November 6, 2012

Pictures of the TA as restored.


Side profile.  Fresh paint, fresh decals, fresh interior, restored wheels ... the tires need to be slicked down but that's about it.

Rest In Peace, Pontiac Motor Division.  Gone but not forgotten. 

There was a time when cars really were exciting and fun to drive.  Those times are long past.

The black interior panels continue the black and gold color scheme from the outside to the inside of the TA nicely.


Looking back at the new black plastic interior pieces in the cargo area.  The shop refinished the rear sail panels in tan but I think I'm going to redo those in black.


View from the front ... 26 years old and still a real head turner.  There's a 210 horsepower Tuned Port Injected 5.0 liter LB9 under the hood.  There are some four bangers out there that can outrun this car ... but they don't get noticed when they pull up.  You can be fast and powerful but who cares if you're ignored where ever you go?  Me?  I like to drive unique cars ... I like to drive something no one else has, something that has some mystique about it ... something that you don't see anymore and you may not have seen for a long time.  Once again, I've got the slickest black and gold Trans Am in the area.  Some people are known for what they drive ... with me, I've always been known for my Pontiacs ... particularly my black and gold TA.  The gaudy hood bird and the 300 feet of pin striping are gone but she's still a black and gold TA.  Maybe we've both matured over the years ... then again, maybe not.  For all of her beauty and aerodynamics this TA is still a hooligan street machine able to act up at the drop of the long skinny pedal or a flick of the steering wheel.

Hard to believe it's the same car but it is ... like finding out that the girl next door grew up to be a centerfold.  My shop really did some magic on this car.  Pure magic.

Looks like the day it rolled off the assembly line at the Norwood, Ohio GM plant way back in 1985.  A lot has changed in the world since then ... a whole lot.


Paint is so slick those are clouds in the blue sky being reflected in the paint on the passenger side door.  It feels really good to be behind the wheel in the Driver's Seat again after a few years absence.  I sold the '91 Corvette and put all of my effort into the '86 TA which is what I should have done instead of ever buying another C4 Corvette but you live and you learn.  For what it's worth, I've worn driving gloves since I was 15.  I'm 43 now.  Cindy says before they close the lid on my box she's going to make sure that my driving gloves get buried with me.  Who knows ... I might need them in hell.