The 1983 functional Crossfire Injection power bulge hood

courtesy of Ed and Craig's List


PHASE 2: Cleanup and Installation 


Here is the hood sanded and ready for coating / primer.


The functional hex shaped grill about to be repainted flat black.

A closeup of the hex shaped intake hole pattern unique to this rare piece.

Here is the hood cowl with all of its hardware / bolts removed.  I took the cowl off to clean up some rust that had accumulated in the depressions where the cowl attaches.

Looking back through the opening, screen removed.

Cowl removed.  Some rust around the bolt holes.

Here are the only three places of "damage" on the cowl extension.

The hood unpacked, stripped, and disassembled.  All of the marks are sticky residue left over from the duct tape.

Details of the rust around the cowl extension area.  If you buy one of these hoods for your flat hooded TA or Firebird,
you need to take them completely apart and check / fix any rust you find.

Sanded, prepped, coated and starting to apply primer.  The replacement hood insulation sheet will cover a lot of the "ugly" when all is said and done.

The rust sanded down to the metal.  Note the dimples it left in the metal.  This hood was that close to becoming unusable.
A few more years with no attention and ...

The TA with the new, OEM, year correct 16x8 aluminum wheels stacked next to it.

Here's a shot of the LB9, hood is ready to be removed.


I was never a big fan of the '85 to '92 TA flat hoods.  Forget the fact that for a year or two, this hood was also shared, more or less, with the Firebird S/E.  I wonder how popular the second gen Trans Am would have been if, after three years into the production run, Pontiac had dropped the shaker hood and just put the hood from the Firebird Espirit on the Trans Am?  Pontiac claims that the vents in the hood are functional but one look under the hood will prove to even the untrained eye that these vents are nothing but cosmetic.

Four bolts and the old hood lifts off.  I'll keep it because one day I may go all the way back stock.


1983 functional hood installed on 1986 Trans Am.  The swoop of the hood matches
the flow of the aero package and the rear aerowing spoiler.


Dual bird decals will vanish when the hood is repainted.  Marks on hood are sticky residue left over from duct tape. 
When hood was cleaned and polished, it matched the paint on the rest of the car.  Not bad for $350 shipped.