The Mysterious 1977
"Confederate Edition"
Harley Davidson


Submitted by Jeff

Hey, what a site! This is hilarious. You make some valid points on the whole culture.

Do you remember in 1977 when H-D came up with their Confederate editions to lackluster
sales? The previous year they had wrapped themselves in the American flag with the Liberty
editions, so they gave it another shot with the rebel flag (might have missed a few rednecks
the first time around). I have some photos of these bikes if you're interested. They are
quite an embarrassment to the Motor Co. in the prevailing PC climate. The production was
extremely limited- 44 dressers 228 Glides and 242 Sportsters. This really tucks into your
subject very nicely. If you are interested they are yours for the asking.


I stumbled on to this historical oddity by an unhappy chain of events. My son laid claim to my
old Shovelhead and I realized I missed it. Searching for a motorcycle for which I had spare
parts and could service myself, I found this "Confederate" in a barn in Rowlesburg WV. The
restoration to its original state (removal of the sissy bar , humpy seat, long front end and
apehangers) lead me on the search. Harley claims they "kept no records during the AMF
years" ! I have that letter if you would like to see that. They are disowning the whole
thing. Wanna bet Willie G designed that one too? The story goes that they are quietly
buying them all back off the market. Think Al Shapton would like one? My best contact for
information at this time is the head of the Sons of the Confederacy in Va. He owned two!
The whole situation is really strange. I am enjoying tweaking H-D's tail in
e-mails. On one ocassion, the Senior Archivist-Bill Jackson- told me he had to quit
"advising me, he had been warned" (his words). The Corporate Legals don't want the story
spread too widely.

If you are interested I will send you the rest of the story . It's funny I think.

Jeff in West Virginia

If you have any information on this model of HD, you may contact Jeff via email.