Oh, the unmitigated shame...


The following scans were taken from a two page folded brochure included with the owner's packet when purchasing a 1986 Firebird.  You could order Firebird themed fashions and accessories to go with your new Firebird.

Brochure front cover.  Here we have a brunette posing next to what appears to be a 1983 or later Recaro TA.  Sorry for the quality of the scan, the original brochure is somewhat the worse for wear but still, it's better than not having this piece of classic Firebird extravagance to laugh at, eh?  I wonder if the brunette pictured above is the same one that posed for the 1983 and 1984 catalogs?  I think I saw her name in another publication, something like she had come to be known as "Ms. Firebird" during the early '80's.  If anyone has any information on the leather pants and jacket clad woman in the Pontiac brochures, email me.  It might be worth including in my book as a foot note on the media history of these cars. 

And now, on to the good stuff!


Where are these people now?  Better yet, who cares?  The guy on the far left really gives the company
his best when he combines both the Racing Jacket with the folding sunglasses (below).  His hair scares me.

Remember folding sunglasses?  I do.  I had a pair.  Bought them as they were going out of style, bought them for a dollar.
Never wore them.  I think mine were "Porsche" with a little zippered carrying case.  I was 12 at the time.  They looked dorky.

Oh my.  A Firebird lighter, money clip, dash name plate and a necklace.  Pimping long before pimping was new school cool!

The kind of people you would use good crystal stemware to serve aren't going to appreciate that you drive a Firebird.


The merchandise order form, long before the Internet, websites, etc.