Dear Mr. Shields,

I respectfully submit this little ditty that was running through my
head during a 3,658 mile ride on my Kawasaki Concours, during which I
was accosted and offended by numerous morons on Harley-Davidson POS
lead sleds.

With NO apologies to Steppenwolf or any hill-scoggins.

-Crusty Old Geezer



Couldn't get my motor runnin'
Dead out on the highway!
Shoulda bought a Venture
Coulda saved a lot of hay!

Ape hangers got my shoulders crackin'
Put my back in a f*ckin' brace
Tried to start it with a can of ether
Explode in my face!

Well my black leather looks wild
But I walked, walked thirty miles
With a price so high, I
Can't afford to die!

Walked thirty miles...
Walked thirty miles....

I paid something frightening
Heavy metal blunder!
Now I'm racin' for the payments
And my credit has gone under!

Yeah darlin' that's the belt a-snappin'
To the world I'm a-losin' face
Fire all your loud pipes at once and
Explode in their face!

Well my true nature is mild
But I try, try to look wild
On the kind of bike I
Can't afford to ride...

Walked thirty miles...
Walked thirty miles...