afford a Harley,” the “Jap crap” jab and the ever popular aspect of typing in ALL CAPS in an effort to add some semblance of support to an already failed point of debate.

You have to pity Ms. Wallace because it must really be difficult going through life when your IQ is less than that of a well played with rawhide chew toy (which means that her day to day existence is one of woe, bewilderment and misery and probably minimum wage). Not only does her vehement (and comically misplaced) political hatred freely flow over into the other aspects of her life (in the form of a very annoying whine) but she doesn’t know the history of her own beloved motorcycle company either (and so very few Harley owners do, otherwise, they would never have become Harley owners in the first place).  Yes, Harley Davidson is one of the few products in the world where the dumber you are, the more enjoyment you get from owning it.

After reading her email a second time through, it is rather evident that Ms. Wallace could not form an original thought on her own even if she tried (which is probably a circumstance that comes few and far between); instead she has to resort to assembling a ramshackle collection of tired old clichés from the make-believe lifestyle that she so willingly subscribes to. Her political affiliation and her devotion to Harley Davidson clearly indicate that she is not only used to other people doing her thinking for her but that she also has an inherent inability to think for herself. Whether this weakness is the result of natural mental retardation or misguided, uninformed personal choice is irrelevant in the long run as the outcome is, unfortunately, the same. Yes, her inability to think for herself means that while she is a valuable member of the Democratic party (and the ideal sub-intellectual target for Harley Davidson's marketing department), she is of otherwise little productive value to society as a whole (if not a direct liability to the advancement of the human race itself).

What Ms. Wallace is too stupid to know is that it was Ronald Reagan, yes, a Republican president, who saved Harley Davidson by giving them the trade protection they required in order to survive. If you are interested in the history of the so-called “protective” tariff that Harley Davidson whined and begged for (just in order to stay alive), then you may follow this link. I’m afraid that the paper in question is rather damning of Harley Davidson and it is a bit of a heady read for anyone not well versed in politics or economics but for those who are, enjoy!  Ms. Wallace will, of course, not be interested in this particular economic essay since it both proves her wrong on so many levels and it doesn't have any big color pictures to keep her attention.

What is comically ironic is that for all of Ms. Wallace’s vehement hatred of Republicans, it is primarily because of the political efforts of a Republican president (and several leading Republican politicians) that she even has a Harley Davidson to ride today. Boy! You just know that tid-bit of historical fact has got to really and I mean really just gnarl her little pink “I voted for John Kerry” panties up into a complete pinching wad every time she thinks about it.  Ms. Wallace’s grasp on politics is about as fleeting as her grasp on economics and motorcycles but then when you combine being a Democrat with the kind of mindset required to own a Harley in the first place, you can't very well expect much in the way of high IQ.  

Now, as far as discussing politics, I adamantly refuse to enter into a debate and discuss government with anyone as dumb as someone who proudly professes to be a Democrat.


Because discussing contemporary politics with an uneducated Democrat simpleton like Ms. Wallace would be about as enjoyable as masturbating with a hot waffle iron.  There is a reason why the Democratic party has a great big jackass as their political symbol. After all, birds of a feather flock together, or so the old saying goes, and Ms. Wallace is living proof of that.