from:             Craig Bassett <>
to:                  blackecho
date:             Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 11:11 PM
subject:        Who the fuck is andrew Davidson? Try Arthur Davidson you fuck!!!!!!!!!

That's it.  

No text, no body, just the subject line itself as the apparent message.  So, intrigued by his accusation, I checked my website to see if I had indeed somehow gotten the name of one of the inbred Davidson boys wrong (mistakes do happen) and ... well, here's what my recon turned up and what I shared with this ignorant testicle whistle.


To which I replied


Ms. Bassett,

As I don't remember ever getting any of the inbred Davidson's boys' names wrong in what I write (or in what I have written over the last twenty-five years) I did a quick Google search of my website and yes, indeed, there actually is a page on my website which mentions a guy named Andrew Davidson and on that page he is indeed mentioned as being one of the original founders of HD ...

Strange that a mistake like that could have been made; however, the mistake that you are referring to is in an article called "Will Harley-Davidson Hit the Wall?"  This article was written by John Helyar for Fortune Magazine.  The article in question was not written by me for my website nor was I asked to proofread the article before it was submitted for publication to Fortune Magazine; the article was merely shared as a courtesy to the large portion of American society who, like me, believe that HD is for spastic retards, SPED dropouts, and clueless people who have a large amount of disposable income but lack two brain cells that they could rub together.

In fact, the article isn't even located on my website, I merely shared a link away to it.

What I found curious was that the date of the article you reference is August 12, 2002 so not only are you shouting at the wrong person, you're also about thirteen years too late to bring this mistake to anyone's attention (at least anyone who actually cares ...) and in doing so, I guess you're a lot like Harley Davidson itself ... a whole lot of noise being made but nothing of any real substance all the while managing to be years behind everyone else.

And ... not wanting to leave well enough alone, Ms. Bassett thought it was a good idea to send me another angry email.

from:             Craig Bassett <>
to:                  Black Echo
date:             Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 11:08 AM
subject:        Re: Who the fuck is andrew Davidson? Try Arthur Davidson you fuck!!!!!!!!!

Really tough guy! Beware of your local 81!!!!!! Lose my number fag!!!!!!


To which I replied


Ms. Bassett,


Someone sure lit the fuse on your tampon, didn't they?

You do realize that you're a stereotype, right?

You do realize that I'm laughing at you because you've gone out of your way to personally prove that everything I've ever said about Harley owners is true.

So, I reply to you and you think that I'm being really tough?   You make an erroneous accusation, I correct you on the matter and that equates with being "tough" in your mindset?


If I care to remember, you're the one who contacted me in the first place, with your panties all bunched up in a wad, over a mistake that wasn't even mine in an article that I hadn't even written, an article that wasn't even on my website and when I reply to you explaining this you think that's being "tough"?  What's even funnier is that here you are, having had your hand slapped and your face rubbed in your own stupidity and you reply that because I've called you out on being a total fucking idiot that I should somehow beware of the Hell's Angels, that I should forget all about you and never contact you again and then you call me a "fag"?


You really should have thought twice before you ever hit "send" but then idiots like you aren't really in the habit of ever doing much thinking which is why Harley Davidson is in the business of furnishing idiots with a make-believe lifestyle and big, shiny, noisy toys to draw attention to losers that would otherwise never get any of the rest of us to ever notice them.

As for being wary of my Local 81, I did a search of where I live and the only Local 81 anywhere near me is a group of unionized plumbers.  Should I be scared of them, Ms. Bassett?  Oh, right ...  You probably mean Local 81 as in "Hell's Angels".



There are no Hell's Angels Local 81s or club chapters where I live and for what it is worth I wasn't aware that the Hell's Angels were in the regular habit of saddling up as a group and riding hell bent for leather to the defense of blatantly stupid people like you who got their tender little feelings all butthurt out of shape on the Internet  ...  In fact, the Hell's Angels are far more likely to give you the smack-down than me any real trouble simply because you will have wasted their valuable time on something meaningless and trivial and proven once again that Harley Davidson owners are complete and utter fucking idiots.

As for losing your number I'm afraid that I hadn't planned on ever really keeping your number, Ms. Bassett ...  

You see, I have a very small, very limited list of people that I call or talk to with any amount of regularity and for you to be included on that list you would have to be a rather exceptional example of the human race, you would have to possess a very high IQ, you'd have to be an original human being and I would have to be interested in actually spending time with you (of which none of these criteria do you meet).  Luddites like you aren't worth wasting more than the bare minimum amount of time with and you're really not very useful other than to make fun of or to display as an example to others what Harley owners are really like. 

Thank you, Ms. Bassett, for proving me right once again in my opinion of you and your kind.