The 1983 functional Crossfire Injection power bulge hood

courtesy of Ed and Craig's List


Installation: August 18, 2007

This is the first picture that Ed sent me of the hood he had for sale on Craig's List.
The price was right so I took a chance.



Here are two shots of the functional hood solenoid used to duct cold, dense air to the proprietary air cleaner array on the 5.0 liter LU5 Crossfire Injection.  On the regular LG4 and the High Output L69 cars, the air cleaner opening was round and sealed to a modified round air cleaner lid.  On the LU5 cars, the duct box was diamond shaped to fit the oblong air cleaner specific to the cross-ram, dual element air cleaners found on the CFI setup.

Here is a picture of the open hex-shaped grill intake.  You'll note a little bit of rust around the
cowl piece, common on these hoods with many years accrued on them.


Once the insulation was removed, rust was found where water had soaked in and been trapped under the insulation.
Some of it was extensive and had damaged the metal but none of it was a deal killer or un-repairable.

More shots of the surface rust.  Date stamp in hood shows i was built 06 26 83.

more details of the rust.  The hood came sans spring, clasp, and hinges.

More rust around the lip of the hood.  Most of the holes or cutouts in the hood had surface rust around them, a common problem with the under hood insulation getting wet and trapping the moisture in for years.


Here is the hood wrapped and being prepped to ship.  I had the idea of using foam pool noodles sliced open and put around the perimeter of the hood.  Ed built a frame out of wood as well, using a cross brace on the underside to bolt the hood to the wooden box.  Bubble wrap protects the raised power bulge.

The hood must have been wrapped in 100 miles of duct tape.  Effective because the hood arrived with no damage (not counting several years of rust).

Here's the brace bolted to the lower box and at the front of the hood.

Boxing the hood up in cardboard.


NEXT: Clean up and installation.